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Dusty Earthlings - 2843501641

135,97 zł

Dusty Earthlings Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: "The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground . . ." (Gen 2:7). Made of dust, we humans are thoroughly physical beings. We are dusty earthlings. As such, we are also ecological beings, or rather eco-physical beings, firmly embedded in and dependent upon God's earthly ecosystems that support and provide for us and constitute our earthly home. Today we are living in ways that are damaging our home. As Christian dusty earthlings, we are called to oversee God's earthly creation and to follow Jesus Christ--God incarnated as a dusty earthling. How do we do this in the face of the array of ecological problems we face today? How can we obey the ecological principles and limits that govern all of life on God's good earth? I suggest that the virtues of humility, voluntary self-limitation, and the principles of kenosis and justice will help as we seek to follow Jesus as dusty earthlings in today's world. Endorsements: "Christianity implies two great truths about humans: we are unique within creation and we are embedded members of it. Human dignity has been grounded in the first; human survival may now hinge on embracing the second. Dusty Earthlings is a prophetic call for precisely such a paradigm shift in our self-understanding--one that is faithful to the Scriptures, resonant with science, and crucial to a viable future." --Glen G. Scorgie, Professor of Theology, Bethel Seminary "Mustol has unfolded, with a physician's insight, the richness--and crucial import for our time--of the biblical teaching that we share our dusty, creaturely status with the whole earth. At the same time, he expounds brilliantly on what it means to be made in the image of God. I will not teach another class on earthkeeping without requiring or recommending this splendid book. It is thorough, careful, brilliantly researched, readable, and very wise." --Loren Wilkinson, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent College Author Biography: John Mustol is a retired physician and PhD candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at Bethel San Diego.


Collected Works Of Thomas Troward - 2849953066

114,99 zł

Collected Works Of Thomas Troward

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Mind, Body, Spirit>Thought & practiceKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>H...

Within The Collected Works Of Thomas Troward Are Four Complete Books Including; The Creative Process In The Individual, Bible Mystery And Bible Meaning, Collected Essays Of Thomas Troward, And The Universal Spirit. Jesus Says That If A Man Keeps His Say


Silent Voice - 2852752905

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Silent Voice Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is most important to me - I have optimism for my readers - optimism - that my readers will share in this true miracle - that this book carries - I was working on a coffee table in my work shop back in the year of 1986 - when four words became present in my conscious mind - Honesty - Purity - Unselfishness - Love - they were to be embedded in my very soul - to the degree - I had no choice in the implementation of these principles - they were to be incorporated in my being - at the exact moment of inception - that is what this book is all about - I found out some seventeen years later - these same principles were given to Jesus - to His disciples - from the Master Himself - they are called the Four Absolutes - since 1986 - these principles have nourished my soul - it carries with it - deep understanding - for mankind - I come to the twilight of my years on this planet - called earth - the pain of life is anchored in my being - the swiftness of my legs no longer carry my shank with dexterity - the agility of my body that once governed all of my actions - has slowed somewhat - the memory stands tall - without exception - the memory of that little boy in the orphanage - on that snow filled day - left at the bottom of the hill - that had to be walked up - in a blinding snow storm from whence he came - the tears that were shed that Sunday were insurmountable - the desperate loneliness that has prevailed every day - every day of my life - is most haunting - the memory of my Grandfather picking me up after I ran away from that second orphanage - still remains - I was a little over seven years of age - the power in his arms - as he held me - I still feel - how lucky I am - the memory of my Godfather - how he loved me - as I write this - the tears fl ow - not because the loneliness has dissipated - I weep for the love they transmitted - for they are still with me - I lacked the ability to read - kept back two grades before I was in the fourth - on the streets many a day - bought my own clothes - shoes - food - etc. - made my own money - during this period - from seven years on up - I drank - wine - liquors - beer - by the time I was fourteen - whiskey bottles were stashed many a place - every opportunity afforded me - Korea was on - joined the Marine Corp - when I got out - went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts - to became an actor - got married in New York - in 1958 took off for Hollywood - did many shows - four children later - by 1966 - I stood outside of 20th Century Fox - not knowing what show I was on - let alone my lines - alcohol had taken its' toll - by 1969 I was a despondent mumbling soul - one ounce of alcohol - rendered me immobile - holding a bottle of gin in my hands sometime in July of 1969 - the words uttered at that moment - "please God help me - I don't want to drink this"- my cry of despair - answered - this July 2014 - 45 years will have passed since that moment - I have been honored by two Presidents - written two books -The End Was But A Beginning -The Silent Voice - served over a million meals on the street of Skid Row - Los Angeles - with the greatest gift granted to me - freedom of self - along with -Honesty - Purity - Unselfi shness - Love -


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