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Self-Help Books - 2212824762

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Self-Help Books University of Illinois Press

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Based on a reading of more than three hundred self-help books, Sandra K. Dolby examines this remarkably popular genre to define "self-help" in a way that's compelling to academics and lay readers alike. Self-Help Books also offers an interpretation of why these books are so popular, arguing that they continue the well-established American penchant for self-education, they articulate problems of daily life and their supposed solutions, and that they present their content in a form and style that is accessible rather than arcane. Using tools associated with folklore studies, Dolby then examines how the genre makes use of stories, aphorisms, and a worldview that is at once traditional and contemporary. The overarching premise of the study is that self-help books, much like fairy tales, take traditional materials, especially stories and ideas, and recast them into extended essays that people happily read, think about, try to apply, and then set aside when a new embodiment of the genre comes along. Sandra K. Dolby, professor of folklore and American studies at Indiana University, is the author of Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative.* A timely analysis aimed at understanding instead of lamenting the popularity of self-help books


The First Pictorial Self-help Book For Men Who Don't Read - 2849954186

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The First Pictorial Self-help Book For Men Who Don't Read

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Christianity>Christian life & practice>Aspects of sexuality, gender & ...

Here's A Book For Men Who Don't Read Self-help Books-but Who Do Like To Look At Pictures. Author Tom Prinz Has Written A Pictorial Book To Help Men Address Important Issues, Make Better Choices, Enhance Relationships, And Improve Their Personal Lives. He


Purpose Driven Life - 2826800174

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You are not an accident. Even before the universe was created, God had you in mind, and he planned you for his purposes. These purposes will extend far beyond the few years you will spend on earth. You were made to last forever! Self-help books often suggest that you try to discover the meaning and purpose of your life by looking within yourself, but Rick Warren says that is the wrong place to start. You must begin with God, your Creator, and his reasons for creating you. You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense. This book will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for you - both here and now, and for eternity. Rick Warren will guide you through a personal 40-day spiritual journey that will transform your answer to life's most important question: What on earth am I here for? Knowing God's purpose for creating you will reduce your stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions, give meaning to your life, and, most importantly, prepare you for eternity. The Purpose Driven Life is a blueprint for Christian living in the 21st century - a lifestyle based on God's eternal purposes, not cultural values. Using over 1,200 scriptural quotes and references, it challenges the conventional definitions of worship, fellowship, disciple.


Ralph Waldo Trine'sthe Life Books - 2849957579

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Ralph Waldo Trine'sthe Life Books

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Mind, Body, Spirit>Thought & practiceKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>H...

What All The World's A-Seeking - How Can I Make Life Yield Its Fullest And Best? How Can I Know The True Secret Of Power? How Can I Attain To A True And Lasting Greatness? How Can I Fill The Whole Of Life With A Happiness, A Peace, A Joy, A Satisfaction T


Help Yourself to Live Longer - 2826931264

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Help Yourself to Live Longer Teach Yourself Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Is this the right book for me? A flexible guide that will add ten happy and healthy years to your life This book is designed as a ten-step guide that will add ten (healthy, happy) years to your life. It offers sound advice on health and fitness issues, and will cover diet and relaxation, in addition to such emotional issues as happiness, love and spirituality. It is all based, not on guru driven theories of bizarre diets or exercise routines, but on common sense and positive thinking, twinned with information that is both practical and supported widely by the scientific and medical communities. The tone is positive and encouraging throughout; there are also plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the book through features such as quizzes, self-test boxes and exercises. Help Yourself to Live Longer includes: Chapter 1: Why we age The gene theory of ageing The free radical theory of ageing Making the most of this book Chapter 2: Food How some foods fight ageing An a-z of longevity wonderfoods Crash diets Restrict calories, live longer The live-longer meal planner Chapter 3: Supplements The great supplement debate Combining vitamin and mineral supplements Chapter 4: Exercise Up to ten more years How exercise makes you feel more happier How fit are you? Exercising for fitness Do what you enjoy Exercising for strength Exercising for flexibility Devising a weekly program for fitness, strength and flexibility Chapter 5: Your brain How your brain works Dementia Physical activity Avoiding stress Avoiding neurotoxicants Avoiding head injury Mental activity Increasing your brain power Chapter 6: Relaxation The slow movement Good and bad stress Downsizing Relaxation techniques Meditation Give yourself some cognitive self-therapy Sleep Muscular relaxation Laughter - the stress breaker . .Chapter 7: Happiness Be grateful Getting rid of negative thoughts How negative emotions can poison you Applying the lessons to your past Enough money for a happy future? Chapter 8: Prudence Avoiding cancer Smoking - please stop Viruses Alcohol Drugs Sunshine Driving Avoid head injury Sex Is it worth having medical check-ups Body scans Chapter 9: Love That special someone Love is the food of health More love, less stress Psychoneurosexuality Oxytocin Improving your relationship If your partner has died Relatives and friends Pets How well connected are you? Chapter 10: Sex The normal developments of ageing Managing the effects of ageing Men's problems Women's problems A lifetime of sex with the same partner Chapter 11: Spirituality Gratitude and acceptance Optimism Coping skills Giving life a point Choosing what to believe Prayer How to be more spiritual if you don't believe in God Developing spirituality . Learn effortlessly with a new easy-to-read page design and added features: - Personal insights, tips, and summaries throughout the book - Extension articles online - 1, 5 and 10-minute bites of learning to get you started - Designed for readers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities - Lots of interactive exercises and sample tips


Self-destruction Handbook - 2212824480

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Self-destruction Handbook Vintage Books

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Let's face it, there are thousands of books on the market on how to avoid self-destructive behaviour - but how many tell you to embrace self-destruction , enjoy it and pursue it to its fullest extent? The goal of the book is simple: to help you not to help yourself. To that end, the authors offer advice on everything from how to stalk an ex to how to develop a drinking problem. Wondering which gateway drug is right for you? This book will help you decide. Not sure how much degredation you can take? This book will help you push your limits. No matter what self-destructive behaviour you're interested in pursuing, the chances are that this book will have some valuable advice and encouragement for you. There is nothing more life affirming than total destruction, but it can be a difficult and sometimes lonely road. That is why, if you remember only one thing as you read this book, it should be this: the whole point of self-destruction is that it's fun. If you're not having fun, then you might as well be taking vitamins, 'working' on your relationships and reading self-help books. Your goal here should be to develop and pursue your self-destructive tendencies to their fullest potential, and have a good time doing it.


Mad as Hell - 2846356081

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Those words, spoken by an unhinged anchorman named Howard Beale, "the mad prophet of the airwaves," took America by storm in 1976, when Network became a sensation. With a superb cast (including Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, and Robert Duvall) directed by Sidney Lumet, the film won four Academy Awards and indelibly shaped how we think about corporate and media power. In Mad As Hell, Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times recounts the surprising and dramatic story of how Network made it to the screen. Such a movie rarely gets made any more - one man's vision of the world, independent of studio testing or market research. And that man was Paddy Chayefsky, the tough, driven, Oscar-winning screenwriter whose vision - outlandish for its time - is all too real today. Itzkoff uses interviews with the cast and crew, as well as Chayefsky's notes, letters, and drafts to re-create the action in front of and behind the camera at a time of swirling cultural turmoil. The result is a riveting account that enriches our appreciation of this prophetic and still-startling film. Itzkoff also speaks with today's leading broadcasters and filmmakers to assess Network's lasting impact on television and popular culture. They testify to the enduring genius of Paddy Chayefsky, who foresaw the future and whose life offers an unforgettable lesson about the true cost of self-expression.


Psycho-Cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment - 2846571754

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Psycho-Cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Maxwell Maltz was an American cosmetic surgeon and author of Psycho-Cybernetics, which was a system of ideas that he claimed could improve one's self-image. In turn, the person would lead a more successful and fulfilling life. He wrote several books, among which Psycho-Cybernetics was a long-time bestseller - influencing many subsequent self-help teachers. His orientation towards a system of ideas that would provide self-help is considered the forerunner of the now popular self-help books. The word cybernetic comes from the Greek for 'steersman', and in the modern sense usually refers to systems of control and communication in machines and animals: how, for instance, a computer or a mouse organises itself to achieve a task. Maltz applied the science to man to form psycho-cybernetics. However, while inspired by the development of sophisticated machines, his book denounced the idea that man can be reduced to a machine. Psycho-cybernetics bridges the gap between our mechanistic models of the brain's functioning (cliches like 'Your brain is a wonderful computer'), and the knowledge of ourselves as being a lot more than machine. Maltz's genius was in saying that while we were 'machines', and while the dynamics of goal-setting and self-image might best be described in mechanistic terms, the fantastic variety of our desires and our ability to create new worlds were uniquely human. What could never be reduced to machine analogies were the fires of imagination, ambition and will. In this book "Psycho-Cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment", Dr. Maxwell Maltz teach about: Goals, Self Image, Happiness, and more...


Liberate Your Gifted Self - 2834156318

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Liberate Your Gifted Self MENTOR BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Self Help. Non- Fiction. To help you mentor yourself to a joyful and authentic life. Learn a "doable" step-by-step process to help you control your anxiety, depression or whatever ails you can reach for your full potential with the freedom to succeed. You will understand and remove the unconscious blocks that are holding you back - through proven, practical, dynamic steps that demystify complex psychological issues. Break free of your past by uncovering and controlling the hidden unconscious forces that are holding you back. Have fun. Get real to get happy. visit for WORKSHOP information.


How to Deal with Low Self-Esteem - 2826790298

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How to Deal with Low Self-Esteem Teach Yourself Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Everyone can identify with feelings of uncertainty. To worry about our status in the world and to fear that we are not living up to our potential is a common and understandable concern. But when our self-esteem becomes low our our estimation of ourselves becomes over-critical, it is all too common to let negative feelings become a burden. If this sound familiar to you, this book will provide you with practical help to deal with and overcome the problem. By picking this book up you've taken the first stride. Now, using the STEP system - a structured, CBT-based approach that delivers both support and proven techniques for defeating low self-esteem - you can begin to transform your daily life. Written by an expert author with many years of clinical experience, this book will help you get a better understanding of your sense of self, tackle negative thoughts and behaviour, and progress to a healthier, happier outlook - without fear of setbacks or relapse.


Self-Healing Handbook - 2826785104

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Self-Healing Handbook PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In THE SELF-HEALING HANDBOOK, leading UK healer and teacher Jack Angelo turns his attention to healing yourself, a prerequisite for healing others and also for improving and maintaining your good health, developing inner peace, aligning with the sacred, and creating a greater connection with others. He explains that all effective healing and therapeutic practice begins with the breath, as the breath carries the life force. Inspiring, accessible and practical, the handbook is based around 57 easy-to-follow exercises, meditations, affirmations and visualisations. The amazing benefits of efficient breathing and meditation include enhancing your ability to self heal and heal others, breathe effectively, improve posture, ensure good digestion and sound sleep, relax, increase energy levels and ensure energetic protection, bring emotional and mental calm, increase energy levels, clear your system of negative energies, achieve mental focus and attune to inner guidance. This is an important new book in Jack Angelo's series of handbooks for healers, student healers, self healers, complementary therapists and everyone interested in self help.


Life of Pie - 2835877046

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Life of Pie iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Life of Pie" is unique from all other self help books because it provides a self measurement tool for every major life category, then helps you choose the actions and steps to achieve your desired balance. No matter what your weaknesses are, this book helps you balance them with strengths. In this hectic world, it is easy to find yourself hurtling through life in an out of control fashion, failing to recognize the way you are living. Your life has become reactive as you make it through each day in a barely controlled state of chaos. Everything seems rushed because it is! This book provides you with the structure to get control and achieve the life balance you desire. You can regain the belief that you have a purpose and manage the day instead of reacting to it. You can choose your time intentionally rather than being a victim of muddling through. Live your life proactively versus reactively and you will take back the day. Enjoy the process of regaining control!


Living A Life You Love, The Wisdom Of Women - 2849530970

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Living A Life You Love, The Wisdom Of Women

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Self-help & personal development>Popular psychology>Assertiveness, motiva...

Living A Life You Love, The Wisdom Of Women Includes Four Books From Four Inspirational Women. Florence Scovel Shinn Was An American Artist And Book Illustrator Who Became A New Thought Spiritual Teacher And Metaphysical Writer. In New Thought Circles, Sh


I Want to Be Happy: How to Live a Happy Life - 2849853904

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I Want to Be Happy: How to Live a Happy Life Hardie Grant Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Full of practical advice, covering health, exercise and mindfulness. The self-help market grew by 15% in 2015.


Book on Life Beyond - 2847100798

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Book on Life Beyond Kober Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Book on the Living God, The Book on Human Nature and this book form a trilogy. These three books should be read together. The Book on Life Beyond is a guide to help readers understand what they can expect to find in the life beyond death, and how to best prepare for it. Bô Yin Râ explains that life beyond is actually another dimension of the same life we know here on earth--just as real and solid, but perceived through spiritual, rather than our limited, physical senses. He emphasizes the direct connection between our actions here on earth and their effects on life beyond. We bring with us into life beyond the same state of inner being with which we departed, and are able to experience its wonders exactly to the degree to which we have developed our spiritual self. For example, those who have failed to show compassion for others and have lived selfishly will find that life beyond lacks the warmth and light that other, more developed souls can perceive. Bô Yin Râ counsels us to mentally practice the art of dying as a meditative practice to prepare for the transition from physical to spiritual existence. The goal is to constantly orient one's thinking, emotions and desires toward transformation of the self, in order to be able to receive the spiritual help that will be available to us after death. E.W.S., Publisher The Kober Press's translations of the books of Bô Yin Râ are the only English translations authorized by the Kober Verlag, Switzerland. The Kober Verlag publishes the books of Bô Yin Râ in the original German and has protected their integrity since Bô Yin Râ's lifetime. Contents: Introduction. The Art of Dying. The Temple of Eternity and the World of Spirit. The Only Absolute Reality. What Should One Do?


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