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Service-learning To Advance Social Justice In A Time Of Radical Inequality - 2871072559

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Service-learning To Advance Social Justice In A Time Of Radical Inequality

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Critical Inquiry Is Central To The Ethos Of Service-learning Pedagogy, A Pedagogy That Is Built Upon Community Partner Participation And Active Reflection. Within Higher Education, Service-learning Offers An Important Opportunity To Enhance Practice Withi


Catholic Social Learning - 2869492928

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Catholic Social Learning Fordham University Press

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The canon for Catholic social teaching spreads to six hundred pages,yet fewer than two pages are devoted to Catholic social learning or pedagogy. In this long-needed book, Roger Bergman begins to correct that gross imbalance. He asks: How do we educate (lead out) the faith that does justice? How is commitment to social justice provoked and sustained over a lifetime? To address these questions, Bergman weaves what he has learned from thirty years as a faith-that-does-justice educator with the best of current scholarship and historical authorities. He reflects on personal experience; the experience of Church leaders, lay activists, and university students; and the few words the tradition itself has to say about a pedagogy for justice.Catholic Social Learning explores the foundations of this pedagogy, demonstrates its practical applications, and illuminates why and how it is fundamental to Catholic higher education. Part I identifies personal encounters with the poor and marginalized as key to stimulating a hunger and thirst for justice. Part II presents three applications of Catholic social learning: cross-cultural immersion as illustrated by Creighton University's Semestre Dominicano program; community-based service learning; and the teaching of moral exemplars such as Dorothy Day, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and Archbishop Oscar Romero. Part III then elucidates how a pedagogy for justice applies to the traditional liberal educational mission of the Catholic university, and how it can be put into action.Catholic Social Learning is both a valuable, practical resource for Christian educators and an important step forward in the development of a transformative pedagogy.


Contemplative Practices In Higher Education - 2870469116

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Contemplative Practices In Higher Education

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This Book Presents The Background Information And Ideas For The Practical Application Of Contemplative Practices Across Academic Curriculum From The Physical Sciences To The Humanities And Arts. Contemplative Pedagogy Is More Than A New, Trendy Technique To Change The Landscape Of Learning.


Higher Education beyond Job Creation - 2869744536

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Higher Education beyond Job Creation Lexington Books

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Higher education in the United States and elsewhere is being forced to respond to several disparate social and economic pressures: social trust and connectedness is down, empathy across citizens is deteriorating, political awareness and participation are low, and job prospects and financial security are sobering for many citizens, even the college educated. The response to these pressures is not to double down on one mission of higher education, namely job creation. Instead, higher education marching into the next decades requires an integrative approach that promotes job creation, skill development, citizen cultivation, and knowledge dissemination-all oriented towards strengthening communities and providing opportunity for all citizens to pursue the good life. Across eight chapters, this book provides historical and theoretical analyses of the role of higher education in society across these four missions, as well as applied mini and extended case examples demonstrating how the four missions can be successfully integrated. The extended cases consist of one pedagogy example, a teaching initiative labeled "joined up service learning" that represents deep partnership between the university and community, and an institutional design case of an academic research center and its work conducted in partnership with community stakeholders. Recommendations are advanced for an integrated approach to performance funding of higher education institutions, tenure and promotion expectations for faculty, and graduation requirements for students, among others. See here for the first of an ongoing series on teaching impact:


Teaching to Change the World - 2854328513

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Teaching to Change the World Paradigm

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This is an up-to-the-moment, engaging, multicultural introduction to education and teaching and the challenges and opportunities they present. Together, the four authors bring a rich blend of theory and practical application to this groundbreaking text. Jeannie Oakes is a leading education researcher and former director of the UCLA teacher education program. Martin Lipton is an education writer and consultant and has taught in public schools for 31 years. Lauren Anderson and Jamy Stillman are former public school teachers, now working as teacher educators. This unique, comprehensive foundational text considers the values and politics that pervade the U.S. education system, explains the roots of conventional thinking about schooling and teaching, asks critical questions about how issues of power and privilege have shaped and continue to shape educational opportunity, and presents powerful examples of real teachers working for equity and justice. Taking the position that a hopeful, democratic future depends on ensuring that all students learn, the text pays particular attention to inequalities associated with race, social class, language, gender, and other social categories and explores teachers role in addressing them. The text provides a research-based and practical treatment of essential topics, and it situates those topics in relation to democratic values; issues of diversity; and cognitive, sociocultural, and constructivist perspectives on learning. The text shows how knowledge of education foundations and history can help teachers understand the organization of today s schools, the content of contemporary curriculum, and the methods of modern teaching. It likewise shows how teachers can use such knowledge when thinking about and responding to headline issues like charter schools, vouchers, standards, testing, and bilingual education, to name just a few. Central to this text is a belief that schools can and must be places of extraordinary educational quality and institutions in the service of social justice. Thus, the authors address head-on tensions between principles of democratic schooling and competition for always-scarce high-quality opportunities. Woven through the text are the voices of a diverse group of teachers, who share their analyses and personal anecdotes concerning what teaching to change the world means and involves. Click Here for Book Website Pedagogical Features: Digging Deeper sections referenced at the end of each chapter and featured online include supplementary readings and resources from scholars and practitioners who are addressing issues raised in the text. Instructor s Manual offers insights about how to teach course content in ways that are consistent with cognitive and sociocultural learning theories, culturally diverse pedagogy, and authentic assessment.New to this Edition: "


Evidence-Based Approaches in Positive Education - 2862425354

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Evidence-Based Approaches in Positive Education Springer Verlag GmbH

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Based on action research and implementation at one of the world's great schools, this book provides a much-needed exploration of how to implement positive education at a whole school level. Evidence-Based Approaches in Positive Education summarises the integration of a whole-school mental health and well-being strategy, positive psychology programs and pastoral care models from 3 - 18 years of age. Positive education is the teaching of scientifically validated programs from positive psychology and character education that have an impact on student and staff well-being. It is an approach that focuses on teaching, building and embedding social and emotional learning throughout a student's experience. St Peter's College - Adelaide is the only institution in the world to integrate Martin Seligman's well-being theory throughout all aspects of both its strategic intent and positive education programs. The School's vision is to be a world-class school where all boys flourish. Its mission is to provide an exceptional education that brings out the very best in every boy. This is done within an intellectually and spiritually rich environment that nurtures international-mindedness, intercultural understanding, respect and a commitment to social justice. This book captures the developments of the St Peter's College journey. It focuses on the integration of well-being across seven strategic goals: Academics; Well-being; Student Life; Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Partnerships; People, Culture and Change; Sustainability and Environment; Community Engagement, Advancement, and Philanthropy. A uniquely Australian school, the impact of a St Peter's College education is to build great men: who believe safety, service and integrity and fundamental parts of their lives; who are active members of communities that are socially and culturally diverse; who engage in political, ethical, and environmental challenges as good citizens. Since 1847, St Peter's College alumni have had global and life-changing impact in all fields of human endeavour. The School's alumni include three Nobel Laureates, 42 Rhodes Scholars, Olympians and Archbishops, artists and scientists, educators and journalists, actors and politicians, philanthropists and physicians, CEOs, diplomats and soldiers, explorers, painters and poets. This book shares evidence-based practices and makes a substantial contribution to the rapidly developing field of positive psychology and its application in schools.


Development Of Empathy And Altruism In Latin American Students - 2870660330

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Development Of Empathy And Altruism In Latin American Students

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This Report Contributes To The Fields Of Education And Psychology, As Well As Informs Higher Education Practitioners In Latin America. The Study Described In This Book Frames The Cognitive And Socio-emotional Impacts Of Service And Other Forms Of Experiential Learning Over Book Learning By Incorporating Psychological Constructs, Such As The Development Of Empathy And Altruism, Within The Outcomes Of This Pedagogy. The Study Focused On An Intervention That Can Shed Light On The Development Of Empathy And Altruism In The College Years, And In The Possibility To Intervene In This Development. The Intervention Took The Form Of A Mandatory Service-learning Course, Which Included Conferences And A Service Internship With Continuous And Shared Reflection Via Computer Mediated Discussion Groups. The Most Important Impact That This Report Can Have Is To Provide An Experience That Can Be Further Replicated And Improved, And That Can Aid In A Transformation Of Latin American Society Through Higher Education.


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