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Rachmaninoff Complete Edition - 2845962846

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Rachmaninoff Complete Edition Brilliant Classics


CD 1: PIANO CONCERTO NO.1 IN F SHARP MINOR Op.1 1 I.Vivace 11'55 2 II. Andante 5'33 3 III. Allegro Vivace 6'42 PIANO CONCERTO NO.4 IN G MINOR Op.40 4 I. Allegro 8'56 5 II. Largo - 5'25 6 III. Allegro Vivace 8'35 7 RHAPSODY ON A THEME OF PAGANINI Op.43 20'32 Total Time: 65'46 EARL WILD PIANO - ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - JASCHA HORENSTEIN CD 2: PIANO CONCERTO NO.2 IN C MINOR Op.18 1 I. Moderato 9'19 2 II. Andante Sostenuto 10'25 3 III. Allegro Scherzando 10'38 PIANO CONCERTO NO.3 IN D MINOR Op.30 4 I. Allegro 14'57 5 II. Intermezzo: Adagio - 8'42 6 III. Finale: Allegro 11'37 Total Time: 67'46 EARL WILD PIANO - ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - JASCHA HORENSTEIN CD 3: SYMPHONY NO.1 IN D MINOR Op.13 1 I. Grave - Allegro Ma Non Troppo 13'44 2 II. Allegro Animato 7'33 3 III. Larghetto 9'08 4 IV. Allegro Con Fuoco 11'56 SYMPHONY NO.3 IN A MINOR Op.44 5 I. Lento - Allegro Moderato 12'21 6 II. Adagio Ma Non Troppo 11'33 7 III. Allegro 12'24 Total Time: 78'44 USSR MINISTRY OF CULTURE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - GENNADY ROZHDESTVENSKY CD 4: SYMPHONY NO.2 IN E MINOR Op.27 1 I. Largo - Allegro Moderato 24'30 2 II. Scherzo: Allegro Molto - Meno Mosso - Allegro Molto 11'13 3 III. Adagio 15'09 4 IV. Allegro Vivace 15'20 LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - GENNADY ROZHDESTVENSKY 5 'YOUTH' SYMPHONY IN D MINOR: Grave - Allegro Moderato 11'25 Total Time: 77'38 SAINT LOUIS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - LEONARD SLATKIN CD 5: SYMPHONIC DANCES Op.45 1 I. Non Allegro 11'58 2 II. Andante Con Moto (Tempo Di Valse) 10'54 3 III. Lento Assai - Allegro Vivace - Lento Assai - Come Prima - Allegro Vivace 14'16 THE BELLS Op.35* 4 I. Allegro Ma Non Tanto 6'06 5 II. Lento 10'37 6 III. Presto 8'50 7 IV. Lento Lugubre 10'12 Total Time: 73'05 OLGA LUTSIV-TERNOVSKAYA * LEONID BOMSTEIN * VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY BASS* - RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONY CAPPELLA * RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA * VALERY POLYANSKY CD 6: 1 THE ROCK Op.7 Symphonic Poem After A. Chekhov 14'50 2 PRINCE ROSTISLAV Symphonic Poem After A.K. Tolstoy 18'18 3 SCHERZO IN D MINOR 5'30 4 CAPRICE BOHEMIEN Op.12 18'33 5 THE ISLE OF THE DEAD Op.29 Symphonic Poem After A. Bocklin 22'03 Total Time: 79'42 RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - VALERY POLYANSKY CD 7: ALEKO - OPERA IN ONE ACT 1 Introduction 3'18 2 Chorus 4'13 3 Story Of The Old Gipsy 6'16 4 Scene And Chorus 2'37 5 Women's Dance 4'58 6 Men's Dance 4'43 7 Chorus 4'04 8 Duettino 2'31 9 Scene At The Cradle 4'54 10 Aleko's Cavatina 6'29 11 Intermezzo 2'54 12 Romance Of The Young Gipsy 1'45 13 Duet And Finale 15'05 Total Time: 64'15 SAMSON ISOUMOV BASS-BARITONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aleko OLEG KOULKO TENOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Young Gipsy LEONID TISCHENKO BASS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Old Gipsy MARINA LAPINA SOPRANO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Zemphira ALEKO CHOIR - DONETSK PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - ROMAN KOFMAN CD 8: THE MISERLY KNIGHT Op.24 - OPERA IN THREE SCENES 1 Prelude 7'43 2 Scene 1: In The Tower 17'33 3 Scene 2: In The Cellar 22'56 4 Scene 3: At The Palace 12'12 Total Time: 60'30 MIKHAIL GUZHOV BASS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Baron VSEVOLOD GRIVNOV TENOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Albert, His Son ANDREI BATURKIN BARITONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Duke BORISLAV MOLCHANOV TENOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jewish Moneylender VITALY EFANOV BASS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Servant RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - VALERY POLYANSKY CD 9: MONNA VANNA, OPERA IN ONE ACT, ORCHESTRATED BY IGOR BUKETOFF 1 Introduction 1'30 2 Scene 1 5'28 3 Scene 2 16'19 4 Scene 3 19'21 Total Time: 42'38 SHERRILL MILNES BARITONE . . . . . . . . . . .Guido, Commander Of The Garrison Of Pisa SETH MCCOY TENOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marco, Guido's Father BLYTHE WALKER SOPRANO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monna Vanna, Guido's Wife NICKOLAS KAROUSATOS BARITONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Torello, Lieutenant To Guido JON THORSTEINSSON TENOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Borso, Lieutenant To Guido THE ICELANDIC OPERA CHORUS - ICELAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - IGOR BUKETOFF CD 10: FRANCESCA DA RIMINI - OPERA IN TWO SCENES, WITH PROLOGUE AND EPILOGUE Op.25 1 Prologue 20'48 2 Tableau 1 20'58 3 Tableau 2 - Epilogue 23'10 Total Time: 65'10 MARIA LAPINA SOPRANO - NIKOLAI VASSILIEV TENOR - VITALI TARASHCHENKO TENOR NIKOLAI RECHETNIAK BARITONE - VLADIMIR MATORIN BASS SVESHNIKOV RUSSIAN ACADEMIC CHOIR - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA - ANDREI CHISTIAKOV CD 11: VESPERS Op.37 1 Come, Let Us Worship 1'46 2 Bless The Lord, O My Soul 4'52 3 Blessed Be The Man 5'40 4 O Serene Light 3'29 5 Now Let Thy Servant Depart 3'59 6 Rejoice, O Virgin 2'26 7 Glory To God In The Highest 2'50 8 Praise The Name Of The Lord 2'33 9 Blessed Art Thou, O Lord 6'02 10 Having Seen The Resurrection Of The Lord 3'16 11 My Soul Magnifies The Lord 9'45 12 Glory To God In The Highest 7'47 13 Troparia Of The Day Of Salvation 1'58 14 Christ Is Risen From The Grave 3'31 15 Thanksgiving To The Mother Of God 1'48 Total Time: 61'50 OLGA BORUSENE SOPRANO - YURI KORINNYK, MYKHAYLO TYSHCHENKO TENORS THE NATIONAL ACADEMIC CHOIR OF UKRAINE 'DUMKA' - YEVHEN SAVCHUK CD 12: LITURGY OF ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Op.31 (beginning) 1 Great Ektenia 3'44 2 First Antiphon 6'34 3 Second Antiphon 4'37 4 Third Antiphon 6'02 5 Entrance Hymn 1'52 6 Trisagion Hymn 3'19 7 Fervent Supplication 8'23 8 Cheruvimic Hymn 6'33 9 Ektenia Of The Prothesis 3'47 10 Nicaean Creed 6'49 Total Time: 51'43 RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONY CAPPELLA - VALERY POLYANSKY CD 13: LITURGY OF ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Op.31 (conclusion) 1 Anaphora 5'19 2 Hymn Of Praise 2'59 3 Hymn To The Virgin 7'28 4 The Lord's Prayer 4'41 5 The Elevation 1'21 6 Communion Hymn 3'01 7 Blessing 2'29 8 Hymn Of Praise 8'51 9 Blessed Be His Name 0'52 10 Glory To The Father 2'18 11 O Mother Of God Vigilantly Praying Sacred Concerto For Four-part Unaccompanied Choir 9'29 12 Chorus Of Spirits For Four-part Unaccompanied Choir 1'25 13 Panteley The Healer For Four-part Unaccompanied Choir 4'11 Total Time: 54'54 RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONY CAPPELLA - VALERY POLYANSKY CD 14: SPRING (VESNA) Op.20 - Cantata For Baritone, Chorus And Orchestra 1 Allegro Moderato 17'00 JORMA HYNNINEN BARITONE THE DANISH NATIONAL RADIO - SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHOIR - DIMITRI KITAJENKO THREE RUSSIAN SONGS Op.41 2 Over The Stream, The Swift Stream 4'18 3 Ah, Vanka, You Are Dashing 6'23 4 My Cheeks, So White, So Rosy! 3'59 RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONIC - CAPPELLA AND ORCHESTRA - VALERY POLYANSKY SIX CHORUSES Op.15 for Women's Voices And Piano 5 Be Glorious! 1'56 6 Night 3'12 7 The Pine 2'30 8 The Waves Began To Slumber 2'06 9 Captivity 1'56 10 The Angel 2'29 TIGRAN ALIKHANOV PIANO - RUSSIAN STATE SYMPHONIC CAPPELLA - VALERY POLYANSKY 11 SCHERZO IN F MAJOR 4'48 12 VOCALISE Op.34 No.14 5'31 Total Time: 56'08 SAINT LOUIS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - LEONARD SLATKIN CD 15: COMPLETE SONGS VOL. 1 1 At The Gates Of The Holy Cloister 3'04 2 Nothing Shall I Say To You 1'49 3 Again You Are Bestirred, My Heart 2'09 4 April! A Festive Day In The Spring 2'04 5 Dusk Was Falling 2'39 6 Song Of The Disenchanted 2'59 7 The Flower Died 3'19 8 Do You Remember The Evening? 2'31 9 O, No, I Beg You, Do Not Leave Op.4 No.11'45 10 Morning Op.4 No.2 1'49 11 In The Silence Of The Secret Night Op.4 No.3 2'43 12 Sing Not, O Lovely One Op.4 No.4 4'20 13 Oh, My Field Op.4 No.5 4'03 14 It Wasn't Long Ago, My Friend Op.4 No.6 1'49 15 Water Lily Op.8 No.1 1'17 16 My Child, Your Beauty Is That Of A Flower Op.8 No.2 1'39 17 Thoughts, Reflections Op.8 No.3 3'01 18 I Fell In Love, To My Sorrow Op.8 No.4 2'19 19 A Dream Op.8 No.5 1'22 20 Prayer Op.8 No.6 3'14 21 I Await You Op.14 No.1 1'46 22 Small Island Op.14 No.2 2'11 23 How Fleeting Is Delight In Love Op.14 No.3 1'32 24 I Was With Her Op.14 No.4 1'16 25 Summer Nights Op.14 No.5 1'36 26 You Are So Loved By All Op.14 No.6 2'05 27 Do Not Believe Me, Friend Op.14 No.7 1'35 28 Oh, Do Not Grieve Op.14 No.8 2'56 29 She Is As Beautiful As Midday Op.14 No.9 2'35 30 In My Soul Op.14 No.10 2'34 31 Spring Torrents Op.14 No.11 2'10 32 It Is Time Op.14 No.12 1'33 Total Time: 76'01 JOAN RODGERS SOPRANO MARIA POPESCU CONTRALTO ALEXANDRE NAOUMENKO TENOR SERGEI LEIFERKUS BARITONE HOWARD SHELLEY PIANO CD 16: COMPLETE SONGS VOL. 2 1 Were You Hiccoughing, Natasha? 1'33 2 Night 3'10 3 Fate Op.21 No.1 7'09 4 By A Fresh Grave Op.21 No.2 1'47 5 Twilight Op.21 No.3 2'04 6 They Replied Op.21 No.4 1'45 7 Lilacs Op.21 No.5 1'59 8 Fragment From A. Musset Op.21 No.6 1'53 9 How Peaceful Op.21 No.7 2'07 10 On The Death Of A Siskin Op.21 No.8 2'29 11 Melody Op.21 No.9 3'00 12 Before The Icon Op.21 No.10 3'20 13 I Am Not A Prophet Op.21 No.11 1'29 14 How Pained I Am Op.21 No.12 1'45 15 There Are Many Sounds Op.26 No.1 2'28 16 All Was Taken From Me Op.26 No.2 0'56 17 We Shall Rest Op.26 No.3 2'13 18 Two Farewells Op.26 No.4 4'27 19 Let Us Leave, My Sweet Op.26 No.5 2'18 20 Christ Is Risen Op.26 No.6 2'46 21 To My Children Op.26 No.7 3'28 22 I Beg For Mercy Op.26 No.8 1'12 23 I Am Again Alone Op.26 No.9 1'46 24 At My Window Op.26 No.10 2'05 25 The Fountain Op.26 No.11 1'22 26 Night Is Sorrowful Op.26 No.12 2'20 27 Yesterday We Met Op.26 No.13 2'54 28 The Ring Op.26 No.14 2'32 29 All Passes Op.26 No.15 1'51 Total Time: 71'54 JOAN RODGERS SOPRANO MARIA POPESCU CONTRALTO ALEXANDRE NAOUMENKO TENOR - SERGEI LEIFERKUS BARITONE HOWARD SHELLEY PIANO CD 17: COMPLETE SONGS VOL. 3 1 Letter To K.S. Stanislavsky 3'16 2 The Muse Op.34 No.1 4'10 3 In The Soul Of Each Of Us Op.34 No.2 2'15 4 The Storm Op.34 No.3 2'28 5 A Passing Breeze Op.34 No.4 3'36 6 Arion Op.35 No.4 2'48 7 The Raising Of Lazarus Op.34 No.6 2'14 8 It Cannot Be Op.34 No.7 1'35 9 Music Op.34 No.8 2'23 10 You Knew Him Op.34 No.9 2'13 11 I Remember This Day Op.34 No.10 1'33 12 The Herald Op.34 No.11 2'52 13 What Happiness Op.34 No.12 2'12 14 Dissonance Op.34 No.13 6'00 15 Vocalise Op.34 No.14 6'04 16 From The Gospel Of St John 1'22 17 At Night In My Garden Op.38 No.1 1'48 18 To Her Op.38 No.2 2'50 19 Daises Op.38 No.3 2'15 20 The Pied Piper Op.38 No.3 2'30 21 Sleep Op.38 No.5 3'20 22 'A-oo' Op.38 No.6 2'21 23 A Prayer 2'33 24 All Glory To God 1'58 Total Time: 68'00 JOAN RODGERS SOPRANO MARIA POPESCU CONTRALTO ALEXANDRE NAOUMENKO TENOR - SERGEI LEIFERKUS BARITONE HOWARD SHELLEY PIANO CD 18: TRIO ELEGIAQUE NO.1 IN G MINOR Op. Posth. 1 Lento Lugubre 15'18 TRIO ELEGIAQUE NO.2 IN D MINOR Op.9 2 I. Moderato - Allegro Moderato 18'41 3 II. Quasi Variazione 17'40 4 III. Allegro Risoluto 7'25 Total Time: 59'32 BORODIN TRIO - LUBA EDLINA, PIANO ROSTISLAV DUBINSKY, VIOLIN - YULI TUROVSKY, CELLO CD 19: MORCEAUX DE SALON Op.6 1 Romance 5'31 2 Danse Hongroise 6'08 CRISTIAN PERSINARU, VIOLIN - NILS FRANKE, PIANO 3 LIED IN F MINOR: Andantino 2'51 TWO PIECES FOR CELLO AND PIANO Op.2 4 Prelude In F Major: Comodo - Con Moto 3'54 5 Danse Orientale In A Major: Andante Cantabile 6'26 6 VOCALISE IN E FLAT MINOR Op.34 No.14: Lento 6'42 ALEXANDER IVASHKIN, CELLO - RUSTEM HAYROUDINOFF, PIANO CELLO SONATA IN G MINOR Op.19 7 I. Lento - Allegro Moderato 13'01 8 II. Allegro Scherzando 6'21 9 III. Andante 5'41 10 IV. Allegro Mosso 10'18 Total Time: 66'52 DANIIL SHAFRAN, CELLO - YAKOV FLIER, PIANO CD 20: ETUDES-TABLEAUX Op.33 1 Allegro Non Troppo In F Minor No.1 2'58 2 Allegro In C Major No.2 2'22 3 Moderato In D Minor No.5 3'38 4 Allegro Con Fuoco In E Flat Major No.7 1'51 5 Grave In C Minor No.3 5'51 6 Non Allegro In E Flat Minor No.6 1'40 7 Moderato In G Minor No.8 4'05 8 Grave In C Sharp Minor No.9 2'36 Etudes-tableaux Op.39 9 Allegro Agitato In C Minor No.1 3'03 10 Lento Assai In A Minor No.2 7'01 11 Allegro Molto In F Sharp Minor No.3 2'32 12 Allegro Assai In B Minor No.4 3'38 13 Appassionato In E Flat Minor No.5 5'15 14 Allegro In A Minor No.6 2'45 15 Lento Lugubre In C Minor No.7 7'41 16 Allegro Moderato In D Minor No.8 3'15 17 Allegro Moderato - Tempo Di Marcia In D Major No.9 3'39 Total Time: 63'57 Nikolai Lugansky, Piano CD 21: PRELUDES Op.23 1 No.1 In F Sharp Minor: Largo 3'14 2 No.2 In B Flat Major: Maestoso 3'38 3 No.3 In D Minor: Tempo Di Minuetto 3'17 4 No.4 In D Major: Andante Cantabile 4'29 5 No.5 In G Minor: Alla Marcia 3'39 6 No.6 In E Flat Major: Andante 3'30 7 No.7 In C Minor: Allegro 2'36 8 No.8 In A Flat Major: Allegro Vivace 3'19 9 No.9 In E Flat Minor: Presto 1'47 10 No.10 In G Flat Major: Largo 4'04 NOCTURNES (1887/88) 11 No.1 In F Sharp Minor 4'43 12 No.2 In F Major 4'06 13 No.3 In C Minor 3'52 14 Song Without Words (1887) 1'19 VARIATIONS ON A THEME OF CORELLI Op.42 15 Theme: Andante 1'01 16 Variation 1: Poco Pi


Rimsky - Korsakov Edition - 2842799694

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Rimsky - Korsakov Edition Brilliant Classics


CD 1: SCHEHERAZADE Op.35 - SYMPHONIC SUITE AFTER A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS 1 I. The Sea And Sinbad's Ship 9'26 2 II. The Story Of The Kalendar Prince 12'20 3 III. The Young Prince And The Young Princess 10'22 4 IV. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea - Shipwreck - Conclusion 11'27 5 Sadko - Musical Picture Op.5 11'26 6 Sadko - Song Of India 3'30 Total Time: 58'35 Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra - Loris Tjeknavorian CD 2: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - OVERTURE - FANTASIA ON SERBIAN THEMES SYMPHONIES NOS. 1 & 2 'ANTAR' 1 The Tsar's Bride - Overture 6'18 2 Fantasia On Serbian Themes Op.6 7'11 SYMPHONY NO.1 IN E MINOR Op.1 3 I. Largo Assai - Allegro 9'19 4 II. Andante Tranquillo 8'28 5 III. Scherzo: Vivace 5'02 6 IV. Allegro Assai 6'54 SYMPHONY NO.2 Op.9 'ANTAR' 7 I. Largo - Allegro Giocoso 11'59 8 II. Allegro - Molto Allegro - Allargando 5'11 9 III. Allegro Risoluto Alla Marcia 5'35 10 IV. Allegretto Vivace 8'51 Total Time: 75'15 Philharmonia Orchestra - Yondani Butt CD 3: 1 OVERTURE ON THREE RUSSIAN THEMES Op.28* 11'40 SYMPHONY NO.3 IN C Op.32 2 I. Moderato Assai - Allegro 12'06 3 II. Scherzo: Vivo 4'58 4 III. Andante 8'00 5 IV. Allegro Con Spirito 5'06 6 SKAZKA Op.29 (Fairytale) 15'54 Total Time: 58'06 London Symphony Orchestra *Philharmonia Orchestra - Yondani Butt CD 4: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - SUITE (arr. Alexander Glazunov & Maximilian Steinberg) 1 I. King Dodon In His Palace 10'05 2 II. King Dodon On The Battlefield 3'52 3 III. King Dodon And The Queen Of Shemakha 7'02 4 IV. The Marriage Feast And Lamentable End Of King Dodon 5'17 TALE OF TSAR SALTAN - SUITE OP.57 5 I. The Tsar's Farewell And Departure 4'51 6 II. The Tsarina In A Barrel At Sea 5'27 7 III. The Three Wonders 8'00 8 Flight Of The Bumblebee (Tale Of Tsar Saltan) 1'13 Christmas Eve - Suite 9 I. Holy Night 5'40 10 II. Games And Dances Of The Stars - Mazurka - 5'49 The Sixth Comet - Csardas And Rain Of The Falling Stars 11 III. The Devil's Christmas 5'50 12 IV. Polonaise 6'07 13 V. Procession To Midnight Mass And Carols 6'05 Total Time: 76'00 Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra Loris Tjeknavorian CD 5: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH - SUITE 1 I. Prelude - Hymn To Nature 4'29 2 II. Bridal Procession 3'27 3 III. Tartar Invasion And The Battle Of Kerzenets 4'24 4 IV. Death Of Frevronya And Apotheosis 10'44 PAN VOYEVODA - SUITE Op.59 5 I. Introduction 3'30 6 II. Krakowiak 3'26 7 III. Nocturne 4'30 8 IV. Mazurka 4'53 9 V. Polonaise 6'23 PIANO CONCERTO IN C SHARP MINOR Op.30 10 I. Moderato - Allegretto Quasi Polacca - 6'17 11 II. Andante Mosso 4'11 12 III. Allegro 3'52 Total Time: 60'22 Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra / Evgeny Mravinsky (1-4) Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra / Evgeny Svetlanov (5-9) Sviatoslav Richter Piano Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra / Kirill Kondrashin (10-12) CD 6: PIANO TRIO IN C MINOR (completed In 1939 By Maximilian Steinberg) 1 I. Allegro 10'35 2 II. Allegro 4'25 3 III. Adagio 9'17 4 IV. Adagio - Allegro Assai 12'51 QUINTET IN B FLAT 5 I. Allegro Con Brio 7'29 6 II. Andante 8'13 7 III. Rondo: Allegretto 9'42 Total Time: 62,42 Oistrakh Trio (1-4) David Oistrakh Violin Sviatoslav Knushevitsky Cello Lev Oborin Piano Felicja Blumental Piano (5-7) Members Of The New Philharmonia Wind Ensemble, London Gareth Morris Flute John McCaw Clarinet Nicolas Busch Horn Gwydion Brook Bassoon CD 7: 4 SONGS Op.2 1 1. Lean Thy Cheek To Mine 1'04 Heine, Trans. M. Mikhaylov 2 2. Eastern Song: Enslaved By The Rose, The Nightingale A. Kol'tsov 3 3. Lullaby L. May 4 4. From My Tears Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 4 SONGS Op.3 5 1. The Pine And The Palm Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 6 2. Southern Night N. Shcherbina 7 3. The Golden Cloud Has Slept Lermontov 8 4. On The Hills Of Georgia Pushkin 4 SONGS Op.4 9 1. What Is My Name To Thee? Pushkin 10 2. The Messenger Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 11 3. In The Dark The Nightingale Is Silent I. Nikitin 12 4. Quietly Evening Falls A. Fet 4 SONGS Op.7 13 1. My Voice For Thee Is Sweet And Languid Pushkin 14 2. Hebrew Song L. Mey 15 3. The Mermaid Of Lake Switez A. Mickiewicz, Trans. Mey 16 4. Thy Glance Is Radiant As The Heavens Lermontov 6 SONGS Op.8 17 1. Where Thou Art, My Thought Flies To Thee Unknown 18 2. Night A. Pleshcheyev 19 3. The Secret After Chamisso 20 4. Arise, Come Down Mey 21 5. In The Kingdom Of Roses And Wine 22 6. I Believe, I Am Loved Pushkin 2 SONGS Op.25 Heine, Trans. Mikhaylov 23 1. To My Song 24 2. When I Gaze Into Thy Eyes 4 SONGS Op.26 25 1. In Moment To Delight Devoted Byron, Trans. I. Kozlov 26 2. Evocation Pushkin 27 3. For The Shores Of Thy Native Land Pushkin 28 4. Zuleika's Song Byron, Trans. I. Kozlov Total Time: 63'43 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (2, 3, 12, 15, 19) Marina Choutova Mezzo-soprano Elena Tcheglakova Piano (5-6, 13-14, 17-18, 28) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (4, 8, 9, 11, 21, 24-25) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano (1, 16, 20, 22, 26-27) Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano (7, 10, 23) CD 8: 4 SONGS Op.27 1 1. Softly The Spirit Flew Up To Heaven A.K. Tolstoy 2 2. Echo F. Coppee, Trans. S. Andreyevsky 3 3. Thou And You Pushkin 4 4. Forgive! Remember Not These Tearful Days N. Nekrasov 4 SONGS Op.39 A.K. Tolstoy 5 1. Oh, If Thou Couldst For One Moment 6 2. The West Dies Out In The Pallid Rose 7 3. Silence Descends On The Golden Cornfields 8 4. Sleep, My Poor Friend 4 SONGS Op.40 9 1. When The Golden Cornfield Waves Lermontov 10 2. Across The Midnight Sky Lermontov 3'08 11 3. Of What I Dream In The Quiet Night A. Maykov 12 4. I Waited For Thee In The Grotto At The Appointed Hour A. Maykov 4 SONGS Op.41 13 1. Sun Of The Sleepless A.K. Tolstoy After Byron 14 2. I Am Unhappy Lermontov 15 3. I Love Thee, Moon (Melody From The Banks Of The Ganges) Maykov 16 4. Look In Thy Garden Maykov 4 SONGS Op.42 17 1. A Whisper, A Gentle Breath Fet 18 2. I Have Come To Greet Thee Fet 19 3. The Clouds Begin To Scatter (Elegy) Pushkin 20 4. My Spoiled Darling Mickiewicz, Trans. Mey 4 SONGS Op.43 'Vesnoy' (In Spring) 21 1. The Lark Sings Louder A.K. Tolstoy 22 2. Not The Wind, Blowing From The Heights A.K. Tolstoy 23 3. Cool And Fragrant Is Thy Garland Fet 24 4. Early Spring A.K. Tolstoy Total Time: 52'14 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (1, 4, 11, 19, 21-22) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (3, 13, 15-18, 20, 23-24) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano CD 9: FIVE SONGS Op.45 'Poetu' (To The Poet) 1 1. The Echo Pushkin 2 2. Art Maykov 3 3. The Octave Maykov 4 4. Doubt Maykov 5 5. The Poet Pushkin 5 SONGS Op.46 'U Morya' (By The Sea) A.K. Tolstoy 6 1. The Wave Breaks Into A Spray 7 2. Not A Sound From The Sea 8 3. The Sea Is Tossing 9 4. Do Not Believe Me, Friend 10 5. The Waves Rise Up Like Mountains 4 SONGS Op.50 Maykov, After Modern Greek Poems 11 1. The Maiden And The Sun 12 2. The Singer 13 3. Quiet Is The Deep Blue Sea 14 4. I Am Still Filled, Dear Friend 5 SONGS Op.51 Pushkin 15 1. Slowly Drag My Days 16 2 Do Not Sing To Me, O Lovely One 17 3. Withered Flower 18 4. The Beauty 19 5. The Rainy Day Has Waned 4 SONGS Op.55 20 1. Awakening Pushkin 21 2. To A Grecian Girl Pushkin 22 3. The Dream Pushkin 23 4. I Died From Happiness L. Uhland, Trans. V. Zhukovsky 2 SONGS Op.56 Maykov 24 1. The Nymph 25 2. Summer Night's Dream Total Time: 55'07 Natalia Gerasimova Soprano Vladimir Skanavi Piano (3, 4, 11, 15, 17, 24-25) Alexei Martinov Tenor Aristote Konstantinidi Piano (1, 2, 5, 9, 12-14, 16, 18, 20-23) Mikhail Lanskoi Baritone Ilya Scheps Piano - Sergei Baikov Bass Ilya Scheps Piano CD 10: CHORAL WORKS 1 Poem About Aleksey, The Man Of God Op.20 For Chorus And Orchestra 2 Song Of Oleg The Wise Op.58 For Two Male Soloists, Male Chorus And Orchestra (Pushkin) 3 From Homer Op.60 Prelude-cantata For Three Voices, Female Chorus And Orchestra 4 Switezianka Op.44 (The Mermaid Of Lake Switez) Cantata For Two Solo Voices, Chorus And Orchestra (L.A. Mey After Mickiewicz) Total Time: 51'03 Dmitri Kortchak Tenor Nikolai Didenko Bass Svetlana Sizova Mezzo-soprano Tatiana Fedotova Soprano - Elena Mitrakova Soprano Dmitri Kortchak Tenor (4) Chorus Of The Moscow Academy Of Choral Art - Victor Popov - Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Vladimir Ziva CD 11: MAY NIGHT - OPERA IN THREE ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Nikolai Gogol 1 Overture (Orchestra) Act One: 2 No.1: Round Of The Millet (Chorus) 3 No.2: Serenade (Levko) 4 No.3: Duet (Levko/Hanna) 5 No.4: Tale (Levko) 6 No.5: Recitative And Spring-Song (Hanna/Chorus Of Girls) 7 No.6: Hopak Scene (Kalenik/Chorus Of Girls) 8 No.7: Trio (Mayor/Levko/Hanna) 9 No.8: Recitative And Song About The Mayor (Levko/Chorus Of Youths) Act Two - Scene 1 10 No.9: Trio (Mayor/Distiller/Sister-in-Law) 11 No.10: Scene With Kalenik And The Distiller's Tale (Kalenik/Mayor/Distiller/Sister-in-Law 12 No.11: Song About The Mayor, Scene And Trio Beginning Total Time: 65'08 Levko: VITALY TARASCHENKO Hanna: NATALIA ERASOVA Pannochka: MARINA LAPINA The Mayor: VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY The Distiller: ALEXANDER ARKHIPOV The Clerk: PIOTR GLUBOKY The Mayor's Sister-in-Law: ELENA OKOLYCHEVA Kalenik, The Village Drunkard: NIKOLAI RESHETNIAK Sveshnikov Academic Choir Chorus Master Evgeny Tytianko BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 12: MAY NIGHT (conclusion) - Opera In Three Acts Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Nikolai Gogol 1 No.11: Song About The Mayor, Scene And Trio Conclusion 7'03 (Sister-in-law/Mayor/Distiller/Levko/Chorus/Clerk) Scene 2 2 No.12: Finale 6'20 (Mayor/Clerk/Distiller/Sister-in-Law, Chorus/Kalenik) Act Three 3 No.13: Scene Of The Rusalki 33'15 (Chorus/Queen Of The Water Nymphs/Levko) 4 No.14: Scene And Ritual Songs 6'16 (Mayor/Levko/Clerk/Distiller/Chorus/Hanna) 5 No.15: Finale 5'30 (Hanna/Levko/Chorus Of Youths/Mayor/Clerk/Distiller/Chorus/Kalenik/Sister-in-Law) Total Time: 58'30 Levko: VITALY TARASCHENKO Hanna: NATALIA ERASOVA Pannochka: MARINA LAPINA The Mayor: VYACHESLAV POCHAPSKY The Distiller: ALEXANDER ARKHIPOV The Clerk: PIOTR GLUBOKY The Mayor's Sister-in-Law: ELENA OKOLYCHEVA Kalenik, The Village Drunkard: NIKOLAI RESHETNIAK Sveshnikov Academic Choir Chorus Master Evgeny Tytianko BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 13: THE SNOW MAIDEN - OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij Prologue 1 Scene 1. Winter Is Over! The Cocks Have Crowed (Forest Spirit) 2 Recitative: At The Appointed Hour (Spring Fairy) 3 Aria: Where Are Those Lovely Lands Of Sunshine? (Spring Fairy) 4 Recitative: Dear Birds Of Mine (Spring Fairy) 5 Song And Dance Of The Birds (Chorus Of Birds/Spring Fairy) 6 Ah, It Is Snowing! (Chorus Of Birds/Spring Fairy) 7 Scene 2. When The Cold Cracks The Roofs And Walls (King Frost) 8 Recitative: Your Holiday Has Lasted Long Enough (Spring Fairy/King Frost) 9 Scene 3. Hello... Poor Little Child (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy/King Frost) 10 Aria: To Go Berry-picking In The Woods (Snow Maiden) Recitative: This Handsome Lel (King Frost/Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 11 Arietta: I Heard All Of The Loveliest Songs (Snow Maiden) 12 Trio: Do You Hear? (Snow Maiden/ Spring Fairy/King Frost) Appearance Of The Forest Spirit (Forest Spirit/Chorus) 13 Scene 4. Carnival Procession (Chorus) 14 This Summer Soon Will Pass (Carnival Puppet/Chorus) 15 Wait! Is It Already Over? (Cottager & Wife/ Puppet/Snow Maiden/Chorus Of Berendeyans) Act One 16 Introduction (Orchestra) 17 Scene 1. For Your Kind Welcome, Lel Can Offer Nothing (Lel/Cottager/Snow Maiden) 18 Lel's First Song (Lel) 19 Lel's Second Song (Lel) 20 Lel, Handsome Lel (Chorus Of Girls/Snow Maiden) Total Time: 63'55 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRa & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 14: THE SNOW MAIDEN - (PART 2) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij 1 Scene 2. Arietta: Ah, How I Suffer (Snow Maiden) 2 Scene 3. The Snow Maiden Is All Alone (Kupava/Snow Maiden) 3 Scene 4. Wedding Ritual: Young Maidens, Dear Friends (Kupava/ Misgir/Chorus Of Girls) 4 Scene 5. Without Lel, The Snow Maiden Will Be Sad (Kupava/Misgir/ Snow Maiden/Cottager & Wife/Lel) 5 Scene 6. Friends, Aid Me In My Distress (Kupava/Lel/Misgir/Chorus) Act Two 6 Introduction (Orchestra) 7 Scene 1. The Vibrant Tone Of The Gusli (Chorus Of Blind Psalteries) 8 Scene 2. O Beloved Tsar... (Bermyata/Tsar/Page) 9 Scene 3. Duet: O Tsar, My Father! (Kupava/Tsar) 10 Scene 4. Hark My Words, Valiant And Noble Gentlemen (First & Second Criers) 11 Ceremonial Procession Of Tsar Berendey (Orchestra) 12 Hymn (Berendeyans/Kupava/Lel/First & Second Criers/Chorus) 13 Scene 5. I Thank You! (Kupava/Tsar/Misigir/Bermyata/Chorus) 14 Scene 6. Cavatina: Nature Is Almighty (Tsar) 15 My Child... O Great Tsar 7'49 (Tsar/Snow Maiden/Bermyata/Lel/Chorus) 16 Final Chorus: Almighty, All-wise Tsar (Chorus) Total Time: 66'36 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 15: THE SNOW MAIDEN - (PART 3) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE AND FOUR ACTS Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Alexander Ostrowskij Act Three: 1 Scene 1. Dance And Song Of The Beaver: Ah, A Linden-tree Grows In The Field (Chorus/Snow Maiden/Lel/Cottager) What Merry Festivities! (Tsar) 2 Cavatina: The Happy Day Fades (Tsar) 3 Recitative: Another Amusement (Tsar) 4 Dance Of The Tumblers (Orchestra) 5 Lel's Third Song (Lel) 6 Recitative: Thank You, Handsome Lel... O Father, Tsar (Tsar/Snow Maiden/Chorus) 7 Scene 2. How Is It, Lel, That Your Heart Is So Cold? (Snow Maiden/Misgir) 8 Andantino: On A Warm Blue Sea (Misgir/Snow Maiden) Wait, Do Not Hurry! (Forest Spirit) 9 Transformation Of The Forest Spirit: All Night He Shall Pursue Her Shadow (Forest Spirit/Misgir) 10 Scene 3. At Last, I Find You (Lel/Kupava/Snow Maiden) Act Four 11 Introduction (Orchestra) 12 Scene 1. O Mother, My Eyes Are Full Of Tears (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 13 Flowers Of The Springtide Dawn(Spring Fairy/Chorus Of Flowers) 14 Oh Mother, What A Miracle (Snow Maiden/Spring Fairy) 15 Scene 2. Duet: Wait, Wait For Me, Snow Maiden (Misgir/Snow Maiden) 16 Scene 3. Finale (Snow Maiden/Misgir/Tsar/Chorus) 17 Hymn Of Praise To The Sun-god Yarilo: Life-giving Yarilo (Chorus) Total Time: 78'46 Snow Maiden: ELENA ZEMENKOVA King Frost: NICOLA GHIUSELEV Spring Fairy: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Tsar Berendei: AVRAM ANDREEV Lel, A Shepherd: STEFKA MINEVA Kupava, A Young Girl: STEFKA EVSTATIEVA Cottager: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI His Wife: VESSELA ZOROVA Misgir, A Merchant: LYUBOMIR VIDENO Forest Spirit: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI - BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS / STOYAN ANGELOV CD 16: MOZART AND SALIERI Op.48 Opera In One Act Libretto By Alexander Pushkin 1 Introduction 2 Scene 1 3 Scene 2 Total Time: 40'49 Mozart: ALEXEI MASLENNIKOV Salieri: EVGENY NESTERENKO BOLSHOI THEATRE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - GENNADY ROZHDESTVENSKY CD 17: THE NOBLEWOMAN VERA SHELOGA Op.54 - Opera In One Act Libretto By Rimsky-Korsakov After Lev Alexandrovich Mey 1 Overture (Orchestra) Scene 1 2 Look Boyarishnya, Dear, What A Fine String Of Beads! (Vlas'yevna) 3 Lullaby: Lulla, Lullaby, Lulla, Lulla... (Vera) Scene 2 4 Did Olenka Fall Asleep To Your Song (Nadezhda) 5 Who Is It, Then?... Do Not Ask, Nadezhda! (Nadezhda/Vera) 6 I Thought I Heard A Cuckoo... (Vera) Scene 3 7 Stop!... Were You Not Expecting Other Guests? (Vera/Boyar Sheloga) Total Time: 49'13 Vera: STEVKA EVSTATIEVA Nadezhda: ALEXANDRINA MILCHEVA Vlas'yevna: STEFKA MINEVA Boyar Sheloga: PETER BAKARDZHIEV Prince Tokmakov: DIMITER STANCHEV BULGARIAN RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA- STOYAN ANGELOV CD 18: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - OPERA IN FOUR ACTS Libretto: Il'ya Tyumenev After Lev Mey 1 Overture (Orchestra) Act One 2 Scene 1. Could I Somehow Forget (Gryaznoy) 3 Scene 2. Here Are My Guests! 4 Scene 3. Dear Host! May We Hear (Gryaznoy/Malyuta-Skuratov/Likov/Bomelius) 5 Song Of The Hops (Malyuta-Skuratov/Gryzanoy/Bomelius) 6 Scene 4. Hello, My Beautiful Child! (Gryaznoy/Malyuta-Skuratov/Lyubasha) 7 Scene 5. Bomelius... (Gryaznoy/Bomelius/Lyubasha) 8 Scene 6. What Do You Want? (Lyubasha/Gryaznoy) Act Two 9 Scene 1. There, The End Of The Vespers Has Arrived (Chorus) 10 Scene 2. How Calming This Autumn Evening Is (Marfa/Dunyasha/Petrovna) 11 Scene 3. Ah, What Is Wrong With Me, Why Am I Trembling So? (Marfa/Dunyasha/Likov/Sobakin) Total Time: 75'33 Marfa: EKATERINA KUDRIAVCHENKO Ivan Likov: ARKADY MISHENKIN Grigory Gryaznoy: VLADISLAV VERESTNIKOV Lyubasha: NINA TERENTIEVA Bomelius: VLADIMIR KUDRIASHOV Vasily Sobakin: PYOTR GLUBOKY Dunyasha: ELENA OKOLYSHEVA Saburova: IRINA UDALOVA Grigory Malyuta-Skuratov: NIKOLAI NIZIENKO Servant: NINA LARIONOVA Petrovna: TATIANA PECHURIA Coachman: VLADISLAV PASHINSKY Young Lad: YURI MARKELOV Sveshnikov Academic Choir - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 19: THE TSAR'S BRIDE - (PART 2) OPERA IN FOUR ACTS Libretto: Il'ya Tyumenev After Lev Mey 1 Symphonic Intermezzo (Orchestra) 2 Scene 4. Finally, I Have Managed To Find His Turtledove! (Lyubasha/Bomelius) 3 Scene 5. Ah, My God Forgive Me, Grigory! (Lyubasha/Likov/Sobakin/Bomelius) Act Three 4 Prelude (Orchestra) 5 Scene 1. I Must Thank God, Ivan Sergeyevich! (Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin) 6 Scene 2. Tell Me, Please, What Would You Do (Likov/Gryaznoy) 7 Scene 3. My Good Friends, Taste This Wine! (Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin/Saburova) 8 Dunishia Pleases The Prince? Not Possible! (Lyubasha/Bomelius) 9 Scenes 4 & 5. This Glass Is For You (Marfa/Dunyasha/Likov/Gryaznoy/Sobakin) Act Four 10 Prelude & Scene 1. A Long Sleep Will Restore The Strength (Sobakin/Saburova/Servant/Coachman) 11 Scene 2. Receive My Prayers, Powerful Boyar (Sobakin/Gryaznoy/Marfa/Saburova/Dunyasha) 12 Ah! (Marfa/Gryaznoy/Dunyasha/ Saburova/Sobakin) 13 Come To The Garden, Ivan Sergeyevich (Marfa) 14 Scene 3. No, No, This Is Enough (Gryaznoy/Lyubasha/Marfa/Malyuta-Skuratov/Saburova) Total Time: 70'41 Marfa: EKATERINA KUDRIAVCHENKO Ivan Likov: ARKADY MISHENKIN Grigory Gryaznoy: VLADISLAV VERESTNIKOV Lyubasha: NINA TERENTIEVA Bomelius: VLADIMIR KUDRIASHOV Vasily Sobakin: PYOTR GLUBOKY Dunyasha: ELENA OKOLYSHEVA Saburova: IRINA UDALOVA Grigory Malyuta-Skuratov: NIKOLAI NIZIENKO Servant: NINA LARIONOVA Petrovna: TATIANA PECHURIA Coachman: VLADISLAV PASHINSKY Young Lad: YURI MARKELOV Sveshnikov Academic Choir - BOLSHOI THEATRE ORCHESTRA / ANDREY CHISTIAKOV CD 20: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA Opera In Four Acts Libretto: Vladimir Belsky Act One: 1 Introduction: In Praise Of The Wilderness 2 Ah, You Forest, My Forest, Beautiful Wilderness (Fevroniya) 3 Oh Lord, What Is The Meaning Of This? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 4 Whose Child Are You? Where Have You Come From? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 5 Tell Me, Fair Maiden, Do You Go To Pray In God's Church? (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 6 Well Spoken, Fair Maiden! (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 7 Hail To Thee, Lips Of Honey (Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya) 8 As Soon As The Marksmen Came Out Into The Open Field (Chorus/Prince Vsevolod/Fevroniya/Poyarok) Act Two: 9 Show Them, Mikhaylushka, Show Them Playful Bear (Bear Leader/Chorus/ Gusli Player/Well-off People) 10 So What Is That To Us? (Kuterma/ Well-off People/Chorus) 11 Hey Lads! I Can Hear Some Bells (Chorus/Poyarok/Well-off People) 12 Get Away, Clear Off, You Dog! (Chorus/Fevroniya/Poyarok/Kuterma) 13 Over The Bridges Of Guelder-tree (Chorus) 14 Gayda! Gay! Gayda! (Tatars/Bedyay/ Burunday/Chorus/Kuterma/Fevroniya) 15 Gayda! Gay! Stop, You Godless Heathens (Chorus/Kuterma) Total Time: 65'48 Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN CD 21: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA (PART 2) Opera In Four Acts Libretto: Vladimir Belsky Act Three: 1 Scene 1. Good Fortune To You, Citizens Of Kitezh (Poyarok/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 2 Oh Glory, Vain Wealth! (Prince Yury) 3 Wondrous Queen Of Heaven, Our Holy Protectress! (Poyarok/Prince Yury/ Chorus/Page) 4 Kitezh Looted And Us Taken Alive As A Tribute (Prince Yury/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 5 What Are We Standing About For, Sisters? (Chorus/Page/Prince Yury/ Poyarok) 6 Entr'acte To The Second Scene: The Battle Near Kerzhenets 7 Scene 2. Here Is The Oak Grove, And Here Is The Lake (Kuterma/Burunday/Bedyay/Chorus) 8 Oh, You Tartar Murzas! I Don't Need The Gold Or Silver (Burunday/Bedyay/Chorus) 9 Ah, My Dear Husband, My Hope! (Fevroniya) 10 Hear Me, Maiden... Lovely Princess! (Kuterma/Fevroniya) 11 Go, Servant Of The Lord! (Fevroniya/Kuterma/Chorus) Total Time: 62'36 Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN CD 22: THE LEGEND OF THE INVISIBLE CITY OF KITEZH AND THE MAIDEN FEVRONIYA (PART 3) Act Four: 1 Scene 1. Oh, I Can't Go On, Grishenka (Fevroniya/Kuterma) 2 Earth, Our Merciful Mother! (Fevroniya/Kuterma) 3 Grishenka!... He Will Not Listen (Fevroniya) 4 The Free Birds Are Toning Up Their Voices (Fevroniya/Voice Of Alkonost) 5 Is That You, Radiant Light Of My Eyes? (Fevroniya/Ghost) 6 The Bridegroom Has Come (Voice Of Sirin/Fevroniya/Ghost) 7 Entr'acte To The Second Scene 8 Scene 2. The Doors Of Paradise Have Opened For You (Alkonost/Sirin/Chorus) 9 Radiant Kingdom! O God! (Fevroniya/Chorus/Prince Vsevolod) 10 May The Grace Of God Be With You! (Prince Yury/Fevroniya/Prince Vsevolod/ Sirin/Alkonost) 11 Stay With Us Here For Ever More (Chorus/Fevroniya/Sirin/Alkonost/Prince Vsevolod/Prince Yury) 12 Grishenka, Even Though You Are Feeble In Mind (Fevroniya/Poyarok/Prince Yury/Chorus) Prince Yury Vsevolodovich: IVAN PETROV Prince Vsevolod: VLADIMIR IVANOVSKY Fevroniya: NATALIA ROZHDESTVENSKAYA Grishka Kuterma: DIMITRI TARKHOV Fyodor Poyarok: ILJA BOGDANOV Page: LIDIA MELNIKOVA Two Well-off People: VENIARNIN SHEVTSOV, SERGEI KOLTYPIN Gusli Player: BORIS DOBRIN Bear Leader: TIHON CHERNYAKOV Singing Beggar: MIKHAIL SKAZIN Bedyay: LEONID KTITOROV Burunday: GENNADY TROITSKY Sirin: MARIA ZVEZDINA Alkonost: NINA KULAGINA, MOSCOW RADIO CHORUS & SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA / VASSILI NEBOLSIN ROMANCES 13 The Rainy Day Has Waned Op.51 No.5 Pushkin 14 The Clouds Begin To Scatter Op.42 No.3 Pushkin 15 Oh, If Thou Couldst For One Moment Op.39 No.1 Tolstoy 16 Not The Wind, Blowing From The Heights Op.43 No.2 Tolstoy 17 The Octave Op.45 No.3 Maykov 18 The Messenger Op.4 No.2 Heine 19 The Upas Tree Op.49 No.1 Pushkin Total Time: 78'41 Ivan Petrov Bass - S. Stuchevsky Piano CD 23: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - OPERA IN A PROLOGUE, THREE ACTS AND AN EPILOGUE Libretto By Vladimir Belsky After Alexander Pushkin Prologue: 1 Introduction: I Am The Master Magician (Astrologer) Act One: 2 The King's Monologue: I Have Summoned You Here (King Dodon) 3 Guidon's Plan: Great Father (Guidon/King Dodon/Chorus Of Boyars) 4 Afron's Plan (King Dodon/Boyars/Afron/Polkan/Guidon) 5 Hail, Majesty! Sire! (Astrologer) Oh, That's A Fairy Tale! (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel) 6 Cock-a-doodle-do! The Coast Is Clear - The Parrot Scene (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa) 7 Dodon's Siesta - Cock-a-doodle-do! Beware! (Chorus Of The People/Amelfa/The Golden Cockerel) Our King! Father Of The People! (Polkan/King Dodon/Afron/Chorus Of Boyars/Guidon) 8 King Dodon's Dream (The Golden Cockerel/King Dodon/Amelfa/Chorus) 9 The Cockerel's Sccene: Cock-a-doodle-do!... Oh! What Misfortune! (The Golden Cockerel/Chorus Of The People/Polkan/King Dodon) Total Time: 46'17 King Dodon: NIKOLAI STOILOV Prince Guidon: LYUBOMIR BODOUROV Afron: EMIL UGRINOV Polkan: KOSTA VIDEV Astrologer: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI Queen Of Shemakha: ELENA STOYANOVA The Golden Cockerel: YAVORA STOILOVA Amelfa: EVGENIA BABACHEVA / SOFIA NATIONAL OPERA ORCHESTRA / DIMITER MANOLOV CD 24: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL - (PART 2) OPERA IN A PROLOGUE, THREE ACTS AND AN EPILOGUE Libretto By Vladimir Belsky After Alexander Pushkin Act Two: 1 Soldiers' Chorus: The Silent Night Is Whispering Fearful Things (Chorus Of Soldiers) What Terrible Sight Is This? - Behold, A Tent! (King Dodon/Polkan/Chorus Of Soldiers) 2 The Queen Of Shemakha's Entrance: Hail, O Ray Of Morning Sun (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon/Polkan) 3 Whose Heart Rich In Love (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) 4 Dance Of The Queen Of Shemakha: At First I Shall Dance With A Lowered Veil (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) 5 Sisters, Who Limps Beside The Resplendent Beauty? (Chorus Of Slaves) Ho! Polkan! Sound The Trumpets In Victory (King Dodon/Chorus Of Soldiers) 6 It Is Terrible, Brothers (Chorus Of The People/Amelfa) 7 Who Is That Stranger Standing There? (Queen Of Shemakha/King Dodon) Great King, It Is I (Astrologer) 8 King Dodon's Death: Ha, Ha, Ha! (Queen Of Shemakha) I've Beaten Him To Death (King Dodon/The Golden Cockerel/Chorus Of The People) Epilogue: 9 There, My Story's Ended! (Astrologer) Total Time: 72'24 King Dodon: NIKOLAI STOILOV Prince Guidon: LYUBOMIR BODOUROV Afron: EMIL UGRINOV Polkan: KOSTA VIDEV Astrologer: LYUBOMIR DYAKOVSKI Queen Of Shemakha: ELENA STOYANOVA The Golden Cockerel: YAVORA STOILOVA Amelfa: EVGENIA BABACHEVA / SOFIA NATIONAL OPERA ORCHESTRA / DIMITER MANOLOV CD 25: Historical Recordings SYMPHONY NO.3 IN C Op.32 1 I. Moderato Assai - Allegro 12'51 2 II. Scherzo: Vivo 6'01 3 III. Andante 8'22 4 IV. Allegro Con Spirito 6'18 SCHEHERAZADE Op.35 'Symphonic Suite After A Thousand And One Nights' 5 I. The Sea And Sinbad's Ship 10'09 6 II. The Story Of The Kalendar Prince 11'43 7 III. The Young Prince And The Young Princess 10'53 8 IV. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea - Shipwreck - Conclusion 11'16 Total Time: 77'38 USSR State TV And Radio Symphony Orchestra - Gennady Rozhdestvensky (1-4) David Oistrakh Violin - Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra - Nikolai Golovanov (5-8


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2846246553

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Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Britten: The Collectors Edition - 2839239359

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Britten: The Collectors Edition Warner Music Poland


1. Sinfonia Da Requiem Op.20 2. Four Sea Interludes & Passacaglia 3. The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra Op.34 101. Canadian Carnival Op.19 102. Diversions For Piano (Left Hand) & Orchestra Op.21 103. Scottish Ballad Op.26 104. An American Overture Op.27 105. Occasional Overture Op.38 106. Building Of The House Op.79 201. Piano Concerto Op.13 202. Violin Concerto Op.15 203. Young Apollo Op.16 301. Simple Symphony Op.4 302. Variations On A Theme By Frank Bridge Op.10 303. Prelude & Fugue Op.29 304. Lachrymae Op.48a 401. Symphonic Suite From 'Gloriana' Op.53a 402. Cello Symphony Op.68 403. Men Of Goodwill 501. Sinfonietta Op.1 502. Russian Funeral 503. Suite On English Folk Tunes: 'A Time There Was'' 504. Matinees Musicales Op.24 505. Soirees Musicales Op.9 506. Rossini Suite Original Version Of Soirees Musicale 601. The Prince Of Pagodas Op.57 (Act I & Ii) 701. The Prince Of Pagodas Op.57 (Act Iii) 801. Rhapsody For String Quartet 802. Elegy For Solo Viola 803. String Quartet In D 804. Phantasy In F Minor For String Quintet 901. Phantasy For Oboe & String Trio Op.2 902. Three Divertimenti For String Quartet 903. Alla Marcia For String Quartet 904. String Quartet No.1 In D Op.25 1001. String Quartet No.2 In C Op.36 1002. String Quartet No.3 Op.94 1101. Cello Suite No.1 In G Op.72 1102. Cello Suite No.2 In D Op.80 1103. Cello Suite No.3 Op.87 1201. Holiday Diary Op.5 1202. Three Character Pieces 1203. Night Piece (Notturno) 1204. From Sonatina Romantica: Moderato 6 Nocturne 1205. Twelve Variations On A Theme 1206. Five Walztes 1207. Two Lullabies For Two Pianos 1208. Mazurka Elegiaca Op.23 No.2 1209. Introduction & Rondo Alla Burlesca Op.23 No.1 1301. Suite For Violin & Piano Op.6 1302. Cello Sonata In C Op.65 1303. Six Metamorphoses After Ovid For Solo Oboe Op.49 1304. Nocturnal After John Dowland Op.70 1401. War Requiem Op.66 (Part I) 1501. War Requiem Op.66 (Part Ii) 1502. Spring Symphony Op.44 1601. Hymn To St Cecilia Op.27 1602. Ceremony Of Carols Op.28 1603. Missa Brevis In D Op.63 1604. Festival Te Deum Op.32 1605. Rejoice In The Lamb Op.30 1606. Te Deum In C 1607. Jubilate Deo 1701. A Hymn To The Virgin 1702. Saint Nicolas Op.42 1703. Hymn To St Peter Op.56a 1704. A Hymn Of St Columba'regis Regum Rectissimi Op.56a 1705. Sacred & Profane Op.91 1801. The Little Sweep'a Children's Opera In 3 Scenes 1802. A Boy Was Born Op.3 1803. A Shepherd's Carol 1901. Noye's Fludde Op.59 1902. Amdg 1903. The Ballad Of Little Musgrave & Lady Barnard 2001. The Company Of Heaven 2002. Ballad Of Heroes Op.14 2003. Praise We Great Men 2101. Les Illuminations Op.18 2102. Serenade For Tenor, Horn & Strings Op.31 2103. Nocturne Op.60 2201. Quatre Chansons Francaises 2202. Our Hunting Fathers Op.8 2203. Folksong Arrangements 2204. Phaedra Op.93 2205. Five French Folksong Arrangements 2301. Seven Sonnets Of Michelangelo Op.22 2302. Holy Sonnets Of John Donne Op.35 2303. On This Island Op.11 2304. Winter Words Op.52 2401. The Five Canticles 2402. Folksong Arrangements 2501. Two Songs By Thomas Hardy 2502. Beware! ? Three Early Songs 2503. 6 Not Even Summer Yet (Burns) 2504. Two Songs By W.h. Auden 2505. The Oxen (Christmas Eve, & Twelve Of The Clock) 2506. Three Rhymes By William Soutar 2507. Tit For Tat 2508. Two Ballads For Two Voices & Piano 2509. Folksong Arrangements / Folk Songs 2601. Realisations Of Music By Henry Purcell 2602. Suite Of Songs For High Voice & Orchestra 2603. Die Forelle 2604. Fruehlingsnacht 2701. Paul Bunyan (Act I) 2801. Paul Bunyan (Act Ii) 2901. Peter Grimes (Prologue, Act I & Ii, Beg.) 3001. Peter Grimes (Act Ii, Concl. & Act Iii) 3101. The Turn Of The Screw (Prologue & Act I) 3201. The Turn Of The Screw (Act Ii) 3301. A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act I & Act Ii, Beg.) 3401. A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act Ii, Concl. & Act II 3501. The Rape Of Lucretia Op.37 3601. Peter Grimes (Scenes) 3602. Folksong Arrangements


Living Stereo - The Remastered Collector's Edition - 2840480259

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Living Stereo - The Remastered Collector's Edition Sony Music Entertainment


1. The Festival Quartet - Piano Quintet In A Major, O 2. I. Allegro Vivace 3. Ii. Andante 4. Iii. Scherzo. Presto - Trio 5. Iv. Thema - Andantino - Var. I-v - Allegretto 6. V. Finale. Allegro Giusto 101. Dorfmann, Ania - Carnaval, Op. 9 102. I. Preambule 103. Ii. Pierrot 104. Iii. Arlequin 105. Iv. Valse Noble 106. V. Eusebius 107. Vi. Florestan 108. Vii. Coquette 109. Viii. Replique 110. Ix. Papillons 111. X. Lettres Dansantes 112. Xi. Chiarina 113. Xii. Chopin 114. Xiii. Estrella 115. Xiv. Reconnaissance 116. Xv. Pantalon Et Colombine 117. Xvi. Valse Allemande 118. Xvii. Paganini 119. Xviii. Aveu 120. Xix. Promenade 121. Xx. Pause 122. Xxi. Marche Des Davidsbuendler Contre Les Philisti 123. Dorfmann, Ania - Fantasiestuecke, Op. 12 124. I. Des Abends 125. Ii. Aufschwung 126. Iii. Warum? 127. Iv. Grillen 128. V. In Der Nacht 129. Vi. Fabel 130. Vii. Traumes Wirren 131. Viii. Ende Vom Lied 201. Kogan, Leonid - Adagio Cantabile 202. Shostakovich, Dmitri - Preludes, Op. 34 203. No. 10, Moderato Non Troppo 204. No. 15, Allegretto 205. No. 16, Andantino 206. No. 24, Allegretto 207. Kogan, Leonid - Song Without Words In G Major, Op. 208. Kogan, Leonid - Caprice Viennois, Op. 2 209. Kogan, Leonid - Gayne: Dance Of Ayshe 210. Kogan, Leonid - Rondino, Op. 32, No. 2 211. Kogan, Leonid - Clair De Lune, L. 75 212. Kogan, Leonid - Romeo & Juliet, Op. 75: Masques (T 213. Kogan, Leonid - Baal Shem: Nigun 214. Kogan, Leonid - Hungarian Dance No. 1 In G Minor, 215. Kogan, Leonid - Raymonda, Op. 57: Entr'acte 216. Kogan, Leonid - Caprice Basque, Op. 24 301. Zimmermann, Robert - Requiem Mass 302. I. Introitus 303. Ii. Kyrie 304. Iii. Graduale 305. Iv. Offertorium 306. V. Sanctus 307. Vi. Agnus Dei 308. Vii. Communio 309. Viii. Responsorium 401. Mitchell, Howard - Symphony No. 5 In D Minor, Op. 402. I. Moderato - Allegro Non Troppo 403. Ii. Allegretto 404. Iii. Largo 405. Iv. Allegro Non Troppo 501. Forrester, Maureen - Frauenliebe Und -leben, Op.42 502. Seit Ich Ihn Gesehen 503. Er, Der Herrlichste Von Allen 504. Ich Kann's Nicht Fassen, Nicht Glauben 505. Du Ring An Meinem Finger 506. Helft Mir, Ihr Schwestern 507. Suesser Freund, Du Blickest Mich Verwundert An 508. An Meinem Herzen, An Meiner Brust 509. Nun Hast Du Mir Den Ersten Schmerz Getan 510. Forrester, Maureen - Zwei Gesaenge, Op. 91 511. Gestillte Sehnsucht 512. Geistliches Wiegenlied 513. Forrester, Maureen - Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103 514. He, Zigeuner, Greife In Die Saiten Ein! 515. Hochgetuermte Rimaflut, Wie Bist Du Trueb 516. Wisst Ihr, Wann Mein Kindchen Am Allerschonsten Is 517. Lieber Gott, Du Weisst, Wie Oft Bereut Ich Hab' 518. Brauner Bursche Fuehrt Zum Tanze 519. Roslein Dreie In Der Reihe Bluehn So Rot 520. Kommt Dir Manchmal In Den Sinn 521. Rote Abendwolken Ziehn Am Firmament 601. Brailowsky, Alexander - La Plus Que Lente, L. 121 602. Brailowsky, Alexander - Scherzo In E Minor, Op. 16 603. Lyadov, Anatoly - The Musical Snuffbox, Op. 32 604. Brailowsky, Alexander - 3 Ecossaises, Op. 72 No. 3 605. Ecossaise In D Major 606. Ecossaise In G Major 607. Ecossaise In D-flat Major 608. Brailowsky, Alexander - Waltz, Op. 39 No. 3 In G-s 609. Brailowsky, Alexander - Waltz, Op. 39 No. 15 In A- 610. Brailowsky, Alexander - Allegro Barbaro, Sz. 49 611. Brailowsky, Alexander - Children's Corner, L. 113: 612. Brailowsky, Alexander - Songs Without Words, Op. 6 613. Brailowsky, Alexander - Grandes Etudes De Paganini 614. Brailowsky, Alexander - 7 Morceaux De Salon, Op. 1 615. Brailowsky, Alexander - Etude In D-sharp Minor, Op 616. Brailowsky, Alexander - Berceuse In D-flat Major, 617. Brailowsky, Alexander - A Prole Do Bebe No. 1, W14 618. Brailowsky, Alexander - El Amor Brujo: Ritual Fire 701. Valletti, Cesare - Le Gelosie Villane: Lungi Dal C 702. Valletti, Cesare - Le Gare Dell'amor Eroico: A Por 703. Valletti, Cesare - Cara E Dolce 704. Valletti, Cesare - Serse, Hwv 40, Act I: Ne Men Co 705. Valletti, Cesare - Pirro E Demetrio, Ross 342.23, 706. Valletti, Cesare - Il Sedecia, Re Di Gerusalemme, 707. Valletti, Cesare - Il Flavio, Act Iii: Chi Vuole I 708. Valletti, Cesare - Der Juengling An Der Quelle, D. 709. Valletti, Cesare - Nacht Und Traeume, D. 827 710. Valletti, Cesare - Der Musensohn, D. 764 711. Valletti, Cesare - 5 Lieder Und Gesaenge, Op. 127: 712. Valletti, Cesare - 6 Gedichte, Op. 36: No. 4, An D 713. Valletti, Cesare - Myrthen, Op. 25: No. 24, Du Bis 714. Valletti, Cesare - I Pastori 801. Piatigorsky, Gregor - Suite Italienne For Cello & 802. I. Introduzione - Allegro Moderato 803. Ii. Serenata - Larghetto 804. Iii. Aria - Allegro Alla Breve - Largo 805. Iv. Tarantella - Vivace 806. V. Minuetto E Finale - Moderato - Molto Vivace 807. Piatigorsky, Gregor - Cello Sonata In D Minor, L. 808. I. Prologue 809. Ii. Serenade 810. Iii. Final 811. Piatigorsky, Gregor - Kleine Suite Fuer Cello Und 812. Piatigorsky, Gregor - Capriccio For Cello & Piano 901. Fiedler, Arthur - On Your Toes: Slaughter On Tenth 902. Fiedler, Arthur - Interplay (American Concertette) 903. Gavotte 904. Blues 905. Fiedler, Arthur - Fancy Free: Vi. Three Variations 906. Galop 907. Waltz 908. Danzon 909. Fiedler, Arthur - The Three-cornered Hat (Excerpt) 910. The Neighbors' Dance 911. The Miller's Dance 912. Final Dance 913. Fiedler, Arthur - The Age Of Gold Suite, Op. 22a: 914. Fiedler, Arthur - Rodeo: Hoe-down 915. Fiedler, Arthur - Estancia, Op. 8: Danza Final (Ma 916. Fiedler, Arthur - Gayane Ballett Suite, No. 1: Sab 1001. Basile, Arturo - Gianni Schicchi: O Mio Babbino Ca 1002. Basile, Arturo - Madama Butterfly: Un Bel Di, Vedr 1003. Basile, Arturo - Andrea Chenier, Act Iii: La Mamma 1004. Basile, Arturo - La Boheme, Act Iii: D'onde Lieta 1005. Basile, Arturo - Manon Lescaut, Act Ii: In Quelle 1006. Basile, Arturo - Otello, Act Iv: Mia Madre Aveva U 1007. Basile, Arturo - Otello, Act Iv: Ave Maria 1008. Basile, Arturo / Rca Victor Orchestra - Rusalka: M 1101. Shaw, Robert - Ich Will Den Kreuzstab Gerne Tragen 1102. I. Aria: Ich Will Den Kreuzstab Gerne Tragen 1103. Ii. Recitative: Mein Wandel Auf Der Welt 1104. Iii. Aria: Endlich, Endlich Wird Mein Joch 1105. Iv. Recitative & Arioso: Ich Stehe Fertig Und Be 1106. V. Chorus: Komm, O Tod, Du Schlafes Bruder 1107. Shaw, Robert - Ich Habe Genug, Bwv 82 1108. I. Aria: Ich Habe Genug 1109. Ii. Recitativo: Ich Habe Genug! 1110. Iii. Aria: Schlummert Ein, Ihr Matten Augen 1111. Iv. Recitativo: Mein Gott! Wann Kommt Das Schone N 1112. V. Aria: Ich Freue Mich Auf Meinen Tod 1201. The Festival Quartet - Piano Quartet No. 3 In C Mi 1202. I. Allegro Non Troppo 1203. Ii. Scherzo - Allegro 1204. Iii. Andante 1205. Iv. Finale - Allegro Comodo 1301. Gould, Morton - Ouverture Solennelle '1812', Op. 4 1302. Gould, Morton - Bolero, M. 81 1401. Munch, Charles - Symphony No. 1, Op. 3 1402. I. Andante Maestoso - Non Troppo Allegro Ma Con Sp 1403. Ii. Andante Comodo 1404. Iii. Allegretto Grotesco 1405. Iv. Andante Sostenuto 1406. Munch, Charles - Symphony No. 2 1407. I. Maestoso - Doppio Movimento 1408. Ii. Andante 1409. Iii. Maestoso 1501. Walt, Sherman - Bassoon Concerto No. 13 In C Major 1502. I. Allegro 1503. Ii. Largo 1504. Iii. Allegro 1505. Walt, Sherman - Bassoon Concerto No. 14 In C Minor 1506. I. Allegro 1507. Ii. Andantino Quasi Minuetto 1508. Iii. Allegro 1509. Walt, Sherman - Bassoon Concerto No. 8 In F Major, 1510. I. Allegro Non Molto 1511. Ii. Andante 1512. Iii. Allegro Molto 1513. Walt, Sherman - Bassoon Concerto No. 17 In C Major 1514. I. Allegro Non Molto 1515. Ii. Andante Molto 1516. Iii. Allegro 1601. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Fantasy For Piano In C Minor, 1602. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Piano Sonata No. 14 In C Mino 1603. I. Molto Allegro 1604. Ii. Adagio 1605. Iii. Allegro Assai 1606. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Piano Sonata No. 10 In C Majo 1607. I. Allegro Moderato 1608. Ii. Andante Cantabile 1609. Iii. Allegretto 1701. Tchaikovsky, Andre - 24 Preludes, Op. 28 (Excerpt) 1702. No. 18 In F Minor 1703. No. 2 In A Minor 1704. No. 14 In E-flat Minor 1705. No. 4 In E Minor 1706. No. 5 In D Major 1707. No. 8 In F-sharp Minor 1708. No. 19 In E-flat Major 1709. No. 20 In C Minor 1710. No. 23 In F Major 1711. No. 24 In D Minor 1712. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Barcarolle In F-sharp Major, 1713. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Etude In A-flat Major, Op. 10 1714. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Etude In C Major, Op. 10, No. 1715. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Mazurkas, Op. 59 (Excerpt) 1716. No. 1 In A Minor 1717. No. 2 In A-flat Major 1718. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Mazurkas, Op. 56: No. 1 In B 1719. Tchaikovsky, Andre - Ballade No. 3 In A-flat Major 1801. Janigro, Antonio - Cello Concerto No. 9 In B-flat 1802. I. Allegro Moderato 1803. Ii. Andantino Grazioso 1804. Iii. Rondo. Allegro 1805. Janigro, Antonio - Cello Concerto In D Major, Rv 2 1806. I. Allegro 1807. Ii. Larghetto 1808. Iii. Allegro 1809. Janigro, Antonio - Organ Concerto In G Major After 1810. I. Allegro 1811. Ii. Grave 1812. Iii. Presto 1901. Laredo, Jaime - Sonata For Violin & Basso Continuo 1902. Laredo, Jaime - Suite Populaire Espagnole (Excerpt 1903. Nana (Berceuse) 1904. Jota 1905. Laredo, Jaime - Sicilienne In E-flat Major 1906. Laredo, Jaime - Scherzo-tarantelle In G Minor, Op. 1907. Laredo, Jaime - Suite No. 3 In D Major, Bwv 1068: 1908. Laredo, Jaime - 24 Caprices For Solo Violin, Op. 1 1909. Laredo, Jaime - Preludes, Book I, L. 117: No. 8, L 1910. Laredo, Jaime - Concert Fantasy On Carmen, Op. 25 2001. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 14 I 2002. I. Allegro 2003. Ii. Andante Con Moto 2004. Iii. Scherzo. Allegro Molto - Trio 2005. Iv. Presto 2006. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 12 I 2101. Peters, Roberta - St. John Passion, Bwv 245: I Fol 2102. Peters, Roberta - Ich Hatte Viel Bekuemmernis, Bwv 2103. Peters, Roberta - L'allegro, Il Penseroso Ed Il Mo 2104. Peters, Roberta - Solitudine Amene, Bersaglio D'em 2105. Peters, Roberta - Liederkreis, Op.39: No. 5 Mondna 2106. Peters, Roberta - Six Songs, Op. 89: No. 6 Roselei 2107. Peters, Roberta - Liederkreis, Op.39: No. 12 Frueh 2108. Peters, Roberta - 4 Lieder, Op. 27: No. 4, Morgen! 2109. Peters, Roberta - 6 Lieder, Op. 68: No. 5, Amor 2110. Peters, Roberta - Apparition, L. 53 2111. Peters, Roberta - Fleur Des Bles 2112. Peters, Roberta - Epigrammes De Clement Marot, M. 2113. Peters, Roberta - L'enfant Et Les Sortileges, M. 7 2201. Valletti, Cesare - Dichterliebe, Op. 48 2202. 1. Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai 2203. 2. Aus Meinen Traenen Spriessen 2204. 3. Die Rose, Die Lilie, Die Taube, Die Sonne 2205. 4. Wenn Ich In Deine Augen Seh' 2206. 5. Ich Will Meine Seele Tauchen 2207. 6. Im Rhein, Im Heiligen Strome 2208. 7. Ich Grolle Nicht 2209. 8. Und Wuessten's Die Blumen 2210. 9. Das Ist Ein Floten Und Geigen 2211. 10. Hor' Ich Das Liedchen Klingen 2212. 11. Ein Juengling Liebt' Ein Maedchen 2213. 12. Am Leuchtenden Sommermorgen 2214. 13. Ich Hab' Im Traum Geweinet 2215. 14. Allnaechtlich Im Traume 2216. 15. Aus Alten Maerchen Winkt Es 2217. 16. Die Alten, Bosen Lieder 2218. Valletti, Cesare - Myrthen, Op. 25: No. 3, Der Nus 2219. Valletti, Cesare - 12 Gedichte, Op. 35: No. 4, Ers 2220. Valletti, Cesare - Lieder Und Gesaenge, Vol. 1, Op 2221. Valletti, Cesare - Gedichte Aus 'Liebesfruehling', 2222. Valletti, Cesare - 6 Gedichte Von Nikolaus Lenau U 2223. Valletti, Cesare - 6 Gedichte Von Nikolaus Lenau U 2301. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet In G Min 2302. I. Anime Et Tres Decide 2303. Ii. Assez Vif Et Bien Rythme 2304. Iii. Andantino, Doucement Expressif 2305. Iv. Tres Modere 2306. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet In F Maj 2307. I. Allegro Moderato 2308. Ii. Assez Vif, Tres Rythme 2309. Iii. Tres Lent 2310. Iv. Vif Et Agite 2401. Laredo, Jaime - Violin Sonata No. 3 In D Minor, Op 2402. I. Allegro 2403. Ii. Adagio 2404. Iii. Un Poco Presto E Con Sentimento 2405. Iv. Presto Agitato 2406. Laredo, Jaime - Violin Partita No. 3 In E Major, B 2407. I. Preludio 2408. Ii. Loure 2409. Iii. Gavotte En Rondeau 2410. Iv. Menuet I & II 2411. V. Bourree 2412. Vi. Gigue 2501. Casadesus, Jean - Preludes, Book I, L. 117 2502. I. Danseuses De Delphes. Lent Et Grave 2503. Ii. Voiles. Modere 2504. Iii. Le Vent Dans La Plaine. Anime 2505. Iv. Les Sons Et Les Parfums Tournent Dans L'air Du 2506. V. Les Collines D'anacapri. Tres Modere 2507. Vi. Des Pas Sur La Neige. Triste Et Lent 2508. Vii. Ce Qu'a Vu Le Vent D'ouest. Anime Et Tumultue 2509. Viii. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin. Tres Calme Et D 2510. Ix. La Serenade Interrompue. Moderement Anime 2511. X. La Cathedrale Engloutie. Profondement Calme 2512. Xi. La Danse De Puck. Capricieux Et Leger 2513. Xii. Minstrels. Modere 2601. Shaw, Robert - Carmen, Act Iv: Les Voici! Les Voic 2602. Shaw, Robert - Les Contes D'hoffmann, Act Ii: Pres 2603. Shaw, Robert - Faust, Act Iv: Deposons Les Armes ( 2604. Shaw, Robert - Nabucco, Act Iii: Va', Pensiero (Ch 2605. Shaw, Robert - Otello, Act Ii: Dove Guardi Splendo 2606. Shaw, Robert - Il Trovatore, Act Ii: Vedi! Le Fosc 2607. Shaw, Robert - Lohengrin, Wwv 75, Act Iii: Treulic 2608. Shaw, Robert - Rigoletto, Act I: Zitti, Zitti Movi 2609. Shaw, Robert - Die Meistersinger Von Nuernberg, Ww 2610. Shaw, Robert - Mignon, Act Iii: Ah! Au Souffle Leg 2611. Shaw, Robert - Cavalleria Rusticana: Ah! Gli Aranc 2612. Shaw, Robert - Die Fledermaus, Act Ii: Bruederlein 2701. Vronsky, Vitya - Swan Lake, Op. 20: Waltz (Arrange 2702. Vronsky, Vitya - Serenade For Strings In C Major, 2703. Vronsky, Vitya - The Nutcracker, Op. 71: Waltz Of 2704. Vronsky, Vitya - Eugen Onegin, Op. 24: Waltz (Arra 2705. Vronsky, Vitya - Suite No. 1 In F Major, Op. 15: I 2706. Vronsky, Vitya - The Snow Maiden, Act Iii: Dance O 2707. Vronsky, Vitya - Jamaicalypso 2708. Vronsky, Vitya - Circus Polka 2709. Vronsky, Vitya - Danzon Cubano 2710. Vronsky, Vitya - Der Rosenkavalier, Op. 59: Concer 2801. Eger, Joseph - Trio For Piano, Violin & Horn In E- 2802. I. Andante 2803. Ii. Scherzo. Allegro - Molto Meno Allegro 2804. Iii. Adagio Mesto 2805. Iv. Finale. Allegro Con Brio 2806. Eger, Joseph - Sonata For French Horn & Piano In F 2807. I. Allegro Moderato 2808. Ii. Poco Adagio, Quasi Andante 2809. Iii. Rondo. Allegro Moderato 2901. Szeryng, Henryk - Chaconne In G Minor 2902. Szeryng, Henryk - Violin Sonata In G Minor, B.g5 ' 2903. Szeryng, Henryk - Variations On A Theme By Corelli 2904. Szeryng, Henryk - Orfeo Ed Euridice, Wq. 30: Melod 2905. Szeryng, Henryk - Allegretto In The Style Of Luigi 2906. Szeryng, Henryk - Forest Scenes Op. 82: No. 7, Bir 2907. Szeryng, Henryk - Sonatina: Danza De La Gitana (Ar 2908. Szeryng, Henryk - Scherzo-tarantelle In G Minor, O 3001. Corelli, Societa - The Four Seasons, Violin Concer 3002. I. Allegro 3003. Ii. Largo 3004. Iii. Allegro 3005. Corelli, Societa - The Four Seasons, Violin Concer 3006. I. Allegro Non Molto 3007. Ii. Adagio 3008. Iii. Presto 3009. Corelli, Societa - The Four Seasons, Violin Concer 3010. I. Allegro 3011. Ii. Adagio Molto 3012. Iii. Allegro 3013. Corelli, Societa - The Four Seasons, Violin Concer 3014. I. Allegro Non Molto 3015. Ii. Largo 3016. Iii. Allegro 3101. Szeryng, Henryk - Symphonie Espagnole In D Minor, 3102. I. Allegro Non Troppo 3103. Ii. Scherzando. Allegro Molto 3104. Iii. Intermezzo. Allegretto Non Troppo 3105. Iv. Andante 3106. V. Rondo. Allegro 3201. Janigro, Antonio - Suite For Orchestra No. 2 In B 3202. I. Ouverture 3203. Ii. Rondeau 3204. Iii. Sarabande 3205. Iv. Bourree I & II 3206. V. Polonaise - Double 3207. Vi. Menuet 3208. Vii. Badinerie 3209. Janigro, Antonio - Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 In D 3210. I. Allegro 3211. Ii. Affettuoso 3212. Iii. Allegro 3301. Fiedler, Arthur - Zampa: Overture 3302. Fiedler, Arthur - 2 Elegiac Melodies, Op. 34: No. 3303. Fiedler, Arthur - Le Cid, Act Ii: Aragonaise 3304. Fiedler, Arthur - 6 Hungarian Rhapsody, S. 359: No 3305. Fiedler, Arthur - Fatinitza: Overture 3306. Fiedler, Arthur - Serenade For Strings In C Major, 3307. Fiedler, Arthur - 21 Hungarian Dances, Woo 1: No. 3308. Fiedler, Arthur - Der Freischuetz, Op. 77: Overtur 3401. Mitchell, Howard - Violin Concerto No. 1 In G Mino 3402. I. Vorspiel - Allegro Moderato 3403. Ii. Adagio 3404. Iii. Finale. Allegro Energico - Presto 3405. Mitchell, Howard - Violin Concerto No. 3 In G Majo 3406. I. Allegro 3407. Ii. Adagio 3408. Iii. Rondeau. Allegro - Allegretto - Tempo I 3501. The Festival Quartet - Piano Quartet No. 1 In G Mi 3502. I. Allegro 3503. Ii. Intermezzo. Allegro Ma Non Troppo - Trio. Anim 3504. Iii. Andante Con Moto - Animato 3505. Iv. Rondo Alla Zingarese. Presto - Meno Presto - M 3601. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 2 3602. Introduction 3603. I. Allegro Fantastico 3604. Cadenza For Viola 3605. Ii. Presto Scherzando 3606. Cadenza For Cello 3607. Iii. Andante Espressivo 3608. Cadenza For Violin I 3609. Iv. Allegro 3610. Conclusion 3611. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 3 3612. I. Introduction & Fugue 3613. Ii. Intermezzo 3614. Iii. Rondo Variations 3701. Vishnevskaya, Galina - 6 Romances, Op. 4: No. 4, O 3702. Vishnevskaya, Galina - 12 Romances, Op. 14: No. 1, 3703. Vishnevskaya, Galina - Lady Macbeth Of The Mtsensk 3704. Vishnevskaya, Galina - The Ugly Duckling, Op. 18 3705. Vishnevskaya, Galina - 7 Songs, Op. 47: No. 7, Was 3706. Vishnevskaya, Galina - 6 Songs, Op. 16: No. 1, Cra 3707. Vishnevskaya, Galina - 6 Songs, Op. 6: No. 5, Why? 3708. Vishnevskaya, Galina - Barcarolle 3709. Vishnevskaya, Galina - To Her 3710. Vishnevskaya, Galina - Do Not Excite Me Without Ca 3801. The Festival Quartet - Piano Quartet No. 2 In A Ma 3802. I. Allegro Non Troppo 3803. Ii. Poco Adagio 3804. Iii. Scherzo. Poco Allegro - Trio 3805. Iv. Finale. Allegro 3901. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 11, 3902. I. Allegro 3903. Ii. Poco Adagio E Molto Cantabile 3904. Iii. Scherzo. Allegro Vivo - Trio. L'istesso Tempo 3905. Iv. Finale. Vivace 3906. Juilliard String Quartet - Italian Serenade 4001. Juilliard String Quartet - Lyric Suite 4002. I. Allegretto Gioviale 4003. Ii. Andante Amoroso 4004. Iii. Allegro Misterioso - Trio Estatico 4005. Iv. Adagio Appassionato 4006. V. Presto Delirando - Tenebroso 4007. Vi. Largo Desolato 4008. Juilliard String Quartet - Five Pieces For String 4009. I. Heftig Bewegt (Tempo I) - Ruhig (Tempo Ii) 4010. Ii. Sehr Langsam 4011. Iii. Sehr Bewegt 4012. Iv. Sehr Langsam 4013. V. In Zarter Bewegung 4014. Juilliard String Quartet - Six Bagatelles For Stri 4015. I. Maessig 4016. Ii. Leicht Bewegt 4017. Iii. Ziemlich Fliessend 4018. Iv. Sehr Langsam 4019. V. Aeusserst Langsam 4020. Vi. Fliessend 4101. Gould, Morton - Fall River Legend 4102. I. Prologue & Waltzes 4103. Ii. Elegy 4104. Iii. Church Social 4105. Iv. Hymnal Variations 4106. V. Cotillion 4107. Vi. Epilogue 4108. Gould, Morton - Interplay 4109. I. With Drive & Vigor 4110. Ii. Gavotte 4111. Iii. Blues 4112. Iv. Very Fast, With Verve & Gusto 4113. Gould, Morton - Latin-american Symphonette 4114. I. Tango 4115. Ii. Guaracha 4201. Shafran, Daniel - Sonata For Cello & Piano In D Mi 4202. I. Allegro Non Troppo 4203. Ii. Allegro 4204. Iii. Largo 4205. Iv. Allegro 4206. Shafran, Daniel - Sonata For Cello & Piano In A Mi 4207. I. Allegro Moderato 4208. Ii. Adagio 4209. Iii. Allegretto 4301. Weinrich, Carl - Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, Bwv 5 4302. Weinrich, Carl - Prelude & Fugue In E-flat Major, 4303. Weinrich, Carl - Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, Bwv 5 4304. Weinrich, Carl - Toccata & Fugue In E Major, Bwv 5 4401. Munch, Charles - Organ Concerto In G Minor, Fp 93 4402. I. Andante 4403. Ii. Allegro Giocoso 4404. Iii. Subito Andante Moderato 4405. Iv. Tempo Allegro - Molto Agitato 4406. V. Tres Calme - Lent 4407. Vi. Tempo De L'allegro Initial 4408. Vii. Tempo D'introduction - Largo 4409. Munch, Charles - Jeu De Cartes 4410. First Deal 4411. Second Deal 4412. Third Deal 4501. Nilsson, Birgit - Dem Unendlichen, D. 291 4502. Nilsson, Birgit - 4 Gesaenge Aus 'Wilhelm Meister' 4503. Nilsson, Birgit - An Die Musik, D. 547 4504. Nilsson, Birgit - Wesendonck Lieder (Excerpt) 4505. No.1, Der Engel 4506. No. 5, Traeume 4507. Nilsson, Birgit - 4 Lieder, Op. 27, Trv 170: 2. Ca 4508. Nilsson, Birgit - Melodies Of The Heart, Op. 5: No 4509. Nilsson, Birgit - 5 Songs, Op. 60: No. 3, On The W 4510. Nilsson, Birgit - 5 Songs, Op. 60: No. 5, & I Shal 4511. Nilsson, Birgit - 6 Songs, Op. 25: No. 2, A Swan 4512. Nilsson, Birgit - 5 Songs, Op. 37: No. 5, The Girl 4513. Nilsson, Birgit - 5 Songs, Op. 37: No. 1, The Firs 4514. Nilsson, Birgit - 5 Songs, Op. 37: No. 4, Was It A 4515. Nilsson, Birgit - 6 Songs, Op. 36: No. 4, Sigh, Ru 4516. Nilsson, Birgit - 6 Songs, Op. 36: No. 1, Black Ro 4601. Friedman, Erick - Violin Concerto No. 1 In D Major 4602. I. Allegro Maestoso 4603. Ii. Adagio Espressivo 4604. Iii. Rondo. Allegro Spirituoso 4605. Friedman, Erick - Introduction Et Rondo Capriccios 4701. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 14 I 4702. I. Adagio Ma Non Troppo E Molto Espressivo 4703. Ii. Allegro Molto Vivace 4704. Iii. Allegro Moderato 4705. Iv. Andante Ma Non Troppo E Molto Cantabile 4706. V. Presto 4707. Vi. Adagio Quasi Un Poco Andante 4708. Vii. Allegro 4801. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 11 I 4802. I. Allegro Con Brio 4803. Ii. Allegretto Ma Non Troppo 4804. Iii. Allegro Assai Vivace Ma Serioso - Piu Allegro 4805. Iv. Larghetto Espressivo - Allegretto Agitato - Al 4806. Juilliard String Quartet - String Quartet No. 16 I 4807. I. Allegretto 4808. Ii. Vivace 4809. Iii. Lento Assai, E Cantante Tranquillo 4810. Iv. Grave Ma Non Troppo Tratto - Allegro 4901. Garnier, Liliane - Variations On A Theme Of Corell 4902. Garnier, Liliane - Polonaise Brillante No.1 In D M 4903. Garnier, Liliane - Romance For Violin & Piano In F 4904. Garnier, Liliane - 24 Caprices For Solo Violin, Op 4905. Garnier, Liliane - Caprice Viennois, Op. 2 4906. Bartok, Bela - Romanian Folk Dances, Sz. 56 (Arran 4907. Garnier, Liliane - Preludes, Book I, L. 117: No. 8 4908. Garnier, Liliane - Tzigane, M. 76 5001. Munch, Charles - Symphony In B-flat Major, Op. 20 5002. I. Lent - Allegro Vivo 5003. Ii. Tres Lent 5004. Iii. Anime 5005. Munch, Charles - Le Chasseur Maudit, Fwv 44 5006. Le Paysage Paisible Du Dimache 5007. La Chasse 5008. La Malediction 5009. La Poursuite Des Demons 5101. Vronsky, Vitya - Suite No. 1 For Two Pianos, Op. 5 5102. I. Barcarolle 5103. Ii. A Night For Love 5104. Iii. Tears 5105. Iv. Russian Easter 5106. Vronsky, Vitya - Suite No. 2 For Two Pianos, Op. 1 5107. I. Introduction 5108. Ii. Waltz 5109. Iii. Romance 5110. Iv. Tarantella 5201. Janigro, Antonio - Pieces En Concert For Cello & O 5202. I. Prelude 5203. Ii. Sicilienne 5204. Iii. Air De Diable 5205. Iv. Plainte 5206. V. La Tromba 5207. Janigro, Antonio - Divertimento For Strings No. 1 5208. I. Allegro 5209. Ii. Andante 5210. Iii. Presto 5211. Janigro, Antonio - Concerto Grosso In D Major, Op. 5212. I. Adagio - Allegro 5213. Ii. Adagio - Vivace 5214. Iii. Allegro 5215. Janigro, Antonio - Simple Symphony For String Orch 5216. I. Boisterous Bourree 5217. Ii. Playful Pizzicato 5218. Iii. Sentimental Saraband 5219. Iv. Frolicsome Finale 5301. Gould, Morton - Finlandia, Op. 26 5302. Gould, Morton - Lemminkaeinen Suite, Op. 22: No. 2 5303. Gould, Morton - Kuolema, Op. 44: Valse Triste 5304. Gould, Morton - Pohjola's Daughter, Op. 49 5305. Gould, Morton - Lemminkaeinen Suite, Op. 22: No. 4 5401. Friedman, Erick - Variations On A Theme Of Corelli 5402. Friedman, Erick - 33 Shakespeare Songs, Op. 24: Se 5403. Friedman, Erick - Scherzo Tarantelle In G Minor, O 5404. Friedman, Erick - Serenade Melancolique In B-flat 5405. Friedman, Erick - Tale Of Tsar Saltan Suite, Op. 5 5406. Friedman, Erick - Minuet In The Style Of Porpora 5407. Friedman, Erick - Romance In D Major, Op. 23 5408. Friedman, Erick - Rondo In C Major, K. 373 5409. Friedman, Erick - 24 Caprices For Violin Solo, Op. 5410. Friedman, Erick - 24 Caprices For Violin Solo, Op. 5411. Friedman, Erick - Hora Staccato (Arranged By Jasch 5412. Friedman, Erick - La Vida Breve: Spanish Dance (Ar 5501. The Festival Quartet - Quartet For Piano, Violin, 5502. I. Sostenuto Assai - Allegro Ma Non Troppo 5503. Ii. Scherzo. Molto Vivace - Trio I -trio II 5504. Iii. Andante Cantabile 5505. Iv. Finale. Vivace 5506. The Festival Quartet - Quartet For Piano, Violin, 5507. I. Grave - Allegro Ma Non Troppo 5508. Ii. Andante Cantabile 5509. Iii. Rondo. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 5601. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In G Major, 5602. I. A Tempo Giusto 5603. Ii. Allegro 5604. Iii. Adagio 5605. Iv. Allegro 5606. V. Allegro 5607. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In F Major, 5608. I. Andante Larghetto 5609. Ii. Allegro 5610. Iii. Largo - Larghetto Andante E Piano 5611. Iv. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 5612. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In E Minor, 5613. I. Larghetto 5614. Ii. Andante 5615. Iii. Allegro 5616. Iv. Polonaise - Andante 5617. V. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 5618. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In A Minor, 5619. I. Larghetto Affettuoso 5620. Ii. Allegro 5621. Iii. Largo 5622. Iv. Allegro 5701. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In D Major, 5702. I. Larghetto E Staccato 5703. Ii. Allegro 5704. Iii. Presto 5705. Iv. Largo 5706. V. Allegro 5707. Vi. Menuet. Un Poco Larghetto 5708. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In G Minor, 5709. I. Largo Affettuoso 5710. Ii. Allegro, Ma Non Troppo 5711. Iii. Musette - Larghetto 5712. Iv. Allegro 5713. V. Allegro 5714. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In B-flat M 5715. I. Largo 5716. Ii. Allegro 5717. Iii. Largo E Piano 5718. Iv. Andante 5719. V. Hornpipe 5720. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In C Minor, 5721. I. Allemande. Andante 5722. Ii. Grave 5723. Iii. Andante Allegro 5724. Iv. Adagio 5725. V. Siciliana - Andante 5726. Vi. Allegro 5801. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In F Major, 5802. I. Largo 5803. Ii. Allegro 5804. Iii. Larghetto 5805. Iv. Allegro 5806. V. Menuet. Andante 5807. Vi. Gigue. Allegro 5808. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In D Minor, 5809. I. Ouverture. Grave 5810. Ii. Allegro 5811. Iii. Air - Lentement 5812. Iv. Allegro 5813. V. Allegro 5814. Vi. Allegro Moderato 5815. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In A Major, 5816. I. Andante Larghetto E Staccato 5817. Ii. Allegro 5818. Iii. Largo E Staccato 5819. Iv. Andante 5820. V. Allegro 5821. Schneider, Alexander - Concerto Grosso In B Minor, 5822. I. Largo 5823. Ii. Allegro 5824. Iii. Aria - Larghetto E Piano 5825. Iv. Largo 5826. V. Allegro 5901. Owen, Robert - Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, Bwv 565 5902. Owen, Robert - Prelude & Fugue On The Name B-a-c-h 5903. Owen, Robert - Organ Symphony No. 5, Op. 42, No. 1 5904. Owen, Robert - Twelve Pieces For Organ, Op. 59: No 5905. Owen, Robert - Litanies, Ja. 119 Living Stereo - The Remastered Collector's Edition To 60-płytowa Kolekcja Unikalnych Nagrań Archiwalnych najwybitniejszych Artystów I Ich Wielkich Kreacji. Wszystkie 60 Płyt Zostało Zremasterowane Z Oryginalnych taśm Przy Użyciu Technologii 24 Bit / 192 KHz. 48 Płyt Ukazuje Się Po Raz Pierwszy W Formacie CD. Prawdziwa Gratka Dla Melomanów I Kolekcjonerów.


Cyclone Key - 2833103776

229,00 zł

Cyclone Key GSM-Support, Kraków

1. Boxy serwisowe > Nokia

Cyclone Key Reloaded jest nowym kluczem serwisowym do telefonów Nokia. Cyclone Key umożliwia flashowanie, odblokowywanie i naprawy telefonów Nokia BB5, SL3, DCT-L, DCT4, DCT4+ - aktualnie jako jedyny obsługuje unlock dla nowych DCT4+ (New secuirty) jak np. RH-116 7070p v6.82 itp. Obsługuje ponadto najnowsze modele serii Xgold jak np. Asha 308, Asha 309 itp. Teraz nie potrzebujesz już kredytów, ani nawet adaptera TX2 - wersja Key reloaded nie wymaga go do pracy. Cyclone Key w wersji Reloaded jest lżejszy, szybszy, tańszy (wyeliminowana została karta smart-card). Mimo to pod względem funkcjonalności cyclone reloaded nie różni się od wersji classic (Nokia, iPhone, Backberry). Wersja Reloaded nie wymaga do pracy żadnych aktywacji ani kredytów WSZYSTKIE OPERACJE SĄ BEZPŁATNE! NOWOŚĆ Jako pierwszy Cyclone dodał możliwość rootowania po usb telefonów RM-801 LUMIA 800 oraz RM-802 LUMIA 800C Zalety Cyclone Key Reloaded: Cyclone w wersji Reloaded to też bardzo prosta instalacja, aktualizacja, rejestracja - wszystko za pomocą jednego przycisku i box jest gotowy do pracy! Wygodny interaktywny pasek postępu w Windows 7. W przypadku zminimalizowania okna informacja o aktualnym statusie pracy: zielony kolor - pracuje, czerwony kolor- błąd, żółty kolor- pauza. Unikalne hardware, zaprojektowane w roku 2008, dzisiaj po serii poprawek jest jednym z najstabilniejszych, najbardziej dopracowanych oraz najszybszych urządzeń do serwisowania Nokii. Nie potrzebuje całkowicie dostępu do internetu (jedyna funkcja wymagająca połączenia z serwerem to Rejestracja oraz Aktywacja urządzenia, oraz periodyczne przedłużenie życia karty zabezpieczającej (co 2-3 miesiące). Jako jedyne urządzenie na rynku potrafi odczytać dane LBF dla SL3 całkowicie za darmo oraz bez dostępu do Internetu. Kompatybilny z USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 i 3.0 System operacyjny: All NT based Windows OS (włącznie x86 i x64 - sterowniki dostosowane do pracy z 64bit) - kompatybilny z Windows NT, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 pinout kompatybilny z kablami UFS/JAF itp. bardzo niskie obciążenie portu USB, w bezczynności tylko 55mA obsługuje zarówno tryby FBUS jak i USB Opis modułu LG Tool - MODUŁ LG TOOL CHWILOWO NIEAKTYWNY !!!: Uruchamiając moduł "server tools" mamy możliwość generowania kodów odblkowujących (SIM unlock, Network unlock, etc). do każdego modelu LG na podstawie nr-u IMEI. Limit 5 telefonów dziennie! Opis modułu Blackberry Tool: Generacja kodu MEP2 do odblokowania blokady SIMLock Generacja kodu MEP4 Generacja kodów MEP1,MEP3,MEP5 Aktualnie kalkulator Blackberry jest całkowicie niezależny - nie potrzebny dostęp do Internetu Obsługiwane wszystkie MEPy Opis modułu Iphone Tool - MODUŁ IPHONE TOOL CHWILOWO NIEAKTYWNY !!!: Darmowy odczyt Informacji o sieci, statusie blokady, okresie gwarancji Przykładowy odczyt: IMEI: 013043007194959 model: iPhone 4S 16GB Black version: 5.1 serial: DNRH1SWSDTC0 mac: FC:25:3F:6B:C4:16 warranty coverage: Limited Warranty warranty period: 2012-01-31 / 2013-01-30 purchase country: France activated: yes carrier: Orange France SIM locked: yes Opis modułu Nokia Tool - część wspólna: Odczyt pamięci Permanent Memory Zapis pamięci Permanent Memory Odczyt Product Profile Zapis Product Profile Selftesty Naprawa Bluetooth Naprawa/analiza Dynamic Camera Configuration (Camera on standby) Reset telefonu do ustawień fabrycznych Zapis/odczyt danych produkcyjnych: kod produktu, PSN, HWID Opis modułu Nokia Tool - część DCT4/DCT4+/Infineon XGold: Naprawa usterek programowych poprzez flashowanie Aktualizacja oprogramowania Zmiana pakietów językowych Naprawa IMEI (poprzez kalkulację ASK->RPL) Odczyt IMEI z UEMa Odblokowanie / założenie blokady SIMLOCK - modele oparte o DCT4 RSA: 1110i, 1112b, 1200, 1202, 1208, 1208b, 1209, 1600b, 1661, 1662, 1650, 1680 Classic, 1680 Classic-2b, 2220 Slide, 2310, 2320 Classic, 2320 Classic-2b, 2323 CLassic, 2330 Classic, 2600, 2600a, 2610, 2610b, 2626, 2630, 2630b, 2660, 2660b, 2680 Slide, 2720 Fold, 2760, 2760b, 2760h, 5000, 5030 XM, 6030b, 7070 Prism, 7100 Supernova,... Odblokowanie blokady Simlock z telefonów opartych o platformę Infineon XGOLD 1xx poprzez LBF - Nokia 1616, 1800, C1-01, 1280, 1202, ... Możliwość odczytu zaszyfrowanego kodu zabezpieczającego z telefonów opartych o DCT4+ oraz XGold całkowicie bez utraty danych użytkownika - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie. Backup obszaru IMEI dla telefonów XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Restore obszaru IMEI dla telefonów XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Backup pełnego RPL (IMEI, SIMLOCK) dla telefonów XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Reset licznika błędnie wprowadzonych kodów dla modeli XGOLD - jako pierwsze i jedyne urządzenie na świecie Binarny dump pamięci PMM z telefonów XGold Format obszaru użytkownika w telefonach WD2 Odczyt kodu zabezpieczającego Reset kodu zabezpieczającego bez utraty danych Reset licznika błędnie wprowadzonych kodów Kopia zapasowa obszaru RPL (DCT4) Zapis RPL Opis modułu WP7/WP8 (Windows Phone 7 i Windows Phone8) (DODANY W GRUDNIU 2012): Odblokowanie nowych modeli jak np. Lumia 820, Lumia 920 poprzez prosty darmowy odczyt kodów (wsytarczy kliknac Read SP Codes) Opis modułu Nokia Tool - część BB5/XGold2: Obsługa najnowszych procesorów XGold223 (Asha 308, Asha309) Naprawa usterek programowych poprzez flashowanie Aktualizacja oprogramowania Zmiana pakietów językowych Naprawa IMEI (poprzez kalkulację ASK->RPL) Flashowanie telefonów BB5 możliwe przez interfejs FBUS bądź USB (ostatnia implementacja protokołu FUR praktycznie nie odbiega możliwościami od FBUSa) Pełna kopia zapasowa RPLa z telefonów BB5 - jako jedyne urządzenie na świecie potrafi zgrać pełnego RPLa wraz z Superdonglem z telefonów RAPIDO oraz RAPU z nowym rodzajem szyfrowania. Telefon po zrobieniu kopii zapasowej może zostać bez problemu zaniżony, wyczyszczony, itd... Dodatkowo po przywróceniu RPL telefon wciąż będzie się autoryzować z oryginalną kartą SX4 Nokii. Naprawa downgrade (niektóre modele ; BB5) Autoryzacja SX-4 poprzez serwer (w celu naprawy ST_SECURITY_TEST failed) Autoryzacja SX-4 bez użycia Internetu - box emuluje oryginalną kartę SX4 Nokii oraz jako jedyny w momencie autoryzacji nie uszkadza kluczy Superdongle Naprawa kluczy superdongle (np. po pełnym wykasowaniu telefonu) Odczyt certyfikatów (NPC,CCC,HWC,...) Zapis certyfikatów Analiza bezpieczeństwa telefonu (w celu ustalenia przyczyny Contact Service) Zapis RPL Pełne odblokowanie telefonów opartych o SL1/SL2 (łącznie z najnowszych modeli opartych o hash 479cc....) poprzez kalkulacje kodów odblokowywujących. W celu wyliczenia kodów potrzebny jest jednak odczyt obszaru bezpieczeństwa - poprzez interfejs FBUS. Pełne odblokowanie telefonów opartych o SL1/SL2 poprzez interfejs USB (Modele oparte o procesor RAPIDO, np. E51, 6120c, 6220c,). Odblokowanie / relock telefonów opartych o SL1/SL2 poprzez kalkulację RPL - poprzez FBUS, lub USB (RAPIDO). Naprawa uszkodzonego obszaru simlocka w telefonach SL1/SL2 - porzez FBUS, lub USB (RAPIDO). Ręczne wprowadzanie kodu odblokowującego poprzez interfejs FBUS/USB Odczyt kodu zabezpieczającego Reset kodu zabezpieczającego Odblokowanie najnowszych telefonów SL3 poprzez LBF. Logger działa praktycznie na wszystkich procesorach (RAP3,RAPIDO,RAPU,RAP4) poprzez interfejs FBUS. W ostatniej aktualizacji dołożyliśmy możliwość odczytu danych do LBF poprzez interfejs USB! (Obsługiwane RAPIDO oraz RAPU, RAP4/RAP3 w kolejnych aktualizacjach). Box przed odczytem LBF rozpoznaje profile bits. Jeśli telefon pochodzi z sieci takiej, jak Telcel Mexico oraz posiada zablokowaną możliwość wprowadzenia kodów przez kabel lub klawiaturę użytkownik otrzyma stosowny komunikat Box przed odczytem LBF sprawdza czy telefon posiada 15 cyfrowy kod (możliwy LBF) czy 20 cyfrowy (LBF nie możliwy w związku ze zbyt dużą złożonością czasową - 10^20) Do odblokowania/odczytu LBF obsługiwane są wszystkie hashe, czyli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pis narzędzia COM Emulator: Urządzenie może pracować w trybie emulatora COM. Po emulacji box będzie widniał w systemie jako Port COM. Bardzo przydatna funkcja - możemy podpiąć jakikolwiek kabel serwisowy zgodny z pinoutem UFSa pod port Service. Korzystając z darmowych/płatnych programów możemy w ten sposób również serwisować inne telefony (np. Siemens, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, ...) Opis dodatku Cyclone Calculator: Odblokowanie poprzez kalkulację kodów NCK następujących modeli: B331 BlueBelt C700 C701 C707 C717 C820 C825 E101FLIP EL03 I650 MANDARINA DUCK MISS SIXTY OT103 OT203 OT203A OT203E OT280 OT303 OT360 OT363 OT383 OT600 OT660 OT708 OT800 PLAYBOY S215 S218 S319 S320 S321 S520 S621 S853 V570 V670 V770 VM621I Opis narzędzia Cyclone LOG2COD: Unikalne oprogramowanie służące do przeliczania zgranych plików LOG (LBF) do COD. Wymagana karta graficzna zgodna z ATI CAL (HD5xxx,HD6xxx) Obsługiwane modele przez Cyclone Key Box: Rap3Gv3 phones: (SL1) 3109c (RM-274) 3110c (RM-237) 3250 (RM-38) 3500c (RM-272) 3500cb (RM-273) 5200 (RM-174) 5200b (RM-181) 5300 (RM-146) 5300b (RM-147) 5500 (RM-86) 5700 (RM-230) 5700 (RM-302) 6085 (RM-198) 6086 (RM-188) 6086b (RM-260) 6125 (RM-178) 6126/6133 (RM-126) 6131 (RM-115) 6131 NFC (RM-216) 6136 (RM-199) 6151 (RM-200) 6233 (RM-145) 6234 (RM-123) 6280/6288 (RM-78) 6290 (RM-176) 6300 (RM-217) 6300b (RM-222) 7370 (RM-70) 7373 (RM-209) 7390 (RM-140) 8600 (RM-164) E50 (RM-170) E50 (RM-171) E50 (RM-172) E61 (RM-89) E61i (RM-227) E62 (RM-88) E65 (RM-208) N73-1 (RM-133) N73-5 (RM-132) N75 (RM-128) N76 (RM-135) N76 (RM-149) N77 (RM-194) N80-1 (RM-92) N80-3 (RM-91) N92 (RM-100) BB5+ (SL2) 3120C 3555 3555b 5310 5310b 5610 5610d 6263 6267 6300i 6301 6500S 6500C 6555 7500 7900 8800e Arte Rapido (SL2) - (BB5+ RAPIDO - możliwy unlock przez USB!) 5320 5800 6110 6120c 6121c N705i N706i 6124c 6210 6220c 6290 6600 6650 E51 E63 E66 E71 E75 N78 N79 N81 N81 8gb N82 N85 N95 8gb N96 E75 RAPS_V3.03-PA_SL2 CPU 3600 slide 5220 XpressMusic 7210 Supernova 7310 Supernova 7610 Supernova 7510a 5130C RAP3GS_V3.02-PA_SL2 CPU 36600 fold 6600 slide ASIC 3168 RH-86 2610 v07.04a RH-87 2610b v07.04a RM-258 2760 v06.82 RM-258 2760 v07.60 RM-259 2760b v06.82 RM-259 2760b v07.60 RM-298 2630 v07.60 RM-298 2630 v57.20 RM-299 2630b v07.60 RM-299 2630b v57.20 RM-340 2600c v06.82 RM-340 2600c v07.60 RM-341 2600c-b v06.82 RM-341 2600c-b v07.60 RM-391 2760h v05.45 RM-392 2680s v06.17 RM-392 2680s v56.17 RM-393 2680s-b v06.17 RM-393 2680s-b v56.17 RM-394 1680c v06.82 RM-394 1680c v07.60 RM-395 1680c-b v06.82 RM-395 1680c-b v07.60 RM-438 7100s v05.22 RM-438 7100s v05.41 RM-438 7100s v06.31 RM-438 7100s v06.32 RM-439 7100s-b v05.22 RM-439 7100s-b v05.41 RM-439 7100s-b v06.31 RM-439 7100s-b v06.32 RM-512 2330c v06.46 RM-512 2330c v06.75 RM-512 2330c v08.20 RM-513 2330c-b v06.46 RM-513 2330c-b v06.75 RM-513 2330c-b v08.20 RM-514 2320c v06.75 RM-514 2320c v08.20 RM-515 2320c-b v06.75 RM-515 2320c-b v08.20 RM-519 2720f v08.20 RM-520 2720f-b v08.20 RM-543 2323c v06.75 RM-543 2323c v08.20 RM-544 2323c-b v06.75 RM-544 2323c-b v08.20 Modele SL3 - unlock poprzez LBF (log2cod - bruteforce). Możliwość odczytu danych zarówno po interfejsie FBUS jak i USB! 2690 - RM-635 2700c, 2700c-2 - RM-561 2730c-1, 2730c - RM-578 2730c-1b - RM-579 3600s - RM-352 3720c - RM-518 3720c-2 - RM-518 5130, 5130c-2 - RM-495 5130c-2 - RM-496 5228, 5230, 5232, 5233 - RM-588/593/594/625/629 5310 Xpress Music - RM-303 5530 - RM-504 5630 Xpress Music - RM-431 5630d-1 - RM-431 5730s-1 Xpress Music - RM-465 5800d - RM-356/428 6120c - RM-243 6300 - RM-217 6303c - RM-443 6500c - RM-265 6500s-1 - RM-240 6700c-1, 6700c - RM-470 6700s - RM-576 6710s navigator - RM-491 6720c - RM-424 6730c-1 - RM-547 6750 Mural - RM-381 6760s - RM-573 6790s - RM-492/599 7210c, 7212c - RM-436 C3-01 - RM-640 C5-00 - RM-645 C5-03 - RM-697 C6-00 - RM-612/624 C6-01 - RM-601/718 C7-00 - RM-675 E5-00 - RM-632 E52-1 - RM-469 E55-1 - RM-482 E63 - RM-437/450 E66 - RM-343/345/420/494 E71 - RM-346/347/357/407/493 E72-1 - RM-530 E72-2 - RM-529 E73 - RM-658 N8-00 - RM-596 N86 - RM-484/485/486 N97 - RM-505/506/507 N97-4 mini - RM-555 N97-5 - RM-553 X3-02 - RM-639 X5-01 - RM-627 X6-00 - RM-551/559 X7 RM-707 Nokia 500 Nokia 600 Nokia 700 Nokia 701 ASHA 200 RM-761 ASHA 200 RM-762 C1-01 RM-607 C1-01 RM-608 C1-02 RM-643 C1-02 RM-644 C2-00 RM-704 C2-02 RM-692 C2-02 RM-693 C2-05 RM-724 C2-05 RM-725 C2-03 RM-702 C2-06 RM-702 C2-07 RM-692 C2-08 RM-702 X2-02 RM-694 X2-05 RM-772 X1-00 X1-01 Nokia 100 Nokia 101 Nokia 102 WP7/WP8 (Windows Phone 7 i WindowsPhone8)Odczyt kodów NCK jednym kliknięciem !!! 36600 fold 6600 slide Wygląd Boxa Cyclone Key i programu: Cyclone Key Video z działania programu Cyclone Box: Lista wszystkich aktualizacji do 9.11.2012 włącznie: ===================== Installer v1.22 09.11.2012 ===================== - New CPU support added, XGold223 (Asha 308, Asha309) - Supported operations: Write Flash, Read/Write Certificates, Read RPL, Write RPL, etc... - Firmware v02.11 Released - Lumia SmartTP(R) introduced, for testers only (can detect short-circuits between Lumia eMMC Points (MISO,MOSI,CLK,CS), GND, or VCC, it shows also link quality). Use on _POWERED OFF_ PCB! When connecting power, it can show FALSE status! Very helpful during soldering time. - New BB5 Loaders Added - Lumia USB Flashing improved - Latest Blackberry MEPs added - Improved flashing speed and NPC certs reading time - Improved CBUS protocol handling (sometimes it wents out of synchronization) - Fixed BSI spurious glitch problem with ~2.x firmware - Fixed DCT4 booting problems - Improved FBUS Local Mode entry - XGold213xx certificates Backup Added (NPC,HWC,CCC,...) - XGold213xx Full Flash chip dump to BIN added - XGold213xx Low-level PMM dump added (can dump PM from dead mobile) - XGold213xx Low-Level FILESYSTEM dump from dead mobiles added. This dumps full FAT16 user data partition to BIN file for further actions (analysis, recovery, forensics, ...) - Minor changes and bugfixes Notes about XGold 223 flashing: Switching to RAW mode is not supported (i.e. flashing from local/test mode, ROM will respons with empty public id (000000...) - very same story as with rapido). Battery reset needed, software will prompt you, but not always. Keep it noticed. Notes about XGold 223 RPL: Readen RPL is not full RPL backup (missing crypted PM308 data). This phone is very TexasInstruments-Nokia like, but not really. Once loaders with assymetric key hack is not ready, you SHOULDN'T full erase your phone any way. ===================== Installer v1.21 25.06.2012 ===================== - New BB5 FBUs/USB Loaders v12.08.00 Added - Qualcomm Based Products support added (Lumia 800, 610, etc) - Normal mode Flashing is supported - Dead-mode flashing is supported - Downgrade is supported - Support for Multi-CNT Qulacomm Configurations - Support secure-erase USER Area - this takes about 15-25 minutes - Basic read info including battery information etc for Lumia products - Automatic Variant selection for Lumia products - Cross-flash is supported, if Public Key hash matches - After connecting product in Normal mode, Zune drivers must be installed. Take them from C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box\Drivers\ZuneDrivers - Flashing drivers will be installed automatically, however on some problems just install them manually from C:\Program Files\Cyclone Box\Drivers\LumiaFlashing - Abort Button improved - SX4 Default Database updated, added 30 new models - Nokia Connectivity cables drivers updated to v7.1.78.0 - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.20 30.04.2012 ===================== - New Loaders v11.50.00 added - MEP-40488-004 added - Xgold113 (Dual-sim) RPL write support added - New Product - Cyclone Box Reloaded support added - Project completly refactorized from scratch. Compiler changed from obsolete Delphi7 to Delphi2007. Just because of this, lots of stability and speed improvment gained. - "News" added in main window - No need anymore to tick "Old USB flashing method" manually, it's detected automatically - "New Downgrade" BB5 method added (tick in before-flash tasks) - When Windows 7 is detected, software is not hidden to tray - Added Windows 7 interactive progressbar when minimized to tray. When software is minimized, you will notice status of current job: green progressbar - working, red progressbar - error, yellow-paused, etc - Boot recovery added for all boxes during box wizard - Bootloader reverted to v2.13 (temporary solution, v3.01 will get back soon) - Automatic smartcard refill when empty addded - Added COD->NCK verification upon data generation - After COD->NCK calculation, NCK codes are automatically stored inside COD file - New Paths is now addded to default Flash Path Search table (C:\Users\xxxx\AppData... etc) - Windows7 Permission issues fixed (needed "Run as admin" to work properly with autoupdate) - Software is redesigned now. To gain full funcionality YOU DON'T NEED run as "Admin". This means you can be ensured about our software quality and security - no hidden trojans (as happened before with other products). - Box wizard Added; this is all-in-one tool which will: repair, upgrade, activate, register, bootloader recovery, smartcard refill, bootloader upgrade, etc your box. Just one click. - Box Registration module removed - Box Maintenance module removed - Card Maintenance module removed - The paths is now updated on each sw startup - Fixed Windows7 Save Paths/Settings problem - BB5 loader problems when skin enbled (ROM refused...etc) - Access violation on exit fixed - Splash updated - CBUS Lost Handle Fixed - Only one copy of Cyclone Box application can be launched now, this improves stability - NCK Code Sending fixed for SIMLOC30 phones (0x01 error) - Fixed tray issues - Autoupdate code is now checking for installed installer, if obsolete then asks for download latest version - Improved RPL backup in USB mode (Custom Loader didn't reset phone to FlashMode, and some backups did containt Superdongle/Simlock data only) - XGold/Blackberry Service "Credits" renamed to "Counter" (because it is a counter, not real fee-credits), as it puts too much confussion - "Join us on Facebook" added at main software - "cyclonebox.dll not found" message when no drivers installed changed to suitable messagebox asking to connect your box first time and install drivers - "security problem #1" solved on those who copied cyclonebox.dll before - Fixed interrupted auto-update problems (after restart - this is not valid Win32 application) - FastMM v4.99 Introduced - Skin Stack Updated to v7.62 - libeay/ssleay libraries updated to latest one, much more fast and stable - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.17 20.12.2011 ===================== - BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.40.00 Introduced - Realtime SE Xperia Unlocker account Creator in 'Credits' tool added. 10 Cyclone credits = 1 Xperia phone unlocked - SE Xperia Unlocked introduced into installer, this is 3rd party addon - Introduced previous updates (standalone and free Broadcom unlocking, RAPUv21, etc) - PM Protection is now unticked by default - PM Protection is automatically unticked during SX4 operations - Full Erase for New Protocol APE phones fixed (wrong CMT Flash Device Index selected) - Minor changes and Bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.16b Hotfixed Black Edition 22.09.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.24.00 Introduced - Fixed problems with handling RAPIDO > v11.16.00 loaders over FBUS (FUR control Add Problem) - Added Dead USB Flashing for RAPIDO and other FUR-over-USB operations (DO NOT USE FOR CERTIFICATE READ/WRITE!), still "old method" avaiable in connection tab. - Certificates operations for Rapido FBUS-OVER-USB disabled, because is not supported by loaders ( it will fail without any attempt ) - Rapido Alive FUR-over-USB flashing not supported, flash those phones by Dead variant instead (Switch to RAW mode problem in this models..), or "Old USB Flashing Method" - "Use OLD USB FLASHING METHOD" moved to BB5/Flashing tab - "Settings" tab renamed to Connection - TX2 settings removed from BB5 Flashing Tab - RAPU Flashing/Booting Improved - C2-02 XGold2 Flashing "Added" - Cyclone has flashing compatibilty for this model, but MassMemory file couldn't be handled becasue too big. Fixed. - BB5 Mass Memory Flashing Tested - Cyclone SW has this posibility from long time ago... - Added "Read Unique Data" button. Use to boot phone by Flashbus directly, and dump Unique Data (for Simlock,SD,...) when phone doesn't have correct BSI resistors value. Dumped unique data might be lately used for USB operations if still FBUS operations fails. - Old DCT4 Asic 2,5,6,7 Direct Unlock/Relock/Autolock Introduced, finally - Fixed invalid Calculation of Mastercode - Standalone DCT4 RPL Calculation Introduced, supported Asics: 2,5,6,7,11 - Added support for DCT4 (7250i, 6610i, 2125i, 2865i, 6275i) Product Data RPL Entity Writing for fixing CS - Added support for generating extended DCT4 RPL with Product Data for above models (CS problems) - Alcatel Calculator added to gui - PMM Protection Checkbox added upon PM write. Use to protect PM security fields. - Diagnostic Module Added - Selftests moved to new "Diagnostic" module - Vibra Tests Added - Backlight Tests Added - "Autodetect" added for DCT4 Unlocking. Unique method - non ASIC dependand (i.e. avoids RM-189 2310 problems avaiable on all boxes right now). If there is problems with autodetection - user still can select unlocking method manually. - Fixed spurious XGold2 product to be displayed in XGold1/DCT4 tab - Fixed product mismatch on XG1/XG2 autodetection - Removed DCT4 ASK-RPL From Credits Manager - Removed SuperDCT4 Activation from Credits Manager - StatusBar messages are more accurate now - Added "Auto-Rebuild IMEI" checkbox for "Read UEM IMEI" function. Used to automatically generate FLASH IMEI DATA and programm it - one-click REPAIR ??????????????4. - CacheV2 Introduced - XGold1/2 Flashing Routines rewritten to be more memory effective - Dead-erased XGold2 flashing improved, plus added some messages regarding to reviving dead XG2 - USB Connection Type is now selected automatically when XGold2 platform found - Check flashing Bus for WD2 fixed - Read UEM Imei for WD2 Fixed - Read ASK for WD2 Fixed - Write RPL for WD2 Fixed - Fixed lots of Access Violatios after closing up Nokia Tool - Fixed bug with disappearing Tray icon after Minimize to Tray - Afterwards DCT4 Erase All chips, the Permanent Data aren't restored anymore - Fixed DCT4 RPL Write problem when only DATA2 exists in RPL file - The supported MEP List are now acquired from box once Blackberry Tool launch - Moved UEM stuff to new "ASK/RPL Tool" - XGold2 MassMemory flashing added - Remaining XGold Credits are now shown upon launching of Nokia Tool (Those one used for XGold1 LBF, Blackberry Codes Service, etc) - Default Security Area XGold Service count increased from 50 to 100 (100 phones limit between SA updates for Blackerry,XGold1,...) - XGold/Blackberry service is now also checked upon Blackberry tool startup, also after each Code calculation remaining Calculation Limit is displayed - Relock files updated for DCT4 - AutoUpdater Introduced - USB Flashing Solved due to wrongly installed Flashing Cable Drivers on some configurations (i.e. Virgin PC) - 6230 Flashing Fixed (Given Image not maches with readen UPP Id or Image problem). If problem still exists - select all flashing files _MANUALLY_ don't use INI based (because there exists two HW versions E and M - autoselection is HWID based and may fails anytime). - Database Unlock Introduced - RPL Write revised - Fixed bug with Broadcom Read Info - PARTNERC certificate support added for Certificate Read - PARTNERC certificate support added for Certificate Write - PARTNERC certificate support addef for RPL Operations - OMAP Loaders Fixed - PM Write bugs fixed (Access Violation) - Bruteforce between NCK Fixed - Erase files support added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF06150000 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095A1F05 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095A1F04 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0306150018 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF095B1F05 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF0102F201 added - DCC configuration for ISL2TI0200000103B840 added - DCC configuration for 8600030001040A021001 added - DCC configuration for 860003000104094B2F01 added - DCC configuration for 86000300010401035424 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F00 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000030102F203 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000030102F202 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F05 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000003095B1F01 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C213402 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C213401 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR030C20C605 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR03094B2F01 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301022E05 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301022E01 added - DCC configuration for NIMMIIIIRRFF0C206C02 added - DCC configuration for NI00IIIIRR0301035602 added - DCC configuration for NI00CS0000040C213402 added - DCC configuration for NI00CS00000401022E05 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040F03F802 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040A4E2000 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000004095B1F01 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC000004095B1F00 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040103B904 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC0000040102F201 added - DCC configuration for NI00BC00000401022C00 added - DCC configuration for 0A4E2007 added - DCC configuration for 0103B904 added - SX4 Virgin PMs database updated, added RM-256, RM-497, RM-528V, RM-584, RM-586, RM-609, RM-612, RM-626, RM-638, RM-707, RM-712 - HWC/CCC Templates added for products RM-469, RM-540, RM-566, RM-528V, RM-596, RM-609, RM-614, RM-645 - Models.ini refreshed - Skin Stack Updated - Previous updates included - Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers updated to v7.1.42.0 - Fixed some wrong FBUS implementation when Packet size mod 0x78 == 0 - Box Firmware v01.73 Released - Hotfixes: - Create RPL function fixed - Filter Group Erase Data fixed - Failed to read WMDRM PD Data fixed - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.15 18.06.2011 ===================== - Added READING DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone (previously shown as Crypted DCT4+) - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems 1st in the world - Added RESET (to 12345) DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems 1st in the world - Added Reading Full RPL (NPC,CCC,HWC,SIMLOCK,SD,...) from Dead/Downgraded/Security Wrong BB5 Units - seems 1st in world. If phone doesn't power on (Stuck on Nokia logo, or completly dead), you can now dump full RPL file in order to Full Erase your phone and revive it. Softwar before dumping RPL in Recovery mode, will ask user of doing so. So in any case of reviving downgraded phone is: 1. Create RPL from Dead Phone 2. Full Erase 3. Write any SW version 4. Write previously backed-up RPL file 5. Authorize with SuperDongle 6. Write virgin PM - Added (fixed) NCK Counter Reset for XGold2 based phones - SecurityBlock is now backed-up before NCK Counters Reset, just in case - XGold1 Dead units booting fixed - Separate button for Receiving L7 Code for LBF added - Fixed DCT4 Security Counter Attempts Reset for some DCT4 variants - PMM Managment Tab added to BB5 Security Tab - Auto-Imei RESTORE added. Used if you have corrupted your imei, but having valid NPC file. Will scan StoredFiles for CRT file matching with CMT Public ID and automaticlly write it. - Added DCC camera Hardware Fault alert on DCC repair - some units is hardware fault and repair is not possible (DCC file not found) - XGold1 PMM parsing fixed (While reading LBF, Simlock table not found for some operators/phones) - XGold2 Flashing problems fixed (Invalid pointer) - USB transactions module rewritten - Full Erase button added for BB5 mobiles. No need to know FlashChip mapping and size - it's scanned automaticlly. It will erase CMT flash completly. Make sure RPL and PM is readed before erase!!! - Added "Just NPC" option used with "Erase Certificates". Used to delete only NPC certificate (corrupt IMEI and switch phone-on to make necessary job ... with IMEI corrupted phone will switch on even without valid security area). You can use this function to dump PM from non-working phone. Don't forget to CREATE RPL FROM PHONE first! Else you will get corrupted IMEI. - "Force Use Server" added for SX4 Authorization. - Fixed AutoSelecting bug - Fixed problem with parsing DCT4 variants when no DCT4 products installed - Fixed problem with parsing BB5 variants when no BB5 products installed - Index out of bound (0) fixed - Plain RPL is checked now by default - Removed "Bootloader upgrade problem" message, as caused too much confusion - Security Problem #1 and #2 Fixed (anti-idiot-fix) - Added additional Security Problem #5 message for Reinstall Drivers - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.14 07.06.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.16.0 Introduced - Unique Data Reading for RAPIDO based phones by USB added - Unique Data Reading for RAPU based phones by USB added - SL2 Unlock for Old Hash (E51..,..) and New Hash (6120c,6760) just by USB cable - SL3 Unlock by reading LBF data for all SL3 RAPIDO/RAPU Phones - Standalone Superdongle Auth - without SD key corruption - SD Keys Repair - Security Analyze - RPL Backup - All this using just usb cable... - Our loaders automatically set phone to LocalMode after reading LogData - tested with N97, seems 1st in world ;) - RAPIDO phones before reading USB LogFile, needs to be manually set into FlashMode. Apporiate messagebox will be displayed with instructions (replug battery, cable, etc..). If your phone is RAPU or RAP4 based, you don't need to reject battery or do nothing - just click OK and it will switch to RAW mode directly. - We also added support for FUR-like flashing for RAPIDO phones. That means it's possible to flash these phones FBUS-like (completly erased, etc - FBUS protocol emulation). However, because of many problems we've disabled it in current release. You can test it manually by placing "v11.16.0" RAPIDO loaders into \Loaders\BB5\FPIF32BIT. * Known problems with RAPIDO 11.16.0 loaders: * FBUS support is broken * Readed Certificates via USB is broken (Control transactions support up to ~0x90 bytes of upcoming data) * Probably not working with Axxxx ROMS (E51) * Lot of other issues observed - The FUR-like flashing (not ADL though) will be probably enabled in next version after closer investigation - Fixed oclHashCat COD File bugs (occurs when last digit of imei is 0) - Box Firmware v01.62 Released - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.13 24.05.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.14.0 introduced - Added 20 digits NCK recognization. Software will now give alert upon reading LBF data, when 20 digits NCK data will be found. This saves server time! - The Profile Bits are also analyzed now during Reading LBF Data. If phone is i.e. from Telcel Mexico - LBF data will not be readen (because it will not accepted calculated NCK code). This saves server time! - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "BCL" format file - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "SHA" format file - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 64-bit BAT File - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 32-bit BAT File - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 64-bit BAT File - BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 32-bit BAT File - SIMLOC30 RPL Write Fixed (C7-00,C2-01,...) - The generated "BAT" file could be used by oclHashCat-lite. It's 3rd party software, avaiable here: . Unpack it somewhere, and place in same dir readen "BAT" files. oclHashCat is 15% faster (can reach 6Billions hashes/sec on 2xhd5970) than log2cod, plus it supports latest ATI GPUS (HD6970,HD6990,HD6xxx). It supports calculation resume, etc. - You don't need now log2cod to generate LBF Data. Just use generated BAT file for fast oclHashCat calculation. Generated COD file you can send directly to our server via "Send COD File to server" button to receive valid Level 7 code. - Added oclHashCat COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code) - Added MxCrap COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code) - Added warning message when TX2 transmission error occurs during 2ND Loader Initialization - Upgraded RAPIDO Custom loader to v1.05. Fixed Reading Unique Data issues on old Public Rom (A8C1D671) based phones (N95,N78,...). - BlackBerry MEP-4 calculation added - Merged previous updates (RAPIDO/RAPU/RAP4 all latest hashes support for reading LBF data, etc...) - Fixed Security Code Reset Issues on DCT4/BB5 Platform - Firmware v1.61 Released - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.12 09.03.2011 ===================== - Firmware v1.55 introduced - RAP4 CMT Booting (Wrong first char) fixed - Added SP unlock via server / log2cod reading - Added standalone SX4 auth - Added standalone Superdongle Keys Repair - Supported phones: - RAPU Based: 5630, 6260s, 6700c, 6700s, 6710n, 6720c, 6730, 6750, E52, E55, E72 - RAP4 Based: 3710, 5330, 7230, 6303i, X3 - Minor changes and bugfixes ===================== Installer v1.11 07.03.2011 ===================== - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.48.1 introduced - DCT4/BB5 Product/Variant caching added. Saves lot of time when selecting correct Datapackage. This is done automaticcly. During Deletion or Installing some of DP, cache is rebuilt automatically on user demand. - XGold2 USB Flashing Introduced (C1-01,C1-02,C2-00,...) - Added XGold2 RPL Backup (including CCC,HWC,NPC,Simlock) - FIRST in the world. The backup is created automatically during flash. - Added XGold2 RPL Write (CCC,HWC,NPC and Simlock) seems FIRST in the world. In order to write RPL file, you need flash your phone and add RPL file as secondary flashing Image (Add XGold2 RPL button). - XGold2 RPL Contains FULL phone security, possible to Full restore after Flash Chip change - Added XGold1 Unlocking by Reading LOG2COD Log file - Added XGold1 Low-Level PM Dumping (both Secured and Nonsecured areas), seems 1st in world - Added XGold1 Low-Level RPL Backup, seems 1st in world - XGold1 Backed-up RPL file might be used to completly Re-Initialize phone security, i.e. after flash-chip change (RPL Contains IMEI and Simlock Block), seems 1st in world... - Both XGold1 Low Level dumps support dead phones (phone might be dead, Cyclone will binary dump PM from flash chip directly) - Added XGold1 Low-Level Deleted PM Keys dumping (extra option-don't write back readen PM file with deleted keys, they are ASCII marked as deleted ones). Support deleted messages, contacts, ..., seems 1st in world - Added XGold1 FBUS/Keyboard SL Bad Entries Counter reset, seems 1st in world - Reading XGOLD1 LOG2COD is fully standalone, seems 1st in world - XGold1 Unlock/RPL supported mobiles: 1616, 1280, 1208, 1209, 1800, C1-00, and others... - Added "Mapped At" FlashChip information during XGold Flashing, when possible - Added "Sector Size" FlashChip information during XGold Flashing, when possible - No reboot flashing for XGold added - APE block flashing fixed for various RAPIDO mobiles - Fixed Old Protocol (Dead) USB Flashing (RAPIDO phones: N86,etc) - Fixed Blackberry Module - upon reading MEP via USB it was placing it on wrong window - Assigned COD files are now verified before sending to server, the auxiliary verification also takes place at Server Side - Fixed OpenDialog filter when adding DCT4/BB5 flash file - log2cod: v1.1 Released - log2cod: GPU Selftests added (some GPU find bad code, or didn't find anything at all) - log2cod: Added Ivan Golubev EULA - log2cod: Added Queue managment - log2cod: Code Verification added after successfull calculation - log2cod: Console is cleared after some salts processed in order to avoid overflow - log2cod: PeekNamedPipe() problem fixed - log2cod: Added queue processing in loop mode (you can add new jobs during calculation) - The transaction bar have been a bit resized - Cyclone Box HW Rev B11x, C11x added - Models.ini updated - Box USB Drivers updated to v1.0.0.6 - they are digitally signed now, no more problems on Win7 / Win Vista x64 - COM Emulation Service Driver updated to v1.0.0.1 - it is digitally signed now, no more problems on Win7 / Win Vista x64 - Main Software is now Digitally Signed (Authenthicode) - log2cod is now Digitally Signed (Auhtenthicode) - Cyclone Calculator is now Digitally Signed (Authenthicode) - Installer is now Digitally Signed (Auhtnethicode) - New phones added to Virgin SX4 Database - New phones added to Security Database (Virgin RPL) - Box Firmware v1.53 Released - Some minor and major changes and bugfixes - Versions snap Installer v1.11 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.11003 x86 Memory Manager v4.76.0.179 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.6 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.1 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.13 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.53 Onboard COM Emulation Code v1.00 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.10 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20110301 DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20100410 DCT4 Unlock Patches DEPRECATED Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v7.21 ===================== Installer v1.10 Merry X-Mas ! 05.12.2010 ===================== - First in the world - Infineon XGold IMEI Backup/Restore added - New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.34.1 introduced - BB5 USB Flashing module rewritten, supports new Flashing Type: FUR USB - using FBUS loaders on USB. Is possible now to do also RPL write, Cert's read/write/erase, using just USB cable. Full FBUS protocol emulation over USB supported! - FBUS2USB RAPU Support - FBUS2USB RAP4 Support - FBUS2USB Broadcomm Support - Broadcomm platform flashing added (Nokia X2,....) - 6700,E52 and other RAPunistore Booting fixed (Wrong First Char Received) - SL3 Simlock RPL Write Introduced - DCT4/BB5 Flash TurboCache added, increasing flashing speed a bit - The Profile Bits is now analyzed before SL3 Unlock (it will not submit job if phone have blocked NCK unlocking - i.e. Telcel Mexico units) - New NCK unlocking method for SL2 phones introduced (with latest MCU SW versions) - Added Autologging (operation logs are stored in StoredFiles) - Added USB Full RPL Backup (NPC,CCC,HWC,Simlock,WMDRM,etc) - Added StatusBar in Nokia Tool, displaying current Task/Mobile attached - DCC Camera Repair added for module NI00BC0000030102F201 - DCC Camera Repair added for module ISL3TI0200000C000002 - DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI0200000C208A03 - DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI02000001022B04 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86000300010401022B04 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 8600030001040C208A03 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260004 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260000 - DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L103000104094C1003 - Refactorized GUI thread problems - Improved stability of Blackberry calculator - Improved flashing speed with Skins Enabled - Added detailed Action Statusbar - Added CBUS StatusBar, indicates "---->" on USB Transmit, " 100. - Supported are ALL PA_SL2 Phones, both RAPv3 and RAPIDO, with following hashes: 9A28E119033B91D14D22838C86D0D53C 9DDBFCFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723 38F312750F686F9FC9B1B3778774A195 BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1 CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE F2D76DFAFD66C7F195F278417DF05888 F682624FFB08F6D955DBE7D9C0485084 FCB5C510AF7F09F313D9BDE85A707CC0 - Before unlock software will ask you (when possible) if you want RPL calculation. If you don't need unlocking by RPL, simply click NO and old free unlocking methods will be used (PM308+120 recalc, Secure RAM dump and NCK calc on RAPIDO PA_SL2 phones, etc). However there are some phones which might be unlocked only using new method (9DDB - 3600,5220,7310, or new 5800 >v.30, new N96, etc) - After unlock, requested RPL file will be saved to STORED FILES dir, it might be used later after phone chip erase, etc - as a generic backup - To Autolock/Relock use "Import SL5" function and point to SL5 array file in "UnlockData" dir, with SW comes few generated files - If you need SL5 file for your network, use "Create SL5" button and enter MCC-MNC, SL5 file will be generated for you and your phone might be relocked - SL Area might be repaired using UNLOCK button for SL2 phones - RPL Write bugs fixed ("simlock not accepted" after few tries) - Path "/" problem fixed - Memory manager updated to v4.94 - New skin manager introduced (6.53) - removed flash files selection bugs - GUI redesigned a bit - Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver updated to v7.1.22 - 2760h RM-391 v06.83 Unlock / Relock added - 2330c RM-512 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - 2330c-b RM-513 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f-b RM-519 v08.42 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - 2720f-b RM-519 v09.55 Unlock / Relock added - SX4 Bypass during BB5 Unlock removed, is no needed anymore - Fixed USB stack hanging up on some Windows configuration due to invalid hexcodes in BoardCode Revision USB Field - After Super DCT4 Activation in Credits tab box Security Page is automaticlly upgraded, no need doing it manually - New firmware v01.15 introduced - box can switch itself from MAIN mode to BOOT mode (no USB reconnect needed anymore) - 6220c,3600s booting fixed in new firmware - New Secure bootloader v02.10 introduced - New bootloader supports more types of smartcards (autobaud, PTS protocol negotiation, etc) - Secure BootAgent v1.00 introduced in new firmware - Firmware RTOS Code Updated to v6.0.1 - Slightly code optimizations and stability improvments in new firmware - Secure Bootloader upgrade introduced after box maintenance - Added support for Cyclone box HW REV A116, A117, A118, A119, A11A, A11B, A11C ===================== Bulk Updates 10.08.2009 13.08.2009 ===================== - Introduced support for FBUS Flashing RAPU YAMA phones (5630, 6700, 6303) - GUI Stability improved ; updated Skins Stack - Fixed Algoboot for BB5 phones in some configurations - SingleLine BB5 Flashing Speed improved (upgraded to 5.5mbits from 4mbits) - BB5 Multi-CRT Write bug fixed (mismatched certs when writing more than 1 certs at one time) - Improved Phone LOCAL/TEST Mode Entry algorithms during unlock and FBUS operatinos - Access Violation in some configurations, when changing BB5 Vpl / Dct4 Vpl Variant/Product - fixed - "Set factory defaults - BB5" are now default unticked after flash (useless in case of BB5 phones) - Repower on boot inverted ; accoring to firmware v1.0.5 , BB5 Phones are now default re-powered on boot - By default - USE DEFAULT PROFILE while unlocking DCT4Plus is unticked - DCT4Plus unlock routines rewritten - patch file is now applied before unlocking - Fixed problems upon unlocking some units of DCT4(plus) phones, when Initial SP Area is corrupted - When SIMLOCK IS NOT ACCEPTED during BB5 RPL Write, software trying to write FBUS part again after FLASHBUS part, so if NPC is corrupted, the SL will be restored anyway - Please don't use "Erase Security" function when writing BB5 PA_SL2 RPL, because SIMLOCK will not be accepted in such case! In order of simlock rebuild, NPC MUST BE CORRECT! - Improved BB5 RPL Write, when HWC can't be written (N96 - example), other certs being written and whole procedure is not being skipped - After sending Simlock and Superdongle data, delay added, so PA_SL can recalculate SP and Recreate 308 if needed (previously it wasn't working all times) - During BB5 Configuration Parse (flash chips, status), now RAM chip is displayed instead of UNKNOWN - DCT4Plus Security Status is now being displayed upon unlock - either TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED - When DCT4Plus Security is NOT TAMPERED, Cyclone automatically makes Security Backup - DCT4 Loaders v7.9.49.0 added, support for new flash chips - BB5 Loaders added, support for new flash chips - New Nokia Loaders 0.9.xxxx have GREAT speed improvment in phones with slow Samsung flash chip - 0x00EC2208 (3500c, 5200, 5310). Flashin of These phones without VPP usually taking approx 15-20 minutes, with this new loaders we have tested 5200 and flashing speed was exactly 76 seconds (agains ~550). - DCT4 UEM Loaders Revised, added support for ASIC11 UEM IMEI Read - Path Manager added. Used to specify paths where original Nokia flashes are stored. By default it looks in Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix and Program Files/Common Files... User can specify many other paths (i.e. mapped network disk, or custom directory) where software will look for VPL files. Avaiable in Settings -> Paths. - BB5 Product/Variant VPL Parser added - DCT4 Product/Variant VPL Parser added - NCK Dumper for BB5 PA_SL2 added (RAP3G, RAPIDO), used to extract entered NCK codes in phone so it can be saved - in example during RPL SL Recreation, and then use for unlocking. The codes is being automaticlly dumped upon SP Data Read. - When user trying to unlock phone which have protected PM308 Security Block against modification, and there is message "Failed to write Security Block" software is now automaticlly writing back NPC backup - IMEI - IMEI 1234567890?, and "?" is not valid integer bug fixed - 1112 RH-93 v6.46 Unlock / Relock added - 2680 RM-393 v06.17 Unlock / Relock added - 2680b RM-393 v06.17 Unlock / Relock added - 5000d RM-362 v06.31 Unlock / Relock added - 5000d-b RM-363 v06.31 Unlock / Relock added - 2630 V57.20 unlock / relock partial was removed due to lack of signal - Erase Security while writing RPL is now by default disabled - SX4 Bypass during PA_SL2 unlock is now by default disabled - GUI Is now redesigned from scratch - Support for 1024x768 resolution - fixed problems - Cyclone Box HW Rev A113 support added - Cyclone Box HW Rev A114 support added - Cyclone Box HW Rev A115 support added - Cyclone Firmware v1.04 support added (DCT4 Booting improved) - Cyclone Firmware v1.05 support added (BB5 Booting improved) ===================== Installer v1.02 30.04.2009 ===================== - RAP3Gv2 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAP3Gv3 PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAP3Gv3 PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAPIDO PA_SL - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - RAPIDO PA_SL2 - SP Initialization added (unlock, SP Rebuild) - SX4 Bypass added after PA_SL2 Unlock, if needed - "Create RPL from phone" added. This is used to backup possible security data from phone in original NMP RPL format (plain one) this includes WMDRM Backup, All low-level certs (Nokia Public Certificate, Common Configuration Certificate, Hardware Certificate, VARIANT Cert), and Original SIMLOCK (only on PA_SL2 Phones !! ), which can be used to simlock restore / counter reset / PM 308 recreate - if needed - this data is sent directly to SIMLOCK SERVER directly so SL recreate is 100% "legal" - Added Codes Counter Reset for PA_SL2 phones. Used to reset Keyboard/FBUS Code Counter. - Added BB5 NCK Code FBUS Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when Keyboard counter is locked. - Added BB5 NCK COde KEYBOARD Send (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y), use especially when FBUS counter is locked. - BB5 SL Export added. This exporting phone configuration key + simlock blocks to "SL5" file - BB5 SL Import added. Used to import previously exported "SL5" structure to phone upon BB5 SP Initialization. - BB5 PM -> Simlock RPL added, if PA_SL2 phone - use if simlock has been corrupted, and you have only PM backup. If PM have needed fields, it will create plain RPL file which can recreate simlock for you without headache. - SL5 Creator support for Creating Relocked SL5 for desired MCC+MNC / Profile Bits - Added "BB5_Autolock_IMSI.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to IMSI (one sim card). - Added "BB5_Autolock_MCCMNC.sl5" in UnlockData. Use with IMPORT SL5 in order to AUTOLOCK BB5 phone to MCC-MNC (operator). - BB5 Plain RPL Write added. - Added "UB Backup" option while writing BB5 Plain RPL (SIMLOCK AREA), since they aren't adding SHA-1 before SIMLOCK_DATA in RPL file - it needs be skipped in case. - Added "Erase Security" option before RPL write. This is used when phone have problem with PM 308 blocks (downgrade, for example) and can't boot to accept superdongle / simlock data - in case, no need to full erase in case. Keep note that after RPL write YOU NEED SX4 Authorization with server and writing PM Fields 1 and 309. Otherwise your phone will fail to pass ST_SECURITY_TEST, and in effect will not boot. - Skin stack updated to v6.30, this is more stable and fast - Product code send added - HWID send added - PSN send added - DCT4 Nand MASS MEMORY Partitioning added before write. May be skipped ticking apporiative Skip MM Part button. - When no patch file found, SW will generate unlock codes for DCT4 unlock (asics 2,5,6,7) - Security Code Mastercode is now being generated upon read info - Added "Skip Patching" Option. Use for DCT4plus phones which are patched already, and all you need is to Initialize SP locks again (relock, etc) - DCT4 NCK Key / FBUS Count is now being readed correctly - DCT4 UEM OTP Imei Read added - DCT4 SP Locks are being parsed upon read - Added full support for Vista OS - Added support for 64bit CPUs - tested on X64 XP Professional, should work on NT6 too - BB5 Simlock backup before flash write no more asking user for directory, it's automaticlly saving to StoredFiles - BB5 Simlock backup automatically saving backup in RPL format if possible (PA_SL2 phone detected), otherwise it will save it in PM format - BB5 Booting routines totally refactorized - After DCT4 Page erase, the last-error-status is now queried from phone - Data checksum is now being checked again upon BB5 Flash Write - When NPC Certificate are being backed up during SX4 Bypass, it is now stored as "PUBLIC_ID.Sx4Bypass.NPC.CMT.CRT", not "DowngradeRepair" as before - When Writing BB5 Cert, it's now default pointing to StoredFiles - User is now being warned before "Erase all certificates" - BB5 (avoid mistakes) - For now, Erase All Certs erasing APE certificates too, if APE unit found - DCT4 Plus 2680 v6.82 unlock partial fixed - 2630 v57.20 Unlock added - 2630b v57.20 Unlock added - 2630b v06.82 Unlock added - 2760b v06.82 Unlock added - 2600c-b v06.82 Unlock added - 1680c v06.82 Unlock added - 1680c-b v06.82 Unlock added - 5000db v 05.27 Unlock added - 5000db v 05.45 Unlock added - Included old "new security" unlock partials for 2630, 1680, 5000, 2680 - v6.82 - FastMM problem after exiting Main Application fixed - Some DCT4Plus unlock bugs fixed (like This is Invalid Integer...) - Added WD2 CBUS BT Phones support (bluetooth flashing problems) - Check Flashing Bus (BB5) now booting phone completly, not only fetching 1st Boot Data - Fixed problem when sometime wrong CMT / APE bootloader are being selected upon Certificate Operations - Increased FBUS Timeout to repair FBUS transactions problems on some environments - Netmonitor activation on DCT4/WD2 added - WD2 Format User Area added - "Initial SP corrupted" fixed on DCT4plus phones - After finished flashing the sound now being played;) - Cyclone HW Revision A112 support added - Progressbar issue fixed while BT Flash - SX4 Server Transaction fixed - Bigger delay added after SX4 Bypass in order to handle PM write correctly - More debug messages is now being shown upon BB5 booting - Refactorized DCT4 ADSP Flashing routines - DCT4 / BB5 Factory defaults after flashing fixed in some cases - Minor changes and bugfixes - Improved BB5 Local/Test mode changes - Support : Fixed "Connection closed gracefully" in some cases - Fixed problems when invalid IMEI are being readed out from phone (in case of phone wasn't initialized and FBUS problems occured) - PM Write routines rewritten - Security card is now being resetted before phone flashing, this have effect on authenthication speed when flashing many phones one by one - Selftests routines improved (dynamic timeout) - Multiple files can be now choosen upon Writing Certificates saved as "CRT" (Cyclone binary format) - BB5 SP Locks now being parsed upon read out (blocks count, block content, etc) - DCT4Plus partials with version 6.82 have now removed from supported UPP list ASIC ID "3168" which is not unlockable (for now) with rom 0600 to avoid destroyed phones (no signal), in case you will got message "Not supported UPP ID", but your phone SL area will be untouched and after flash it will still work. - Blue screen of death fixed on some configurations - After PM Write, Statistics added, so user can easily see how many PM Record written OK / NOT OK - IMEI in "Credits" upon calculation is now checked for validity (last digit) - Updated Message before using DCT4 RPL Credits - ASIC 11 takes 2 credits and rest 1 credit - Main Nokia Firmware v1.03 avaiable, this changes: -- TX2 Output pin is now constant (Service Pin 3) due to many mistakes on user side. -- Flash write speed optimized, should be around 10% - 30% faster, especially on NAND-ONENAND phones. More optimizations to come. -- Erase status is now signalized by USB (red) led. -- Added support for WD2 CBUS BT Flashing -- BB5 Booting Improved on some environments -- RTOS Code Updated to 5.2.0 -- Microcode USB Stack is now Vista compatible -- Removed blue screen of death problem on some XP configurations -- Minor bugs, fixes, and improvments - Versions snap Installer v1.02 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.7396 x86 Memory Manager v4.92R2 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.4 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.03 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0 BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed) DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0) DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090502 Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v6.30 ===================== Installer v1.01 30.03.2009 ===================== - One click downgrade repair for BB5 added. Works on phones which after downgrade failing to boot (hang up on NOKIA screen) - this includes phones which dont had patched 308 before flashing or newer MCUs too. No need to full erase, etc. Just one click and 20 seconds, fast, and safe. - SX4 Bypass added. If phone can't be authorized due to corrupted superdongle key or server problems, you can use this to write protected PM Records (1, 309). No need to full erase, etc. Fast and safe. - DCT4 "SIMLOCK SERVER" Relock fixed (5000, 2630). Thx to wgmmmx for bugreport. - Check Flashing Bus for BB5 Added - Fixed registration process, when blank arguments are used - Fixed registration process, when invalid input data are used (i.e. special Russian chars) - Fixed invalid date/time problem while box maintenance (upgrade) on some timezones - Added in "Settings/General" option to skip box selftests (use when box selftest subsystem is damaged) - Resellers list during registration is now displayed in ascending order - Skin Stack updated to v6.21 - Added DCT4plus new security unlock patches RH-116 7070p v6.82 - new security RM-258 2760 v6.82 - new security RM-298 2630 v6.82 - new security RM-340 2600c v6.82 - new security RM-362 5000d v5.27 - new security RM-362 5000d v5.45 - new security RM-392 2680s v6.82 - new security RM-394 1680c v6.82 - new security - USB Drivers updated to, this no more conflicting MicroBox - Versions snap Installer v1.01 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6634 x86 Memory Manager v4.92 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.3 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0 BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed) DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0) DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090326 Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v6.21 ===================== Installer v1.00 20.03.2009 ===================== - Initial public release - Versions snap Installer v1.0 Main x86 Application v1.0.0.6581 x86 Memory Manager v4.92 Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.2 USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0 Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.08 Onboard Main Nokia Application v1.00 Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09 Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.8.0 BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20090315 (Mixed) DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20090315 (v7.4.77.0) DCT4 Unlock Patches v20090309 Communication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008 Skin Stack v6.20 Instrukcja rejestracji i uruchomienia oprogramowania na: i na


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