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Historical And Descriptive Sketches Of The Women Of The Bible, From Eve Of The Old To The Marys Of The New Testament (Classic Reprint) - 2853991417

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Historical And Descriptive Sketches Of The Women Of The Bible, From Eve Of The Old To The Marys Of The New Testament (Classic Reprint)

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Walking with Old Testament Women - 2844394392

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Walking with Old Testament Women BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP

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The world of the Old Testament can seem remote, yet a meditative approach to reading it can be an excellent way of bringing the characters closer to home. This title is suitable for refreshing Bible understanding for those who feel they know the stories well.


Walking With Old Testament Women - 2857047071

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Walking With Old Testament Women

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Introducing the Old Testament - 2854282451

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Introducing the Old Testament Oxford University Press

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New to this edition: Includes rewritten material on historical questions in chapter 3, 'Did it all happen?'. Material on the theme of liberation theology in chapter 7, 'The Old Testament as Liberation', is revised and updated, as is material in chapter 4, 'What does archaelogy contribute?' Women and the Bible are now considered in a separate chapter, and the new edition takes into account the continuing growth in biblical studies by women scholars. Other smaller revisions are made throughout, and a much revised bibliography now includes the most important works of recent years. Study of the Old Testament has in the past been dominated by what is often called the 'historical-critical' method': careful analysis of individual books with great emphasis on historical context, and concern to isolate what was original, and (it was therefore assumed) most important. This volume not only retains the values of adopting this traditional approach, but also outlines the alternative understandings of the Old Testament which have gained currency in recent years. Exploring these less conventional ways of looking at the Old Testament, Coggins introduces sociological and anthropological, feminist and liberation perspectives, and literary criticism. In this new edition, Coggins looks again at key issues in the light of recent scholarly developments, addressing contemporary debate on historical questions, radical developments in the field of archaeology, and considering women's readings in a separate chapter. This introductory volume offers students a concise and engaging discussion of the different perspectives available in Old Testament scholarship.


Sarah A Heroine of the Old Testament - 2212833178

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Sarah A Heroine of the Old Testament Bantam Books

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Women play a pivotal role in the Bible, yet their fates are generally summarized in just a few lines. Now Marek Halter tells the stories of three of its most important heroines: Sarah, the Sumerian aristocrat who struggled to bear a child; Zipporah, the African immigrant who begged Moses to create laws to protect the weak; and Lilah, the prophet Ezrah's sister, who fought against the mounting religious extremism of the era. Above all, it is the courage and spirit of these women that make them and their narratives uplifting and extraordinarily compelling. People may know that Abraham, the Patriarch of the Old Testament, was the first man to spread God's word. But how many know of his wife, Sarah? How she was born into a wealthy and powerful family in the Sumerian city of Ur? Or how, at the age of twelve, escaping her own wedding ceremony, she ran to the banks of the Euphrates river and into the arms of a young stranger camped on the outskirts of the city. His name was Abraham and, although he was a member of a poor nomadic tribe, their night together was enough to convince Sarah that their future lay together. And so Sarah abandoned everything - wealth, family and status - to follow Abraham and his alien God; a God of whom no one had ever heard; a God who was invisible and who appeared to communicate solely through her husband; a God who, one day, would command Abraham to kill their beloved son in his name, and to whom Sarah would beg for mercy...Set against the epic backdrop of the Sumerain cities of Ur and Babylon four thousand years ago, and in the arid wastelands of the Arabian desert, Marek Halter brings an ancient world vividly to life through the eyes of a beautiful and passionate woman.


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