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Three Broken Promises - 2843901102

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Three Broken Promises Headline Eternal

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New Adult sensation and New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy returns with a hot new contemporary romance - a heartfelt story of second chances, forgiveness, and redemption. Perfect for fans of Jessica Sorensen, Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster. Commitment. That's what I really want from Colin. Ever since my brother, Danny, died in Iraq, Colin's done so much to help me, including giving me a job at his popular restaurant so I can leave my crappy waitressing job at the strip joint. But lying in bed with him every night to comfort him from his horrible nightmares isn't enough anymore. I know he feels guilty about Danny's death, about not going to Iraq, but I can't keep living this double life. I love him desperately, but he's got so many demons, and if he can't open up to me now, then he'll never be the real partner I need him to be. I gave him a month, and now I'm out of here. If he truly loves me like he says, he knows where to find me. Don't miss the irresistible start to Monica Murphy's One Week Girlfriend series - the intensely passionate romance of Drew and Fable in One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend - out now! And look for the next book in the series Four Years Later!


Beautifully Broken 3 - 2826653014

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Beautifully Broken 3 Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The third book in the Beautifully Broken series. Sometimes before we fall ...we fly. One dark moment was all it took to turn twenty-four-year-old Dominic Kinkaide's world black. On the night of his high school graduation, a single incident changed him forever, and he became a hardened man - famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured inside. Now all he cares about is losing himself in the roles that he plays.At twenty-three years old, Jacey Vincent doesn't realise how much her father's indifference has affected her. She tries to find acceptance in the arms of men to fill the void - a plan that has worked just fine for her, until she meets Dominic. When jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, the combination of his secrets and her issues turns their attraction into the perfect storm. It could change their lives for good - if it doesn't tear them both apart ...


Summer I Turned Pretty Complete Series (Books 1-3) - 2826620955

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Summer I Turned Pretty Complete Series (Books 1-3) PUFFIN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The bestselling The Summer I Turned Pretty series is now available is one gorgeous new edition, with exclusive material inside! She has only ever loved two boys...Isabel spends every summer at the beach. But this summer is different. This is the summer she turns pretty - the year two brothers will notice her for the first time. Conrad - unavailable, aloof - who she's been in love with forever. Jeremiah - friendly, relaxed - the only one who's ever really paid her any attention. Friendship is no longer enough. From first kisses to first loves, seasons pass, promises are made and hearts are broken. Now Isabel must make the most difficult decision of all. Experience first love's butterflies with The Summer I Turned Pretty Collection - for the first time all three books together in one. Who will you choose? It contains exclusive extra material inside, including Conrad's letters to Isabel. The complete series includes: The Summer I Turned Pretty, It's Not Summer Without You, and We'll Always Have Summer. "This book is what every girl wants in a summer". (Sarah Dessen). About the author: Jenny Han is the New York Time Bestselling author of The Summer I Turned Pretty series. A former children's bookseller and school librarian, she earned her master's degree in creative writing for children at the New School. She lives in Brooklyn.


Bartok: Complete Solo Piano Music (Collectors Edition) - 2839270746

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Bartok: Complete Solo Piano Music (Collectors Edition) Universal Music


1. 14 Bagatelles, Bb 50, Sz. 38 Op.6 2. Bartok, Bela - 1. Molto Sostenuto (Original Versio 3. Bartok, Bela - 2. Allegro Giocoso (Original Versio 4. Bartok, Bela - 3. Andante (Original Version) 5. Bartok, Bela - 4. Grave (Original Version) 6. Bartok, Bela - 5. Vivo (Original Version) 7. Bartok, Bela - 6. Lento (Original Version) 8. Bartok, Bela - 7. Allegretto Molto Capriccioso (Or 9. Bartok, Bela - 8. Andante Sostenuto (Original Vers 10. Bartok, Bela - 9. Allegretto Grazioso (Original Ve 11. Bartok, Bela - 10. Allegro (Original Version) 12. Bartok, Bela - 11. Allegretto Molto Rubato (Origin 13. Bartok, Bela - 12. Rubato (Original Version) 14. Bartok, Bela - 13. Lento Funebre Elle Est Morte (O 15. Bartok, Bela - 14. Waltz Presto Ma Mie Qui Danse ( 16. 2 Elegies, Bb 49 Sz. 41 Op.8b 17. Bartok, Bela - 1. Grave (Original Version) 18. Bartok, Bela - 2. Molto Adagio, Sempre Rubato (Ori 19. 6 Roumanian Folk Dances, Bb 68, Sz. 56 20. Bartok, Bela - 1. Stick Dance (Original Version) 21. Bartok, Bela - 2. Sash Dance (Original Version) 22. Bartok, Bela - 3. In One Spot (Original Version) 23. Bartok, Bela - 4. Horn Dance (Original Version) 24. Bartok, Bela - 5. Roumanian Polka (Original Versio 25. Bartok, Bela - 6. Fast Dance (Original Version) 26. Sonatine Fuer Klavier Sz 55 27. Bartok, Bela - 1. Allegretto - Allegro 28. Bartok, Bela - 2. Moderato 29. Bartok, Bela - 3. Allegro Vivace 30. 3 Hungarian Folk Tunes, Bb 80b, Sz. 66 31. Bartok, Bela - 1. Andante Tranquillo, Rubato (Orig 32. Bartok, Bela - 2. Allegro Non Troppo, Un Poco Ruba 33. Bartok, Bela - 3. Maestoso (Original Version) 101. Zwei Rumaenishe Taenze Bb 56 102. Bartok, Bela - 1. Allegro Vivace 103. Bartok, Bela - 2. Poco Allegro 104. 3 Hungarian Folksongs From The Csik District, Bb 4 105. Bartok, Bela - Original Version 106. Bartok, Bela - Allegro Barbaro, Bb 63, Sz. 49 107. 4 Dirges, Bb 58, Sz. 45 Op.9a 108. Bartok, Bela - 1. Adagio (Original Version) 109. Bartok, Bela - 2. Andante (Original Version) 110. Bartok, Bela - 3. Poco Lento (Original Version) 111. Bartok, Bela - 4. Assai Andante (Original Version) 112. Suite, Bb 70, Sz. 62 Op.14 113. Bartok, Bela - 1. Allegretto (Original Version) 114. Bartok, Bela - 2. Scherzo (Original Version) 115. Bartok, Bela - 3. Allegro Molto (Original Version) 116. Bartok, Bela - 4. Sostenuto (Original Version) 117. Roumanian Christmas Carols, Bb 67, Sz. 57 118. Bartok, Bela - 1st Series (Original Version) 119. Bartok, Bela - 2nd Series (Original Version) 120. 3 Studies, Bb 81, Sz. 72 Op.18 121. Bartok, Bela - 1. Allegro Molto (Original Version) 122. Bartok, Bela - 2. Andante Sostenuto - Piu Mosso (O 123. Bartok, Bela - 3. Rubato - Molto Sostenuto - Tempo 124. 3 Rondos On Folk Tunes, Bb 92, Sz. 84 125. Bartok, Bela - 1. Andante - Allegro Molto - Piu VI 126. Bartok, Bela - 2. Vivacissimo - Allegro Non Troppo 127. Bartok, Bela - 3. Allegro Molto - Meno Mosso - Tem 128. Bartok, Bela - First Term At The Piano, Bb 66, Sz. 201. For Children, Bb 53, Sz.42 (Original Version) 202. Bartok, Bela - No.1 Allegro - No.2 Andante - No.3 203. Bartok, Bela - No.4 Allegro - No.5 Allegretto - No 204. Bartok, Bela - No.7 Andante Grazioso - No.8 Allegr 205. Bartok, Bela - No.9 Adagio - No.10 Allegro Molto - 206. Bartok, Bela - No.13 Andante - No.14 Allegretto - 207. Bartok, Bela - No.16 Andante Rubato - No.17 Lento 208. Bartok, Bela - No.18 Andante Non Troppo - No.19 Al 209. Bartok, Bela - No.22 Allegretto - No.23 Allegro Gr 210. Bartok, Bela - No.26 Moderato - No.27 Allegramente 211. Bartok, Bela - No.30 Allegro Ironico - No.31 Andan 212. Bartok, Bela - No.34 Allegretto - No.35 Con Moto - 213. Bartok, Bela - No.38 Molto Vivace - No.39 Allegro 214. Bartok, Bela - No.40 Allegro Vivace (Volume 2) 215. Bartok, Bela - No.1 Allegro - No.2 Andante - No.3 216. Bartok, Bela - No.5 Molto Andante - No.6 Allegro - 217. Bartok, Bela - No.9 Andante - No.10 Largo (Volume 218. Bartok, Bela - No.11 Lento - No.12 Andante Rubato 219. Bartok, Bela - No.14 Moderato - No.15 Molto Tranqu 220. Bartok, Bela - No.19 Assai Lento - No.20 Presto (V 221. Bartok, Bela - No.21 Allegro Moderato - No.22 Molt 222. Bartok, Bela - No.23 Andante Tranquillo - No.24 An 223. Bartok, Bela - No.26 Andante Molto Rubato - No.27 224. Bartok, Bela - No.28 Andante, Molto Rubato - No.29 225. Bartok, Bela - No.31 Allegro - No.32 Pesante - No. 226. Bartok, Bela - No.34 Adagio - No.35 Moderato (Volu 227. Bartok, Bela - No.36-37 Parlando, Molto Rubato, Al 228. Bartok, Bela - No.38 Lento - No.39 Lento (Volume 4 301. Sonata For Piano, Sz. 80 Bb 88 302. Bartok, Bela - 1. Allegro Moderato (Original Versi 303. Bartok, Bela - 2. Sostenuto E Pesante (Original Ve 304. Bartok, Bela - 3. Allegro Molto (Original Version) 305. Out Doors, Bb 89, Sz. 81 (Original Version) 306. Bartok, Bela - 1. With Drums & Pipes (Volume 1) 307. Bartok, Bela - 2. Barcarolla (Volume 1) 308. Bartok, Bela - 3. Musettes (Volume 1) 309. Bartok, Bela - 4. The Night's Music (Volume 2) 310. Bartok, Bela - 5. The Chase (Volume 2) 311. Nine Little Piano Pieces, Bb 90, Sz. 82 (Original 312. Bartok, Bela - 1. Moderato (Volume 1. Four Dialogu 313. Bartok, Bela - 2. Andante (Volume 1. Four Dialogue 314. Bartok, Bela - 3. Lento (Volume 1. Four Dialogues) 315. Bartok, Bela - 4. Allegro Vivace (Volume 1. Four D 316. Bartok, Bela - 5. Menuetto (Volume 2) 317. Bartok, Bela - 6. Air (Volume 2) 318. Bartok, Bela - 7. Marcia Delle Bestie (Volume 2) 319. Bartok, Bela - 8. Tambourine (Volume 2) 320. Bartok, Bela - 9. Preludio - All' Ungherese (Volum 321. Petite Suite, Bb 113, Sz. 105 Arr. Of The 44 Duos 322. Bartok, Bela - Slow Tune (Original Version) 323. Bartok, Bela - Walachian Dance (Original Version) 324. Bartok, Bela - Whirling Dance (Original Version) 325. Bartok, Bela - Quasi Pizzicato (Original Version) 326. Bartok, Bela - Ruthenian Dance (Original Version) 327. Bartok, Bela - Bagpipes (Original Version) 401. Mikrokosmos, Sz. 107 (Original Version) 402. Bartok, Bela - No.1 Unison Melody 1 (Book 1) 403. Bartok, Bela - No.2 Unison Melody 2 Version A & B 404. Bartok, Bela - No.3 Unison Melody 3 (Book 1) 405. Bartok, Bela - No.4 Unison Melody 4 (Book 1) 406. Bartok, Bela - No.5 Unison Melody 5 (Book 1) 407. Bartok, Bela - No.6 Unison Melody 6 (Book 1) 408. Bartok, Bela - No.7 Dotted Notes (Book 1) 409. Bartok, Bela - No.8 Repetition (Book 1) 410. Bartok, Bela - No.9 Syncopation (Book 1) 411. Bartok, Bela - No.10 With Alternate Hands (Book 1) 412. Bartok, Bela - No.11 Parallel Motion (Book 1) 413. Bartok, Bela - No.12 Reflection (Book 1) 414. Bartok, Bela - No.13 Change Of Position (Book 1) 415. Bartok, Bela - No.14 Question & Answer (Book 1) 416. Bartok, Bela - No.15 Village Song (Book 1) 417. Bartok, Bela - No.16 Parellel Motion With Change O 418. Bartok, Bela - No.17 Contrary Motion (Book 1) 419. Bartok, Bela - No.18 Unison Melody 1 (Book 1) 420. Bartok, Bela - No.19 Unison Melody 2 (Book 1) 421. Bartok, Bela - No.20 Unison Melody 3 (Book 1) 422. Bartok, Bela - No.21 Unison Melody 4 (Book 1) 423. Bartok, Bela - No.22 Imitation & Counterpoint (Boo 424. Bartok, Bela - No.23 Imitation & Inversion (Book 1 425. Bartok, Bela - No.24 Pastorale (Book 1) 426. Bartok, Bela - No.25 Imitaiton & Inversion (Book 1 427. Bartok, Bela - No.26 Repetition (Book 1) 428. Bartok, Bela - No.27 Sycopation (Book 1) 429. Bartok, Bela - No.28 Canon At The Octave (Book 1) 430. Bartok, Bela - No.29 Imitation Reflected (Book 1) 431. Bartok, Bela - No.30 Canon At The Lower Fifth (Boo 432. Bartok, Bela - No.31 Dance In Canon Form (Book 1) 433. Bartok, Bela - No.32 In Dorian Mode (Book 1) 434. Bartok, Bela - No.33 Slow Dance (Book 1) 435. Bartok, Bela - No.34 In Phrygian Mode (Book 1) 436. Bartok, Bela - No.35 Chorale (Book 1) 437. Bartok, Bela - No.36 Free Canon (Book 1) 438. Bartok, Bela - No.37 In Lydian Mode (Book 2) 439. Bartok, Bela - No.38 Staccato & Legato (Book 2) 440. Bartok, Bela - No.39 Staccato & Legato Canon (Book 441. Bartok, Bela - No.40 In Yugoslav Style (Book 2) 442. Bartok, Bela - No.41 Melody With Accompaniment (Bo 443. Bartok, Bela - No.42 Acompaniment In Broken Triads 444. Bartok, Bela - No.43 In Hungarian Style Version A: 445. Bartok, Bela - No.44 Contrary Motion 2 Pianos (Boo 446. Bartok, Bela - No.45 Meditation (Book 2) 447. Bartok, Bela - No.46 Increasing - Diminishing (Boo 448. Bartok, Bela - No.47 County Fair (Book 2) 449. Bartok, Bela - No.48 In Mixolydian Mode (Book 2) 450. Bartok, Bela - No.49 Crescendo - Diminuendo (Book 451. Bartok, Bela - No.50 Minuetto (Book 2) 452. Bartok, Bela - No.51 Waves (Book 2) 453. Bartok, Bela - No.52 Unison Divided (Book 2) 454. Bartok, Bela - No.53 In Transylvanian Style (Book 455. Bartok, Bela - No.54 Chromatics (Book 2) 456. Bartok, Bela - No.55 Triplets In Lydian Mode 2 Pia 457. Bartok, Bela - No.56 Melody In Tenths (Book 2) 458. Bartok, Bela - No.57 Accents (Book 2) 459. Bartok, Bela - No.58 In Oriental Style (Book 2) 460. Bartok, Bela - No.59 Major & Minor (Book 2) 461. Bartok, Bela - No.60 Canon With Sustained Notes (B 462. Bartok, Bela - No.61 Pentatonic Melody (Book 2) 463. Bartok, Bela - No.62 Minor Sixths In Parallel Moti 464. Bartok, Bela - No.63 Buzzing (Book 2) 465. Bartok, Bela - No.64 Line Against Point Version A 466. Bartok, Bela - No.65 Dialogue (Book 2) 467. Bartok, Bela - No.66 Melody Divided (Book 2) 468. Bartok, Bela - No.67 Thirds Against A Single Voice 469. Bartok, Bela - No.68 Hungarian Dance 2 Pianos (Boo 470. Bartok, Bela - No.69 Study In Chords (Book 3) 471. Bartok, Bela - No.70 Melody Against Double Notes ( 472. Bartok, Bela - No.71 Thirds (Book 3) 473. Bartok, Bela - No.72 Dragons' Dance (Book 3) 474. Bartok, Bela - No.73 Sixths & Triads (Book 3) 475. Bartok, Bela - No.74 Hungarian Machmaking Song Ver 476. Bartok, Bela - No.75 Triplets (Book 3) 477. Bartok, Bela - No.76 In Three Parts (Book 3) 478. Bartok, Bela - No.77 Little Study (Book 3) 479. Bartok, Bela - No.78 Five-tone Scale (Book 3) 480. Bartok, Bela - No.79 Hommage A J.s.b. (Book 3) 481. Bartok, Bela - No.80 Hommage A R.sch. (Book 3) 482. Bartok, Bela - No.81 Wandering (Book 3) 483. Bartok, Bela - No.82 Scherzo (Book 3) 484. Bartok, Bela - No.83 Melody With Interruptions (Bo 485. Bartok, Bela - No.84 Merriment (Book 3) 486. Bartok, Bela - No.85 Broken Chords (Book 3) 487. Bartok, Bela - No.86 Two Major Pentachords (Book 3 488. Bartok, Bela - No.87 Variations (Book 3) 489. Bartok, Bela - No.88 Duet For Pipes (Book 3) 490. Bartok, Bela - No.89 In Four Parts (Book 3) 491. Bartok, Bela - No.90 In Russian Style (Book 3) 492. Bartok, Bela - No.91 Chromatic Invention 1 (Book 3 493. Bartok, Bela - No.92 Chromatic Invention 2 (Book 3 494. Bartok, Bela - No.93 In Four Parts (Book 3) 495. Bartok, Bela - No.94 Once Upon A Time... (Book 3) 496. Bartok, Bela - No.95 Fox Song Version A & B; Versi 497. Bartok, Bela - No.96 Jolts (Book 3) 501. Mikrokosmos, Sz. 107 (Original Version) 502. Bartok, Bela - No.97 Notturno (Book 4) 503. Bartok, Bela - No.98 Thumb Under (Book 4) 504. Bartok, Bela - No.99 Crossed Hands (Book 4) 505. Bartok, Bela - No.100 In The Style Of A Folk Song 506. Bartok, Bela - No.101 Diminished Fifth (Book 4) 507. Bartok, Bela - No.102 Harmonics (Book 4) 508. Bartok, Bela - No.103 Minor & Major (Book 4) 509. Bartok, Bela - No.104 Through The Keys Version A & 510. Bartok, Bela - No.105 Playsong (Book 4) 511. Bartok, Bela - No.106 Children's Song (Book 4) 512. Bartok, Bela - No.107 Melody In The Mist (Book 4) 513. Bartok, Bela - No.108 Wrestling (Book 4) 514. Bartok, Bela - No.109 From The Island Of Bali (Boo 515. Bartok, Bela - No.110 Clashing Sounds (Book 4) 516. Bartok, Bela - No.111 Intermezzo (Book 4) 517. Bartok, Bela - No.112 Variations On A Folk Tune (B 518. Bartok, Bela - No.113 Bulgarian Rhythm 1 (Book 4) 519. Bartok, Bela - No.114 Theme & Inversion (Book 4) 520. Bartok, Bela - No.115 Bulgarian Rhythm 2 (Book 4) 521. Bartok, Bela - No.116 Melody (Book 4) 522. Bartok, Bela - No.117 Bourree (Book 4) 523. Bartok, Bela - No.118 Triplets In 9/8 Time (Book 4 524. Bartok, Bela - No.119 Dance In 3/4 Time (Book 4) 525. Bartok, Bela - No.120 Fifth Chords (Book 4) 526. Bartok, Bela - No.121 Two-part Study (Book 4) 527. Bartok, Bela - No.122 Chords Together & Opposed (B 528. Bartok, Bela - No.123 Staccato & Legato Version A 529. Bartok, Bela - No.124 Staccato (Book 5) 530. Bartok, Bela - No.125 Boating (Book 5) 531. Bartok, Bela - No.126 Change Of Time (Book 5) 532. Bartok, Bela - No.127 New Hungarian Folk Song With 533. Bartok, Bela - No.128 Peasant Dance (Book 5) 534. Bartok, Bela - No.129 Alternating Thirds (Book 5) 535. Bartok, Bela - No.130 Village Joke (Book 5) 536. Bartok, Bela - No.131 Fourths (Book 5) 537. Bartok, Bela - No.132 Major Seconds Broken & Toget 538. Bartok, Bela - No.133 Syncopation (Book 5) 539. Bartok, Bela - No.134 Studies In Double Notes Vers 540. Bartok, Bela - No.135 Perpetuum Mobile (Book 5) 541. Bartok, Bela - No.136 Whole-tone Scale (Book 5) 542. Bartok, Bela - No.137 Unison (Book 5) 543. Bartok, Bela - No.138 Bagpipe (Book 5) 544. Bartok, Bela - No.139 Merry Andrew (Book 5) 545. Bartok, Bela - No.140 Free Variations (Book 6) 546. Bartok, Bela - No.141 Subject & Reflection (Book 6 547. Bartok, Bela - No.142 From The Diary Of A Fly (Boo 548. Bartok, Bela - No.143 Divided Arpeggios (Book 6) 549. Bartok, Bela - No.144 Minor Seconds, Major Seventh 550. Bartok, Bela - No.145 Chromatic Invention Version 551. Bartok, Bela - No.146 Ostinato (Book 6) 552. Bartok, Bela - No.147 March (Book 6) 553. Bartok, Bela - No.148 Dance In Bulgarian Rhythm I 554. Bartok, Bela - No.149 Dance In Bulgarian Rhythm II 555. Bartok, Bela - No.150 Dance In Bulgarian Rhythm II 556. Bartok, Bela - No.151 Dance In Bulgarian Rhythm IV 557. Bartok, Bela - No.152 Dance In Bulgarian Rhythm V 558. Bartok, Bela - No.153 Dance In Bulgarian Rhythm VI 601. 3 Burlesques, Sz47, Op.8c Bb55 602. Bartok, Bela - 1. Presto (Original Version) 603. Bartok, Bela - 2. Allegretto (Original Version) 604. Bartok, Bela - 3. Molto Vivo, Capriccioso (Origina 605. Sketches, Op.9b Sz. 44 Bb54 606. Bartok, Bela - 1. Portait D'une Jeune Fille Andant 607. Bartok, Bela - 2. Balancoire Comodo (Original Vers 608. Bartok, Bela - 3. Lento (Original Version) 609. Bartok, Bela - 4. Non Troppo Lento - Temp I (Origi 610. Bartok, Bela - 5. Melodie Populaire Roumaine Andan 611. Bartok, Bela - 6. A La Valaque Allegrett 612. Bartok, Bela - 7. Poco Lento (Original Version) 613. 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs For Piano, Sz. 71 Bb79 614. Bartok, Bela - 1. Rubato (Four Old Sorrowful Songs 615. Bartok, Bela - 2. Andante (Four Old Sorrowful Song 616. Bartok, Bela - 3. Poco Rubato (Four Old Sorrowful 617. Bartok, Bela - 4. Andante (Four Old Sorrowful Song 618. Bartok, Bela - 5. Scherzo Allegro (Four Old Sorrow 619. Bartok, Bela - 6. Ballade Andante (Four Old Sorrow 620. Bartok, Bela - 7. Allegro (Old Dance Tunes) 621. Bartok, Bela - 8. Allegretto (Old Dance Tunes) 622. Bartok, Bela - 9. Allegretto (Old Dance Tunes) 623. Bartok, Bela - 10. L'istesso Tempo (Old Dance Tune 624. Bartok, Bela - 11. Assai Moderato (Old Dance Tunes 625. Bartok, Bela - 12. Allegretto - 13. Poco Piu Vivo 626. Bartok, Bela - 14. Allegro (Old Dance Tunes) 627. Bartok, Bela - 15. Allegro (Old Dance Tunes) 628. 8 Improvisations On Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op.20 629. Bartok, Bela - 1. Molto Moderato (Original Version 630. Bartok, Bela - 2. Molto Capriccioso (Original Vers 631. Bartok, Bela - 3. Lento, Rubato (Original Version) 632. Bartok, Bela - 4. Allegretto Scherzando (Original 633. Bartok, Bela - 5. Allegro Molto (Original Version) 634. Bartok, Bela - 6. Allegro Moderato (Original Versi 635. Bartok, Bela - 7. Sostenuto, Rubato (Original Vers 636. Bartok, Bela - 8. Allegro (Original Version) 637. Ten Easy Pieces, Sz. 39 Bb51 638. Bartok, Bela - Ajanlas Dedication (Original Versio 639. Bartok, Bela - 1. Parazsti Nota Peasant Song (Orig 640. Bartok, Bela - 2. Lassu Vergodes Frustration (Orig 641. Bartok, Bela - 3. Tot Legenyek Tanca Slovakian Boy 642. Bartok, Bela - 4. Sostenuto (Original Version) 643. Bartok, Bela - 5. Este A Szekelyeknel Evening With 644. Bartok, Bela - 6. Godollei Piactere Leesett A Ho H 645. Bartok, Bela - 7. Hajnal Dawn (Original Version) 646. Bartok, Bela - 8. Azt Mondjak, Nem Adnak Slovakian 647. Bartok, Bela - 9. Ujjgyakorlat Five-finger Exercis 648. Bartok, Bela - 10. Medvetanc Bear Dance (Original 701. Dance Suite Arr. Solo Piano, Bb86b 702. Bartok, Bela - 1. Moderato (Original Version) 703. Bartok, Bela - 2. Allegro Molto (Original Version) 704. Bartok, Bela - 3. Allegro Vivace (Original Version 705. Bartok, Bela - 4. Molto Tranquilo (Original Versio 706. Bartok, Bela - 5. Comodo (Original Version) 707. Bartok, Bela - 6. Finale (Original Version) 708. Rhapsody, Op.1 709. Bartok, Bela - Long Version, 1904 710. Four Piano Pieces, Bb27 711. Bartok, Bela - 1. Study For The Left Hand Tanulman 712. Bartok, Bela - 2. Fantasia 1 Abrand 1 (Original Ve 713. Bartok, Bela - 3. Fantasia 2 Abrand 2 (Original Ve 714. Bartok, Bela - 4. Scherzo (Original Version) 715. Kossuth - Symphonic Poem, Bb31 716. Bartok, Bela - Marche Funno.bre For Piano Arr.of T 717. Rhapsody, Op.1 718. Bartok, Bela - Shortened Version, 1908


A Storm of Swords. Sturm der Schwerter; Die Königin der Drachen, englische Ausgabe - 2826775053

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A Storm of Swords. Sturm der Schwerter; Die Königin der Drachen, englische Ausgabe Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

THE BOOK BEHIND THE THIRD SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES, AN ORIGINAL SERIES NOW ON HBO. §Here is the third volume in George R. R. Martin's magnificent cycle of novels that includes A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings . As a whole, this series comprises a genuine masterpiece of modern fantasy, bringing together the best the genre has to offer. Magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill these pages and transport us to a world unlike any we have ever experienced. Already hailed as a classic, George R. R. Martin's stunning series is destined to stand as one of the great achievements of imaginative fiction.§A STORM OF SWORDS§Of the five contenders for power, one is dead, another in disfavor, and still the wars rage as violently as ever, as alliances are made and broken. Joffrey, of House Lannister, sits on the Iron Throne, the uneasy ruler of the land of the Seven Kingdoms. His most bitter rival, Lord Stannis, stands defeated and disgraced, the victim of the jealous sorceress who holds him in her evil thrall. But young Robb, of House Stark, still rules the North from the fortress of Riverrun. Robb plots against his despised Lannister enemies, even as they hold his sister hostage at King's Landing, the seat of the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, making her way across a blood-drenched continent is the exiled queen, Daenerys, mistress of the only three dragons still left in the world. . . .§But as opposing forces maneuver for the final titanic showdown, an army of barbaric wildlings arrives from the outermost line of civilization. In their vanguard is a horde of mythical Others - a supernatural army of the living dead whose animated corpses are unstoppable. As the future of the land hangs in the balance, no one will rest until the Seven Kingdoms have exploded in a veritable storm of swords. . . .


SOLIDWORKS SOLUTIONS: Volume I - 2826884438

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

SolidWorks Solutions is divided into three different volumes. Volume I covers Introduction to SolidWorks together with the usage of Basic Tools. This Book is well suited for the Novice who has just come out of Board Drafting or anyone taking technical courses. This book is more of a hands-on approach to design with less theory. Most of the complicated terminologies have been broken down to simple terms. In this Module, the Student will be introduced to Basic SolidWorks program. The Volume I covers topics that include but not limited to: Utilizing Drawing tools, Setup Tools, Editing Tools, Customizing drawing tools, Dimensioning and Saving Drawings. This Book is written with Direct Instructions that could be used by an Instructor as a guide or the student as a gateway to SolidWorks. These series are my personal gift to the potential Student to help create better products that are environmental safe and friendly for all humanity. Welcome aboard!


Askmen.Com from the Bar to the Bedroom - 2826739392

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Askmen.Com from the Bar to the Bedroom Harper Collins

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From the popular men's website comes a lively and practical guide to sex and the art of picking up women, the first installment of a three-part series. This guide takes readers through every step of the mating ritual, from approaching the woman one wishes to take home to dazzling her once you get her there. Broken up into Rules of Picking-up and Mating, "Askmen.Com Guide to Sex" begins by helping men learn the fundamentals of confidence and conversation, adapt to different pick-up environments be it the bar or the office, and create the type of setting at home that won't repel your prospective partner. The guide goes on to instruct men on the virtues of foreplay, how to meet a woman's expectations in the bedroom and how to distinguish yourself from the other men she's been with. Additionally, the book offers options for different locations where the deed can be done, and how to leave her like a gentleman, or cover your trail, according to circumstance. With tasteful line drawings and a friendly, humorous tone, this book is essential reading for the novice who wants to enter the game or the player who wants to polish his techniques.


Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet - 2847665546

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Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet

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Sherlock Holmes, The World's Only Unofficial Consulting Detective, Was First Introduced To Readers In A Study In Scarlet Published By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle In 1887. It Was With The Publication Of The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, However, That The Master Sleuth Grew Tremendously In Popularity, Later To Become One Of The Most Beloved Literary Characters Of All Time.In This Book Series, The Short Stories Comprising The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Have Been Amusingly Illustrated Using Only Lego(R) Brand Minifigures And Bricks. The Illustrations Recreate, Through Custom Designed Lego Models, The Composition Of The Black And White Drawings By Sidney Paget That Accompanied The Original Publication Of These Adventures Appearing In The Strand Magazine From July 1891 To June 1892. Paget's Iconic Illustrations Are Largely Responsible For The Popular Image Of Sherlock Holmes, Including His Deerstalker Cap And Inverness Cape, Details Never Mentioned In The Writings Of Conan Doyle.This Uniquely Illustrated Collection, Which Features Some Of The Most Famous And Enjoyable Cases Investigated By Sherlock Holmes And His Devoted Friend And Biographer Dr. John H. Watson, Including A Sandal In Bohemia And The Red-Headed League, Is Sure To Delight Lego Enthusiasts, As Well As Fans Of The Great Detective, Both Old And New.LEGO(R) Is A Trademark Of The LEGO Group Of Companies. The LEGO Group Has Not Been Involved In Nor Has It In Any Other Way Licensed Or Authorised The Publication Of This Book.THE ADVENTURE OF THE BERYL CORONET: Banker Alexander Holder Has Been Entrusted With The Safekeeping Of The Precious Beryl Coronet, One Of The Most Valuable Treasures Of The Nobility. Afraid To Leave The Valuable Piece Of Jewellery At The Bank, He Brings It Home, Only To Have A Piece Of The Crown Broken Off And Three Beryls Stolen. Holder Appeals To Sherlock Holmes To Help Recover The Precious Stones And Thus Avoid A Personal And National Scandal.


San Juan County, New Mexico - 2843910261

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San Juan County, New Mexico Forgotten Books

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Excerpt from San Juan County, New Mexico: An Ideal Agricultural Section With Plenty of Water for Irrigation and Land for Homeseekers San Juan County occupies the northwestern corner of the Territory of New Mexico. It is bounded on the north by La Plata County, Colorado; on the west by Arizona, on the south by McKinley County and on the east by Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. The government monument which marks its northwestern corner also marks the corner of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. It is adjacent to one of the richest mining belts in the United States and its present distributing point is Durango, just across the Colorado line. Area. San Juan County is an empire in itself. It covers 5,742 square miles, or to be more exact, 3,697,000 acres, of which 1,958,400 acres are included in the Navajo Indian Reservation; 1,475,000 acres are subject to entry under the federal land laws; about 260,000 acres have been appropriated, and about 300,000 acres are irrigable. The county is four and one-half times as large as the State of Rhode Island; three times as large as Delaware, and contains 900 square miles more than the State of Connecticut. Topography. Topographically, the county, or at least the irrigable portion of it, viewed from above, presents the appearance of a basin surrounded on all sides with mountains and high ridges, with a deep notch cut into one side through which the San Juan River flows. The county is not mountainous, but is located in the foothills, on the mesas and in the valleys of the gigantic mountain masses to the north in Colorado. Some of its hills, however, rise to a considerable altitude. Outside of the river valleys and the upper mesas, which are broad and level, the county consists of a series of "double lands" broken by arroyos and generally composed of fertile soil upon which the native grasses grow luxuriantly. The altitude ranges from 5,100 to 5,800 feet. On the La Plata, in the La Plata Valley, extending to the San Juan River, is a large body of land called "The Meadows," consisting of about 30,000 acres of unbroken land, which slopes gently from both sides to a dry run or arroyo in the center. It is five miles wide in some places and is situated just right for irrigation.. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Tomb of Shadows - 2826941246

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Tomb of Shadows Collins

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The third book in the thrilling SEVEN WONDERS series. "A high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets...I can't wait to see what's next." Rick Riordan THREE FRIENDS:Jack McKinley and his friends are the Select. Their powers are growing at a furious rate and must find seven magical object to save themselves - and the world. Two treasures have already been found, but time is running out...TWO SIDES SPLIT: Marco has betrayed his friends and ancient secrets are coming unravelled. The Select don't know who to trust or where to turn, but they must fight on. ONE LIFE LOST: Jack, Aly and Cass race to the next stop on their quest, where they have to face their own demons and engage in an epic battle with shadows of the dead. When promises are broken, blood is spilled - and the Select are forced to destroy the one thing that might have saved them all. The epic adventure continues. Third stop: The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.


Growing Pains of Adrian Mole - 2826748696

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Growing Pains of Adrian Mole MICHAEL JOSEPH

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"The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole" is the second book in Sue Townsend's brilliantly funny "Adrian Mole" series. Sunday July 18th. My father announced at breakfast that he is going to have a vasectomy. I pushed my sausages away untouched. In this second instalment of teenager "Adrian Mole's Diaries", the Mole family is in crisis and the country is beating the drum of war. While his parents have reconciled after both embarked on disastrous affairs, Adrian is shocked to learn of his mother's pregnancy. And even though at the mercy of his rampant hormones and the fickle whims of the divine Pandora, a victim of a broken home and his own tortured (though unrecognised) genius, Adrian continues valiantly to chronicle the pains and pleasures of a misspent adolescence. Bestselling author Sue Townsend has been Britain's favourite comic writer for over three decades. "Funny, moving and a poke in the eye for adult morality". ("Sunday Express"). "Written with great verve, and showing an uncanny understanding of the young, Sue Townsend holds the balance between innocence and precocity and the result is both hilarious and salutary". ("Daily Telegraph"). "Life's no fun for an adolescent intellectual. For the reader it's a hoot". ("New Statesman"). Sue Townsend is Britain's favourite comic author. Her hugely successful novels include eight "Adrian Mole" books, "The Public Confessions of a Middle-Aged Woman (Aged 55 )", "Number Ten", "Ghost Children", "The Queen and I", "Queen Camilla" and "The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year", all of which are highly acclaimed bestsellers. She has also written numerous well-received plays. She lives in Leicester, where she was born and grew up.


Father Joe The Man Who Saved My Soul - 2212826760

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Father Joe The Man Who Saved My Soul Random House

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A key comic writer of the past three decades has created his most heartfelt and hard-hitting book. Father Joe is Tony Hendra's inspiring true story of finding faith, friendship, and family through the decades-long influence of a surpassingly wise Benedictine monk named Father Joseph Warrillow. Like everything human, it started with sex. In 1955, fourteen-year-old Tony found himself entangled with a married Catholic woman. In Cold War England, where Catholicism was the subject of news stories and Graham Greene bestsellers, Tony was whisked off by the woman's husband to see a priest and be saved. Yet what he found was a far cry from the priests he'd known at Catholic school, where boys were beaten with belts or set upon by dogs. Instead, he met Father Joe, a gentle, stammering, ungainly Benedictine who never used the words 'wrong' or 'guilt,' who believed that God was in everyone and that 'the only sin was selfishness.' During the next forty years, as his life and career drastically ebbed and flowed, Tony discovered that his visits to Father Joe remained the one constant in his life -- the relationship that, in the most serious sense, saved it. From the fifties and his adolescent desire to join an abbey himself; to the sixties, when attending Cambridge and seeing the satire of Beyond the Fringe convinced him to change the world with laughter, not prayer; to the seventies and successful stints as an original editor of National Lampoon and a writer of Lemmings, the off-Broadway smash that introduced John Belushi and Chevy Chase; to professional disaster after co-creating the legendary English series Spitting Image; from drinking to drugs, from a failed first marriage to a successful second and the miracle of parenthood -- the years only deepened Tony's need for the wisdom of his other and more real father, creating a bond that could not be broken, even by death. A startling departure for this acclaimed satirist, Father Joe is a sincere account of how Tony Hendra learned to love. It's the story of a whole generation looking for a way back from mockery and irony, looking for its own Father Joe, and a testament to one of the most charismatic mentors in modern literature.


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