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Her Father's Sins - 2850848216

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Her Father's Sins



Her Father's Sins - 2860450379

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Her Father's Sins

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>SagasKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Historical fict...



Sins Of The Father - 2849907956

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Sins Of The Father

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

Emma Chambers Has An Way Out Of The Poverty-stricken Life She Lives - But It Might Just Destroy Her To Take It... The Gritty Tale From The Bestselling Author Of NOBODY'S GIRL.


Fathers' Sins - 2862175135

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Fathers' Sins Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Beautiful teenager Laura has known nothing but hardship, and she and her older sister, Patty, care for their baby sister as they have since their mother died four years earlier. Their illiterate father, a recovering alcoholic, finally steps up to care for his family. One day he orders them to pack to move, promising a wonderful life of riches, but in the midst of their packing, an armed man bursts into their home and opens fire. Only Laura survives the brutal attack. Now an orphan, Laura must fight for her very survival in the wilderness. She meets a handsome young man, Tony, who seems to be the answer to her prayers. The two start as friends but fall in love. But Tony harbors dark secrets, and Laura makes the difficult decision to leave the love of her life. She spends months in foster care but eventually is adopted by John and Marlene Knight, who provide the love she needs as she tries to forget Tony. Fate intervenes once more, and Laura faces unexpected setbacks again and again. As she tries to make sense of these tragedies and discover their source- turning to her faith and belief in God's love - she finds herself drawn into danger. Unless she can discover the truth and allow faith to step in, she must pay for the fathers' sins. Adriana Parrinello was born into a traditional Sicilian home, the youngest of five children, all of whom live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She began writing a novel while in her teens but life interrupted that writing. After she married her husband, Matteo, she began to study the Bible and grow in her faith. Adriana realized she could combine her passion for writing and her passion for Christ. With the help of Matteo, who cared for their children, she finished her first novel, The Fathers' Sins, and began its sequel. The mother of three his now completed the third novel of the series and is working on a fourth book, set before the first three. Adriana prays her stories will strengthen the faith of those who read them.


Sins Of The Mother - 2862150475

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Sins Of The Mother TOUCHSTONE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Have the sins of the mother come upon the daughter?Jasmine Larson Bush is finally living a drama-free life. She's left her lying, cheating, stealing stripper days behind and is standing by her husband's side as the first lady of one of the largest churches in New York City. The Bushes have been blessed with the best of everything--including two lovely children. But just when Jasmine has committed her life completely to God, her daughter Jacqueline is kidnapped from a mall the day after Thanksgiving. The police and the church community join in the frantic search to find the four-year-old. As the days pass without any sign of her daughter, Jasmine begins to crack under the strain and turns to Brian Lewis, Jacqueline's biological father, for solace. Has Jasmine's past finally caught up to her? Will her daughter be found or will Jasmine pay the ultimate price?


Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad - 2854922647

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Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe - Souad

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Pierwsze na świecie świadectwo ofiary zbrodni honorowej. Miała siedemnaście lat i zakochała się: zhańbiła rodzinę. Więc rodzina wydała na nią wyrok śmierci... Pokochała go pierwszą miłością. Myślała, że się z nią ożeni. Ale ukochany zniknął, a ona odkryła, że jest w ciąży. A w jej świecie to najcięższa zbrodnia... W zapomnianej przez Boga wiosce w Cisjordanii kobiety są warte mniej niż zwierzęta domowe. Tu mężczyzna jest panem życia i śmierci żony, córki, siostry. Brat może bezkarnie zabić siostrę, matka - córkę, kolejną bezużyteczną dziewczynkę, jaka się urodzi. Tu kobiecie odbiera się godność, a nawet życie zgodnie z odwiecznym obyczajem i uświęconą tradycją. A śmierć jest karą dla dziewczyny, która zhańbi rodzinę. Tak jak Souad. Wyrok wydaje jej ojciec. Szwagier dokonuje egzekucji. Oblewa Souad benzyną i podpala... SOUAD przeżyła - cudem, ale rodzina usiłowała zabić ją nawet w szpitalu. Na zawsze jednak pozostanie straszliwie okaleczona - na ciele i duszy. I wciąż musi się ukrywać; dopóki żyje, jej rodzinę okrywa hańba. Spalona żywcem, opublikowana pod pseudonimem szokująca opowieść o piekle, jakim było jej dzieciństwo i młodość, stała się międzynarodowym bestsellerem. Wydana w 37 w krajach książka przerywa tabu milczenia wobec istniejącej nadal w krajach muzułmańskich barbarzyńskiej tradycji. Nieludzkiego obyczaju, prawa mężczyzn, na mocy którego co najmniej pięć tysięcy kobiet pada co roku ofiarą zbrodni honorowej. Nazwa - Spalona Żywcem Wyd. Kieszonkowe Autor - Souad Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Amber Kod ISBN - 9788324159406 Kod EAN - 9788324159406 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2016 Tłumacz - 31182,maria rostworowska; Format - 110 x 175 x 14 Ilość stron - 224 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2016-06-23


Forgotten Letters - 2862390461

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Forgotten Letters Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Long-forgotten, dusty cardboard boxes reveal an amazing legacy: letters from World War II that tell stories of courage and fear, survival and loss. The letters, mainly written by the author's mother Didi and grandmother-- separated by war -- tell of the war years in the East Indies and in the Netherlands, time in an interment camp during the Japanese occupation in Java and life in Holland during the German occupation. Although the letters tell of loss, such as the death of the author's father (a Japanese prisoner of war) who dies in a bombing raid by our Allies in 1944, the memoir includes missives of hope, written as the author's mother waits for her new love Jan, a man who had been her best friend before the war and who she will soon marry, as well as stories of the lighter moments of living in camp. The beautifully descriptive narrative by author Sia Arnason and letter excerpts chronicle an amazing tale of her newly married parents' life in the Dutch colonies, the rigors of preparing for a worldwide war, a harrowing attempt to escape the enemy by venturing into the jungle, and living in POW and interment camps. When the war ends, the struggle to survive continues as Indonesia faces its own violent struggles to become an independent nation. Sia's words create a moving and unforgettable account of the harsh realities of war as seen through the eyes of those who soldiered through it. Sia Arnason arrived in the United States as a twenty-two year old interested in yet more challenges in a new country. She was a guide in the United Nations for a few years and then earned a Masters in Social Work. She was employed for more than 25 years at the Brookdale Center on Aging of Hunter College in New York City. Sia's mother, Didi, remained in Holland and lived to be 95. Sia Arnason resides near the Berkshire Mountains with her husband Jon and five cats.


House Full of Whispers - 2862162456

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House Full of Whispers Loving Healing Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An orphan's dearest dream becomes her nightmare... Until age 9, Sharon had been in an orphanage most of her young life craving a family of her own. Her wishes were granted when her biological mother came and rescued Sharon from a lonely world. Within a year, her stepfather began touching her and her life quickly became a fight for survival. Sharon would not submit easily but survived with her wits alone. Although Sharon is yet a small ripple in a sea of survivors, her experiences will help many to understand the trauma and recovery of small children who live and breathe the sins perpetrated by a caregiver. In 2007, she took a polygraph test (lie detector) and passed as a non-deceptive (truthful person) for the accusations made against step-father. She challenged him to do the same-he refused! Therapists' Acclaim for the House Full of Whispers "This is the story of one girl's fear and battle to survive the emotional traumas and deprivation of her past. I can thoroughly recommend this book which will help anyone who is, or has, suffered abuse." --Lynda Bevan, author Life After Betrayal "A very honest account, and a very accurate view of the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of people traumatized in childhood and youth. If you suffered in childhood, or are in a helping position to those who have, then you must read this book." --Robert Rich, PhD, author Cancer: A Personal Challenge Learn more at Book #1 in the Whispers Trilogy From Modern History Press BIO022000 Biography & Autobiography : Women SEL001000 Self-Help : Abuse - General PSY022040 Psychology : Psychopathology - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Winter Folly - 2826735592

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Winter Folly PAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this house there are many secrets...It is 1965 and young Alexandra Crewe obediently marries the man her father has selected for her. But very soon both she and her husband Laurence realize that their marriage is a disaster. When real love finds Alexandra, plucking her out of her unhappy existence, she is powerless to resist. Her home becomes Fort Stirling, a beautiful Dorset castle, but Alexandra fears that there will be a price to pay for this wonderful new life. When tragedy strikes, it seems that her punishment has come, and there is only one way she can atone for her sins ...In the present day, Delilah Young is the second wife of John Stirling and the new chatelaine of Fort Stirling. The house seems to be a sad one and Delilah hopes to fill it with life and happiness. But when she attempts to heal the heartbreak in John's life, it seems that the forces of the past might be too strong for her. Why does John have such a hatred for the old folly on the hill, and what happened to his mother when she vanished from his life? As Delilah searches for the truth, she realizes that perhaps some secrets are better left buried ...


Facade: The Games Trilogy 2 - 2826665776

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Facade: The Games Trilogy 2 Headline Eternal

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

If you adore Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster you'll love THE GAMES trilogy. BOOK 2 in THE GAMES trilogy. No one knows who twenty-one year-old Adrian Westfall is behind his facade. After what he's done, he deserves to live alone with his pain, even if he'd do anything to forget. Anything for a moment of quiet without his past haunting him. Eighteen year-old Delaney Cross wants nothing more than to absolve her family from her father's sins. To keep her suicidal mom off that ledge, and help her brother Maddox get the light back in his eyes. She thinks their road to freedom is through Adrian. Adrian and Delaney are bound together by tragedy...Only Adrian doesn't know it. As their lives intertwine, they find a solace in each other they never knew existed. Laney knows she needs to tell him-to come out from behind her smoke screen, but to say the words could mean losing him. Two people. Two disguises. True love. Will it be enough to save them when all secrets are bared?



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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the 5th of the 5 book series on the subject of integrity, taken from the author' original book entitled "Let Integrity And Uprightness Preserve Me...". It was created as the result of her obedience to her pastor Bishop Dr. Dana C. Head Sr.' instructions to break down the larger book, so it will be easier to digest. If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from My heavenly father, and I will forgive their sins and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:9-10 Then Peter said unto them: Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:3 Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth His will, him He heareth. John 9:31 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for He is faithful that promised. And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:23-25


Racing Hearts - 2862069352

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Racing Hearts Leap Books, LLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Book One: Eighteen-year-old Jesse Copeland learns of a local car race sponsored by his father's nemesis, Shep Bradley, and the prize money might be enough to keep his family from losing their home-if he can win. Brooke, Shep's daughter, is also aiming to compete, with or without her father's approval. She'll do whatever it takes to persuade Jesse to make her car race ready. Both are driven, both are risk-takers, and soon it's more than engines getting fired up. Jesse tells himself their relationship is strictly business, until it isn't. Can two star-crossed lovers overcome a family feud as old as Ford vs. Chevy, or will the competition become too explosive for these racing hearts? Book Two: See you at the finish line


All About The Baby - 2862449658

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All About The Baby Read Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

ALL ABOUT the BABY THE BEGINNINGS OF HUMAN LIFE, WITH EARLY NEEDS VOLUME TWO By BELLE WOOD-COMSTOCK, M. D. A Preface THE most important thing in the world is the baby, for he is the unit out of which the world is made. He is the man or the woman in the making, and upon the success or failure of this making depends the sum total of joy or sorrow, happiness or woe in this sphere of ours. We have all been babies, and all feel sure that if we could go back and have a hand in our upbringing we would have lived happier and more successful lives. And any one of us, married or single, can very easily see mistakes others make in the care of their children. That mistakes, serious ones, are made in the rearing of every child, then can be no question. These mistakes are not always made by parents, Grandparents, uncles, aunts, family friends, casual acquaintances, all have a hand in the errors that spoil the child, Perhaps if we could get away from the idea that the bring- ing up of children is a task that fathers and mothers - principally mothers - must carry alone, and all realise the importance of more universal intelligence as regards child needs and care, there might be a cooperation with mother that would lessen her anxiety, lighten her labors, and make possible the attainment of her ends in the final production of men and women, not only more to our liking but nearer the standard of individual possibilities and world needs. The story of life, of the child's background, of his possibilities, his physical, nervous, and emotional requirements should be of greatest interest to every one who has any memory of his own' childhood, It might help him to understand himself more fully, to realize more clearly whence he came, why he is what he is, and whither he may be going. The study of the baby ami something of his psychology should be of interest to every one who ever by contact, word, or look influences a little child, BABY s BACKGROUND 1. THE FAMILY TREE- ITS BEGINNINGS 2. THE FAMILY TREE- ITS PERPETUATION 3. THE FAMILY TREE - ITS FRUIT: BLUE EYES OR BROWN 4. WHAT CAN AND CANNOT BE INHERITED SECTION II BABY'S 5. THE SINS OF THE FATHERS 6. LIMITATIONS AND POSSIBILITIES 7. PRACTICAL INFULENCE. 8. ENVIRONMENT SECTION III THE BABY'S PARENTS 9. SOME ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY 10, THE BABY'S FATHER. 11. THE BABY'S MOTHER SECTION IV. 12. GETTING READY FOR THK BABY 13, THE MOTHER AND HER CARE 14, THE MOTHER 16. BABYS BEDROOM AND OTHER THINGS. SECTION V -THE BABY 17. THK BABY'S ARRIVAL 18. BABYS ADJUSTMENT TO HIS NEW SURROUNDINGS IP, THE FAMILY'S ADJUSTMENT TO THE NEW BABY 20, A DAY WITH THE BABY SECTION VI. BECOMING ESTABLISHED 21, AROUND THE FIRST CORNER AT THREE TO FOUR MONTHS 22, LEARNING TO SIX MONTHS 23. BOTTLES AND FORMULAS 24. SOME OF THE PROBLEMS


Historical Recordings 193 - 2839542006

439,99 zł

Historical Recordings 193 WESTHILL RADIO ARCHIVES


1. Cehanovsky, George - Vanessa Op. 32 (Oper In 4 Akt 2. Potage Creme Aux Perles (1. Akt) 3. No, I Cannot Understand 4. Must The Winter Come So Soon? 5. Listen!... They Are Here... 6. Do Not Utter A Word, Anatol 7. Yes, I Believe I Shall Love You 8. Who Are You? 9. And Then? - He Made Me Drink (2. Akt) 10. No, You Are Not As Good A Skater 11. Under The Willow Tree 12. Erika, I Am So Happy 13. Our Arms Entwined 14. Did You Hear Her? 15. Outside This House The World Has Changed 16. Orchestral Interlude - Hymn 17. The Count & Countess D'albany (3. Akt) 18. I Should Never Have Been A Doctor 19. Here You Are! 20. At Last Found You 21. Nothing To Worry About 101. Why Did No One Warn Me? (4. Akt) 102. Why Must The Greatest Sorrows 103. There, Look! 104. Anatol, Tell Me The Truth! 105. Take Me Away 106. Grandmother! - Yes, Erika 107. Intermezzo 108. By The Time We Arrive 109. For Every Love There Is A Last Farewell 110. And You, My Friend 111. To Leave, To Break 112. Goodbye, Erika 113. Barber, Samuel - Medea Op. 23 (Suite Fuer Orchestr 114. 1. Parados 115. 2. Choros: Medea & Jason - 3. The Young Princess 116. 4. Choros 117. 5. Medea 118. 6. Kantikos Agonias 119. 7. Exodos 120. Mitropoulos, Dimitri - Medeas Meditation & Dance O 201. Janssen Symphony Orchestra Of Los Angeles - The Sc 202. Nbc Symphony Orchestra - Sinfonie Nr. 1 Op. 9 (Ori 203. 1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 204. 2. Allegro Molto 205. 3. Andante Tranquillo 206. 4. Con Moto 207. New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - Sinfoni 208. 1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 209. 2. Allegro Molto 210. 3. Andante Tranquillo 211. 4. Con Moto 212. Nbc Symphony Orchestra - Adagio Fuer Streicher Op. 213. Nbc Symphony Orchestra - Essay Fuer Orchester Nr. 214. New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - Essay F 215. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Commando March 301. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Sinfonie Nr. 2 Op. 19 302. 1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 303. 2. Andante, Un Poco Mosso 304. 3. Presto 305. Barber, Samuel - Sinfonie Nr. 2 Op. 19 (Rev. Fassu 306. 1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 307. 2. Andante, Un Poco Mosso 308. 3. Presto, Senza Battuta - Poco Sostenuto - Allegr 309. Barber, Samuel - Sinfonie Nr. 2 Op. 19 (Rev. Fassu 401. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Die Natali Op. 37 402. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Prayers Of Kierkegaard 403. Nr. 1: O Thou Who Art Unchangeable 404. Nr. 2: Lord Jesus Christ, Who Suffered All Life Lo 405. Nr. 3: Father In Heaven, Well We Know That It Is T 406. Nr. 4: Father In Heaven! Hold Not Our Sins Up Agai 407. Ormandy, Eugene - Konzert Fuer Violine Und Orchest 408. 1. Allegro 409. 2. Andante 410. 3. Presto In Moto Perpetuo 501. Boston Symphony Orchestra - Konzert Fuer Violine U 502. 1. Allegro 503. 2. Andante 504. 3. Presto In Moto Perpetuo 505. Baker, Julius - Capricorn-concerto Op. 21 (Fuer Fl 506. 1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 507. 2. Allegretto 508. 3. Allegro Con Brio 509. Barber, Samuel - Konzert Fuer Violoncello Und Orch 510. 1. Allegro Moderato 511. 2. Andante Sostenuto 512. 3. Molto Allegro E Appassionato 601. Cole, Orlando - Sonate Fuer Violoncello Und Klavie 602. Spoken Introduction By Orlando Cole 603. 1. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 604. 2. Adagio 605. 3. Allegro Appassionato 606. Aronoff, Max - Streichquartett H-moll Op. 11 607. 1. Molto Allegro E Appassionato 608. 2. Adagio 609. 3. Molto Adagio - Presto 610. Firkusny, Rudolf - Excursions Op. 20 (Four Excursi 611. Nr. 1: Un Poco Allegro 612. Nr. 2: In Slow Blues Tempo 613. Nr. 3: Allegretto 614. Nr. 4: Exuberant & Joyous Barn Dance 615. Fizdale, Robert - Souvenirs Op. 28 (Ballett): Suit 616. 1. Tempo Di Waltz 617. 2. Schottisch 618. 3. Adagio 619. 4. Two-step 620. 5. Hesitation Tango 621. 6. Galop 701. Aronoff, Max - Dover Beach Op. 3 (Fuer Singstimme 702. City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - Knoxville 703. Biltcliffe, Edward - Knoxville Summer Of 1915 Op. 704. New York Philharmonic - Knoxville Summer Of 1915 O 705. Barber, Samuel - Lieder Op. 13 Nr. 1-4 (Auszug) 706. Nr. 3: Sure On This Shining Night 707. Barber, Samuel - Lieder Op. 13 Nr. 1-4 (Auszug) 708. Nr. 4: Nocturne 709. Barber, Samuel - Lieder Op. 10 Nr. 1-3 (Auszug) 710. Nr. 3: I Hear An Army 711. Menotti, Gian Carlo - Statement By Gian Carlo Meno 712. Barber, Samuel - Interview With Samuel Barber By J


Sermons from the Flemish, Vol. 3 - 2862205061

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Sermons from the Flemish, Vol. 3 Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Sermons From the Flemish, Vol. 3: First Series, for All the Sundays of the Year The Holy Church, my brethren, calls upon us to-day to tread in the painful road of the Saviour, from the garden of Olives to Mount Calvary, and all that we see in God's House shows that the Church is in mourning. The joyful song of praise, "Glory be to the Father," is omitted at Mass as well as in the beginning of her Office; her ministers are clothed in penitential vestments, even the crosses and statues are covered with the purple of mourning. She calls this week the week of suffering, and this day the Sunday of suffering; Passion Week and Passion Sunday. Jesus has suffered for us, and endured greater torments than all angels and men together are capable of comprehending. The Church wishes, by meditation on these sufferings, to exhort us to a greater love towards this merciful God, to make us deplore our sins, by which we have so grievously offended this loving God, and, on the occasion of Easter, to make us rise by a sincere conversion out of the grave of our iniquities. We, too, have to suffer here on earth, my brethren, and to suffer even a great deal. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


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