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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 36. Chapters: 1333 births, 1333 by country, 1333 deaths, 1333 disestablishments, 1333 establishments, 1333 in Europe, Conflicts in 1333, Kamakura shogunate, Wladyslaw I the Elbow-high, Antipope Nicholas V, Margaret de Clare, Baroness Badlesmere, Battle of Halidon Hill, Eleanor of Aragon, Queen of Cyprus, Nikko, William Donn de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster, Roger de Clifford, 5th Baron de Clifford, Archibald Douglas, Simon Mepeham, Adam de Gordon, lord of Gordon, John II, Count of Armagnac, Oettinger Beer, Scots College, Siege of Kamakura, Helena Kantakouzene, Nenang Nunnery, Alfonso de la Cerda, Genko War, Battle of Kumegawa, Hojo Takatoki, Rita of Armenia, Kozuke-Musashi Campaign, Battle of Dornock, Battle of Bubaigawara, Pieter de Coninck, List of state leaders in 1333, Battle of Kotesashi, Hugh, Earl of Ross, Imelda Lambertini, Mikhail II of Tver, Prince Morikuni, Siege of Nicomedia, William of Alnwick, Margaret Mortimer, Baroness Wigmore, Manuel II of Trebizond, William IV, Lord of Douglas, Ibn Zamrak, Ibn Abbad al-Rundi, Carlo Zeno, Henry XV, Duke of Bavaria, Momik, Guigues VIII of Viennois, Reginald III, Duke of Guelders, Maol Choluim II, Earl of Lennox, John Campbell, Earl of Atholl, Muhammed IV, Sultan of Granada, 1333 in Ireland, Lewis de Beaumont, Kanami, TomáS stítný ze stítného, Novella d'Andrea, Gilbert de la Hay, Nichimoku, Giovanni Gaddi, Yu Qin, Kenneth de Moravia, 4th Earl of Sutherland, Bartholomew of Bologna, Alexander de Brus, Earl of Carrick, Konoe Michitsugu, Theodoric of Isenburg-Arnfels, Hojo Mototoki, Wu Cheng. Excerpt: Margaret de Clare, Baroness Badlesmere (c.1 April 1287 - 22 October 1333 / 3 January 1334) was a Norman-Irish noblewoman, suo jure heiress, and the wife of Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Baron Badlesmere. She was arrested and subsequently imprisoned in the Tower of London for the duration of a year from November 1321 to November 1322, making her the first female prisoner in the Tower's history. She was jailed on account of having ordered an armed assault on Isabella of France, Queen consort of King Edward II of England. Before Margaret had instructed her archers to fire upon Isabella and her escort, she had refused the Queen admittance to Leeds Castle where her husband, Baron Badlesmere held the post of governor, but which was legally the property of Queen Isabella as part of the latter's dowry. Margaret surrendered the castle on 31 October 1321 after it was besieged by the King's forces using ballistas. Edward's capture of Leeds Castle was the catalyst which led to the Despenser War in the Welsh Marches and the north of England. Upon her release from the Tower, Margaret entered a religious life at the convent house of the Minorite Sisters outside Aldgate. King Edward granted her a stipend to pay for her maintenance. Bunratty Castle in Thomond, Ireland, was the birthplace of Margaret de ClareMargaret was born at Bunratty Castle in Thomond, Ireland on or about 1 April 1287, the youngest child of Thomas de Clare, Lord of Thomond and Juliana FitzGerald of Offaly, and granddaughter of Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester. She had two brothers, Gilbert de Clare, Lord of Thomond, and Richard de Clare, 1st Lord Clare, Lord of Thomond, who was killed at the Battle of Dysert O'Dea in 1318; and an elder sister, Maud, whose first husband was Robert de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford. Margaret also had an illegitimate half-brother, Richard the Clerk. Her f...


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