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Quantum Theory of Many-Body Systems - 2854334648

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Quantum Theory of Many-Body Systems Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This text presents a self-contained treatment of the physics of many-body systems from the point of view of condensed matter. The approach, quite traditionally, uses the mathematical formalism of quasiparticles and Green s functions. In particular, it covers all the important diagram techniques for normal and superconducting systems, including the zero-temperature perturbation theory and the Matsubara, Keldysh and Nambu-Gor'kov formalism, as well as an introduction to Feynman path integrals.§This new edition contains an introduction to the methods of theory of one-dimensional systems (bosonization and conformal field theory) and their applications to many-body problems.§Intended for graduate students in physics and related fields, the aim is not to be exhaustive, but to present enough detail to enable the student to follow the current research literature, or to apply the techniques to new problems. Many of the examples are drawn from mesoscopic physics, which deals with systems small enough that quantum coherence is maintained throughout their volume and which therefore provides an ideal testing ground for many-body theories.§


Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics, and Financial Markets - 2854335291

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Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics, and Financial Markets World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the fifth, expanded edition of the comprehensive textbook published in 1990 on the theory and applications of path integrals. It is the first book to explicitly solve path integrals of a wide variety of nontrivial quantum-mechanical systems, in particular the hydrogen atom. The solutions have been made possible by two major advances. The first is a new euclidean path integral formula which increases the restricted range of applicability of Feynman's time-sliced formula to include singular attractive 1/r- and 1/r2-potentials. The second is a new nonholonomic mapping principle carrying physical laws in flat spacetime to spacetimes with curvature and torsion, which leads to time-sliced path integrals that are manifestly invariant under coordinate transformations. In addition to the time-sliced definition, the author gives a perturbative, coordinate-independent definition of path integrals, which makes them invariant under coordinate transformations. A consistent implementation of this property leads to an extension of the theory of generalized functions by defining uniquely products of distributions. The powerful Feynman-Kleinert variational approach is explained and developed systematically into a variational perturbation theory which, in contrast to ordinary perturbation theory, produces convergent results. The convergence is uniform from weak to strong couplings, opening a way to precise evaluations of analytically unsolvable path integrals in the strong-coupling regime where they describe critical phenomena. Tunneling processes are treated in detail, with applications to the lifetimes of supercurrents, the stability of metastable thermodynamic phases, and the large-order behavior of perturbation expansions. A variational treatment extends the range of validity to small barriers. A corresponding extension of the large-order perturbation theory now also applies to small orders. Special attention is devoted to path integrals with topological restrictions needed to understand the statistical properties of elementary particles and the entanglement phenomena in polymer physics and biophysics. The Chern-Simons theory of particles with fractional statistics (anyons) is introduced and applied to explain the fractional quantum Hall effect. The relevance of path integrals to financial markets is discussed, and improvements of the famous Black-Scholes formula for option prices are developed which account for the fact, recently experienced in the world markets, that large fluctuations occur much more frequently than in Gaussian distributions.


Dynamical Systems With Applications Usin - 2854395751

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Dynamical Systems With Applications Usin Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This textbook, now in its second edition, provides a broad introduction to both continuous and discrete dynamical systems, the theory of which is motivated by examples from a wide range of disciplines. It emphasizes applications and simulation utilizing MATLAB


Microscale Acoustofluidics - 2854339525

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Microscale Acoustofluidics Royal Society Of Chemistry

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The manipulation of cells and microparticles within microfluidic systems using external forces is valuable for many microscale analytical and bioanalytical applications. Acoustofluidics is the ultrasound-based external forcing of microparticles with microfluidic systems. It has gained much interest because it allows for the simple label-free separation of microparticles based on their mechanical properties without affecting the microparticles themselves. Microscale Acoustofluidics provides an introduction to the field providing the background to the fundamental physics including chapters on governing equations in microfluidics and perturbation theory and ultrasound resonances, acoustic radiation force on small particles, continuum mechanics for ultrasonic particle manipulation, and piezoelectricity and application to the excitation of acoustic fields for ultrasonic particle manipulation. The book also provides information on the design and characterization of ultrasonic particle manipulation devices as well as applications in acoustic trapping and immunoassays. Written by leading experts in the field, the book will appeal to postgraduate students and researchers interested in microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip applications.


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