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Singular Perturbation Theory - 2827090706

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Singular Perturbation Theory Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The theory of singular perturbations has evolved as a response to the need to find approximate solutions (in an analytical form) to complex problems. Typically, such problems are expressed in terms of differential equations which contain at least one small parameter, and they can arise in many fields: fluid mechanics, particle physics, and combustion processes, to name but three.Many areas of science and engineering produce difficult mathematical problems , i.e., problems that cannot be solved in any conventional sense. In many cases, against all the apparent odds, it is possible to construct systematic approximations that lead to useful solutions. The most powerful of these approximation techniques is singular perturbation theory.§Singular Perturbation Theory introduces all the background ideas to this subject, designed for those with only the most superficial familiarity with university-level mathematics. The methods are developed through worked examples and set exercises (with answers); the latter part of the book is devoted to applications drawn from: mechanics, physics, semi- and superconductor theory, fluid mechanics, thermal processes, chemical and biochemical reactions. In a novel approach, these are grouped together so that the reader with particular interests can readily access them.§This book is based on material that has been taught, mainly by the author, to MSc and research students in applied mathematics and engineering mathematics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne over the last thirty years. The aim of this text is to make all the material readily accessible to the reader who wishes to learn and use the ideas to help with research problems and who does not have a strong mathematical background.


Algebraic Methods in Nonlinear Perturbation Theory - 2827065772

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Algebraic Methods in Nonlinear Perturbation Theory Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book will be of interest for everybody working on perturbation theory in differential equations. The book requires only a standard mathematical background for engineers and does not require reference to the special literature. Topics which are covered include: matrix perturbation theory; systems of ordinary differential equations with small parameter; reconstruction and equations in partial derivatives. Boundary problems are not discussed in this volume. The reader will find many examples throughout the book.


Canonical Perturbation Theories - 2827117106

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Canonical Perturbation Theories Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The book is written mainly to advanced graduate and post-graduate students following courses in Perturbation Theory and Celestial Mechanics. It is also intended to serve as a guide in research work and is written in a very explicit way: all perturbation theories are given with details allowing its immediate application to real problems. In addition, they are followed by examples showing all steps of their application.Canonical Perturbation Theories, Degenerate Systems and Resonance presents the foundations of Hamiltonian Perturbation Theories used in Celestial Mechanics, emphasizing the Lie Series Theory and its application to degenerate systems and resonance.§This book is the complete text on the subject including advanced topics in Hamiltonian Mechanics, Hori s Theory, and the classical theories of Poincaré, von Zeipel-Brouwer, and Delaunay. Also covered are Kolmogorov s frequency relocation method to avoid small divisors, the construction of action-angle variables for integrable systems, and a complete overview of some problems in Classical Mechanics.§Sylvio Ferraz-Mello makes these ideas accessible not only to Astronomers, but also to those in the related fields of Physics and Mathematics.


Mathematical Foundations of the State Lumping of Large Systems - 2826777595

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Mathematical Foundations of the State Lumping of Large Systems Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume is devoted to theoretical results which formalize the concept of state lumping: the transformation of evolutions of systems having a complex (large) phase space to those having a simpler (small) phase space. The theory of phase lumping has aspects in common with averaging methods, projection formalism, stiff systems of differential equations, and other asymptotic theorems. Numerous examples are presented in this book from the theory and applications of random processes, and statistical and quantum mechanics which illustrate the potential capabilities of the theory developed. The volume contains seven chapters. Chapter 1 presents an exposition of the basic notions of the theory of linear operators. Chapter 2 discusses aspects of the theory of semigroups of operators and Markov processes which have relevance to what follows. In Chapters 3--5, invertibly reducible operators perturbed on the spectrum are investigated, and the theory of singularly perturbed semigroups of operators is developed assuming that the perturbation is subordinated to the perturbed operator. The case of arbitrary perturbation is also considered, and the results are presented in the form of limit theorems and asymptotic expansions. Chapters 6 and 7 describe various applications of the method of phase lumping to Markov and semi-Markov processes, dynamical systems, quantum mechanics, etc. The applications discussed are by no means exhaustive and this book points the way to many more fruitful applications in various other areas. For researchers whose work involves functional analysis, semigroup theory, Markov processes and probability theory.


Topics in Modern Mathematics - 2826995190

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Topics in Modern Mathematics Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

1.1. Nearly Integrable Hamiltonian Systems. In this work we examine the system of Hamiltonian equations i = _ iJH , ~ = iJH iJcp iJl with the Hamiltonian function H = Ho(l) + eH. (I. cp). (1.1) where E: "1 is a small parameter, the perturbation E:Hl (I ,cp) is 2n periodic in CP=CP1,"'CPS' and I is an s-dimensional vector, I = Il, I s The CPi are called angular variables, and the Ii action variables. A system with a Hamiltonian depending only on the action variables is said to be integrable, and a system with Hamiltonian (1.1) is said to be nearly integrable. The system (1.1) is also called a perturbation of the system with Hamiltonian Ho. The latter system is called un perturbed. 1.2. An Exponential Estimate of the Time of Stability for the Action Variables. Let I(t), cp(t) be an arbitrary solution of the per turbed system. We estimate the time interval during which the value I(t) differs slightly from the initial value: II(t)-I(O) I "1. The main result of the work is Theorem 4.4 (the main theorem) which is proved in [1]. This theorem asserts that the above-mentioned interval is estimated by a quantity which grows exponentially as the value of perturbation decreases linearly: 1/(t)-/(O)I 0 and b 0 are given l.n Sec. 4 [IJ.


Problems and Methods of Optimal Control, 1 - 2827087762

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Problems and Methods of Optimal Control, 1 Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume is devoted to a systematic presentation of constructive analytical perturbation methods relevant to optimal control problems for nonlinear systems. Chapter 1 deals with the averaging method for optimal control problems of quasilinear oscillatory systems with slowly-varying parameters. In Chapter 2, asymptotic methods for solving boundary-value problems are considered. The averaging method for nonlinear rotatory--oscillatory systems is developed in Chapters 3 and 4. The methods developed in the first four chapters are applied to some mechanical systems of practical interest in the following two chapters. Small parameter techniques for regularly perturbed systems having an invariant norm are developed in Chapter 7. The final chapter considers new approaches and studies some other aspects of perturbation theory consistent with the analysis of controlled systems. §For applied mathematicians and engineers interested in applied problems of dynamic systems control. §


Elements of Gas Dynamics - 2826921977

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Elements of Gas Dynamics Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

First-rate text covers introductory concepts from thermodynamics, one-dimensional gas dynamics and one-dimensional wave motion, waves in supersonic flow, flow in ducts and wind tunnels, methods of measurement, the equations of frictionless flow, small-perturbation theory, transonic flow, and much more. For advanced undergraduate or graduate physics and engineering students with at least a working knowledge of calculus and basic physics. Exercises demonstrate application of material in text.


The Intrinsic Bispectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background - 2827062610

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The Intrinsic Bispectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nominated as an outstanding thesis by Professor Robert Crittenden of the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation in Portsmouth, and winner of the Michael Penston Prize for 2014 given by the Royal Astronomical Society for the best doctoral thesis in Astronomy or Astrophysics, this work aims to shed light on one of the most important probes of the early Universe: the bispectrum of the cosmic microwave background.§§The CMB bispectrum is a potential window on exciting new physics, as it is sensitive to the non-Gaussian features in the primordial fluctuations, the same fluctuations that evolved into today's planets, stars and galaxies. However, this invaluable information is potentially screened, as not all of the observed non-Gaussianity is of primordial origin. Indeed, a bispectrum arises even for perfectly Gaussian initial conditions due to non-linear dynamics, such as CMB photons scattering off free electrons and propagating in an inhomogeneous Universe. Dr Pettinari introduces the reader to this intrinsic bispectrum in a pedagogic way, building up from the standard model of cosmology and from cosmological perturbation theory, the tool cosmologists use to unravel the history of the cosmos. In doing so, he introduces SONG, a new and efficient code for solving the second-order Einstein and Boltzmann equations. Next, he moves on to answer the crucial question: is the intrinsic bispectrum going to screen the primordial signal in the CMB? Using SONG, he computes the intrinsic bispectrum and shows how its contamination leads to a small bias in the estimates of primordial non-Gaussianity, a great news for the prospect of using CMB data to probe primordial non-Gaussianity.§


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