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Dalton, Karen - It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best - 2837015217

75,24 zł

Dalton, Karen - It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. Little Bit of Rain 2. Sweet Substitute 3. Ribbon Bow 4. I Love You More Than Words Can Say 5. In The Evening (Its So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best) 6. Blues On The Ceiling 7. It Hurts Me Too 8. How Did The Feeling Feel To You 9. Right, Wrong Or Ready 10. Down On The Street (Don't You Follow Me Down) Płyta 2 1. Bonus DVD Nazwa - It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best Autor - Dalton, Karen Wydawca - Megaphone Music Kod EAN - 0666017138824 Rok wydania - 2006 Nośnik - Płyta DVD Podatek VAT - 23%


So Much Love - Anthology - 2846722166

84,99 zł

So Much Love - Anthology Ace Records


1. 1.that's When The Tears Start - The Blossoms 2. 2.too Late To Say You're Sorry - Darlene Love 3. Much Love - The Blossoms 4. 4.the Gospel Truth - The Blossoms 5. 5.king Of The Surf Guitar - Dick Dale & The Del Tones 6. Other Love - The Blossoms 7. 7.the Drummer Plays For Me - Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars 8. 8.good, Good Lovin' - The Blossoms 9. 9.boss Guitar - Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes 10. 10.the Search Is Over - The Blossoms 11. 11.3625 Groovy Street - The Wildcats 12. 12.ooh - Wee Baby - Darlene Love 13. 13.he's A Rebel - Moose & The Pelicans 14. 14.what Are We Gonna Do In '64 - Al Casey & The K-c-ettes 15. 15.lover Boy - The Blossoms 16. Commercials - Barney Kessel 17. 17.let Him Walk Away - Darlene Love 18. 18.i Gotta Tell It - The Blossoms 19. 19.something So Wrong - The Blossoms 20. 20.touchdown - The Blossoms 21. Fix It - Darlene Love 22. 22.cherish What Is Dear To You (While It's Near To You) - Th 23. 23.all Alone On Christmas - Darlene Love 24. 24.a Change Is Gonna Come - Darlene Love


IBD Just Gel Polish So In Love 14 ml - 2823658160

45,00 zł

IBD Just Gel Polish So In Love 14 ml IBD


Lakier hybrydowy z serii Just Gel Polish firmy IBD to fenomenalny kolor lakieru połączony z wyjątkową trwałością żelu. Nie odpryskuje, nie ulega zmyciu, jest wyjątkowo odporny na zabrudzenia. Spokojnie wytrzymuje 3 tygodnie na paznokciach.

Sklep: Mar-Kos

Emaliowane kropki samoprzylepne So in Love x1 - 2824969158

7,59 zł

Emaliowane kropki samoprzylepne So in Love x1

KREATYWNE HOBBY / scrapbooking - akcesoria

Samoprzylepne , wypukłe emailiowane kropki w 6 wariantach kolorystycznych i 3 dostępnych rozmiarach . Doskonałe do zdobienia projektów scrapbookingowych , kartek okolicznościowych, dekoracji do wystroju wnętrz i ozdobnego pakowania prezentów itp. Ilość sztuk w opakowaniu: 54 Rozmiar: 4 mm/6mm/8mm Jednostka sprzedaży: 1x54


Emaliowane kropki samoprzylepne 54 szt. SO IN LOVE - 2833356444

7,80 zł

Emaliowane kropki samoprzylepne 54 szt. SO IN LOVE dpCraft


Emaliowane, wypukłe, samoprzylepne kropki w 6 kolorach i 3 rozmiarach. Opakowanie zawiera 54 sztuki kropek o średnicy 4 mm, 6 mm i 8 mm. Wszystko doskonałej jakości do zdobienia kartek, albumów czy dekoracji domowych. Świetnie komponują się z pozostałymi produktami z kolekcji So In Love.


Kwiaty papierowe dpCraft SO IN LOVE 8szt. - 2833356754

20,10 zł

Kwiaty papierowe dpCraft SO IN LOVE 8szt. dpCraft


Kolekcja 8 kwiatów   z papieru morwowego  (mulberry). Ręcznie formowane, każdy kwiat ma swój niepowtarzalny charakter. Średnice poszczególnych kwiatków: 7 cm x 1 sztuka, 6,5 cm x 1 sztuka, 6 cm x 1 sztuka, 5,5 cm x 1 sztuka, 5 cm x 1 sztuka, 4,5 cm x 3 sztuki. Ich realistyczny wygląd pozwala tworzyć bardzo ciekawe kreatywne projekty. Gotowe, papierowe kwiaty to spore ułatwienie przy wykonywaniu kartek okolicznościowych, albumów, ozdobnych pudełek czy pakowaniu prezentów. W opakowaniu znajduję się 8 sztuk  kwiatów papierowych  w kolorze ecru, niebieski, szaro-zielony, róż z odcieniem brązu.


So In Love - 2839572419

46,99 zł

So In Love FLARE


1. All My Love 2. Goody Goodbye 3. Confess 4. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming 5. I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Love 6. These Things I Offer You 7. My Dream Is Yours 8. I'm Glad You're Happy With Someone Else 9. I Went To Your Wedding 10. All My Love Belongs To You 11. I Feel So Smoochie 12. So In Love 13. Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart 14. Isn't It Romantic 15. Mockin' Bird Hill 16. What's Wrong With Me? 17. Where Is The One 18. Every So Often 19. The Streets Of Laredo 20. The Tennessee Waltz 21. The Twelve O' Clock Flight 22. Why Don't You Believe Me 23. (Just One Way To Say) I Love You 24. Love, Where Are You Now? 25. The Right Kind Of Love 26. You Belong To Me


I Love You So Much It Hur - 2839413403

619,99 zł

I Love You So Much It Hur Bear Family Records


1. Anything 2. Blue Monday 3. Rhythm In The Air 4. Swing Baby Swing 5. Gimme My Dime Back 6. That Old Fashioned Way 7. Can't Nobody Truck Like Me 8. Take Me Back To West Texas 9. You're As Pretty As A Picture 10. Georgia Pines 11. Ain't You Kind Of Sorry Now 12. Ain't You Kind Of Sorry Now 13. Whose Honey Are You 14. What Difference Does It Make 15. Two More Years (And I'll Be Free) 16. A Precious Memory 17. Why Do I Love You 18. Some Day 19. If You Should Go Away I'd Cry 20. I Didn't Know 21. There Must Be Someone For Me 22. I'm Always Dreaming Of You 23. Don't Be Blue 24. I Never Felt This Way Before 25. Maybe I'll Get By Without You 26. I'd Settle Down For You 27. It Had To Be That Way 28. I'll Come Back To You 29. Nothing Matters To Me 101. Daisy Mae 102. Anything That's Part Of You 103. I'm Gonna Change All My Ways 104. Gee! But I Feel Blue 105. The Mountains Will See Her Face No More 106. Let's Make Believe We're Sweethearts 107. It's Been A Long, Long Time 108. All Because Of You 109. I've Learned My Lesson Now 110. They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven 111. Rio Grande 112. Why Do You Treat Me This Way 113. There's No Use To Try It Anymore 114. Each Night At Nine 115. G. I. Blues 116. Dreams Won't Let Me Forget You 117. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 118. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 119. Go Out & Find Somebody New 120. Go Out & Find Somebody New 121. Some Other World 122. Sign On The Dotted Line 123. I'm Leaving This Old World Someday 124. The Same Old Blues 125. It's A Cruel, Cruel World For Me 126. The Stars Fell Out Of Heaven 127. Gotta Have Somethin' 128. Sweetheart Darlin'(marge Tillman & H. Smith) 129. You Made Me Live, Love & Die 201. You're Not Worth The Teardrops 202. Sentenced To A Life (Without You) 203. I'm Checkin' Out On You 204. There's Blood On The Moon Tonight 205. It's Got Me Down 206. Please Don't Pass Me By 207. Cold, Cold Woman 208. I'll Take What I Can Get 209. I Love You So Much It Hurts 210. Drinking & Thinking 211. Gals Are Funny That Way 212. Houston Waltz 213. Westphalia Waltz 214. Slipping Around 215. This Cold War With You 216. I'll Never Slip Around Again 217. Darling Don't Go (Marge Tillman) 218. Mama, What'll I Do (Marge Tillman) 219. I Gotta Have My Baby Back 220. It Had To Be That Way 221. I Almost Lost My Mind 222. Precious Memory 223. I Gotta Stop (Marge Tillman) 224. The Little Miracle (Marge Tillman) 225. The Last Straw 226. Just As Long As I Have You 227. The Grandest Prize 228. I've Got The Craziest Feeling 301. I've Got The Craziest Feeling 302. Rose Of Old Monterey 303. I Don't Care Anymore 304. Why Are You Blue (Biff & Marge Collie) 305. I Don't Care Who Knows (Biff & Marge Collie) 306. I'm Falling For You 307. You're That To Me 308. Each Night At Nine 309. I Love You Just As You Are 310. Guess I'll Be Playing The Field From Now On 311. Don't Say You Love Me, Just Show It 312. Why Do I Drink 313. I'll Still Be Loving You 314. If I Loved A Liar (Marge Collie) 315. Each Little Thing Reminds Me Of You (Collie) 316. I Got A Feller (Marge Collie) 317. Who Cares (Marge Collie) 318. Good Bye Tomorrows (Hello Yesterday) 319. Take My Love With You Too 320. I Finally Saw The Light 321. It's Over, All Over 322. The Worm Has Turned 323. A Small Little Town 324. More Than Anything 325. Just One More Time 326. I'll Never Be The Same Without You 327. Call On Me (And I'll Be There) 328. One More Day, Wasted Away 329. Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow 401. She's Long Gone 402. Let's Make Memories Tonight 403. Magnolia Garden Waltz 404. Grasshopper (Link Davis) 405. Save A Little For Me 406. Baby, I Just Want You 407. Big Houston (Link Davis) 408. Cockroach 409. Heartaches For Gold 410. Running Away 411. Floyd's Song 412. Cold Cold Beer 413. The Record Goes Round & Round 414. My Heart Won't Forget 415. On You My Life Depends 416. I'm Free From The Love I Had For You 417. I Love You So Much It Hurts 418. I Gotta Have My Baby Back 419. It Makes No Difference Now 420. Some Other World 421. Slipping Around 422. This Cold War With You 423. I've Got The Craziest Feeling 424. I'll Keep On Loving You 425. They Took The Stars Out Of Heaven 426. Each Night At Nine 427. Daisy Mae 428. I'll Take What I Can Get 501. Lonesome Without The Blues 502. Life Is Just A School 503. Each Night At Nine 504. It Just Tears Me Up 505. The Song Of Music 506. The Record Goes Round & Round 507. Stickin' My Neck Out 508. Whatever You Do 509. Daisy Mae 510. Two Stubborn People 511. This Cold War With You 512. Let's Make Memories Tonight 513. I'm Still In Love With Every Girl 514. Each Night At Nine 515. I Love You So Much It Hurts 516. When Your Woman Turns Bad 517. Mr. Bottle 518. I Don't Care Anymore 519. Empty Glass 520. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 521. I Love You So Much It Hurts (& Mickey Gilley) 522. One Way Love (& Ernest Tubb) 523. Memories Are All That's Real 524. I Gotta Have My Baby Back(& Haggard & Nelson) 525. I Am Music 526. Slipping Around (& Willie Nelson) 527. Half A House (& Merle Haggard) 528. My Mistake (& Johnny Lee) 529. My Life Was Just A Game 530. The Last Sad Song


Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much) - 2839208025

24,99 zł

Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much) Sony Music Entertainment / Epic


1. Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much) (Single Mix) 2. Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much) (Jerome Isma-ae's Clamarama Remix) 3. Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much) (Sh 101 Remix) 4. Shine 5. Dodatki Multimedialne


Pentatonic Wars & Love So - 2839428548

67,99 zł

Pentatonic Wars & Love So TELARC


1. Looking For Some Heat 2. Sunday Morning 3. Silver Dollar On My Head 4. Lost My Guitar 5. I'm Not Mysterious 6. Young Girl Down The Street 7. Country Boy, Girl 8. Talking About The Blues 9. Walk On Water 10. Mama's Best Friend 11. Maybe Yeah 12. Dagger By My Side 13. If You Hope


So This Is Love - 2845987915

64,99 zł

So This Is Love Challenge


1. Anatomy Of A Murder 2. Swing Dance 3. Blue Heart 4. Remember 5. Feet On The Beat 6. So Is This Love 7. Matinee 8. Jo 9. Flame Indigo 10. Fol-de-rol-rol 11. Boll Weevil Ballet 12. Tiffany 13. Orson 14. Lozit 15. Lonely Again (A.k.a. Lush Life) 16. Pomegranate 17. Valse


I Love You So Much That It Hurts - 2839204745

104,99 zł

I Love You So Much That It Hurts Winter & Winter


1. In A Sentimental Mood 2. Night & Day 3. Two Colors 4. Ma L'amore No 5. Afro Abstraction 6. Hi There 7. Amore Baciami 8. You Do Something To Me 9. Complex Eight 10. Reflections 11. I Love You So Much It Hurts


Ray Charles (Aka Hallelujah I Love Her So) - 2844913471

21,99 zł

Ray Charles (Aka Hallelujah I Love Her So) Warner Music


1. Ain't That Love 2. Drown In My Own Tears 3. Come Back Baby 4. Sinner's Prayer 5. Funny (But I Still Love You) 6. Losing Hand 7. A Fool For You 8. Hallelujah I Love Her So 9. Mess Around 10. This Little Girl Of Mine 11. Mary Ann 12. Greenbacks 13. Don't You Know 14. I've Got A Woman


And So Is Love - 2839219762

30,99 zł

And So Is Love Universal Music / Concord Records


1. Come Rain Or Come Shine 2. Save Your Love For Me 3. Cry Me A River 4. I Thought About You 5. We're All Alone 6. Estate 7. More Than You Know 8. Sentimental Journey 9. The Masquerade Is Over 10. I Don't Know Enough About You 11. Don't Smoke In Bed 12. Don't Go To Strangers Come Rain Or Come Shine Save Your Love For Me Cry Me A River I Thought About You We Re All Alone Summer More Than You Know Sentimental Journey The Masquerade Is Over I Don T Know Enough About You Don T Smoke In Bed Don T Go To Strangers.


So In Love - 2839245640

43,99 zł

So In Love Universal Music


1. So In Love 2. Day In Day Out 3. Get Out Of Town 4. Crazy 5. That Old Black Magic 6. Estate 7. Beatles Medley : Golden Slumbers/ Here, There And 8. I See Your Face Before Me 9. From This Moment On 10. You Must Believe In Spring 11. This Is Always 12. You Ain't Nothing But A J.a.m.f. 13. Medley From Cinema Paradiso: Main Theme/ Song Fo 14. Over The Rainbow


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