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Untitled (Pb) Picador

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the Sunday Time s top ten bestselling author of The Psychopath Test , a captivating and brilliant exploration of one of our world's most underappreciated forces: shame.§§'It's about the terror, isn't it?'§'The terror of what?' I said.§'The terror of being found out.'§§For the past three years, Jon Ronson has travelled the world meeting recipients of high-profile public shamings. The shamed are people like us - people who, say, made a joke on social media that came out badly, or made a mistake at work. Once their transgression is revealed, collective outrage circles with the force of a hurricane and the next thing they know they're being torn apart by an angry mob, jeered at, demonized, sometimes even fired from their job.§§A great renaissance of public shaming is sweeping our land. Justice has been democratized. The silent majority are getting a voice. But what are we doing with our voice? We are mercilessly finding people's faults. We are defining the boundaries of normality by ruining the lives of those outside it. We are using shame as a form of social control.§§Simultaneously powerful and hilarious in the way only Jon Ronson can be, So You've Been Publicly Shamed is a deeply honest book about modern life, full of eye-opening truths about the escalating war on human flaws - and the very scary part we all play in it.§


#WstydźSię! - Jon Ronson - 2849192010

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#WstydźSię! - Jon Ronson

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Opis - Nowa książka obecnego od wielu lat na listach bestsellerów Jona Ronsona wciągająca i błyskotliwa opowieść o jednej z najbardziej niedocenianych sił rządzących światem: o wstydzie. Przez ostatnie trzy lata Jon Ronson przemierzył cały świat, spotykając się z ludźmi, którzy zostali publicznie napiętnowani. To ludzie tacy jak my. Ludzie, którzy opublikowali w mediach społecznościowych kiepski żart albo popełnili jakiś błąd, wykonując swoją pracę. Kiedy ich wykroczenie zostało ujawnione, wściekły tłum rzucił im się do gardeł byli wyszydzani, odsądzani od czci i wiary, czasem nawet zwalniani z pracy. Dzięki internetowi publiczne zawstydzanie przeżywa dziś renesans. Jesteśmy świadkami demokratyzacji sprawiedliwości. Milcząca większość w końcu doszła do głosu. Jak go wykorzystujemy? Jesteśmy bezlitośni w wytykaniu innym błędów. Tworzymy definicje normalności, rujnując życie tych, którzy nie spełniają naszych kryteriów. Używamy wstydu jako formy społecznej kontroli. #WstydźSię! to książka przejmująca, ale jednocześnie przesiąknięta typowym dla Jona Ronsona poczuciem humoru. Szczerze i wprost opowiada o naszym współczesnym życiu, uświadamia nam też, jak przerażającą rolę odgrywamy w zbierającej coraz większe żniwo wojnie wypowiedzianej ludzkim słabościom. Nazwa - #WstydźSię! Oryginalny tytuł - So you;ve been publically shamed Autor - Jon Ronson Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Insignis Media Kod ISBN - 9788365315915 Kod EAN - 9788365315915 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2017 Język - polski Tłumacz - Dudzik Katarzyna, Siara Olga Format - 14.0x21.0cm Ilość stron - 336 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2017-04-19


Magic Bullets - 2834161146

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Magic Bullets BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the definitive work on pickup and dating theory, written by an acknowledged master of the game - a guy who has TRAINED many of the new gurus on the scene! Hey friend, its Savoy! I'm sure you know that the dating community has literally exploded over the past year or so. What used to be an underground or secret community has now seen major coverage in the media and even been turned into a TV show. This has meant a lot of interest and A LOT of new products and guys claiming to be masters with women and dating. What you may not know - with all the noise and hype going around - is that most of these newer experts are guys that I either trained myself or trained along side of when the community was still an obscure fringe. That s right! And more than one leading expert has publicly stated that I was an instructor on his first live program! Yup, I was a BOOTCAMP INSTRUCTOR when some of these current gurus were fumbling, confused and nervous students! I don t really teach live programs anymore (Other than private one-on-one coaching that I get paid A LOT for!). I devote most of my time to writing and developing new books and products that teach guys how to be more successful with women. And I can tell you something. No one. AND I MEAN NO ONE, has put out a more refined, detailed and complete book - one that covers meeting and attracting women from starting an initial conversation all the way to relationships - than Magic Bullets. And I highly doubt anyone ever will! So, why is Magic Bullets the acknowledged GOLD STANDARD? Magic Bullets is the text that lays out the very best, most refined and developed system for meeting and attracting women anywhere! I ve been at this game for a long time. Coming up on 10 years, as a matter of fact. That s 10 YEARS of experience with meeting and attracting women in virtually every situation. Ive done it all and I can teach you to do it all too! As one of the original members of this community, I set out to refine the existing models and structures I had learned and studied. I took what worked and refined it. And I kept working on it and kept refining it. Chapter 3 of Magic Bullets arms you with the knowledge you need to truly understand women from an evolutionary perspective. I go deep into Female Psychology and give you a foundation for understanding women. This gives you the deep understanding that allows you to understand WHY the Emotional Progression Model works. Learn the deep knowledge that puts you in the driver s seat as I take you through the evolutionary factors that came together to make women the way they are! That s right, women DO NOT think the same as men. And women are, for the most part, very, very similar in their behavior and what they find attractive. I take you through ALL of the qualities women screen for in men and explain WHY they look for those qualities. How much would YOUR game improve if you KNEW all the qualities women find universally attractive in men, why they find them attractive and how YOU can display them. Chapter 3 includes a complete breakdown of the universally attractive qualities you need to convey to be universally attractive to women! Chapters 5 and 6 of Magic Bullets focus on Opening and Transitioning. I even cover the non-verbal elements of opening in detail! I also cover a concept I call the Risk/Reward profile that will allow you to calibrate your Opener and Transition to ANY situation or group. Chapter 17 is Storytelling. This is THE chapter everyone has been talking about! You won t find a better or more complete chapter on Storytelling anywhere. Chapter 22 of Magic Bullets is Phone Game - ALL Phone Game. Being great in person is one thing, but getting a woman on the phone, getting a call back and setting up a date can be a different story entirely. GET THE NEWLY RELEASED PAPERBACK TODAY!


The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies - 2829728367

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The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies Wiley

Literatura anglojęzyczna

Podana cena książki jest orientacyjna, zależy od kilku czynników. Po zakupie obsługa sklepu skontaktuje się, jeśli konieczna będzie dopłata. Review Technical Analysis of Stocks&Commodities Magazine : "This book gives futures and options traders hundreds of innovative ways to take profits out of the market and gain an edge on every trade." Product Description The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies is for traders who want to take the next step to consistently profitable trading. The authors--themselves seasoned veterans of the futures trading arena--pinpoint the trading methods and strategies that have been shown to produce market-beating returns. Their rigorous and systematic backtesting of each method, using the same sets of markets and analytic techniques, provides a scientific, system-based approach to system help you assemble the trading system that will put you on the road to becoming a more consistently profitable trader. Book Info Provides futures and options traders hundreds of innovative ways to take profits out of the market and gain an edge in every trade. DLC: Commodity futures. From the Author COMPANION SOFTWARE AVAILABLE To arm our readers with the tools they need to develop and test trading systems, we have produced a CD that contains all the software (including source code) used to do the research that is summarized in our book, The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies. In the past, this software has sold for thousands of dollars but it is now available to our readers for only $59.00 (plus s&h). The software includes: - Complete source code for every method tested in the book - Commodities data from Pinnacle - Spreadsheets with all optimization data, market-by-market analyses, equity curves, figures, and tables - The C-Trader Toolkit, which includes our C++ Trading Simulator (a powerful tool to simulate trading accounts, systems, and portfolios), OptEvolve (for evolving trading systems using genetic algorithms), our Portfolio Simulation Shell, and related materials. Readers who want to take advantage of this opportunity should contact me by email ( I want everyone to trade safely and successfully. That's why I wrote The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies, Getting Started Day Trading Futures, Options, and Indices (due out by October 2000), and am teaching at the New York Institute of Finance. In our research, we uncover what works and what doesn't. We pass this knowledge on to our readers and students so that they, too, can become better informed, smarter traders. No longer is there any excuse for blindly trusting popular methods that just waste time and money. All readers are invited to contact me ( to share their thoughts about the book and the results of any personal research it stimulated or snags along the way. In the meantime, I wish you all great success in your trading endeavors! Best regards, Jeffrey Owen Katz, Ph.D. From the Back Cover "The authors extract some sobering trading edicts the good old-fashioned way--analysis by the scientific method. Here we see the fruits of detailed and methodical research, both the long and short of it.... These results will certainly affect my own trading designs!" --Mark Jurik Editor, Computerized Trading "If you're the type of trader who wants to build his or her own systems, this book is for you!" --Murray Ruggiero, Jr. Contribuitng Editor, Futures magazine "I have known Jeff Katz for years. He has worked on a number of my projects, always exhibiting a high degree of professionalism, attention to detail, and thoroughness. The same craftsmanship is apparent throughout this book." --Robert Pardo President, Pardo Capital Limited About the Author Jeffrey Katz is founder and president of Scientific Consultants Services, Inc., a firm which provides custom programming and publicly available software for traders. He specializes in applying artificial intelligence technologies to trading and has developed two AI-based trading software programs, N-TRAIN and LOGINVOLVE. He has published a number of articles in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, PC II, and Neuro Ve$t Journal. He wrote two chapters in the book, Virtual Trading. He holds a masters degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in psychophysiology from the University of Lancaster in England. He is a member of MENSA. Donna McCormick is vice president of Scientific Consultants Services, Inc. She specializes in the design of trading systems using Omega Research's products, the leading provider of system development tools in the trading industry. She has co-written several articles for Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities.


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