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Houston Hurricane - 2839434285

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Houston Hurricane PROPER RECORDS-GBR

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. West Coast Blues 2. Katie Mae Blues 3. That Mean Old Twister 4. I Can't Stay Here In Your Town 5. Short Haired Woman 6. Little Mama Boogie 7. (Let Me) Play With Your People 8. Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind 9. Picture On The Wall 10. You're Not Goin' To Woory My Life Anymore 11. Miss Me Blues 12. Sugar On My Mind 13. Nightmare Blues 14. Lightnin's Boogie 15. Daddy Will Be Home One Day 16. Moonrise Blues 17. Morining Blues 18. Have To Let You Go 19. Mam's Baby Child 20. Mistreater Blues 21. My California 22. Honey Babe 23. So Long 24. See See Rider 25. Unpredictable Woman 26. I Just Don't Care 27. Whiskey Headed Woman 28. Abilene 101. Shotgun Blues 102. Rollin' & Rollin' 103. Tell It Like It Is 104. Miss Loretta 105. Ida Mae 106. What Can It Be? 107. Lonesome Home 108. Appetitte Blues 109. Ain't It A Shame 110. Tim Moore's Farm 111. You Don't Know 112. Somebody's Got To Go 113. Baby Please Don't Go 114. Mad With You 115. Unsuccessful Blues 116. Rollin' Woman Blues 117. T Model Blues 118. Lightnin's Boogie 119. Zologo 120. Automobile Blues 121. Untrue Blues 122. Henny Penny Blues 123. Jackstropper Blues 124. Grievance Blues 125. Grosebeck Blues 126. Racetrack Blues 127. Bluebird Blues 128. Goin' Back & Talk To Mama 201. Beggin' You To Stay 202. Bad Luck & Trouble 203. Last Affair 204. Lonesome Dog Blues 205. Needed Time 206. One Kind Favour 207. Antoher Fool In Town 208. Candy Kitchen 209. Black Cat 210. Santa Fe Blues 211. Some Day Baby 212. Black Cat Bone 213. Disagreable 214. Dark & Cloudy 215. Coffee Blues 216. Praying Ground Blues 217. Give Me Central 209 218. Long Way From Texas 219. You Caused My Heart To Weep 220. Tap Dance Boogie 221. Dirty House 222. Freight Train Blues 223. One Kind Of Favour 224. Contrary Mary 225. I'm Beggin' You 226. Sad News From Korea 301. Ain't It A Shame 302. Crazy 'Bout My Baby 303. Highway Blues 304. I'm Wild About You Baby 305. Bad Things On My Mind 306. The War Is Over 307. Policy Game 308. Merry Christmas 309. Happy New Year 310. Cemetery Blues 311. Shine On Moon 312. Lightnin's Boogie 313. Lonesome In Your Home 314. Remember Me 315. Sittin' Down Thinking 316. Lightning's Special 317. Don't Think 'Cause Your Pretty 318. Life I Used To Live 319. My Baby's Gone 320. Sick Feeling Blues 321. Mocin' On Out Boogie 322. Evil Hearted Woman 323. Blues For My Cookie 324. Had A Gal Called Sal 325. Nothin' But The Blues 326. My Little Kewpie Doll 327. Moanin' Blues


Wrong Way Home - 2847099391

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Wrong Way Home Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Imagine if you will; a boy in his earliest memories, looking at the World as his playground. Always good at what he liked, and selfishly did everything he could to get-out of what he didn't. Turn a boy like this loose at 15, and people act surprised when you get? Now in prison; a broken man, trying to pick-up the pieces. While the loss that I feel- is knowing I never took hold of the people that mattered... and really hurt those that do. Now alone, in a place cram-packed with people. Here, in a cage; while putting the pieces together, I have written a book, that has taken over a decade in the making. Do I tell you this because I'm claiming to be some great writer... on the contrary. School was one of those things I didn't like, and did everything I could, to get out of it. But, I have written it, as I lived it - and done it in a way I thought not possible. It's loaded with 'SEX', 'DRUGS', and ROCK n' ROLL. Everything you don't want your kids to do. But as parents, know that's what we're doing! As to all you females out there... "I give you 'Immaturity' at my best, and 'Disrespect' at my worst, and lived to literally kiss your asses - while telling each one how yummy you are. Where as the males, I show you how to go from thinking your 'THESHIT'... to being a piece of! Having gone from 'Loser boy-friend' to ' Dead-beat dad'. Now I'm a CRACK-HEAD and I'm losing my mind, and doing it... while climbing in your window. Today, Rich is still trying to find out who he is off drugs, and hasn't used in over 12 years. I still listen to ROCK n' ROLL... while the sex? Having gone years and years without - I won't lie... I miss it. Butt! Mine still struggles with looking at beautiful women, and seeing so much more. Please don't mis-read this, and take it as some kind of threat. I'm a middleaged-man, who looks in the mirror, and sees glimpses of his shine. While the years go by; seeing those that matter... very rarely. So, I give you a glimpse at my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. To one-fine lady out there; as your son, I'd like to say, "Sorry Mom!" Where as a grown man, I say to all the women out there, "I ask you to think back to that movie 'Message in a Bottle', and the beautiful woman says to Kevin Costner, "I just want to be close!" Having thrown my girl to the wolves, if l could be blessed for a second time, "I promise to be a good man... to a good woman!" While as a father, who has two young men for son's, and knowing both of them are good men, in spite of all that they've been subjected to, I say to all the girls out there, "It's your time to shine... and don't worry so much about that twofaced mirror!"


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


The Reprise Years Boxed Set - 2839271488

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The Reprise Years Boxed Set Universal Music


1. Ring-a-ding-ding 2. Let's Fall In Love 3. Be Careful, It's My Heart 4. A Foggy Day 5. A Fine Romance 6. In The Still Of The Night 7. The Coffee Song 8. When I Take My Sugar To Tea 9. Let's Face The Music & Dance 10. You'd Be So Easy To Love 11. You & The Night & The Music 12. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 101. Falling In Love With Love 102. The Curse Of An Aching Heart 103. Don't Cry Joe 104. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 105. Love Walked In 106. Granada 107. I Never Knew 108. Don't Be That Way 109. Moonlight On The Ganges 110. It's A Wonderful World 111. Have You Met Miss Jones? 112. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You 201. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You 202. Imagination 203. There Are Such Things 204. East Of The Sun 205. Daybreak 206. Without A Song 207. I'll Be Seeing You 208. Take Me 209. It's Always You 210. Polka Dots & Moonbeams 211. It Started All Over Again 212. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) 213. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Reprise) 301. I Hadn't Anyone Till You 302. Night & Day 303. Misty 304. Stardust 305. Come Rain Or Come Shine 306. It Might As Well Be Spring 307. Prisoner Of Love 308. That's All 309. All Or Nothing At All 310. Yesterdays 401. Goody Goody 402. They Can't Take That Away From Me 403. At Long Last Love 404. I'm Beginning To See The Light 405. Don'cha Go 'Way Mad 406. I Get A Kick Out Of You 407. Tangerine 408. Love Is Just Around The Corner 409. Ain't She Sweet 410. Serenade In Blue 411. I Love You 412. Pick Yourself Up 501. The Very Thought Of You 502. We'll Gather Lilacs In The Spring 503. If I Had You 504. Now Is The Hour 505. The Gypsy 506. Roses Of Picardy 507. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 508. A Garden In The Rain 509. London By Night 510. We'll Meet Again 511. I'll Follow My Secret Heart 601. All Alone 602. The Girl Next Door 603. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 604. Charmaine 605. What'll I Do? 606. When I Lost You 607. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight 608. Indescreet 609. Remember 610. Together 611. The Song Is Ended (But The Medlody Lingers On) 701. Pennies From Heaven 702. Please Be Kind 703. (Love Is) The Tender Trap 704. Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses 705. My Kind Of Girl 706. I Only Have Eyes For You 707. Nice Work If You Can Get It 708. Learnin' The Blues 709. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Lette 710. I Won't Dance 801. I Have Dreamed 802. My Heart Stood Still 803. Lost In The Stars 804. Ol' Man River 805. You'll Never Walk Alone 806. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered 807. This Nearly Was Mine 808. Soliloquy 901. I've Got You Under My Skin 902. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 903. The Second Time Around 904. Nancy 905. Witchcraft 906. Young At Heart 907. All The Way 908. (How Little It Matters) How Little We Know 909. Pocketful Of Miracles 910. Oh! What It Seemed To Be 911. Call Me Irresponsible 912. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) 1001. Days Of Wine & Roses 1002. Moon River 1003. The Way You Look Tonight 1004. Three Coins In The Fountain 1005. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening 1006. Secret Love 1007. Swinging On A Star 1008. It Might As Well Be Spring 1009. The Continental 1010. Love Is A Many-splendored Thing 1011. All The Way 1101. America I Hear You Singing 1102. This Is A Great Country 1103. The House I Live In 1104. Hills Of Home 1105. This Land Is Your Land 1106. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor 1107. You're A Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith 1108. A Home In The Meadow 1109. Early American 1110. You Never Had It So Good 1111. Let Us Break Bread Together 1112. Stars & Stripes Forever 1201. Fly Me To The Moon 1202. I Wish You Love 1203. I Believe In You 1204. More (Theme From Mondo Cane) 1205. I Can't Stop Loving You 1206. Hello, Dolly! 1207. I Wanna Be Around 1208. The Best Is Yet To Come 1209. The Good Life 1210. Wives & Lovers 1301. Emily 1302. Here's To The Losers 1303. Dear Heart 1304. Come Blow Your Horn 1305. Love Isn't Just For The Young 1306. I Can't Believe I'm Losing You 1307. Pass Me By 1308. Softly, As I Leave You 1309. Then Suddenly Love 1310. Available 1311. Talk To Me Baby 1312. The Look Of Love 1401. Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day) 1402. Any Time At All 1403. Stay With Me 1404. I Like To Lead When I Dance 1405. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me 1406. My Kind Of Town 1407. When Somebody Loves You 1408. Somewhere In Your Heart 1409. I've Never Been In Love Before 1410. When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love 1411. Luck Be A Lady 1501. The September Of My Years 1502. How Old Am I? 1503. Don't Wait Too Long 1504. It Gets Lonely Early 1505. This Is All I Ask 1506. Last Night When We Were Young 1507. The Man In The Looking Glass 1508. It Was A Very Good Year 1509. When The Wind Was Green 1510. Hello, Young Lovers 1511. I See It Now 1512. Once Upon A Time 1513. September Song 1601. Ev'rybody Has The Right To Be Wrong (At Least Once 1602. Golden Moment 1603. Luck Be A Lady 1604. Lost In The Stars 1605. Hello, Dolly! 1606. I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her 1607. They Can't Take That Away From Me 1608. Yesterdays 1609. Nice Work If You Can Get It 1610. Have You Met Miss Jones? 1611. Without A Song 1701. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) 1702. All Or Nothing 1703. I'll Never Smile Again 1704. There Are Such Things 1705. I'll Be Seeing You 1706. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) 1707. Polka Dots & Moonbeams 1708. Night & Day 1709. Oh! What It Seemed To Be 1710. Soliloquy 1711. Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 1712. The House I Live In 1713. From Here To Eternity 1801. Come Fly With Me 1802. (How Little It Matters) How Little We Know 1803. Learnin' The Blues 1804. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 1805. Young At Heart 1806. Witchcraft 1807. All The Way 1808. Love & Marriage 1809. I've Got You Under My Skin 1810. Ring-a-ding Ding 1811. The Second Time Around 1812. The Summit 1813. The Oldest Established (Permanent Floating Crap Ga 1814. Luck Be A Lady 1815. Call Me Irresponsible 1816. Fly Me To The Moon 1817. Softly, As I Leave You 1818. My Kind Of Town 1819. The September Of My Years 1901. Strangers In The Night 1902. Summer Wind 1903. All Or Nothing At All 1904. Call Me 1905. You?re Driving Me Crazy! 1906. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) 1907. My Baby Just Cares For Me 1908. Downtown 1909. Yes Sir, That?s My Baby 1910. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 2001. Moonlight Becomes You 2002. Moon Song 2003. Moonlight Serenade 2004. Reaching For The Moon 2005. I Wished On The Moon 2006. Oh, You Crazy Moon 2007. The Moon Got In My Eyes 2008. Moonlight Mood 2009. Moon Love 2010. The Moon Was Yellow (And The Night Was Young) 2101. That's Life 2102. I Will Wait For You 2103. Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) 2104. Sand & Sea 2105. What Now My Love 2106. Winchester Cathedral 2107. Give Her Love 2108. Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day) 2109. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 2110. You're Gonna Hear From Me 2201. The Girl From Ipanema 2202. Dindi 2203. Change Partners 2204. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) 2205. Meditation (Meditacno.o) 2206. If You Never Come To Me (Inutil Paisagen) 2207. How Insensitive (Insensatez) 2208. I Concentrate On You 2209. Baubles, Bangles & Beads 2210. Once I Loved (O Amor En Paz) 2301. The World We Knew (Over & Over) 2302. Somethin' Stupid 2303. This Is My Love 2304. Born Free 2305. Don't Sleep In The Subway 2306. This Town 2307. This Is My Song 2308. You Are There 2309. Drinking Again 2310. Some Enchanted Evening 2401. Follow Me 2402. Sunny 2403. All I Need Is The Girl 2404. Indian Summer 2405. I Like The Sunrise 2406. Yellow Days 2407. Poor Butterfly 2408. Come Back To Me 2501. I Wouldn't Trade Christmas 2502. It's Such A Lonely Time Of Year 2503. Some Children See Him 2504. O Bambino (One Cold & Blessed Winter) 2505. The Bells Of Christmas (Greensleeves) 2506. Whatever Happened To Christmas? 2507. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 2508. Kids 2509. The Christmas Waltz 2510. The Twelve Days Of Christmas 2601. Rain In My Heart 2602. Both Sides Now 2603. Little Green Apples 2604. Pretty Colors 2605. Cycles 2606. Wandering 2607. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 2608. Moody River 2609. My Way Of Life 2610. Gentle On My Mind 2701. Watch What Happens 2702. Didn't We 2703. Hallelujah, I Love Her So 2704. Yesterday 2705. All My Tomorrows 2706. My Way 2707. A Day In The Life Of A Fool 2708. For Once In My Life 2709. If You Go Away 2710. Mrs. Robinson 2801. A Man Alone 2802. Night 2803. I've Been To Town 2804. From Promise To Promise 2805. The Single Man 2806. The Beautiful Strangers 2807. Lonesome Cities 2808. Love's Been Good To Me 2809. Empty Is 2810. Out Beyond The Window 2811. Some Traveling Music 2812. A Man Alone (Reprise) 2901. Watertown 2902. Goodbye (She Quietly Says) 2903. For A While 2904. Michael & Peter 2905. I Would Be In Love (Anyway) 2906. Elizabeth 2907. What A Funny Girl (You Used To Be) 2908. What's Now Is Now 2909. She Says 2910. The Train 3001. Drinking Water (Agua De Beber) 3002. Someone To Light Up My Life 3003. Triste 3004. Don't Ever Go Away (Por Causa De Voce) 3005. This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca) 3006. Wave 3007. One Note Samba 3008. I Will Drink The Wine 3009. (They Long To Be) Close To You 3010. Sunrise In The Morning 3011. Bein' Green 3012. My Sweet Lady 3013. Leaving On A Jet Plane 3014. Lady Day 3101. You Will Be My Music 3102. You're So Right (For What's Wrong In My Life) 3103. Winners 3104. Nobody Wins 3105. Send In The Clowns 3106. Dream Away 3107. Let Me Try Again (Laisse Moi Le Temps) 3108. There Used To Be A Ballpark 3109. Noah 3201. You Turned My World Around 3202. Sweet Caroline 3203. The Summer Knows 3204. I'm Gonna Make It All The Way 3205. Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree 3206. Satisfy Me One More Time 3207. If 3208. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 3209. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? 3210. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 3301. The Song Is You 3302. But Not For Me 3303. I Had The Craziest Dream 3304. It Had To Be You 3305. Let's Face The Music & Dance 3306. Street Of Dreams 3307. My Shining Hour 3308. All Of You 3309. More Than You Know 3310. They All Laughed 3311. You & Me (We Wanted It All) 3312. Just The Way You Are 3313. Something 3314. Macarthur Park 3315. Theme From New York, New York 3316. Summer Me, Winter Me 3317. Song Sung Blue 3318. For The Good Times 3319. Love Me Tender 3320. That's What God Looks Like To Me 3401. What Time Does The Next Miracle Leave? 3402. World War None! 3403. The Future 3404. The Future (Continued): I've Been There 3405. The Future (Continued): Song Without Words 3406. Before The Music Ends (Finale) 3501. Good Thing Going (Going Gone) 3502. Hey Look, No Cryin' 3503. Thanks For The Memory 3504. A Long Night 3505. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 3506. Monday Morning Quarterback 3507. South - To A Warmer Place 3508. I Loved Her 3509. Medley: The Gal That Got Away/it Never Entered My 3601. L.a. Is My Lady 3602. The Best Of Everything 3603. How Do You Keep The Music Playing? 3604. Teach Me Tonight 3605. It's All Right With Me 3606. Mack The Knife 3607. Until The Real Thing Comes Along 3608. Stormy Weather 3609. If I Should Lose You 3610. A Hundred Years From Today 3611. After You've Gone 3701. I've Got You Under My Skin 3702. Without A Song 3703. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 3704. I Get A Kick Out Of You 3705. Nancy With The Laughing Face 3706. My Kind Of Town 3707. Medley 3708. Come Fly With Me 3709. The Lady Is A Tramp 3710. I've Got The World On A String 3711. Witchcraft 3712. You Make Me Feel So Young 3713. Angel Eyes 3714. Put Your Dreams Away 3715. Fly Me To The Moon 3716. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 3717. Moonlight In Vermont 3718. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You 3719. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 3720. On Broadway 3721. Yes Sir, That's My Baby 3722. Medley 1 3723. Medley 2 3724. Luck Be A Lady 3725. That's Life 3726. Granada 3727. My Kind Of Town 3728. Angel Eyes 3729. Put Your Dreams Away 3730. Day In, Day Out 3731. Get Me To The Church On Time 3732. What Now My Love? 3733. Ol' Man River 3734. All I Need Is The Girl 3735. Body & Soul 3736. It's All Right With Me 3737. Medley 3738. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars 3739. Change Partners 3740. I Concentrate On You 3741. The Girl From Ipanema 3742. The Song Is You/ They Can't Take That Away From Me 3743. Stompin' At The Savoy 3744. At Long Last Love 3745. Don't Be That Way 3746. The Lady Is A Tramp 3747. Angel Eyes 3748. Put Your Dreams Away Ekskluzywny, Limitowany Boks Zawierający Albumy Studyjne Franka Sinatry Nagrane Dla Wytwórni Reprise. Współpraca Z Wytwórnią Zapewniła Sinatrze Wolność Artystyczną, Która Zaowocowała Płytami Należącymi Do Najwybitniejszych Osiągnięć Artystycznych Wokalisty. W Efektownie Wydanym Zestawie Znalazły Się Klasyczne Albumy Nagrane W Latach 1962-1984, "Swing Along With Me", "Sinatra '65", "September Of My Years", "Strangers In The Night" Oraz Płyty Nagrane W Duetach Z Antonio Carlosem Jobimem ("Sinatra Jobim") Oraz Countem Basie ("Sinatra Basie"). Nagrania Zostały Na Nowo Zremasterowane. Na Dołączonym DVD Zamieszczono Występy Telewizyjne Franka Sinatry Z Lat 60-tych Z Cyklu "A Man And His Music" (w Tym Unikatowe Duety Z Ellą Fitzgerald, Antonio Carlosem Jobimem Oraz Nancy Sinatrą). Frank Sinatra - The Reprise Years Boxed Set Lista Płyt: Ring A Ding Ding Swing Along With Me I Remember Tommy Sinatra & Strings Sinatra And Swingin Brass Great Songs From Great Britain All Alone Sinatra Basie Concert Sinatra Sinatra's Sinatra Days Of Wine And Roses, Moon River And Other Academy Award Winners America I Hear You Singing It Might As Well Be Swing Softly, As I Leave You Sinatra '65 September Of My Years My Kind Of Broadway A Man And His Music (2CD) Strangers In The Night Moonlight Sinatra That's Life Sinatra Jobim The World We Knew Francis A. & Edward K. The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas Cycles My Way A Man Alone Watertown Sinatra And Company Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back Some Nice Things I've Missed Trilogy: Past, Present & Future (2CD) She Shot Me Down LA Is My Lady DVD: A Man And His Music - Trilogy Czas Trwania: 2 H 37 Min Format: 1 X DVD-9 Format Audio: PCM Uncompressed Stereo Region: 0 (Worldwide) Menu: Język Angielski


The Voice Of Jazz - 2839384831

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The Voice Of Jazz Universal Music


1. I'll Chase The Blues Away 2. Love & Kisses 3. My Melancholy Baby 4. All My Life 5. When I Get Low I Get High 6. Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance) 7. You'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini) 8. Goodnight, My Love 9. My Last Affair 10. Big Boy Blue 11. Dedicated To You 12. All Over Nothing At All 13. Everyone's Wrong But Me 14. I Got A Guy 15. Rock It For Me 16. It's My Turn Now 17. A-tisket, A-tasket 18. This Time It's Real 19. You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's, Too) 20. Wacky Dust 21. Undecided 22. 'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It) 23. My Heart Belongs To Daddy 24. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 25. That Was My Heart 101. I Want The Waiter (With The Water) 102. The Starlit Hour 103. Imagination 104. Shake Down The Stars 105. Five O'clock Whistle 106. Hello Ma! I Done It Again 107. The Muffin Man 108. Cow Cow Boogie 109. I'm Making Believe 110. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall 111. And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine 112. It's Only A Paper Moon 113. Stone Cold Dead In The Market 114. Flying Home 115. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart) 116. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons 117. Guilty 118. Oh Lady Be Good 119. How High The Moon 120. My Happiness 121. I Can't Go On (Without You) 122. I Couldn't Stay Away From You 123. Lover's Gold 124. Dream A Little Longer 125. Baby It's Cold Outside 201. Baby, Won't You Say You Love Me 202. I've Got The World On A String 203. Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own 204. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 205. Looking For A Boy 206. Maybe 207. Because Of Rain 208. Even As You & I 209. Smooth Sailing 210. Air Mail Special 211. Nowhere Guy 212. Angel Eyes 213. Trying 214. Walkin' By The River 215. Crying In The Chapel 216. Melancholy Me 217. I Need 218. People Will Say We're In Love 219. Stardust 220. Lullaby Of Birdland 221. It Might As Well Be Spring 222. I Can't Get Started 223. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea 224. Pete Kelly's Blues 225. My One & Only Love 301. Stay There 302. Ridin' High 303. Just One Of Those Things 304. Begin The Beguine 305. So In Love 306. What Is This Thing Called Love? 307. I Concentrate On You 308. Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) 309. Cheek To Cheek 310. Moonlight In Vermont 311. The Nearness Of You 312. Lover 313. I Wish I Were In Love Again 314. Mountain Greenery 315. Manhattan 316. Wait Till You See Her 317. It Never Entered My Mind 318. I Could Write A Book 319. Where Or When 320. Isn't It Romantic? 321. Ev'rything I've Got 322. In A Sentimental Mood 401. Satin Doll 402. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 403. Hear My Heart 404. Take The A Train 405. Drop Me Off In Harlem 406. I'm Beginning To See The Light 407. All Too Soon 408. Our Love Is Here To Stay 409. Autumn In New York 410. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) 411. You Turned The Tables On Me 412. Summertime 413. Bess You Is My Woman Now 414. I Wants To Stay Here 415. We'll Be Together Again 416. I Thought About You 417. Mood Indigo 501. In A Mellow Tone 502. Night Wind 503. What's New 504. Isn't This A Lovely Day? 505. I Used To Be Color Blind 506. How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky) 507. Blue Skies 508. Teach Me How To Cry 509. What's Your Story Morning Glory 510. If I Were A Bell 511. Oh, What A Night For Love 512. Let's Fall In Love 513. Love Is Here To Stay 514. The Man I Love 515. A Foggy Day 516. Somebody Loves Me 517. I've Got A Crush On You 518. You Go To My Head 519. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year 520. But Not For Me 521. They All Laughed 522. Gone With The Wind 601. Shall We Dance? 602. 'S Wonderful 603. Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar 604. Black Coffee 605. September Song 606. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) 607. Winter Wonderland 608. It's Only A Paper Moon 609. Stormy Weather 610. Heart & Soul 611. Come Rain Or Come Shine 612. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else 613. Stella By Starlight 614. Ich Fuhle Mich Crazy (You're Driving Me Crazy) 615. Mean To Me 616. I Hear Music 617. Broadway 618. She's Funny That Way 619. Stardust 620. Almost Like Being In Love 621. I'm Old Fashioned 622. The Way You Look Tonight 623. All The Things You Are 701. 'Deed I Do 702. My Last Affair 703. Trouble In Mind 704. How High The Moon 705. I'm A Poached Egg Without Toast 706. Skylark 707. Brown-skin Gal (In The Calico Gown) 708. The Shadow Of Your Smile 709. Whisper Not 710. Lover Man 711. Misty Blue 712. Love For Sale 713. Once I Loved 714. 'Round Midnight 715. Midnight Sun 716. That Old Feeling 717. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You 718. Wave 719. They Can't Take That Away From Me 720. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 721. All That Jazz 801. Love For Sale 802. You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart) 803. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter 804. Moonlight In Vermont 805. Stompin' At The Savoy 806. St. Louis Blues 807. I Loves You Porgy 808. Midnight Sun 809. Misty 810. The Man I Love 811. Mack The Knife 812. (I'd Like To Get You On A) Slow Boat To China 813. Rock It For Me 814. Stairway To The Stars 815. Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe 816. Deep Purple 817. Here's That Rainy Day 818. Don't Rain On My Parade 819. Lullaby Of Birdland 820. The More I See You 901. Norman Granz Introduction Of Ella Fitzgerald No.1 902. Robbins' Nest 903. A New Shade Of Blues 904. Old Mother Hubbard 905. I'm Just A Lucky So-and-so 906. Somebody Loves Me 907. Basin Street Blues 908. Oh, Lady, Be Good! 909. Black Coffee 910. A-tisket, A-tasket 911. How High The Moon 912. Perdido 913. Bill 914. Why Don't You Do Right? 915. A Foggy Day (In London Town) 916. Lullaby Of Birdland 917. The Man That Got Away 918. Hernando's Hideaway 919. Later


Legends -box Set- - 2840299762

139,99 zł

Legends -box Set-


1. Patsy Cline - Crazy 2. Patsy Cline - I Fall To Pieces 3. Patsy Cline - Your Cheatin' Heart 4. Patsy Cline - Strange 5. Patsy Cline - She's Got You 6. Patsy Cline - Stop The World (And Let Me Off) 7. Patsy Cline - That Wonderful Someone 8. Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray 9. Patsy Cline - I Can't Forget You 10. Patsy Cline - Lovesick Blues 11. Patsy Cline - Don't Ever Leave Me Again 12. Patsy Cline - So Wrong 13. Patsy Cline - When I Get Thru With You 14. Patsy Cline - Hungry For Love 15. Patsy Cline - I Love You Honey 16. Patsy Cline - If I Could See The World (Through 17. Patsy Cline - I've Loved And Lost Again 18. Patsy Cline - Too Many Secrets 19. Patsy Cline - (Write Me) In Care Of The Blues 20. Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight 101. Patsy Cline - I Love You So Much It Hurts 102. Patsy Cline - That's My Desire 103. Patsy Cline - I Can See An Angel Walking 104. Patsy Cline - You're Stronger Than Me 105. Patsy Cline - Heartaches 106. Patsy Cline - True Love 107. Patsy Cline - A Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man' 108. Patsy Cline - Ain't No Wheels On This Ship (We C 109. Patsy Cline - Honky Tonk Merry Go Round 110. Patsy Cline - You Belong To Me 111. Patsy Cline - You Were Only Fooling (While I Was 112. Patsy Cline - Today, Tomorrow And Forever 113. Patsy Cline - Then You'll Know 114. Patsy Cline - There He Goes 115. Patsy Cline - Crazy Dreams 116. Patsy Cline - A Church, A Courtroom, And Then Go 117. Patsy Cline - Leavin' On Your Mind 118. Patsy Cline - Hidin' Out 119. Patsy Cline - Imagine That 120. Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight 201. Connie Francis - Lipstick On Your Collar 202. Connie Francis - Stupid Cupid 203. Connie Francis - Everybody's Somebody's Fool 204. Connie Francis - My Happiness 205. Connie Francis - Among My Souvenirs 206. Connie Francis - Many Tears Ago 207. Connie Francis - Fallin' 208. Connie Francis - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me 209. Connie Francis - Who's Sorry Now 210. Connie Francis - I'm Sorry I Made You Cry 211. Connie Francis - You Always Hurt The One You Lov 212. Connie Francis - My Treasure 213. Connie Francis - The Majesty Of Love 214. Connie Francis - Heartaches 215. Connie Francis - Carolina Moon 216. Connie Francis - If I Didn't Care 217. Connie Francis - Frankie 218. Connie Francis - You're Gonna Miss Me 219. Connie Francis - Try A Little Tenderness 220. Connie Francis - The Very Thought Of You 301. Connie Francis - Plenty Good Lovin' 302. Connie Francis - V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n 303. Connie Francis - It's Only Make Believe 304. Connie Francis - Ain't That A Shame 305. Connie Francis - Singing The Blues 306. Connie Francis - Young Love 307. Connie Francis - Bye Bye Love 308. Connie Francis - These Foolish Things (Remind Me 309. Connie Francis - Mama 310. Connie Francis - My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own 311. Connie Francis - Where The Boys Are 312. Connie Francis - Breakin' In A Brand New Broken 313. Connie Francis - Together 314. Connie Francis - He's My Dreamboat 315. Connie Francis - When The Boy In Your Arms (Is T 316. Connie Francis - Don't Break The Heart That Love 317. Connie Francis - Second Hand Love 318. Connie Francis - I Was Such A Fool (To Fall In L 319. Connie Francis - He Thinks I Still Care 320. Connie Francis - I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter 401. Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin's 402. Brenda Lee - Emotions 403. Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry 404. Brenda Lee - Dum Dum 405. Brenda Lee - Fool No 1 406. Brenda Lee - Speak To Me Pretty 407. Brenda Lee - It Started All Over Again 408. Brenda Lee - Let's Jump The Broomstick 409. Brenda Lee - Bigelow 6-200 410. Brenda Lee - On The Sunny Side Of The Street 411. Brenda Lee - Ring-a My Phone 412. Brenda Lee - Dynamite 413. Brenda Lee - Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye 414. Brenda Lee - Hallelujah, I Love Him So 415. Brenda Lee - All The Way 416. Brenda Lee - How Deep Is The Ocean? 417. Brenda Lee - That's All You Gotta Do 418. Brenda Lee - Do I Worry (Yes I Do) 419. Brenda Lee - Break It To Me Gently 420. Brenda Lee - Lover Come Back To Me 421. Brenda Lee - I'm In The Mood For Love 501. Brenda Lee - I Want To Be Wanted 502. Brenda Lee - Here Comes That Feeling 503. Brenda Lee - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come 504. Brenda Lee - Send Me Some Lovin' 505. Brenda Lee - One Step At A Time 506. Brenda Lee - You Always Hurt The One You Love 507. Brenda Lee - Pretend 508. Brenda Lee - You've Got Me Crying Again 509. Brenda Lee - When My Dreamboat Comes Home 510. Brenda Lee - Eventually 511. Brenda Lee - Only You 512. Brenda Lee - Fools Rush In 513. Brenda Lee - When I Fall In Love 514. Brenda Lee - I'll Always Be In Love With You 515. Brenda Lee - It's The Talk Of The Town 516. Brenda Lee - Rock-a-bye-baby Blues 517. Brenda Lee - Georgia On My Mind 518. Brenda Lee - Lazy River 519. Brenda Lee - Blueberry Hill 601. Ella Fitzgerald - I've Got You Under My Skin 602. Ella Fitzgerald - I Get A Kick Out Of You 603. Ella Fitzgerald - Just One Of Those Things 604. Ella Fitzgerald - Begin The Beguine 605. Ella Fitzgerald - Love For Sale 606. Ella Fitzgerald - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye 607. Ella Fitzgerald - You Do Something To Me 608. Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Lov 609. Ella Fitzgerald - It's De-lovely 610. Ella Fitzgerald - Night And Day 611. Ella Fitzgerald - Have You Met Miss Jones? 612. Ella Fitzgerald - The Lady Is A Tramp 613. Ella Fitzgerald - This Can't Be Love 614. Ella Fitzgerald - Lover 615. Ella Fitzgerald - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewild 616. Ella Fitzgerald - My Funny Valentine 617. Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Moon 618. Ella Fitzgerald - Take The 'A' Train 619. Ella Fitzgerald - Sophisticated Lady 620. Ella Fitzgerald - Mood Indigo 701. Ella Fitzgerald - It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ai 702. Ella Fitzgerald - I Got It Bad (And That Ain't G 703. Ella Fitzgerald - I'm Beginning To See The Light 704. Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Face The Music And Dance 705. Ella Fitzgerald - Cheek To Cheek 706. Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies 707. Ella Fitzgerald - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Wa 708. Ella Fitzgerald - Isn't This A Lovely Day? 709. Ella Fitzgerald - Puttin' On The Ritz 710. Ella Fitzgerald - Let Yourself Go 711. Ella Fitzgerald - Top Hat, White Tie And Tails 712. Ella Fitzgerald - Alexander's Ragtime Band 713. Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 714. Ella Fitzgerald - 'S Wonderful 715. Ella Fitzgerald - The Man I Love 716. Ella Fitzgerald - I Got Rhythm 717. Ella Fitzgerald - Fascinatin' Rhythm 718. Ella Fitzgerald - Embraceable You 719. Ella Fitzgerald - They Can't Take That Away From 720. Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me 801. Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou 802. Ricky Nelson - A Teenager's Romance 803. Ricky Nelson - It's All In The Game 804. Ricky Nelson - Baby Won't You Please Come Home? 805. Ricky Nelson - A Wonder Like You 806. Ricky Nelson - Be-bop Baby 807. Ricky Nelson - You're My One And Only Love 808. Ricky Nelson - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 809. Ricky Nelson - Yes Sir, That's My Baby 810. Ricky Nelson - Boppin' The Blues 811. Ricky Nelson - I'm Not Afraid 812. Ricky Nelson - Go Go Go (Down The Line) 813. Ricky Nelson - Summertime 814. Ricky Nelson - Everlovin' 815. Ricky Nelson - I Wanna Be Loved 816. Ricky Nelson - Have I Told You Lately That I Lov 817. Ricky Nelson - I've Got My Eyes On You (And I Li 818. Ricky Nelson - Believe What You Say 819. Ricky Nelson - It's Late 820. Ricky Nelson - Just A Little Too Much 901. Ricky Nelson - Unchained Melody 902. Ricky Nelson - Sweeter Than You 903. Ricky Nelson - My Babe 904. Ricky Nelson - It's Up To You 905. Ricky Nelson - Never Be Anyone Else But You 906. Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town 907. Ricky Nelson - Milk Cow Blues 908. Ricky Nelson - I'm Walkin' 909. Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool 910. Ricky Nelson - Right By My Side 911. Ricky Nelson - Someday 912. Ricky Nelson - A Teenage Idol 913. Ricky Nelson - Stood Up 914. Ricky Nelson - There's Good Rockin' Tonight 915. Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man 916. Ricky Nelson - Young Emotions 917. Ricky Nelson - True Love 918. Ricky Nelson - Waitin' In School 919. Ricky Nelson - Time After Time 920. Ricky Nelson - Young World 1001. Julie London - Cry Me A River 1002. Julie London - Round Midnight 1003. Julie London - Love For Sale 1004. Julie London - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To 1005. Julie London - Blue Moon 1006. Julie London - When I Fall In Love 1007. Julie London - Two Sleepy People 1008. Julie London - The More I See You 1009. Julie London - 'S Wonderful 1010. Julie London - Moments Like This 1011. Julie London - I Love You 1012. Julie London - Let There Be Love 1013. Julie London - Mad About The Boy 1014. Julie London - Sentimental Journey 1015. Julie London - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Mor 1016. Julie London - I'm In The Mood For Love 1017. Julie London - Goodbye 1018. Julie London - Easy Street 1019. Julie London - Black Coffee 1020. Julie London - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 1101. Julie London - Hot Toddy 1102. Julie London - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildere 1103. Julie London - I Should Care 1104. Julie London - Love Must Be Catchin' 1105. Julie London - It Could Happen To You 1106. Julie London - Memphis In June 1107. Julie London - If I'm Lucky 1108. Julie London - One For My Baby 1109. Julie London - They Can't Take That Away From Me 1110. Julie London - You And The Night And The Music 1111. Julie London - The Thrill Is Gone 1112. Julie London - Comin' Thru The Rye 1113. Julie London - Cuddle Up A Little Closer 1114. Julie London - After The Ball 1115. Julie London - Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee 1116. Julie London - De Camptown Races 1117. Julie London - Old Folks At Home 1118. Julie London - Darktown Strutter's Ball 1119. Julie London - How Come You Do Me Like You Do 1120. Julie London - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Com 1201. Etta James - I Just Want To Make Love To You 1202. Etta James - At Last 1203. Etta James - Stormy Weather 1204. Etta James - All I Could Do Was Cry 1205. Etta James - One For My Baby 1206. Etta James - The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry 1207. Etta James - Good Rockin' Daddy 1208. Etta James - Spoonful 1209. Etta James - If I Can't Have You 1210. Etta James - I Hope You're Satisfied 1211. Etta James - My Dearest Darling 1212. Etta James - Dance With Me Henry 1213. Etta James - Anything To Say You're Mine 1214. Etta James - Trust In Me 1215. Etta James - A Sunday Kind Of Love 1216. Etta James - Tough Mary 1217. Etta James - Girl Of My Dreams 1218. Etta James - Don't Cry Baby 1219. Etta James - Fool That I Am 1220. Etta James - In My Diary 1301. Etta James - Seven Day Fool 1302. Etta James - It's Too Soon To Know 1303. Etta James - Dream 1304. Etta James - I'll Dry My Tears 1305. Etta James - Plum Nuts 1306. Etta James - Don't Get Around Much Anymore 1307. Etta James - Sunshine Of Love 1308. Etta James - Come What May 1309. Etta James - The Pick Up 1310. Etta James - We're In Love 1311. Etta James - Hey Henry 1312. Etta James - My Heart Cries 1313. Etta James - Tough Lover 1314. Etta James - Good Lookin' 1315. Etta James - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 1316. Etta James - That's All 1317. Etta James - Be Mine 1318. Etta James - Crazy Feeling 1319. Etta James - Hold Me, Squeeze Me 1320. Etta James - If It Ain't One Thing 1401. Dean Martin - When You're Smiling (The Whole Wor 1402. Dean Martin - Sway 1403. Dean Martin - Volare 1404. Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This 1405. Dean Martin - True Love 1406. Dean Martin - That's Amore 1407. Dean Martin - Good Mornin' Life 1408. Dean Martin - How D'ya Like Your Eggs In The Mor 1409. Dean Martin - Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Sm 1410. Dean Martin - On The Street Where You Live 1411. Dean Martin - Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard In Old 1412. Dean Martin - Carolina In The Morning 1413. Dean Martin - Night Train To Memphis 1414. Dean Martin - Open Up The Doghouse (Two Cats Are 1415. Dean Martin - Ain't That A Kick In The Head 1416. Dean Martin - Dream A Little Dream Of Me 1417. Dean Martin - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 1418. Dean Martin - Oh Marie 1419. Dean Martin - I'll Always Love You (Day After Da 1420. Dean Martin - Innamorata (Sweetheart) 1501. Dean Martin - Non Dimenticar 1502. Dean Martin - Hey Brother Pour The Wine 1503. Dean Martin - Solitaire 1504. Dean Martin - You Was 1505. Dean Martin - I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With 1506. Dean Martin - You Belong To Me 1507. Dean Martin - I'm Yours 1508. Dean Martin - I'd Gladly Make The Same Mistake A 1509. Dean Martin - Under The Bridges Of Paris 1510. Dean Martin - I'm Gonna Steal You Away 1511. Dean Martin - Only Trust Your Heart 1512. Dean Martin - All I Do Is Dream Of You 1513. Dean Martin - Return To Me 1514. Dean Martin - It Will Have To Do (Until The Real 1515. Dean Martin - Just In Time 1516. Dean Martin - Pretty As A Picture 1517. Dean Martin - Beau James 1518. Dean Martin - Zing-a Zing-a Zing Boom 1601. Nat King Cole - Unforgettable 1602. Nat King Cole - Let There Be Love 1603. Nat King Cole - Smile 1604. Nat King Cole - (I Love You) For Sentimental Rea 1605. Nat King Cole - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 1606. Nat King Cole - The Very Thought Of You 1607. Nat King Cole - This Can't Be Love 1608. Nat King Cole - A Blossom Fell 1609. Nat King Cole - Ain't Misbehavin' 1610. Nat King Cole - It's All In The Game 1611. Nat King Cole - Almost Like Being In Love 1612. Nat King Cole - Love Letters 1613. Nat King Cole - Mona Lisa 1614. Nat King Cole - Answer Me, My Love 1615. Nat King Cole - It's Only A Paper Moon 1616. Nat King Cole - Just One Of Those Things 1617. Nat King Cole - At Last 1618. Nat King Cole - Autumn Leaves 1619. Nat King Cole - Don't Get Around Much Anymore 1620. Nat King Cole - Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Wor 1701. Nat King Cole - When I Fall In Love 1702. Nat King Cole - Looking Back 1703. Nat King Cole - Nature Boy 1704. Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky 1705. Nat King Cole - Pretend 1706. Nat King Cole - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas 1707. Nat King Cole - Ramblin' Rose 1708. Nat King Cole - Send For Me 1709. Nat King Cole - Somewhere Along The Way 1710. Nat King Cole - Stardust 1711. Nat King Cole - Stay As Sweet As You Are 1712. Nat King Cole - Straighten Up And Fly Right 1713. Nat King Cole - Sweet Lorraine 1714. Nat King Cole - Tenderly 1715. Nat King Cole - The More I See You 1716. Nat King Cole - This Is All I Ask 1717. Nat King Cole - Too Young 1718. Nat King Cole - Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1719. Nat King Cole - Wolverton Mountain 1720. Nat King Cole - You Stepped Out Of A Dream


The Debt-Free Millionaire - 2826678444

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The Debt-Free Millionaire Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Are you tired of spinning your financial wheels?§Do you really want to know what it feels like to not worry about money?§Has the difficulty of managing your financial life led you to just accept things as they are and hope they'll just "work out" in the end?§If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then it's time to make a change--and the knowledge you need to become a debt-free millionaire is literally in your hands right now.§The desire to get out of debt can sometimes be smothered by the shear volume of information, and misinformation, available. To overcome such obstacles, what you need is one place to find the right answers, right away. That's why author Anthony Manganiello--founder and creator of and President and CEO of Centricity, Inc.--has created The Debt-Free Millionaire.§Since 1995, Manganiello has helped hundreds of thousands of people get out of debt, and now, he'll show you how to do the same. Throughout these pages, he skillfully outlines a plan that will allow you to eliminate debt, develop better credit, and retire comfortably. You'll learn everything from how to perform a Cash-FLOW Analysis(TM)--a straightforward approach to assessing your financial standing--to putting your plan into action. Along the way, Manganiello reveals how debt and credit should fit into your financial life and addresses how to employ specific strategies that will lead you to accumulate wealth instead of what you're most likely doing now, consuming it.§No matter what your current financial situation, the five simple steps comprising this plan will put you in a better position to prosper in the years ahead. You'll also find that as you progress through the Debt-Free Millionaire Plan, you'll be fairly well insulated from the economic ups and downs experienced by others who are stumbling through life without a plan.§After reading this book, when you think of what a millionaire is, you'll realize that the only difference between you and becoming a millionaire is a matter of time and distance. The strategies outlined here will help you close that gap as quickly as possibly. A timely book containing the tools to get out of debt and improve overall credit§The current economic climate has become increasingly volatile for the average American. As bankruptcy and foreclosure rates increase, more and more people are finding themselves with bad credit. The Debt-Free Millionaire offers a plan for anyone who has had difficulty managing credit. This book is based on cash flow analysis, a unique program offered by author Tony Manganiello. The book explains the basics of budgeting (cash flow) along with credit basics including credit score, credit history, and outstanding loans. Using this knowledge as a base, it will show people how they can take charge of their credit to insure a lifetime of debt-free money management and financial success. Some of the topics touched upon by Manganiello include: cash-flow analysis, credit counseling, bankruptcy, debt settlement, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit reports, and consumer credit rights in all states. With this book as their guide, readers will develop a better understanding of credit and use that knowledge to create a permanent solution to their debt problems.§Tony Manganiello (Dubuque, IA) is President and CEO of, Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living, Inc., and Tower Financial Corporation. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts on the impact debt-elimination services can have on a consumer's credit. Currently, he serves as a member of the Advisory Board of the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives and attends meeting with government officials providing testimony regarding the needs consumers face in today's economically challenging times. Praise for The Debt-Free Millionaire§"The Debt-Free Millionaire is a clarion call for a generation that was brought up on spending tomorrow's money today. As someone who spent time in the financial services industry, I can unequivocally state that Anthony's pragmatic and refreshingly contrarian approach to the real secrets of cash-flow management--and leveraging the credit system--are a breath of fresh air in a smog-choked world of misinformation and confusing financial advice.I can think of a million reasons to read it."§--Michael DiFrisco President, BrandXcellence§"Read this book. Do what it says. Start living the dream. If you're ready totake charge of your financial future, this is the place to start."§--Keith J. Cunningham Keys to the Vault & Business School for Entrepreneurs§"The Debt-Free Millionaire offers unique insights, little known strategies and easy-to-understand practical tools to first manage then eliminate debt. It is amust read for both consumers and financial professionals to better explain the often complex world of debt management. More like getting sensible advice from a good friend than a technical financial advisor."§--Roy Balfour President of Ro-Mart Inc.§"Tony has produced a clear and straightforward guide to debt, and how to eliminate it, that is as timely as it is needed. Anyone who follows the program in this book will be glad they did."§--Jeffrey K. Meek Former Vice President-Recovery Operations, WaMu Card Services§"Great for readers of all ages and in all financial stages. This isn't one of those get-rich-quick schemes. This book provides a foundation for a paradigm shift in your thinking process and allows for you to see how toachieve the seemingly unachievable. I was hooked from the beginning!"§--Jenna Keehnen Executive Director,


Tender Moments of Saffron Silk - 2826884781

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Tender Moments of Saffron Silk Phoenix Yard Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Book 6 of the Kingdom of Silk series. The books explore important themes of love, loss, friendships, home and belonging, in ways that pull at the heartstrings but are never over-sentimental. Honey for the soul. Everyone knows that Saffron Silk has a talent for pretending to be someone else but when the firebirds rage inside her head, and it hurts even to breathe, Saffron barely has the energy to be herself.Saffron's family don't know about the firebirds that come to warn her of terrible headaches. And Saffron doesn't know how to tell them. But her brother Perry Angel has learnt to read hearts and recognise tender moments, and Perry knows that Saffron is frightened.Frightened of what might be wrong with her and afraid that she might have to leave the Kingdom of Silk forever...In Glenda Millard's beautifully written and multi-award-winning Kingdom of Silk series, we meet the uncommon Silk family. Parents Ben and Annie Silk have a brood of five daughters ('the Rainbow Girls'), a son named Griffin, Griffin's best friend Layla who 'might as well be a Silk', Nell - the 'tiny bit magic' fairy grandmother, and Perry Angel - an adopted son who joins the Silk family. REVIEWS: "Every action, every sentiment, every character amongst the pages of this book is a manifesto for family, for joy, for being kind, for never failing to show someone you love them, and for never ever failing to recognise the tiny tender moments that make one's life complete.Those tiny tender moments, they are those that "make the soul tipsy with ordinary happiness". This is why I love this series so much; it reminds us that true happiness is found in the simplest things." -- LIBRARY MICE. "Millard weaves difficult issues in a non-threatening way, but her language is so lyrical and poetic (but without lashings of sentimentality) you cannot helped but be moved." -- SHARON F JONES BLOG. "Like with many other books I review I ended up reading book first, then the previous 4/5 books, then I reread this one. I'm glad I was able to read the others (thanks to the lovely publicist), because my initial thoughts were that Saffron's father was a bit of a lunatic, her family was a bit too wacky, and I didn't entirely understand the various relationships. The first time round I fully related to Saffron's fear of what was wrong with her, just because it is so scary having your body do things which you've no control over & don't understand. The care and support of her friends and family made me cry (I cry when I'm happy, sad, & overwhelmed), especially that of Perry whose personal sacrifice I fully understood when I read the stories where he first appears. This entire series is such a sweet read, covering emotionally complex issues in a way that makes sense. I want a grandmother like Nell! She is heaps of fun, sees the positive in everything, and knows that not everyone can learn the same way, which is why Perry ends up being homeschooled 2 days a week and attending school for the rest. It is never openly said (as far as I can remember) but it's obvious that Perry has some form of Autism or Aspergers, and the way his adopted brother and sisters view him is touching. I loved how Layla brightens everyone's life after their dear sister Tishkin passes away. I admire Saffron's parents for sticking with their way of life and not minding what other people think, for picking meaningful names, for being able to follow their dreams. Liking handicrafts made me like Saffron's dad being a wood carver and a baker - the naming books sounds exquisite! This is a series I'll reread because they are touching, and the illustrations heighten the meaning behind the story. A family focused read with lots of grandmother magic!" -- NAYU'S READING CORNER. "Glenda Millard's Kingdom of Silk books have won many awards in her native Australia, and no wonder: there are very few books, for children or adults, which describe love so clearly or so lyrically. There are seven books in the series, The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk is number six, and it is definitely worth reading them all, and in order, to really get to know the Silks. They are an uncommon lot: the rest of the world might see them as eccentric, even weird, that doesn't bother them at all. Parents Ben and Annie have five daughters ('the Rainbow Girls'), a son named Griffin and an adopted son, Perry Angel, who joins the family midway through the series. Nell is 'the tiny bit magic' grandmother, and Layla, Griffin's best friend, understands them so well she 'might as well be a Silk'. They live on a beautiful plot of land in the Australian countryside, and Millard evokes the sense of place beautifully. Each book describes a different event in their lives, but the emphasis is always on themes of love, friendship and belonging. In The Tender Moments of Saffron Silk, Saffron, the youngest and most dreamy of the Rainbow Girls isn't well. She has terrible headaches, accompanied by blinding lights she thinks of as firebirds. The Silks have already lost one daughter, baby Tishkin, and everyone is scared for Saffron. Little Perry is the one to realise just how frightened Saffron herself is though, and to work out what special help she needs. Everything ends well, and a small Silk miracle takes place at the hospital. Millard has a light touch and avoids sentimentality, this is another beautiful and affecting read." -- LOVEREADING.


6 Classic Albums Plus - 2839321192

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6 Classic Albums Plus Real Gone Jazz


1. Red Top 2. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid 3. Sometimes I'm Happy 4. This Is Always 5. What Can I Say Dear (After I Say I'm Sorry) 6. Don't Get Scared 7. Parkers Mood 8. I'm Gone 9. Twisted 10. Farmer's Market 11. The Time Was Right 12. Annie's Lament 13. The Way You Look Tonight 14. I'm Beginning To Think You Care 15. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 16. Everytime 101. Stop It 102. All Of Me 103. Perdido 104. Love You Madly 105. I've Told Every Little Star 106. Manhatten 107. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone 108. Skylark 109. Gipsy In My Soul 110. I Love Paris 111. I Didn't Know About You 112. The Lady's In Love With You 113. 'Taint What You Do 114. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 115. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 116. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 201. Everyday I Have The Blues 202. It's Sand, Man 203. Two For The Blues 204. One O'clock Jump 205. Little Pony 206. Down For Double 207. Fiesta In Blue 208. Down For The Count 209. Blues Backstage 210. Avenue C 211. I Feel Pretty 212. How About You 213. I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face 214. This Time The Dreams On Me 215. Let There Be Love 216. All Of You 217. Give Me The Simple Life 218. This Is Always 219. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 220. It Don't Mean A Thing 301. Everything I've Got Belongs To You 302. Invitation To The Blues 303. I Didn't Know About You 304. I Don't Want To Cry Anymore 305. Lucky Day 306. I Was Doin' All Right 307. You Took Advantage Of Me 308. You're Nearer 309. Lucky So And So 310. Nobody's Baby 311. Overture 312. Everything's Coming Up Roses 313. You'll Never Get Away 314. Some People 315. All I Need Is A Boy 316. Small World 317. Together 318. Let Me Entertain You 319. Reprise


4 Classic Albums Plus - 2850807895

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4 Classic Albums Plus AVID JAZZ


1. The Way You Look Tonight From Singin N Swingin' 2. I'm Beginning To Think You Care From Singin N S 3. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea From Sin 4. Everytime From Singin N Swingin' 5. Gypsy In My Soul 6. I Love Paris 7. I Didn't Know About You 8. The Lady's In Love With You 9. Taint What You Do 10. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 11. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 12. Don't Worry Bout Me 13. I've Told Every Little Star From Nocturne For Vo 14. Manhattan From Nocturne For Vocalist 15. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone From No 16. Skylark From Nocturne For Vocalist 17. Overture 18. Everything's Coming Up Roses 19. You'll Never Get Away 20. Some People 21. All I Need Is A Boy 22. Small World 23. Together 24. Let Me Entertain You 25. Reprise 26. Single - Annie's Lament 101. Everything I've Got 102. Invitation To The Blues 103. I Didn't Know About You 104. I Don't Want To Cry Anymore 105. Lucky Day 106. I Was Doing All Right 107. You Took Advantage Of Me 108. You're Nearer 109. Lucky So And So 110. Nobody's Baby 111. I Feel Pretty 112. How About You 113. I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face 114. This Time The Dream's On Me 115. Let There Be Love 116. All Of You 117. Give Me The Simple Life 118. This Is Always 119. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 120. It Don't Mean A Thing 121. Single - Twisted 122. Single - Farmer's Market


Hmv 1962 -dl/rm/dg- - 2853025215

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Hmv 1962 -dl/rm/dg-


1. Adam Wade - Cold, Cold Winter 2. Adam Wade - Preview Of Paradise 3. Danny Williams - Jeannie 4. Danny Williams - It Might As Well Be Spring 5. Dion - The Wanderer 6. Michael Cox - Young Only Once 7. Michael Cox - Honey, Cause I Love You 8. Carol Deene - Norman 9. Carol Deene - On The Outside Looking In 10. Jimmy Logan - Mac Farlane 11. Jimmy Logan - The Heart Of Scotland 12. Charles Blackwell Orchestra - Midnight In Luxemb 13. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Hurry On Back To Lov 14. Mike Berry - Its Just A Matter Of Time 15. Patsy Ann Noble - Good Looking Boy 16. The Stonehenge Men - Big Feet 17. The Stonehenge Men - Pinto 18. Bobby Angelo - Don't Stop 19. Bobby Angelo - I Gotta Have You 20. Kenny Lynch - There's Never Been A Girl 21. Arthur Haynes - Not To Worry 22. Arthur Haynes - Looking Around 23. Mike Sagar - The Brothers Three 24. Jamie Coe - How Low Is Low 101. John Leyton - Lone Rider 102. Tito Rodriguez - Taboo 103. Kenny Dino - Rosie (Why Do You Wear My Ring?) 104. Kenny Dino - What Did I Do 105. Adam Wade - Prisoners Song 106. Danny Rivers - We're Gonna Dance 107. Danny Rivers - Movin' In 108. Mike Pedicin Quintet - Gotta Twist 109. Danny Williams - The Wonderful World Of The Youn 110. Kenny Lynch - It Would Take A Miracle 111. Tim Connor - Lost Love 112. Tim Connor - Down 113. The Highwaymen - I'm On My Way 114. Brian Hyland - Ginny Come Lately 115. John Leyton - Lonely City 116. David Whitfield - Impossible 117. Steve Arlen - They Took John Away 118. Larry Finnegan - Dear One 119. Larry Finnegan - Candy Lips 120. Andy Cavell - Hey There, Cruel Heart 121. Andy Cavell - Lonely Soldier Boy 122. Carol Deene - Johnny Get Angry 123. Carol Deene - Somebody's Smiling 124. Pat Phoenix - The Rovers Chorus 201. Pat Phoenix - Coronation Street Monologue 202. The Blitz Kids - Mums And Dads 203. The Blitz Kids - We're Going To The Country 204. Danny Williams - Tears 205. Tony Renis - Quando, Quando, Quando 206. George Jones - She Thinks I Still Care 207. Van Doren - The Coffee Grinder 208. Mike Berry - Every Little Kiss 209. Mike Berry - How Many Times 210. Dora Bryan - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 211. Suzy Cope - Not Never, Not Now 212. Suzy Cope - Kisses And Tears 213. John Leyton - Down The River Nile 214. Russ Sainty - Keep Your Love Locked 215. Tom Connor - Without A Shoulder To Cry On 216. Tim Connor - I've Fallen In Love 217. Kenny Lynch - Puff (Up In Smoke) 218. Carol Deene - Some People 219. Carol Deene - Kissin' 220. 20tommy Roe - Sheila 221. Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd - Desafinado 222. Michael Cox - Stand Up 223. Michael Cox - In April 224. Teddy Randazzo - Dance To The Locomotion 225. Geoff Goddard - My Little Girls Come Home 301. Geoff Goddard - Try Once More 302. Russ Sainty - What Do You Know About That 303. The Outlaws - Sioux Serenade 304. Joe Loss & His Orchestra - Must Be Madison 305. Joe Loss & His Orchestra - Miss Madison 306. John Leyton - Lonely Johnny 307. Andy Cavell - Always On Saturday 308. Andy Cavell - Hey There, Senorita 309. Carol Deene - James (Hold The Ladder Steady) 310. Carol Deene - It Happened Last Night 311. Don Spencer - Fireball 312. Don Spencer - I'm All Alone Again 313. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - A Shot Of Rhythm & B 314. Kenny Lynch - Up On The Roof 315. Freda Payne - He Who Laughs Last 316. Tommy Roe - Susie Darlin' 317. Grazina - Lover Please Believe Me 318. Tim Connor - Maybe 319. Lloyd Price - Under Your Spell Again 320. Maxine Brown - Am I Falling In Love 321. Dean Shannon - Ubangi Stomp 322. Barbabra Windsor & Harry Fowler - It Had Better 323. Mike Berry - Loneliness 324. Mike Berry - Don't You Think It's Time


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