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A Ground Squirrel Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Blank 150 Page Lined Journal for Your Thoughts, Ideas, and Inspiration - 2841836998

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A Ground Squirrel Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Blank 150 Page Lined Journal for Your Thoughts, Ideas, and Inspiration



Between a Rock and a Hard Place - 2826623543

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place POCKET BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Between a Rock and a Hard Place is the autobiography of Aron Ralston. Published in 2004, the book recounts Ralston


Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Im Canyon, englische Ausgabe - 2835031696

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Im Canyon, englische Ausgabe Atria Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Icebound" meets "Into Thin Air" in this astonishing, day-by-day account of Ralston's terrible accident, self-amputation, and subsequent rescue and recovery. of full-color photos.


Between A Rock And A Hard Place - 2839880192

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Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Sports & outdoor recreation>Active outdoor pursuits>Climbing & mountaineerin...

A Survival Story - The Day-by-day Account Of Aron Ralston's Terrible Accident, Self-amputation, Rescue And Recovery.


Between A Rock & A Hard Place - 2839680849

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Between A Rock & A Hard Place WARNER BROS MOD AFW

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap


Between a Rock and a Hard Place - 2841836256

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place



Between Iraq & A Hard Place - 2839773234

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Between Iraq & A Hard Place CD BABY



Rock and Hard Place - 2842081018

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Rock and Hard Place GlobeEdit

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Joining the miserable sea in Guinea, the 14-year rebel war in the country put Liberia exiles into protracted refugee category. As refugees they were stuck between rock and hard place besides being embroiled in inescapable trajectories. They sought alternative means of livelihood when the assistance they received from UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies was slashed. While they tried to find sustenance, bureaucratic power by UNHCR and CNISR affected while the locals used inequality as weapon to enforce power against them. Would the staff of UNHCR and other agencies, and the Guinean authorities stand unblemished of the alleged abuses of power and office and also improprieties? Did the locals realize that it is immoral to sexually abuse or rape vulnerable females, or to use children as beasts of burden to work on the streets, farms and in illicit mines,and that it is inhumane to refuse to remunerate for the services of refugees? The status as Liberian refugees ceased on 30th June 20012, and with repatriation and integration the durable solutions from which to opt, if the former refugees will continue to be stuck between rock and hard place in their new sojourn,remains to be seen.


Every Road End Somewhere - 2839320754

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Every Road End Somewhere Ruf Records


1. Roots Of All Evil 2. My Baby By My Side 3. Blue Monday 4. Rock & A Hard Place 5. The Street You Live On 6. Ain't No Way 7. Black Night 8. Cut You Loose 9. End Of The Road 10. Everyday Of Your Life


A Hiding Place For Fake F - 2839410796

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A Hiding Place For Fake F ELOGY

Muzyka>Rock>Alternatywna>Punk / New Wave

1. Give Her A Pill To Shut Her Up Or Make Her A Mute 2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 3. I Only Regret The Summer 4. You Can Lift Your Dress Like Nobodys Business 5. Its Not Running Away If You Have Somewhere To Go 6. Hopeyoudiexo 7. The Walls Between Us 8. Ill Swing My Fists 9. Forgetting Alli Mae 10. Im A Man Of My Word


Danish rock music groups - 2844388327

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Danish rock music groups Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 34. Chapters: Danish indie rock groups, Danish punk rock groups, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, The Raveonettes, Mew, HorrorPops, Kashmir, D-A-D, Dúné, Nephew, Snuff Pop Inc., Efterklang, Sort Sol, Racetrack Babies, Carpark North, The Alligators, Big Fat Snake, Envelope, The Kissaway Trail, New Politics, Sir Henry and his Butlers, Gnags, Moi Caprice, Bombay Rockers, Oh No Ono, The Naked, Unexploded, The Fashion, Saybia, Bifrost, Decorate. Decorate., Psyched Up Janis, The Malpractice, Baal, Johnny Deluxe, Veto, Green Concorde, Fielfraz, The Floor Is Made of Lava, Alrune Rod, The Defectors, Tiger Tunes, The William Blakes, The Walkers, Baby Woodrose, Rock Hard Power Spray, The Seven Mile Journey, SEB, Blindstone, List of Danish punk bands, Barra Head, The Burning Primitive, Superheroes, Said the Shark, Sneakers. Excerpt: Dizzy Mizz Lizzy was an alternative rock band from Denmark that started in 1988. Between 1994 and 1997, they were highly successful in Denmark and Japan, heading the 1990s rock revival in Denmark. The trio consisted of Tim Christensen (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Martin Nielsen (bass guitar) and Sřren Friis (drums). Christensen would later describe the band's success as: "The Dizzy records were a mild version of what took place in Seattle with a delay of two years, and therefore perfect for Denmark," referring to the grunge movement. Together with bands such as Kashmir they revived rock in Denmark, but lacked an entrance to the UK and US like the modern Danish rock bands do. The group had disbanded in 1998, but went on a reunion tour from March 18 through September 29, 2010 through Denmark and Japan. After the last show of this tour, they definitely quit. Since 2000, Christensen is also an accomplished solo artist. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy was founded in 1988 at the Hanssted School in Valby, a suburb of Copenhagen. Christensen and Nielsen were classmates. Nielsen picked up the bass because Christensen already played the guitar, and a friend recommended Friis to them. The band's name was derived from The Beatles' cover of the Larry Williams song Dizzy Miss Lizzy, which appeared on the album Help!. They won the competition "Rock Trćf" in 1990, using the 5000 kr (about 700 EUR) prize money to record a demo. The band entered Denmark's largest music championship DM i Rock in 1991 and came in fourth. Inspired by Nirvana, they made a switch from making a kind of glam rock to playing power rock, which took them to the "DM i Rock" finals in 1992 but again without winning, nor did they attract the attention from a record company. With their third attempt on April 30, 1993, the trio won and Kashmir came in second. Other contestants were Impotators and Inside the Whale, which have all had a significant place in the revival of rock in 1990s Denmark but of which Dizzy Mizz Lizzy has been


When Sharpies Ruled: A.. - 2843699702

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When Sharpies Ruled: A..


1. Coloured Balls - Time Shapes 2. Finch - Out Of Control 3. La De Das - The Place (Single Edit) 4. Coloured Balls - Flash 5. Thorpe, Billy / Aztecs, The - Let's Have A Party ( 6. Wright, Stevie - Hard Road 7. Brown, Buster - Roll Over Beethoven 8. Skyhooks - Horror Movie 9. Coloured Balls - Love You Babe 10. Hush - Riff In My Head 11. Fat Daddy - Roll Daddy Roll 12. Ted Mulry Gang - Jump In My Car 13. Bullet - Rock My Lady 14. Hush - Bony Moronie 15. Lumpkin, Fatty - Movin' 16. Kevin Borich Express - I'm Goin' Somewhere 17. Ted Mulry Gang - Crazy 18. Finch - Hey Spunky 19. Taste - Tickle Your Fancy 20. Rabbit - Wildfire 21. Supernaut - I Like It Both Ways 22. Rose Tattoo - Remedy 23. La Femme - Chelsea Kids (Single Version)


How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Said Their Soul ??? - 2841460490

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How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Said Their Soul ??? Slam Jamz Records

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap

1. How You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold The 2. Black Is Back 3. Harder Than You Think 4. Between Hard & A Rock Place 5. Sex, Drugs & Violence 6. Amerikan Gangster 7. Can You Here Me Now 8. Head Wide Shut 9. Flavor Man 10. Enemy Battle Hymn Of The Public 11. Escapism 12. Frankenstar 13. Col-leepin 14. Radiation Of A Radiotvmovie Nation 15. See Something, Say Something 16. Long & Whining Road 17. Bridge Of Pain 18. Eve Of Destruction 19. How You Sell Soul (Time Is God Refrain) 101. Where There's Smoke... (Dvd) 102. Pe20 Tour58: Power Energy, Planet Earth, Public En 103. Live At Bb King's (Footage) (Dvd) 104. (Bonus Material) (Dvd) Public Enemy - Pionierzy Werbalnej Przenikliwości, Kunsztownych Preformance. W Erze Gdy Dominują Wielkie Korporacje I Supermarkety, A Wielu Raperów Stawia Bycie Popularnym Ponad Kunszt, PE Zachowuje Swoją Osobowość, Pozostając Sobie Wiernym. Od Zawsze Byli Mistrzami Słowa I Komentatorami, Którzy Poprzez Muzykę I Rym, Wnikliwie Napiętnowali Rzeczywistość, Inspirując Rzesze Fanów. Piosenki Z Nowej Płyty Public Enemy To Ich Ukłon W Stronę Mocy Samej Muzyki, Dosięgającej Z Rzadka Duszy Mas, Częściej Natomiast Stanowiącą Dźwiękową Reminiscencję Minionej Ery. W Tym Roku Szykuje Się Jubileusz - Dwudziesta Rocznica Powstania Grupy.


Torebki i morderstwo - Dorothy Howell - 2836982797

11,69 zł

Torebki i morderstwo - Dorothy Howell

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - NOWA SERIA WSPÓŁCZESNYCH POWIEŚCI OBYCZAJOWO-KRYMINALNYCH, KTÓRYCH AKCJA ROZGRYWA SIĘ W USA, A ICH WSPÓLNYM MOTYWEM SĄ DAMSKIE MARKOWE TOREBKI. Kryminał, jakiego jeszcze w Polsce nie było! Żywa, dowcipna, dynamiczna akcja, pełna nieoczekiwanych i zaskakujących zwrotów. Powieść barwniejsza niż hollywoodzki film - czyta się doskonale! Jeśli spodobała Ci się książka Diabeł ubiera się u Prady, musisz przeczytać serię o Haley Randolph. Torebki i morderstwo to dowcipna i inteligentna powieść dziejąca się w Los Angeles, Mieście Aniołów, z rozlicznymi centrami handlowymi, butikami i straganami gdzie sprzedaje się damskie torebki. Pasją życiową bohaterki, Haley Randolph, są właśnie torebki. Ale wyłącznie MARKOWE, zaprojektowane przez stylistów z najwyższej półki... I ta namiętność sprowadzi na bohaterkę mnóstwo kłopotów, wśród których najmniejszymi będą oskarżenia o morderstwo i defraudację... Aby mieć środki na życie - i na swoja życiową pasję - Haley musi pracować na dwóch posadach. Ta główna, prestiżowa, to praca w renomowanej firmie prawniczej Pike&Warner, której centrum decyzyjne mieści się na tajemniczym, i dla urzędniczego proletariatu firmy niedostępnym, Szesnastym Piętrze. Druga posada to praca ekspedientki-kasjerki-sprzątaczki-magazynierki (zależnie od kaprysu kierownictwa...) w wielkim domu towarowym Holt`s, w którym sprzedaje się "ohydne ciuchy", "koszmarne buty" i "beznadziejne torebki"... To właśnie tam, w magazynie damskiej bielizny, znajduje zwłoki Richarda, wyjątkowo niesympatycznego faceta, którego ktoś zatłukł drążkiem wyłamanym ze stojaka na ubrania... Niebawem ona sama staje się główną podejrzaną. Haley sama musi oczyścić się z zarzutów i podejmuje prywatne śledztwo. Kończy się ono nieoczekiwanym rezultatem... Nazwa - Torebki i morderstwo Autor - Dorothy Howell Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Bellona Kod ISBN - 9788311132061 Kod EAN - 9788311132061 Rok wydania - 2014 Format - 13x20 Ilość stron - 382 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-09-30


Natasha's Dance - 2212836413

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Natasha's Dance Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Orlando Figes


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