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My Cimmerian Shade: A Small Collection of Dark Poetry and Scattered Thoughts: A Small Collection of Dark Poetry and Scattered Thoughts - 2851835959

62,05 zł

My Cimmerian Shade: A Small Collection of Dark Poetry and Scattered Thoughts: A Small Collection of Dark Poetry and Scattered Thoughts



My Book of Tears: A Collection of Poetry and Thoughts That Cross My Mind in the Dark Hours of the Night - 2853719305

66,99 zł

My Book of Tears: A Collection of Poetry and Thoughts That Cross My Mind in the Dark Hours of the Night



Dark Windy Mornings: A Poetry Collection - 2851557380

30,53 zł

Dark Windy Mornings: A Poetry Collection



Only Dark Around the Edges: A Collection of Poetry and Prose - 2851798382

58,86 zł

Only Dark Around the Edges: A Collection of Poetry and Prose



Taśma pakowa 12x66 czerwona 6szt - 2846488770

9,24 zł

Taśma pakowa 12x66 czerwona 6szt

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - taśmy samoprzylepne o uniwersalnym zastosowaniudoskonałe do pakowania woreczków Nazwa - Taśma pakowa 12x66 czerwona 6szt Kod EAN - 5907791840356 Wydawca - PAKARX Podatek VAT - 23%


What I Think about You; Song Lyrics and Poetry - 2845521391

57,97 zł

What I Think about You; Song Lyrics and Poetry RED AND BLUE DRAGON FANTASY

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Song Lyrics and Poetry about high school, college, being betrayed by loved ones, falling in love, broken hearts. Some of the poems, such as "Why Do They Pay To Be So Blind" and the "Two Trees" are about 9/11. While Other songs and poems like "What Would Ordinary People Say" "Kill You Too (If You Bless Me Too)" are more direct with destruction. These compositions both light and dark were published together for a wider range of readers. Songs like "Arctic Blue," "Moon Cheetah," "Avah Epona" were about broken Hearts from ex-girlfriends and the song "Irina Perlova," which is the author's first poem written is Russian and English. Dedicated to his parents who were responsible for enabling him to finish the remainder of the poems such as "Souls Under The Floor," The title "What I Think About You" was not chosen to intimidate or anatoginize the reader, but rather help the audience understand the writer's point of view of people and events that moved him along. This is something that every average or above average creative person can relate to.


Brand New Dark - 2845104387

77,19 zł

Brand New Dark Salt Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

POETRY BANK CHOICE. Mark Waldron's debut collection The Brand New Dark is a book about sex, eyes, eggs, dogs, death and sausages. It is a book concerned with our loss of faith in language, a book about our place in the world, about sex and love and a pair of puppets called Dougal and Florence. This surreal, absurd and entertaining collection mixes the formal with the colloquial, the tragic and the comic, the intensely personal and the comically detached, in a style which is startlingly original without being obscure. Funny, dark, disconcerting and moving, often all at the same time, the poems are refreshingly direct, spoken in a way that seems to implicate the reader in their situations and discomfiting stories. The Brand New Dark is above all an entertaining collection of accessible poems. A book for all the people who don't like poetry as well as for the people who do.


Travel Light Travel Dark - 2850777654

49,67 zł

Travel Light Travel Dark BLOODAXE BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

John Agard has been broadening the canvas of British poetry for the past 35 years with his mischievous, satirical fables which overturn all our expectations. In this new symphonic collection, Travel Light Travel Dark, Agard casts his unique spin on the intermingling strands of British history, and leads us into metaphysical and political waters. Cross-cultural connections are played out in a variety of voices and cadences. Prospero and Caliban have a cricket match encounter, recounted in calypso-inspired rhythms, and in the long poem, Water Music of a Different Kind, the incantatory orchestration of the Atlantic's middle passage becomes a moving counterpoint to Handel's Water Music. Travel Light Travel Dark brings a mythic dimension to the contemporary and opens with a meditation on the enigma of colour. Water often appears as a metaphoric riff within the fabric of the collection, as sugar cane tells its own story in 'Sugar Cane's Saga' and water speaks for itself in a witty debate with wine, inspired by the satirical tradition of the goliards, wandering clerics of the Middle Ages.


Complete Roadrunner Collection - 2839305576

124,99 zł

Complete Roadrunner Collection Warner Music / Roadrunner Records

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Martyr 2. Leechmaster 3. Scapegoat 4. Crisis 5. Crash Test 6. Flesh Hold 7. Lifeblind 8. Scumgrief 9. Natividad 10. Big God/raped Souls 11. Arise Above Oppression 12. Self Immolation 13. Suffer Age 14. W.o.e. 15. Desecrate 16. Escape Confusion 17. Manipulation 101. Demanufacture 102. Self Bias Resistor 103. Zero Signal 104. Replica 105. New Breed 106. Dog Day Sunrise 107. Body Hammer 108. Flashpoint 109. H-k (Hunter-killer) 110. Pisschrist 111. A Therapy For Pain 201. Remanufacture 202. National Panel Beating 203. Genetic Blueprint 204. Faithless 205. Bionic Chronic 206. Cloning Technology 207. Burn 208. T-1000 209. Machines Of Hate 210. 21st Century Jesus 211. Bound For Forgiveness 212. Refinery 213. Remanufacture (Edit) 301. Shock 302. Edgecrusher 303. Smasher/devourer 304. Securitron (Police State 2000) 305. Descent 306. Hi-tech Hate 307. Freedom Or Fire 308. Obsolete 309. Resurrection 310. Timelessness 401. What Will Become 402. Damaged 403. Digimortal 404. No One 405. Linchpin 406. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) 407. Acres Of Skin 408. Back The Fuck Up 409. Byte Block 410. Hurt Conveyor 411. (Memory Imprints) Never End 501. Big God/raped Souls (Concrete Version) 502. Arise Above Oppression (Concrete Version) 503. Concrete 504. Crisis (Concrete Version) 505. Escape Confusion (Concrete Version) 506. Sangre De Ninos 507. Soulwomb 508. Echoes Of Innocence 509. Dragged Down By The Weight Of Existence 510. Deception 511. Desecrate (Concrete Version) 512. Suffer Age (Concrete Version) 513. Anxiety 514. Self Immolation (Concrete Version) 515. Pisschrist (Concrete Version) 516. Ulceration


Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies - 2837114368

49,99 zł

Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A much-awaited collection of prose and poetry from one of the great cosmic masters of the supernatural Not just any fantasy, horror, and science fiction author could impress H. P. Lovecraft into calling him "unexcelled by any other writer, dead or living" or compel Fritz Lieber to employ the worthy term "sui generis." Clark Ashton Smith--autodidact, prolific poet, amateur philosopher, bizarre sculptor, and unmatched storyteller--simply wrote like no one else, before or since. This new collection of his very best tales and poems is selected and introduced by supernatural literature scholar S. T. Joshi and allows readers to encounter Smith's visionary brand of fantastical, phantasmagorical worlds, each one filled with invention, terror, and a superlative sense of metaphysical wonder.


Stitching the Dark - 2850275159

53,09 zł

Stitching the Dark BLOODAXE BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Carole Satyamurti's poetry explores love, attachment and the fragility of personal survival, charting the tension between connected and separate lives. With an unflinching eye, she takes on complex and often painful subject-matter - cancer for instance or raising a disabled child. Many of her poems hinge on a turning-point or a place where one life touches another, bearing witness to the way we imagine - or fail to imagine - the otherness of others. Stitching the Dark draws on four previous books and includes a whole new collection, her strongest and most formally adventurous. In these new poems, there is a deeper engagement with the universal predicament of how to live in the face of mortality - of what it means to exist, and to cease existing. The title suggests that the act of writing - the search for the right words - is an attempt to repair, illuminate, and give form to what is unknown, fearful, perplexing. But the collection is by no means solemn. There is also wit and celebration, dark humour and a fine sense of the absurd, as well as poems challenging our responses to events that do not affect us directly. 'Graceful yet tough writing, authentic and finely tuned' - elizabeth Bartlett 'Her unobtrusive approach is deceptive - these poems have unexpected stings in their tails' - penelope shuttle. 'Tensions we can all recognise...both gripping to read and positive in spirit...Her particular gift is for catching the poignant detail of inescapable human dilemmas and tensions' - alan brownjohn


Dark Hope - 2839950381

44,99 zł

Dark Hope

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Poetry>Individual poets

A Collection Of Poetry


Dark Serenity - 2850276462

15,96 zł

Dark Serenity

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dark Serenity is an enriching collection of poems that cover multiple subjects and emotions. It has been written for the author's own satisfaction and has been shared for your enjoyment. You are sure to find something to take pleasure in. It is a collection of amateur poetry that will stir the senses and enlightens the soul.


Dark Age - 2843290401

67,42 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A new collection from the author of }A Vision Of Comets{, exploring faith and searching.


Nine Lessons from the Dark - 2848130256

43,64 zł

Nine Lessons from the Dark JONATHAN CAPE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A powerful new poetry collection from the author of }Ulverton{. "A writer with exceptional gifts" Peter Kemp, }Sunday Times{.


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