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Pasos 1 (Fourth Edition): Spanish Beginner's Course - 2835876735

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Pasos 1 (Fourth Edition): Spanish Beginner's Course JOHN MURRAY PUBLISHERS

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Pasos 1: Spanish Beginner's Course is a multi-format Spanish adult learning programme for classroom and home use. Fully revised and updated for this new edition, the course includes a coursebook, course pack, activity book and CD and DVD set plus online activities. What do I get? The Pasos 1 Activity Book has been revised to tie in with 4th edition of the course with updated prices and references. It contains extra activities to consolidate and expand the material in the Coursebook (9781473610682) and grammar sections practising specificic language points. As with the Coursebook, two main revision units summarise what has been learned, providing reading texts with comprehension and writing tasks. Ideal for faster learners or for practice of a specific area, the Activity Book can be used alongside the Pasos 1 Coursebook or as self-access material for learners of Spanish using any course. Additional products available Coursebook: containing 14 thematic lessons, this full-clolour 280-page coursebook is the primary text for the course. Ideal for classroom and home use. CD and DVD Set: contains all the dialogues and listening activities included in the coursebook plus video building on real-life Spanish used in the course. Coursepack: includes the Coursebook, the CD and DVD Set and a Support Book containing a key to the exercises and audio transcripts. What's in the course? Pasos 1 is full of learning features to help you progress in reading, writing, listening and speaking Spanish: -Covers the skills and structures needed for the UK GCSE examination -14 units include a range of everyday themes such as meeting people, shopping, making plans, talking about work and family and travelling -Authentic reading, listening and video materials are used throughout for a range of activities based on everyday Spanish in Spain and Latin America (CD and DVD Set must be bought separately 9781473610767) -Clear explanations and examples make the grammar easy to absorb -The Rincon cultural feature presents short pieces of cultural interest about contemporary Spain and Spanish -Interactive online quizzes and exercises let you reinforce your learning at home or in the classroom


Pasos 2 - 2835278203

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Pasos 2 Hodder & Stoughton

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What is Pasos 2? Consolidate and develop your language skills In Pasos 2, the second stage of the course, the language skills learnt in Pasos 1 are consolidated and developed, giving learners the ability to communicate confidently at a higher level. They will also gain an insight into the history, customs and everyday life of modern Spain and Latin America. What will I learn? Active and realistic use of the language Pasos 2 encourages active and realistic use of the language over a wide range of topics and situations throughout its fourteen topic-based lessons. There is a wealth of up-to-date authentic reading and listening materials as well as speaking and writing tasks based on everyday situations in a Spanish and Latin American context. The tasks draw on learners' opinions, experience and knowledge of the world and are set against a background of more controlled presentation and practice of essential grammatical items. How will I learn? Integrated task-based approach Each lesson is subdivided into stand-alone sections which provide an integrated task-based approach. As with Pasos 1, there are regular opportunities for revision, and vocabulary and grammar summaries are provided both at the end of each lesson and in a separate section. Prep?rate features prepare learners for new language and topics and lessons end with an Autoevaluaci?n self-assessment feature. The book includes a two-way glossary. Group or independent study Pasos 2 constitutes a useful resource for the learner studying alone as well as the student in the classroom. What is new in the third edition? Improvements and additions The new edition has improvements and additions based on ideas and feedback from tutors across the country. There is also now simple navigation between the book and CDs, with clearly marked references in the Coursebook. Interactive quizzes and exercises Brush up and reinforce your learning at home, with fun, interactive online quizzes and exercises. Or use them in class with the group. Where do the Coursebook and CDs fit within the Pasos 2 Range? Pasos 2 Coursebook and CDs: - 1 copy of the third edition of the Coursebook (the primary text for the Pasos 2 course) - 3 audio CDs (3 hours of recordings) Pasos 2 Course Pack: - 1 copy of the third edition of the Coursebook (the primary text for the Pasos 2 course) - 3 audio CDs (3 hours of recordings) - 2 Support Books containing a key to the exercises and recording transcripts. Pasos 2 Activity Book: an intermediate level workbook which complements the exercises in the third edition of the Pasos 2 coursebook. Divided into 14 units, 12 of which are subdivided into sections covering or expanding a different linguistic area while the remaining two contain general revision and test material. The range of activities includes wordsearches, crosswords and cultural quizzes along with extra reading comprehension tasks. Vocabulary and verb conjugation exercises are provided, and each lesson ends with a revision section which practises a cluster of language points. A valuable resource for learners and teachers alike, offering extra practice in class as well as ideas for homework activities. It can be used alongside the third edition coursebook to provide further tasks for faster learners or more intensive practice on a specific area. It can also be used as self-access material by learners who wish to work through the materials independently.


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