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Hulk - Single Edition - 2842745207

73,49 zł

Hulk - Single Edition Universal Pictures

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Auf den ersten Blick scheint der Atomphysiker Dr. Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) ein unauffälliger Wissenschaftler zu sein, der gemeinsam mit seiner Ex-Freundin Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) die Wirkung von Gammastrahlen untersucht. Doch hinter der Fassade des ruhigen, brillanten Physikers verbirgt sich noch eine andere Persönlichkeit: geheimnisvoll und unberechenbar - und unfähig seine Aggressionen unter Kontrolle zu halten! Bei einem außergewöhnlichen Laborunfall wird Dr. Banner mit einer großen Menge Gammastrahlen belastet ... und die Folgen sind verheerend! Die innere Zerrissenheit des Wissenschaftlers führt dazu, dass sowohl seine heldenhaften Instinkte zu Tage kommen, aber auch gleichzeitig seine inneren Dämonen geweckt werden. Er wird zum stärksten Lebewesen der Welt - Superheld und Monster zugleich: zum Hulk! Atemberaubende Spannung. Mitreißende Bilder. Unglaubliche Special Effects und Action der Extra-Klasse. Ang Lee hat den Marvel-Comic-Helden in einer rasanten Story über den Kampf von Gut gegen Böse zu neuem Leben erweckt. Kraftvoll wie nie zuvor! Das Film-Highlight des Jahres! Absolut gigantisch ... wie der Hulk!


Return to Cranford - 2826704508

37,66 zł

Return to Cranford Bloomsbury

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Treasured household names, including Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, Imelda Staunton and Julia McKenzie, brought Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford to life in one of the best-loved classic dramas of all time. This celebratory omnibus edition includes the classic novel of the same name, a comic portrait of the lives of Cranford's genteel female inhabitants, as well as a novella and a short story. Both of these, The Moorland Cottage and The Cage at Cranford, feature in the Cranford two-part Special due to be screened on BBC television over Christmas 2009. These poignant portraits of early Victorian country village life deserve to be read and re-read.


The Amory Wars - 2826785616

78,47 zł

The Amory Wars Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 32. Chapters: Claudio Kilgannon, Claudio Sanchez, Coheed and Cambria, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness (comics), Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, List of The Amory Wars characters, The Afterman: Ascension, The Afterman: Descension, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, The Second Stage Turbine Blade (comics), Year of the Black Rainbow. Excerpt: Coheed and Cambria is an American rock band from Nyack, New York. Formed in 1995, the group's music incorporates aspects of progressive rock, punk rock, metal and post-hardcore. All of Coheed and Cambria's albums are concept albums that tell a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, a story written by lead singer Claudio Sanchez, which has been transcribed into a series of comic books, as well as a full length novel. The band has released six studio albums, three live albums, and several special-edition releases. In March 1995, after the split of Claudio Sanchez and Travis Stever's band called Toxic Parents, they formed a band with Nate Kelley called Beautiful Loser. The band featured Stever on vocals and guitar, Sanchez on guitar, Kelley on drums and Jon Carleo on bass. The group was short-lived, breaking up by June 1995 after an argument over gas money. Stever left the band, and the resulting trio was named Shabütie, a word taken from African tribe chants that means "naked prey" in the film The Naked Prey. The band spent nearly a year experimenting with a multitude of different musical styles, including punk rock, indie rock, acoustic rock, funk, and heavy metal. When Carleo left the band in August 1996, Kelley recruited Michael Todd to take his place. Todd, who was primarily a guitarist, picked up the bass specifically for Shabütie. As Shabütie, the band wrote dozens of songs and released their first studio demo Plan to Take Over the World in 1999. The band also released The Penelope EP in 1999, shortly after which Stever rejoined the band. Kelley left the band during a performance in late 1999. Josh Eppard (then the drummer of his brother's, Joey Eppard, band 3) replaced him. The band went on to release Delirium Trigger in 2000, still featuring Kelley on the drums, but listing Eppard in the liner notes. "The Keywork", a commonly used logo for the band, symbolizes the energy stream between the planets in Coheed and Cambria's fictional universe.Several so


Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - 2826833293

44,63 zł

Prime of Miss Jean Brodie VIKING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Muriel Spark's classic "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" features a schoolmistress you'll never forget, in this beautifully repackaged "Penguin Essentials" edition. 'Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life...' Passionate, free-thinking and unconventional, Miss Brodie is a teacher who exerts a powerful influence over her group of 'special girls' at Marcia Blaine School. They are the Brodie set, the creme de la creme, each famous for something - Monica for mathematics, Eunice for swimming, Rose for sex - who are initiated into a world of adult games and extracurricular activities they will never forget. But the price they pay is their undivided loyalty..."The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" is a brilliantly comic novel featuring one of the most unforgettable characters in all literature. "Muriel Spark's novels linger in the mind as brilliant shards". (John Updike). "Spark's most celebrated novel". ("Independent"). "There is no question about the quality and distinctiveness of her writing, with its quirky concern with human nature, and its comedy". (William Boyd). "A brilliant psychological figure". ("Observer"). Muriel Spark was born and educated in Edinburgh. She was active in the field of creative writing since 1950, when she won a short-story writing competition in the "Observer", and her many subsequent novels include "Memento Mori" (1959), "The Ballad of Peckham Rye" (1960), "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" (1961), "The Girls of Slender Means" (1963) and "Aiding and Abetting" (2000). She also wrote plays, poems, children's books and biographies. She became Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1993, and died in 2006.


Queen's Orang-Utan - 2837310745

93,07 zł

Queen's Orang-Utan Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A special slipcased book and CD edition of this spectacularly funny story from no.1 bestselling picture book duo David Walliams and Tony Ross, for Comic Relief 2015. Read by David Walliams, Miranda Hart and Rob Brydon. No discount available. FIRM SALE.


Kodomo no Jikan - 2841424704

164,07 zł

Kodomo no Jikan Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Kodomo no Jikan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by manga author Kaworu Watashiya. The story revolves around a grade school teacher named Daisuke Aoki, whose main problem is that one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, has a crush on him. It was first serialized on May 22, 2005 in the Japanese seinen manga magazine Comic High!, published by Futabasha. At one time, an English language version of the manga was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment for distribution in North America under the title Nymphet, but the Los Angeles based company ultimately decided not to publish it due to controversies over its content. An anime adaptation of the series aired on Japanese television between October 12, 2007 and December 28, 2007. While content of the broadcast version was sometimes heavily censored, the DVD releases of the individual episodes remain unedited. A second anime season has been announced, and a promotional video of this season was included with a special edition of volume five of the manga.


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