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Good News - Special Edition - 2848164784

37,99 zł

Good News - Special Edition Universal Music


Kategorie:Jazz Płyta Good News Pokazuje Duska Poszukującego Zabawy, Chwytliwych Piosenek, Których Nikt Się Po Nim Nie Spodziewa. Materiał Na Płycie Jest Zróżnicowany: Od Bardzo Rytmicznego Feels Good Po Spokojną Refleksję It's Not That Easy Lub Kawałka W Stylu Lat Sześćdziesiątych - Operator Please. Edycja Specjalna Good News Zawiera 3 Dodatkowe, Wcześniej Nie Publikowane Utwory Oraz Ponad 60 Minutowy Koncert Zarejestrowany W Hotelu Rio W Las Vegas, W Sierpniu 2010 R. Koncert Z Udziałem 18 Osobowego Big Bandu Został Nagrany Na Specjalne Zamówienie Prestiżowej Nowojorskiej Telewizji WLIW. Jest To Pierwszy Materiał DVD Matta Duska Wydany W Polsce!! Utwory: 1. Good News 2. Wouldn't Change A Thing 3. On Vacation 4. Feels Good 5. It's Not That Easy 6. Never Gonna Fool Me 7. Operator, Please! 8. (Under) Love Attack 9. Don't Hate On Me 10. It Can Only Get Better 11. Do You Love Me? 12. Love, Don't Let Me Go 13. No Place Like Home (Bonus Track) 14. Gotta Love You (Bonus Track) 15. Zoom Zoom Zoom (Bonus Track) DVD: Matt Dusk Live From Las Vegas Część 1: 1. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big 2. I'm Gonna Live Till I Die 3. The Coffee Song 4. Feels Good 5. I Wouldn't Change A Thing 6. That's Life Część 2: 1. Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad 2. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (feat. Lorna Luft) 3. Get Me To The Church On Time 4. A Million Kisses Late 5. Good News Część 3: 1. Back In Town 2. Luck Be A Lady 3. Mack The Knife 4. My Way Bonus: 1. All About Me 2. Who's Got The Action 3. The Way You Look Tonight 4. September Morn 5. Besame Mucho Matt Dusk - Wywiady


Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

3,10 zł

Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Rodney Mannsfield - Love In A Serious Way - 2827230119

32,00 zł

Rodney Mannsfield - Love In A Serious Way

Albumy > R&B, Soul

Wykonawca:  Rodney Mannsfield Tytuł: Love In A Serious Way Wydawnictwo:  A&M Records Inc. Rok wydania: 1993 Nr katalogowy: 31454 0009 2 Stan: Bardzo dobry Lista utworów: I've Got To Be Loved Wanna Make Luv 2 U One More Time So Good, So Special A Song For You I Found Heaven Nothin' Better Than Lovin' You Living Without A Heart Hold On Love In A Serious Way


A Good Year For The Roses - 2839407017

359,99 zł

A Good Year For The Roses Bear Family Records


1. Wrong Side Of The World 2. As Long As I Live 3. The Poor Chinee 4. New Man In Town 5. Beneath Still Waters 6. The Green Grass Grows All Around 7. Let It Rain Let It Shine 8. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 9. Possum Holler 10. I Can't Go Home 11. How Wonderful A Poor Man's Life Can Be 12. Unwanted Babies 13. Tell Me Something I Don't Know 14. Even The Loser (Likes To Dream) 15. Between My House & Town 16. Mansion Hill 17. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven 18. On Second Thought 19. Barbara Joy 20. When The Grass Grows Over Me 21. Burn Another Honky Tonk Down 22. Same Old Boat 23. When The Wife Runs Off 24. I Don't Have Sense Enough (To Come In Out Of The P 25. Do What You Think's Best 26. Third Time Down 27. Our Happy Home 28. You've Become My Everything 29. My Mom & Santa Claus 30. Lonely Christmas Call 31. I Cried Myself Awake 32. Heartaches & Hangovers 33. Divorce Or Destroy 34. Great Big Spirit Of Love 35. Milwaukee Here I Come 101. Just An Average Couple 102. I'll See You While Ago 103. She's Mine 104. If Not For You 105. The Race Is On 106. I'll Share My World With You 107. The Hardest Part Of All 108. How Much Rain 109. Where Grass Won't Grow 110. Old Blue Tomorrow 111. Shoulder To Shoulder 112. The Fortune I've Gone Through 113. For Better Or For Worse (But Not For Long) 114. She's As Close As I Can Get 115. No Blues Is Good News 116. I Know 117. Among The Few 118. Papa's Wagon 119. Never Grow Cold 120. Mama Take Me Home 121. Playing Possum 122. I Just Got Tired Of Being Poor 123. You Can Always Come Back 124. Going Life's Way 125. Okie From Muskogee 126. Image Of Me 127. Love Me 128. I Stayed Long Enough 129. All I Have To Offer You Is Me 130. Mama's Hungry Eyes 131. Each Season Changes You 132. Will You Visit Me On Sunday 201. I'm Finally Over You 202. Rosie Bokay 203. These Hands 204. A Wound Time Can't Erase 205. Try 206. Where Could I Go? 207. Loving You Makes You Mine 208. Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong 209. Leaning On The Shoulder Of Love 210. A Good Year For The Roses 211. A Day In The Life Of A Fool 212. You & Your Sweet Love 213. A Good Year For The Roses 214. I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud) 215. With Half A Heart 216. A Good Old Fashioned Cry 217. Imitation Of Love 218. You're Still On My Mind 219. Open Pit Mine 220. Poor Little Rich Boy 221. My Favorite Lies 222. The Old, Old House 223. There's No Justice 224. I Made Leaving (Easy For You) 225. Brothers Of The Bottle 226. Late Getting Home 227. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 228. Lifetime To Regret 229. You Put Living Back In Life 230. She's Lonesome Again 231. You Gotta Be My Baby 232. Wrong Number 301. I Wouldn't Know About That 302. Yearning 303. Would It Do Me Any Good 304. Someone Sweet To Love 305. Sometimes You Just Can't Win 306. Right Won't Touch A Hand 307. Getting Over The Storm 308. Wrapped Around Her Finger 309. I Can Still See Him In Your Eyes 310. Fightin' Side Of Me 311. Come Sundown 312. Knock Three Times 313. The Last One To Touch Me 314. Free As A Breeze 315. After You 316. Love Makes It Alright 317. Saginaw Michigan 318. Who'll Turn Out The Lights 319. Hello Darlin' 320. High On The Thought Of You 321. You Made A Believer Out Of Me 322. I Fall In Love Everyday 323. Get Some Loving Done 324. Our Love Is Forever 325. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 326. Will I Ever Love Again 327. I Had You 328. My Special Memory 329. Everytime I Think Of You 330. She's More Of A Woman 331. Heaven Made Women 332. I Can Love You Enough


Tao Te Ching (The Way) by Lao-Tzu - 2826791902

63,99 zł

Tao Te Ching (The Way) by Lao-Tzu NMD Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Tao Te Ching has long been considered to be one of the most important philosophical texts ever written, providing a guide to living and great insight into the wisdom of the ages. In eighty-one brief chapters, Lao-Tzu's 'Tao Te Ching,' or 'Book of the Way,' provides advice that imparts balance and perspective, a serene and generous spirit, and teaches us how to work for the good with the effortless skill that comes from being in accord with the Tao-the basic principle of the universe. This translation of the work of Lao Tzu is represented beautifully in this special collector's edition and is highly regarded and considered by many to be the definitive English translation noted for its clarity of expression and for maintaining the integrity of the original text. These eighty-one verses of the Tao Te Ching resound with the elegant, simple yet powerful all-penetrating ideas that have made this ancient work a cornerstone of the world's wisdom literature. This Special Collector's Edition of the Tao Te Ching includes an Introduction by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on his message of truth, compassion and peace. REVIEWS: "One of the most important and profound texts of world literature." - Publisher's Weekly "This Special Collector's Edition is a revelation in its own right. For those seeking a better understanding of themselves, this translation delivers a wealth of wisdom and insights. " - Des Moines Register "It is rare that so few words can contain so much power." - Dr. Wayne Dyer


Felt Sew Good - 2842737696

67,16 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Felt Sew Good is a wonderful collection of ideas for one of the most versatile fabrics in a crafter's kit. Felt is a joy to work with as it holds its shape well, doesn't fray and comes in an array of different thicknesses and colours. This is the ideal fabric for both the novice crafter about to embark on their first sewing project as well as the more experienced crafter wanting to create something enchantingly unusual. Including 30 inspiring yet deceptively simple projects for crafters of all abilities to sew and enjoy, Felt Sew Good features fun items to suit children and babies, including an elephant mobile and apple and pear rattles, to more sophisticated projects for the home such as feather napkin rings and a geometric cushion cover. There are also ideas for gifts and decorations, heart cards for that special someone or a neutral-coloured wreath to decorate your door. Many of the projects will also show an alternative way to make them, whether in a different colour way or using an alternative method to execute the item - a sewing machine will produce a modern, sleek effect while hand stitching and beading will give a more rustic, homespun feel to the end product. Coupled with charming illustrations, photographs and step-by-step instructions, this book will become a must-have that will delight crafters and provide a variety of ideas to suit every special event and notable occasion.


Detroit Special - 2839439119

56,99 zł

Detroit Special JASMINE

Muzyka>Jazz>Acid Jazz

1. Money - Barrett Strong 2. Way Over There - The Miracles 3. Shop Around - The Miracles 4. Bye Bye Baby - Mary Wells 5. Oh Lover - Singin' Sammy Ward & Sherri Taylor 6. (You Can) Depend On Me - The Miracles 7. Please Forgive Me - Mary Wells 8. Who's Lovin' You - The Miracles 9. Oh I Apologize - Barrett Strong 10. That's Why I Love You So Much - Singin' S 11. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide - Marvin Gaye 12. Buttered Popcorn - The Supremes 13. Who's Lovin' You - The Supremes 14. Oh Mother Mine - The Temptations 15. Romance Without Finance - The Temptations 16. Do You Love Me - The Contours 17. Check Yourself - The Temptations 18. Your Wonderful Love - The Temptations 19. I'll Have To Let Him Go - Martha & The Vandellas 20. My Baby Won't Come Back - Martha & The Vandellas 21. Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) - The 22. I'll Love You Till I Die - The Pirates (The Temp 23. Little Water Boy - Little Stevie Wonder 24. La La La La La - Little Stevie Wonder 25. Let Me Go The Right Way - The Supremes 26. Time Changes Things - The Supremes 27. Shake Sherrie - The Contours 28. Hitch Hike - Marvin Gaye 101. The One Who Really Loves You - Mary Wells 102. Take A Chance On Me - Eddie Holland 103. I've Been Good To You - The Miracles 104. I Want A Guy - The Marvelettes 105. Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) - The Valadiers 106. Jamie - Eddie Holland 107. Twistin' Postman - The Marvelettes 108. I'm Gonna Stay - Mary Wells 109. What's So Good About Good Bye - The Miracles 110. Take A Chance - The Valadiers 111. Whole Lotta Woman - The Contours 112. I Want A Guy - The Supremes 113. Never Again - The Supremes 114. (You're My) Dream Come True - The Temptations 115. Isn't She Pretty - The Temptations 116. All The Love I've Got - The Marvelettes 117. Your Heart Belongs To Me - The Supremes 118. (He's) Seventeen - The Supremes 119. I Call It Pretty Music (Pt.1) - Little Stevie Wo 120. I Call It Pretty Music (Pt.2) - Little Stevie Wo 121. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow - Marvin Gaye 122. Strange I Know - The Marvelettes 123. Too Strong To Be Strung Along - The Marvelettes 124. Paradise - The Temptations 125. Slow Down Heart - The Temptations 126. You Really Got A Hold On Me - The Miracles 127. Contract On Love - Little Stevie Wonder 128. Sunset - Little Stevie Wonder


Changed for Good - 2845104843

456,36 zł

Changed for Good Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls" to Nina in "In the Heights" and Elphaba in "Wicked," female characters in Broadway musicals have belted and crooned their way into the American psyche. In this lively book, Stacy Wolf illuminates the women of American musical theatre - performers, creators, and characters - from the start of the cold war to the present day, creating a new, feminist history of the genre. Moving from decade to decade, Wolf first highlights the assumptions that circulated about gender and sexuality at the time. She then looks at the leading musicals to stress the key aspects of the plays as they relate to women, and often finds overlooked moments of empowerment for female audience members. The musicals discussed here are among the most beloved in the canon-"West Side Story," "Cabaret," "A Chorus Line," "Phantom of the Opera," and many others-with special emphasis on the blockbuster "Wicked." Along the way, Wolf demonstrates how the musical since the mid-1940s has actually been dominated by women-women onstage, women in the wings, and women offstage as spectators and fans.


Good English, Vol. 3 - 2835031039

75,56 zł

Good English, Vol. 3 Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Good English, Vol. 3: Oral and Written This book is intended for use in the seventh and eighth school years. In a unique way it is welded with Books. One and Two of the series, making a united whole for the teaching of English. This unity is accomplished by adding a complete summary (pages 323-332) of the language facts taught in Books One and Two, and by giving frequent references to it in the early chapters (see page 3). By this means the work of Books One and Two is reviewed in close articulation with the work of Book Three. This plan has special value in bringing out the particular language fact taught in the earlier grades which are to be developed further in the seventh and eighth years. The book is divided into approximately one hundred fifty carefully planned lessons for each year's work. These lessons are grouped into chapters composed in the main of related units that center about a common theme, providing work for a period equivalent, in general, to a school month. The lessons for each chapter, therefore, are not haphazard and miscellaneous, but are woven tether into a purposeful whole, closing with a review of all the technical facts treated during the month. The material on which conversation and written exercises are based has been selected with reference to its living interest for pupils and its vital relation to their experiences. The lessons are so arranged that oral discussion precedes and prepares for written expression. The wealth of ideas contributed by the various members of the class in oral discussion is thus placed at the service of the individual pupil in the written exercise that follows. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Big Midnight Special - 2839413758

419,99 zł

Big Midnight Special Bear Family Records


1. The Little Rosewood Casket 2. What Will I Do 3. Two Little Orphans 4. Wicked Path Of Sin 5. This World Can't Stand Long 6. Tramp On The Street 7. Matthew Twenty-four 8. My Dreamboat Is Drifting 9. Girl In The Blue Velvet Band 10. What Good Will It Do 11. Blue Mountain Girl 12. I Love No One But You 13. Willy Roy (The Crippled Boy) 14. Thirty Pieces Of Silver 15. What's The Matter With This World 16. Moonlight On West Virginia 17. No One Now 18. He Will Save Your Soul (From The Burning Fire) 19. I Dreamed About 'Mom Last Night 20. On The Banks Of The River 21. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow 22. The White Rose 23. The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree 24. The Message Came Special 25. Faded Love 26. The Golden Rocket 27. Mother's Prayer 28. The Ghost Train 101. I'm Taking My Audition (To Sing Up In The Sky) 102. Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill 103. All On Account Of You 104. Stoney (Are You Mad At Your Gal) 105. The West Virginia Polka 106. Sunny Side Of The Mountain 107. You Tried To Ruin My Name 108. Have Mercy On Me 109. I Cried Again 110. The Clinch Mountain Waltz 111. My Lord's Gonna Shake My Hand 112. Will The Lord Let You In 113. Idle Gossip, Idle Words 114. Don't Play That Song (On The Juke Box Tonight) 115. What Can I Say 116. You Belong To Somebody Else 117. Are You Walking & A-talking For The Lord 118. You Can't Take It With You (When You Go) 119. You Can't Feel The Way I Do 120. Brand New Baby 121. Bamboozled 122. Can You Forget 123. Each Season Changes You 124. Just For A While 125. How It Hurts To Cry Alone 126. Please Help Me To Be Wrong 127. We Make A Lovely Couple (You & I) 128. Not Anymore 129. Far Beyond The Starry Sky 130. I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven 131. The West Virginia Polka (Advert) 201. I Want To Be Loved 202. This Crazy, Crazy World 203. Row Number Two, Seat Number Three 204. I've Been Cheated Too 205. It's Just As Well 206. I'm Not The Girl 207. This Thing Called Man 208. Loving You 209. X Marks The Spot 210. The Tramp On The Street 211. My Heart Keeps Crying 212. He Taught Them How 213. Diamond Joe 214. I Tell My Heart 215. Come Walk With Me 216. Is It Right 217. Big Midnight Special 218. Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill 219. The Canadian Reel 220. Home Sweet Home 221. Heartbreak Street 222. There's A Big Wheel 223. Rachel's Guitar 224. Night After Night 225. Johnny, My Love (Grandma's Diary) 226. More Love 227. This Old House 228. Train, You Took My Baby 229. Heartaches Don't Lie 230. I Gotta Laugh (To Keep From Crying) 231. Wreck On The Highway 232. Trouble Ahead 233. The Mighty Battle Cry 301. Doin' My Time 302. Have Faith In Me 303. Matthew Twenty Four 304. Six More Miles 305. Teardrops Falling In The Snow 306. I'm Reading Your Letter Again 307. When God Comes & Gathers His Jewels 308. Singing Waterfall 309. Thirty Pieces Of Silver 310. At The First Fall Of Snow 311. Philadelphia Lawyer 312. On The Evening Train 313. Help Me Understand 314. The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree 315. Every Hour & Every Day 316. Satisfied 317. There's A Higher Power 318. Keep Your Eyes On Jesus 319. Family Bible 320. The Black Sheep Returned To The Fold 321. The Way Worn Traveler 322. Glory Land March 323. Wandering Soul 324. This World Can't Stand Long 325. When My Time Comes To Go 326. The Story Of The Three Nails 327. I Couldn't Care Less 328. Big John's Wife 329. This Train 330. Pirate King


Good Housekeeping The Cake Decorating Book - 2837508284

84,90 zł

Good Housekeeping The Cake Decorating Book ANOVA Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than a beautifully iced, home-made cake? But cake decorating is a specialised art, which can be difficult to pull off without the right guidance. Luckily, this new cake decorating bible from the amazing creative team at the Good Housekeeping Institute offers just that - expert advice and step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear photographs to help you get the techniques just right. From birthdays to Christmas, children's parties to weddings, Good Housekeeping's Complete Book of Cake Decorating contains attractive cake designs for every occasion. Covering all aspects of icing, piping, modelling, chocolate and sugar decorations, this book shows you how to handle every type of cake decorating, whether a simple sandwich sponge or an elaborate three-tiered wedding cake. You'll learn how to model perfect flowers, animals and figures, pipe intricate lettering and designs, as well as mastering run-out, crimping, extension and template techniques. In addition to large-scale celebration cakes, this book includes imaginative, easy-to-achieve cupcake designs, and simple tricks for finishing off any cake with an impressive flourish. With the latest advice on equipment and ingredients, and troubleshooting to save any disasters, this book is all you need to create stunning home-decorated cakes that will wow your family and friends. Word count: 60,000


Special Release - 2839430753

60,99 zł

Special Release JAZZMAN


1. The Brief Encounter (Introduction) 2. Visions 3. Smile 4. Just One Moment 5. Loving & Caring 6. In A Special Kind Of Way 7. Good Thing, Bad Thing 8. Time Is Moving 9. Get A Good Feeling 10. We're Gonna Have A Good Time


Six - Five Special - 2839420366

46,99 zł

Six - Five Special JASMINE

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Lang, Don & His Frantic Five - Six-five Special 2. Barry, John Seven - Let's Have A Wonderful Time 3. Wayne, Tarry - Boppin' The Blues 4. Dale, Jim - Crazy Dream 5. King Brothers, The - Cold, Cold Shower 6. London, Laurie - Pick A Bale Of Cotton 7. Barry, John Seven - Rock-a-billy Boogie 8. Lang, Don & His Frantic Five - Ramshackle Daddy 9. King Brothers, The - Party Time 10. Wayne, Tarry - Teenage Boogie 11. Barry, John Seven - Every Which Way 12. Dale, Jim - Just Born (To Be Your Baby) 13. Lang, Don & His Frantic Five - You Started Somet 14. London, Laurie - Up Above My Head I Hear Music In 15. Jackson, Jimmy - Six-five Jive 16. Richard, Cliff - T. V. Hop 17. Two Vernon Girls - Little Johan 18. Richard, Cliff - Rockin' Robin 19. Barry, John Seven - When The Saints Go Marching In 20. Eager, Vincen - Buzz, Buzz, Buzz 21. Taylor, Neville / Cutters, The - Good Good 22. Richard, Cliff - High School Confidential 23. Vernon Girls, The - Bad Motorcycle 24. Dudley, Cuddly - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey 25. Dallas Boys - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 26. Elliot, Peter - Your Hand, Your Heart, Your Love 27. Richard, Cliff - Early In The Morning 28. Richard, Cliff - King Creole 29. Two Vernon Girls - There's Never Been A Night 30. Taylor, Neville / Dallas Boys, The - Le Roy 31. Barry, John Seven - Pancho 32. Eager, Vince - Blue Ribbon Baby 33. Taylor, Neville / Cutters, The - Little Miss Ruby 34. Richard, Cliff - I'll Try 35. Vernon Girls, The - Don't Look Now, But 36. Dudley, Cuddly - Let's Rock While The Rockin's Goo 37. Dallas Boys - Joshua 38. Elliot, Peter - The End 39. Richard, Cliff - Somebody Touched Me


Good To The Last Drop - 2839315287

53,99 zł

Good To The Last Drop Fantastic Voyage

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Mr. Flood's Party - Compared To What 2. Brothers Grimm, The - Looky Looky 3. Akens, Jewel - Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin' 4. Casinos, The - That's The Way 5. Values, The - Return To Me 6. Milt Matthews Inc - Oh Lord (You Gotta Help Me) 7. Stevenson, Mickey - Here I Am 8. Pac-keys, The - Dig In 9. Milt Matthews Inc - That's What I Feel For You 10. Edwards, Dee - Why Can't There Be Love 11. Woods, Carol - Baby Don't You Leave Me 12. Tony & Tyrone - Everyday Fun 13. Fork In The Road - Can't Turn Around Now 14. Jones Girls - My Own Special Way 15. Milt Matthews Inc - Disaster Area 16. Fork In The Road - Skeletons In The Closet 17. Tony & Tyrone - Whip You Loving On Me 18. Edwards, Dee - Hurt A Little Everyday 19. Milt Matthews Inc - Can't See Myself Doing You Wro 20. Robinson, Ed - Hey Blackman 21. Jones, Mary Frazier - Put A Little Love In Your He 22. Jones Girls - Learn How To Love 23. Otis, Johnny - Good To The Last Drop


Jack Good's Six - Five - 2839442134

48,99 zł

Jack Good's Six - Five HIGH NOTE

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Lang, Don & His Frantic Five - Six-five Special 2. Barry, John & Seven, The - Let's Have A Wonderful 3. Wayne, Terry - Boppin' The Blues 4. Dale, Jim - Crazy Dream 5. King Brothers - Cold, Cold Shower 6. Barry, John & Seven, The - Rock-a-billy Boogie 7. Lang, Don & His Frantic Five - Ramshackle Daddy 8. King Brothers - Party Time 9. Wayne, Terry - Teenage Boogie 10. Barry, John & Seven, The - Every Which Way 11. Dale, Jim - Just Born To Be Your Baby 12. Lang, Don & His Frantic Five - You Started Somethi 13. London, Laurie - Up Above My Head I Hear Music In 14. Jackson, Jimmy - Six-five Jive 15. Harris, Wee Willie - Smack Dab In The Middle 16. Dene, Terry - This Is The Night 17. Worried Men, The - Fraulein 18. Tommy Steele & The Steelmen - Swaller Tail Coat 19. Richard, Cliff - T.v. Hop 20. Two Vernon Girls - Little Jonah 21. Richard, Cliff - Rockin' Robin 22. Barry, John & Seven, The - Every When The Saints G 23. Eager, Vince - Buzz, Buzz, Buzz 24. Taylor, Neville & Cutters, The - Good, Good 25. Richard, Cliff - High School Confidential 26. Two Vernon Girls - Bad Motorcycle 27. Cuddly Didley - Hey-hey-hey-hey 28. Dallas Boys, The - Zing Went The Strings Of My Hea 29. Elliott, Peter - Your Hands, Your Heart, Your Love 30. Richard, Cliff - Early In The Morning 31. Richard, Cliff - King Creole 32. Two Vernon Girls - There's Never Been A Night 33. Taylor, Neville & Dallas Boys, The - Leroy 34. Barry, John & Seven, The - Pancho 35. Eager, Vince - Blue Ribbon Baby 36. Taylor, Neville & Cutters, The - Little Miss Ruby 37. Richard, Cliff - I'll Try 38. Two Vernon Girls - Don't Look Now, But... 39. Cuddly Didley - Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good 40. Dallas Boys, The - Joshua 41. Elliott, Peter - The End 42. Richard, Cliff - Somebody Touched Me


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