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Stability Regions Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems - 2849926982

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Stability Regions Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

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Stability of Dynamical Systems - 2826889095

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Stability of Dynamical Systems Elsevier Science Ltd

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The main purpose of developing stability theory is to examine dynamic responses of a system to disturbances as the time approaches infinity. It has been and still is the object of intense investigations due to its intrinsic interest and its relevance to all practical systems in engineering, finance, natural science and social science. This monograph provides some state-of-the-art expositions of major advances in fundamental stability theories and methods for dynamic systems of ODE and DDE types and in limit cycle, normal form and Hopf bifurcation control of nonlinear dynamic systems. Presents comprehensive theory and methodology of stability analysis Can be used as textbook for graduate students in applied mathematics, mechanics, control theory, theoretical physics, mathematical biology, information theory, scientific computation Serves as a comprehensive handbook of stability theory for practicing aerospace, control, mechanical, structural, naval and civil engineers


Nonlinear Control of Vehicles and Robots - 2822223541

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Nonlinear Control of Vehicles and Robots Springer Verlag

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Nonlinear Control of Vehicles and Robots develops a unified approach to the dynamic modeling of robots in terrestrial, aerial and marine environments. The main classes of nonlinear systems and stability methods are summarized and basic nonlinear control methods, useful in manipulator and vehicle control, are presented. Formation control of ground robots and ships is discussed. The book also deals with the modeling and control of robotic systems in the presence of non-smooth nonlinearities. Robust adaptive tracking control of robotic systems with unknown payload and friction in the presence of uncertainties is treated. Theoretical and practical aspects of the control algorithms under discussion are detailed. Examples are included throughout the book allowing the reader to apply the control and modeling techniques in their own research and development work. Some of these examples demonstrate state estimation based on the use of advanced sensors as part of the control system. From the reviews: "The presented book first briefly outlines the most important nonlinear control algorithms that can be applied for the control of mechanical systems. ... The book is aimed at researchers who are interested in modern control algorithms and advanced modeling techniques of the most common mechatronic systems: vehicles and robots." (Bojidar Cheshankov, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1236, 2012)


Nonlinear Systems. Vol.2 - 2842364605

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Nonlinear Systems. Vol.2 Springer, Berlin

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Nonlinear Systems is divided into three volumes. The first deals with modeling and estimation, the second with stability and stabilization and the third with control. This three-volume set provides the most comprehensive and detailed reference available on nonlinear systems. Written by a group of leading experts in the field, drawn from industry, government and academic institutions, it provides a solid theoretical basis on nonlinear control methods as well as practical examples and advice for engineers, teachers and researchers working with nonlinear systems. Each book focuses on the applicability of the concepts introduced and keeps the level of mathematics to a minimum. Simulations and industrial examples drawn from aerospace as well as mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are given throughout.


IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics and Control - 2846570808

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IUTAM Symposium on Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics and Control Springer Netherlands

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Non-linear stochastic systems are at the center of many engineering disciplines and progress in theoretical research had led to a better understanding of non-linear phenomena. This book provides information on new fundamental results and their applications which are beginning to appear across the entire spectrum of mechanics. The outstanding points of these proceedings are Coherent compendium of the current state of modelling and analysis of non-linear stochastic systems from engineering, applied mathematics and physics point of view. Subject areas include: Multiscale phenomena, stability and bifurcations, control and estimation, computational methods and modelling. For the Engineering and Physics communities, this book will provide first-hand information on recent mathematical developments. The applied mathematics community will benefit from the modelling and information on various possible applications.


Differential Equations, Discrete Systems and Control - 2827119058

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Differential Equations, Discrete Systems and Control Springer Netherlands

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This volume presents some of the most important mathematical tools for studying economic models. It contains basic topics concerning linear differential equations and linear discrete-time systems; a sketch of the general theory of nonlinear systems and the stability of equilibria; an introduction to numerical methods for differential equations, and some applications to the solution of nonlinear equations and static optimization. The second part of the book discusses stabilization problems, including optimal stabilization, linear-quadratic optimization and other problems of dynamic optimization, including a proof of the Maximum Principle for general optimal control problems. All these mathematical subjects are illustrated with detailed discussions of economic models. Audience: This text is recommended as auxiliary material for undergraduate and graduate level MBA students, while at the same time it can also be used as a reference by specialists.


Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Industrial Systems with Actuator Nonlinearities - 2847854675

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Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Industrial Systems with Actuator Nonlinearities Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

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Neural networks and fuzzy systems are model free control design approaches that represent an advantage over classical control when dealing with complicated nonlinear actuator dynamics. Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Industrial Systems with Actuator Nonlinearities brings neural networks and fuzzy logic together with dynamical control systems. Each chapter presents powerful control approaches for the design of intelligent controllers to compensate for actuator nonlinearities such as time delay, friction, deadzone, and backlash that can be found in all industrial motion systems, plus a thorough development, rigorous stability proofs, and simulation examples for each design. In the final chapter, the authors develop a framework to implement intelligent control schemes on actual systems. Rigorous stability proofs are further verified by computer simulations, and appendices contain the computer code needed to build intelligent controllers for real-time applications.


Piecewise Linear Control Systems - 2845286533

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Piecewise Linear Control Systems Springer, Berlin

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This book presents a computational approach to the analysis of nonlinear and uncertain systems. The main focus is systems with piecewise linear dynamics. The class of piecewise linear systems examined has nonlinear, possibly discontinuous dynamics, and allows switching rules that incorporate memory and logic. These systems may exhibit astonishingly complex behaviors. Some aspects of the successful theory of linear systems and quadratic criteria are extended here to piecewise linear systems and piecewise quadratic criteria. The book also describes numerical procedures for assessing stability, computing induced gains, and solving optimal control problems for piecewise linear systems. These developments enable researchers to analyze a large and practically important class of control systems that are not easily dealt with when using other techniques.


Control Systems With Actuator Saturation - 2212833770

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Control Systems With Actuator Saturation Birkhauser

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Practicing Engineers, advanced graduate students and researchers in areas related to control engineering will find the systematic approach and new results useful. Some background in nonlinear control systems and a first year graduate course in linear systems and multivariable control would greatly facilitate the reading of this book. Every physical actuator is subject to saturation. When the actuator saturates, the performance of the control system designed without considering actuator saturation will seriously deteriorate. Currently there's surge of interest in increasing the practical applicability of control theory by incorporating the effect of saturation into the design of a control system. Control Systems with Actuator Saturation Analysis and Design examines the problem of actuator saturation in depth. The overall approach takes into account the saturation nonlinearities at the outset of the control design. In the case that a control law is designed a priori to meet either the performance or stability requirement, it analyzes the closed loop system under actuator saturation systematically and redesigns the controller in such a way that the preference is retained while stability is Improved. It also presents some related results on systems with state saturation or sensor saturation.


Automatic Control Systems/Robotics - 2835285098

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Automatic Control Systems/Robotics Research & Education Association,U.S.

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REA's" Automatic Control Systems / Robotics Problem Solver " Each "Problem Solver" is an insightful and essential study and solution guide chock-full of clear, concise problem-solving gems. Answers to all of your questions can be found in one convenient source from one of the most trusted names in reference solution guides. More useful, more practical, and more informative, these study aids are the best review books and textbook companions available. They're perfect for undergraduate and graduate studies. This highly useful reference is the finest overview of automatic control systems / robotics currently available, with hundreds of control systems / robotics problems that cover everything from modeling and matrices to system stability and nonlinear systems. Each problem is clearly solved with step-by-step detailed solutions.


Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures - 2847849636

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Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures Springer, Berlin

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Mechanical engineering, an engineering discipline born of the needs of the Industrial Revolution, is once again asked to do its substantial share in the call for industrial renewal. The general call is urgent as we face the profound issues of productivity and competitiveness that require engineering solutions, among others. The Mechanical Engineering Series is a new series, featuring graduate texts and research monographs, intended to address the need for information in contemporary areas of mechanical engineering. The series is conceived as a comprehensive one that will cover a broad range of concentrations important to mechanical engineering graduate education and research. We are fortunate to have a distinguished roster of consulting editors, each an expert in one of the areas of concentration. The names of the consult ing editors are listed on page vi. The areas of concentration are applied mechanics, biomechanics, computational mechanics, dynamic systems and control, energetics, mechanics of materials, processing, thermal science, and tribology. We are pleased to present Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures by James F. Doyle. Austin, Texas Frederick F. Ling Preface This book is concerned with the challenging subject of the nonlinear static, dynamic, and stability analyses of thin-walled structures. It carries on from where Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures, published by Kluwer 1991, left off; that book concentrated on frames and linear analysis, while the present book is focused on plated structures, nonlinear analysis, and a greater emphasis on stability analysis.


Nonlinear dynamics in quantum dot light emitting diode - 2849426990

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Nonlinear dynamics in quantum dot light emitting diode Scholars Press

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In this work, the complex dynamics of semiconductor quantum dot light emitting diode (QD-LED) without external perturbation and under direct current modulation (DCM), optoelectronic feedback (OEFB) and external optically filtering feedback (OFF) was studied. Through our understanding of mechanisms for the controlled generation of chaos in QD-LEDs, we are applied it in communication systems. In this work QD-LED was modeled in a dimensionless rate equations system where it is not done earlier. We modeled the appearance of scenario in QD-LED under different parameters. The proposed dimensionless model exhibits chaotic behavior. Furthermore, it is also able to reproduce mixed mode oscillations and stability states regimes. The bifurcation diagram of capture rate shows more control of the system dynamics


Networked and Distributed Predictive Control - 2826685278

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Networked and Distributed Predictive Control Springer, Berlin

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Networked and Distributed Predictive Control presents rigorous, yet practical, methods for the design of networked and distributed predictive control systems the first book to do so. The design of model predictive control systems using Lyapunov-based techniques accounting for the influence of asynchronous and delayed measurements is followed by a treatment of networked control architecture development. This shows how networked control can augment dedicated control systems in a natural way and takes advantage of additional, potentially asynchronous and delayed measurements to maintain closed loop stability and significantly to improve closed-loop performance. The text then shifts focus to the design of distributed predictive control systems that cooperate efficiently in computing optimal manipulated input trajectories that achieve desired stability, performance and robustness specifications but spend a fraction of the time required by centralized control systems. Key features of this book include: new techniques for networked and distributed control system design; insight into issues associated with networked and distributed predictive control and their solution; detailed appraisal of industrial relevance using computer simulation of nonlinear chemical process networks and wind- and solar-energy-generation systems; and integrated exposition of novel research topics and rich resource of references to significant recent work. A full understanding of Networked and Distributed Predictive Control requires a basic knowledge of differential equations, linear and nonlinear control theory and optimization methods and the book is intended for academic researchers and graduate students studying control and for process control engineers. The constant attention to practical matters associated with implementation of the theory discussed will help each of these groups understand the application of the book s methods in greater depth.


Adaptive Dynamic Programming with Applications in Optimal Control - 2845098336

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Adaptive Dynamic Programming with Applications in Optimal Control Springer International Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book covers the most recent developments in adaptive dynamic programming (ADP). The text begins with a thorough background review of ADP making sure that readers are sufficiently familiar with the fundamentals. In the core of the book, the authors address first discrete- and then continuous-time systems. Coverage of discrete-time systems starts with a more general form of value iteration to demonstrate its convergence, optimality, and stability with complete and thorough theoretical analysis. A more realistic form of value iteration is studied where value function approximations are assumed to have finite errors. Adaptive Dynamic Programming also details another avenue of the ADP approach: policy iteration. Both basic and generalized forms of policy-iteration-based ADP are studied with complete and thorough theoretical analysis in terms of convergence, optimality, stability, and error bounds. Among continuous-time systems, the control of affine and nonaffine nonlinear systems is studied using the ADP approach which is then extended to other branches of control theory including decentralized control, robust and guaranteed cost control, and game theory. In the last part of the book the real-world significance of ADP theory is presented, focusing on three application examples developed from the authors' work: . renewable energy scheduling for smart power grids;. coal gasification processes; and. water-gas shift reactions. Researchers studying intelligent control methods and practitioners looking to apply them in the chemical-process and power-supply industries will find much to interest them in this thorough treatment of an advanced approach to control.


Dynamical Systems: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis - 2846570734

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Dynamical Systems: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The book is the second volume of a collection of contributions devoted to analytical, numerical and experimental techniques of dynamical systems, presented at the international conference "Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications," held in L?dz, Poland on December 7-10, 2015.??The studies give deep insight into new perspectives in analysis, simulation, and optimization of dynamical systems, emphasizing directions for future research. Broadly outlined topics covered include: bifurcation and chaos in dynamical systems, asymptotic methods in nonlinear dynamics, dynamics in life sciences and bioengineering, original numerical methods of vibration analysis, control in dynamical systems, stability of dynamical systems, vibrations of lumped and continuous sytems, non-smooth systems, engineering systems and differential equations, mathematical approaches to dynamical systems, and mechatronics.??


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