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Rethinking State Politics In India - 2846074358

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Rethinking State Politics In India

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Anti-politics Machine in India - 2834153656

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Anti-politics Machine in India Wimbledon Publishing Co

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This book assesses the validity of 'anti-politics' critiques of development, first popularised by James Ferguson, in the peculiar context of India. Ferguson's memorable metaphor of development as an Anti-Politics Machine - that serves to entrench state power and depoliticize development - continues to appeal to those cynical of the widespread tendency of development discourses to treat various issues apolitically. The book examines this problem in India, a country where development planners after independence adopted a scientific stance and claimed to distance themselves from mass politics, but also one where the groundswell of democratic political mobilization has been considerable in recent decades. In a country with an extremely differentiated landscape of authority and diverse politics, what does it mean for the state to undertake a project (or indeed, projects) of depoliticization; for as scholars inspired by Foucault and Gramsci have variously agreed, depoliticization is a tentative project where outcomes are far from certain. The book examines these questions within the new context provided by decentralization, the potential of which to reorganize relationships amongst different levels of the state greatly complicates the very pursuit of depoliticization as a coherent state practice. It looks at these issues through a highly technocratic state watershed development programme in India that has witnessed key transformations towards participation in recent years.


Society and Politics in India - 2846356313

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Society and Politics in India The Athlone Press

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This volume brings together some of the lost important essays written over the last two decades by one of India's most distinguished social scientists. They focus upon the relationship between various forms of inequality and distinction (race, caste, tribe, ethnicity and gender) and on concepts of the person; on the relationship between the values of equality and individualism; and on the ambivalent role of the modern Indian state as the guuarantor of these values.


Film And Politics In India - 2840401120

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Film And Politics In India

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In The South Indian State Of Tamil Nadu, All Five Of The Chief Ministers Since 1967 Have Been Former Actors. This Book Debunks The Notion Of Bollywood As The Synecdoche Of Indian Cinema To Explore The Hitherto Less Studied, Yet Highly Influential Cinema In South Asia.


The Politics of India since Independence - 2843493450

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The Politics of India since Independence Cambridge University Press

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The Politics of India since Independence provides a comprehensive study of the major political, cultural, and economic changes in India since gaining independence. Paul Brass focuses on the consequences of the centralising drives of the national leadership to create a strong, unified nation, and a dynamic economy, all of which have been put into jeopardy in recent years by increased inter-caste conflicts, the rise of militant Hindu nationalism, and the worst communal massacres since Independence. In the second edition of his book, the author takes account of recent events to ask whether the country can find the right leadership to restore a political and communal balance in state and society.


State, Policy And Conflicts In Northeast India - 2840259301

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State, Policy And Conflicts In Northeast India

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>History>Earliest times to present day>20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000>Postwar 20t...


Nation - State And Minority Rights In India - 2839944711

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Nation - State And Minority Rights In India

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The State And Governance In India - 2840037398

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The State And Governance In India

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This Book Presents An Innovative Investigation Of The Policies Of The Indian National Congress During The Late Colonial Period. Departing From The Hitherto Existing Historiography Of Indian Nationalism, It Analyses The Extent To Which Congress Elites Engaged In Processes Intended To Foster Nation-building In India.


Die Bagdis in Arild Engelsen Ruuds "Poetics of Village Politics" - 2826751044

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Die Bagdis in Arild Engelsen Ruuds "Poetics of Village Politics" GRIN Verlag

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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich Ethnologie / Volkskunde, Note: 2,0, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The color of India's eastern state of West Bengal turned from red to green on Friday, when the world's longest-ruling elected communist government was decisively voted out of power (URL b). Mit diesen Worten kommentierte der Journalist Subir Bhaumik in seinem Artikel Defeat rocks India's elected communists das Ergebnis der Parlamentswahlen 2011 im indischen Bundesstaat Westbengalen. Die von der Communist Party of India (Marxist) geführte Left Front, welche Westbengalen seit 1977 ununterbrochen regierte, wurde von dem Parteienbündnis United Progressive Alliance, das von dem All India Trinamool Congress und dem Indian National Congress dominiert wird, abgelöst. Die Left Front ging nach 34 Jahren an der Macht, als demokratisch gewählte, kommunistische Staatsführung mit der bislang längsten Regierungszeit in die Geschichte ein. Westbengalen, besonders der Bardhaman Distrikt, war bis dato als kommunistische Hochburg bekannt (ebd., Ruud 2003: 13, 18). Welche Faktoren haben zu diesem andauernden Wahlerfolg der CPI(M) in Westbengalen geführt? Auf diese Frage geht Arild Engelsen Ruud in seiner politischen Ethnographie Poetics of Village Politics: The Making of West Bengal's Rural Communism ein. Unter anderem war die Unterstützung durch die breite Masse, in diesem Fall die Landbevölkerung, beispielsweise durch die Mitglieder der Bagdi-Kaste, ausschlaggebend.§In dieser Hausarbeit möchte ich mich mit der Darstellung der Bagdi-Kaste in Poetics of Village Politics: The Making of West Bengal's Rural Communism von Arild Engelsen Ruud beschäftigen. Dabei werde ich neben der Rolle der Bagdis in der Lokalpolitik und für die CPI(M) insbesondere auf ihr Selbstbild und ihren Bezug zu Gewalt und Kriminalität eingehen. Was die politischen Implikationen betrifft, werde ich den Fokus auf die Periode der Mobilisierung der Landbevölkerung durch die CPI(M) in den späten 1960er Jahren legen, da ich diese Entwicklungen besonders interessant finde.§Zunächst möchte ich einige grundlegende Begriffe und Konzepte abklären und beginne meine Arbeit aus diesem Grund mit der Definition von Kaste und einer kurzen Darlegung des indischen Kastensystems. Des Weiteren stelle ich Arild Engelsen Ruud und seine Monographie, auf der meine Arbeit basiert, kurz vor, bevor ich zum Kern meiner Hausarbeit, den Bagdis in Poetics of Village Politics , übergehe. [...]


Politics of the Governed - 2826936260

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Politics of the Governed Columbia University Press

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Often dismissed as the rumblings of "the street," popular politics is where political modernity is being formed today, according to Partha Chatterjee. The rise of mass politics all over the world in the twentieth century led to the development of new techniques of governing population groups. On the one hand, the idea of popular sovereignty has gained wide acceptance. On the other hand, the proliferation of security and welfare technologies has created modern governmental bodies that administer populations, but do not provide citizens with an arena for democratic deliberation. Under these conditions, democracy is no longer government of, by, and for the people. Rather, it has become a world of power whose startling dimensions and unwritten rules of engagement Chatterjee provocatively lays bare. This book argues that the rise of ethnic or identity politics -- particularly in the postcolonial world -- is a consequence of new techniques of governmental administration. Using contemporary examples from India, the book examines the different forms taken by the politics of the governed. Many of these operate outside of the traditionally defined arena of civil society and the formal legal institutions of the state. This book considers the global conditions within which such local forms of popular politics have appeared and shows us how both community and global society have been transformed. Chatterjee's analysis explores the strategic as well as the ethical dimensions of the new democratic politics of rights, claims, and entitlements of population groups and permits a new understanding of the dynamics of world politics both before and after the events of September 11, 2001. The Politics of the Governed consists of three essays, originally given as the Leonard Hastings Schoff Lectures at Columbia University in November 2001, and four additional essays that complement and extend the analyses presented there. By combining these essays between the covers of a single volume, Chatterjee has given us a major and urgent work that provides a full perspective on the possibilities and limits of democracy in the postcolonial world.


Comparative Politics - 2212824428

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Comparative Politics McGraw-Hill

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This twenty-second edition of Annual Editions: Comparative Politics covers the current state of politics in Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Japan; factors in the political process in modern pluralist democracies; politics of integration, transformation and disintegration in Europe; political diversity in Latin America, Africa, China, India and newly industrialized countries; and major trends, issues and prospects.


Remapping India - 2826957940

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There is a widespread consensus today that the constitutional flexibility to alter state boundaries has bolstered the stability of India's democracy. Yet debates persist about whether the creation of more states is desirable. Political parties, regional movements and local activists continue to demand new states in different parts of the country as part of their attempts to reshape political and economic arenas. Remapping India looks at the most recent episode of state creation in 2000, when the states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand came into being in some of the poorest, yet resource-rich, regions of Hindi-speaking north and central India. Their creation represented a new turn in the history of the country's territorial organisation. This book explains the politics that lay behind this episode of 'post-linguistic' state reorganisation and what it means for the future design of India's federal system.


Sikh Separatist Insurgency in India - 2826811253

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Sikh Separatist Insurgency in India SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

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The "Punjab crisis," a two-decade long armed insurgency that emerged as a violent ethnonationalist movement in the 1980s and gradually transformed into a secessionist struggle, resulted in an estimated 25,000 casualties in Punjab. This ethnonationalist movement, on one hand, ended the perceived notion of looking at Punjab as the model of political stability in independent India and, on the other, raised several lingering socio-political questions which have great effect on Indian politics for decades to come, including the prospects of recurring ethnic insurgencies. The Sikh Separatist Insurgency in India: Political Leadership and Ethnonationalist Movements provides an authoritative political history of the Sikh separatist insurgency in Punjab by focussing on "patterns of political leadership", a previously unexplored explanatory variable. It describes in detail the trends which led to the emergence of the "Punjab crisis", the various dynamics through which the movement sustained itself and the changing nature of "patterns of political leadership" which eventually resulted in its decline in the mid-1990s. Providing a microhistorical analysis of the "Punjab crisis," this book argues that the trajectories of ethnonationalist movements are largely determined by the interaction between self-interested ethnic and state political elites, who not only react to the structural choices they face, but whose purposeful actions and decisions ultimately affect the course of ethnic group-state relations. It consolidates this theoretical preposition through a comparative analysis of four contemporary global ethnonationalist movements-those occurring in Chechnya, Northern Ireland, Kashmir, and Assam. This book will be of interest to students and academics studying political science and history, especially those working on South Asia and the Sikhs, and also for public policy practitioners in multi-ethnic societies. It remains invaluable reading for those interested in the phenomenon of ethnonationalism.


Mother India - 2844568285

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Until recently, when satellite television changed viewing habits, Mehboob Khan's "Mother India" (1957) could boast the remarkable distinction of having been constantly in distribution in India since its first release. Rooted both in Hindu mythology and in the collective experience of a newly independent nation-state on the brink of industrialization and social change, it's a family melodrama that moves inexorably towards tragedy and renewal. Nargis, one of India's great screen stars, plays Radha, an industrious and strong-willed peasant woman. She faces a series of tribulations. Her husband is maimed in a farming accident and flees the family home. She is in thrall to a malevolent moneylender, who lusts after her. Tempests destroy her crops and her home. Of the two sons who survive with her, one grows up to be traditionally obedient while the other rages against his life in the village and pursues a vendetta against the moneylender. Radha's final test comes when she must decide between her love for her son and her commitment to the community. Vividly and beautifully shot on gevacolor then transferred onto technicolor stock, "Mother India" features spectacularly choreographed and designed song sequences, spectacular locations and an epic-style narrative. It is a cornerstone of Indian cinema. Based on research into the Mehboob studio archives, Gayatri Chatterjee outlines the film's eventful production history and the ambitious vision of its director. In her careful analysis of the film, Chatterjee reflects its vibrancy and passion and illuminates its many aspects - performance styles, reception and reputation, mythological underpinnings, its relation to post-independence culture and politics and its many references to the history of a country in transition.


Globalization And India's Economic Integration - 2840007984

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Globalization And India's Economic Integration

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Presents An Examination Of India's Political Economy Challenges This Critique By Demonstrating That, On Balance, The Active Role Of The Indian State In The Areas Of Economic Planning, Fiscal Federalism, And Tax Reform, And The Inherently Expanding Character Of The Market In Areas Such As Trade, Investment, Entrepreneurship, And Migration.


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