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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Nazi Gold, Portuguese Wine, and a Lovely Russian Spy - 2837507686

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Nazi Gold, Portuguese Wine, and a Lovely Russian Spy AuthorHouse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It's 1943, and handsome young Charles Worthington is the chief of the American Office of Strategic Services in neutral Portugal. Because of its neutrality, Lisbon is the spy capital of wartime Europe. Spies from both sides mingle on the narrow cobblestone streets, the beaches, and at the famous Estoril Casino, in between nighttime meetings with agents, double agents, and simple conmen just trying to make a dollar, pound, or mark by selling bogus information to either side of the war. The closely guarded signals intercept program ULTRA has revealed that the Italian Embassy in Lisbon is somehow obtaining OSS secrets, and Charles is tasked by OSS director Wild Bill Donovan to stop that leak. While pursuing that investigation, he hears a rumor that German Abwehr chief, Admiral Canaris, is planning to smuggle Nazi gold through Portugal to Brazil and thus begins a second important investigation. Along the way, the lovely Russian NKVD intelligence officer Olga, whom he'd known in New York City before the war, reappears in his life, assisting his investigation but also greatly complicating his personal life. Weaved into this semifictional plot are the real-life spies Kim Philby, Ian Fleming, Duncan Lee, and British double agents Garbo and Tricycle. There is espionage, betrayal, murder, revenge, and love while searching for the gold-and it's still only Tuesday!


Twist of Gold - 2826733784

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Twist of Gold Egmont

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An epic journey through famine, hope and survival by Britain's best-loved children's author and the man behind War Horse, Michael Morpurgo. Sean and Annie have one chance to escape the potato famine and plague in Ireland. They survive a shipwreck and land safely in America searching for their father. But their new land is one of hardship and they live in poverty on the streets of Boston. However, their adventure is just beginning ...they live on a steamboat and then join pioneers travelling across the prairies. Their music and dancing bring joy to all they meet, but their family torc brings both blessings and curses and thieves prowl to get hold of it. Annie and Sean must hang on to their torc - their family's survival depends on it. Former Children's Laureate and award-winning author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo, again demonstrates why he is considered to be the master story teller with one of his most gripping children's stories ...Twist of Gold.


Arts of War - 2850432123

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Arts of War Khalili Collections

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An examination of the antique weapons and armour in the Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic art, which range in date from the 7th century AD to the 19th century AD. This is a lavishly illustrated presentation of the Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art's collection of arms and armour. The items range in date from the seventh to the nineteenth centuries AD. Particularly important are a group of belt fittings from the medieval period which convey the role of ceremony among the military classes of the Islamic world. Display was also a major factor behind the creation of the Collection's two sets of elaborate horse trappings from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries AD, one of which contains a complete gold saddle. An impressive array of horse chanfrons of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries include the only known example from Sultanate India. Among the most dramatic items is a fifteenth-century steel war mask which still inspires a sense of awe. In avoiding the strictly typological classification of most previous catalogues of the subject, the aim is to give a full sense of the panoply of warfare: the stirrup, the drum, and the talismanic shirt were as important to the Muslim warrior as the sword and the mail shirt. David Alexander, the leading authority on Islamic arms and armour, has provided a detailed scholalrly guide to this outstanding collection. This book is intended for art historians and Islamicists, collectors and curators of Islamic art, specialist art trade, some students and general.


John Waynes West In Music - 2839407013

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John Waynes West In Music Bear Family Records


1. Overture (From: The Alamo) 2. Main Title (De Guella & The Green Leaves Of Summ 3. David Crockett Arrives (From: The Alamo) 4. Wayne, John - David Crockett's Speech (From: The A 5. Raid For Cattle (From: The Alamo) 6. Tennessee Babe (From: The Alamo) 7. Here's To The Ladies (From: The Alamo) 8. Robbins, Marty - Ballad Of The Alamo (From: The Al 9. The Green Leaves Of Summer (From: The Alamo) 10. General Santa Anna (From: The Alamo) 11. Wayne, John - David Crockett (From: The Alamo) 12. Brothers Four, The - The Green Leaves Of Summer (F 13. Charge Of Santa Anna: Death Of David Crockett (Fro 14. Finale (From: The Alamo) 15. Avalon, Frankie - Tennessee Babe (From: The Alamo) 16. Avalon, Frankie - The Green Leaves Of Summer (From 17. Avalon, Frankie - Here's To The Ladies (From: The 18. Avalon, Frankie - The Ballad Of The Alamo (From: T 19. Horton, Johnny - North To Alaska (From: North To A 20. Fabian - If You Knew (From: North To Alaska) 21. Horton, Johnny - Go North (From: North To Alaska) 22. Horton, Johnny - North To Alaska (From: North To A 23. Main Title (From: The Comancheros) 24. Marvin, Lee & John Wayne - Red Wing (From: The Com 25. King, Claude - The Comancheros (From: The Comanche 26. Main Title (From: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 27. Pitney, Gene - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (F 28. End Title (From: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) 101. Overture (Extended Version): How The West Was Won/ 102. Main Title (From: How The West Was Won) 103. This Is The West (From: How The West Was Won) 104. Ken Darby Singers & The Whiskeyhill Singers - The 105. Two Hearts On A Tree (From: How The West Was Won) 106. Ken Darby Singers - Shenandoah (From: How The West 107. First Meeting (From: How The West Was Won) 108. Fortina, Carl - First Kiss (From: How The West Was 109. The Morning After (From: How The West Was Won) 110. The River Pirates (The River Pirates / Stalking An 111. Godspeed Eve (Godspeed Eve / The Rapids) (From: Ho 112. Reynolds, Debbie & Carroll Baker - The Burial (Ber 113. Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train & War With Mexico 114. Sit Down Sister (From: How The West Was Won) 115. Guard, Dave - Wanderin' (From: How The West Was Wo 116. The Jump Off Point (From: How The West Was Won) 117. Cleve Van Valen (Cleve Van Valen / Wagon Train / M 118. Guard, Dave - Poor Wayfarin' Stranger (From: How T 119. Reynolds, Debbie & The Ken Darby Singers & The - R 120. Fortina, Carl - Come Share My Life (From: How The 121. Cheyennes (Cheyennes / Indian Fight) (Extended Ver 122. Henske, Judy & The Whiskeyhill Quartet - Careless 123. Morgan, Tommy (Harmonica) - Gold Claim (From: How 124. Reynolds, Debbie - What Was Your Name In The State 125. Fortina, Carl - He's Gone Away (Outtake) (From: Ho 126. Reynolds, Debbie - A Home In The Meadow (From: How 127. Marriage Proposal (From: How The West Was Won) 128. Entr'acte (Extended Version): How The West Was Won 129. Mr. Lincoln (From: How The West Was Won) 130. Ken Darby Singers - He's Linus' Boy (From: How The 131. I'm Sad & I'm Lonely (Outtake) (From: How The We 132. Ken Darby Singers, The - When Johnny Comes Marchin 201. Zeb's Return (From: How The West Was Won) 202. The Pony Express (From: How The West Was Won) 203. Chorus - A Railroader's Bride I'll Be (From: How T 204. Chorus - Workin' (From: How The West Was Won) 205. The Jugglers (From: How The West Was Won) 206. Almeida, Laurindo & Carl Fortina (Concertina - No 207. Zeb & Jethro (From: How The West Was Won) 208. Buffalo Stampede (Buffalo Stampede / Aftermath) (F 209. Climb A Higher Hill (Extended Version) (From: How 210. The Van Valen Auction (From: How The West Was Won) 211. Gant (From: How The West Was Won) 212. No Goodbye (From: How The West Was Won) 213. Celebration (From: How The West Was Won) 214. Ken Darby Singers, The - Finale (From: How The Wes 215. Ken Darby Singers, The - Finale Ultimo (From: How 216. Exit Music: Banks Of The Sacramento/salli Terri & 217. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - Miss 218. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - A Hom 219. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - When 220. Morgan, Tommy (Harmonica) - Shenandoah (Alternate 221. Clark, Immogene - Rock Of Ages (Playback Version) 222. Clark, Immogene - The Erie Canal (Playback Version 223. Reynolds, Debbie - Wait For The Hoedown (Extended 224. First Meeting (Alternate Version) (From: How The W 225. Darby Singers, Ken - No Goodbye (Demo) (From: How 226. Reynolds, Debbie - A Home In The Meadow (Alternate 227. Main Title & Katherine Theme (From: Mclintock!) 228. Hurry Up Hoedown (From: Mclintock!) 229. The Other Woman (From: Mclintock!) 230. Rowdaych (From: Mclintock!) 231. Run Katie Run (From: Mclintock!) 232. Wayne, Pat & Stefanie Powers & Jerry Van Dyke - Mc 233. The Young (From: Mclintock!) 234. The Lover's Waltz (From: Mclintock!) 235. Powers, Stefanie & Jerry Van Dyke - Just Right For 236. Red Garters (From: Mclintock!) 237. The Cakewalk (From: Mclintock!) 238. Wayne, John - Katie With The Light Red Hair (From: 301. Main Title (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 302. Wayne, John - Texas Is A Woman (From: The Sons Of 303. The Elders Fight (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 304. Dangerous Journey (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 305. Trouble In Town (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 306. Return To Town (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 307. Cash, Johnny - The Sons Of Katie Elder (From: The 308. Rebuked (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 309. Memories Of Clearwater (From: The Sons Of Katie El 310. Sheriff Ambushed (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 311. Katie's Bible (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 312. Hastings Ranch (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 313. Alexander, George & The Mellomen - El Dorado (From 314. La Mariposa (From: El Dorado) 315. Dos Espuelas (From: El Dorado) 316. Free Frijoles (From: El Dorado) 317. Hasta Luego (From: El Dorado) 318. Shoot Out (From: El Dorado) 319. La Noche Y Las Estrellas (The Night & The Stars) 320. Cuerval (From: El Dorado) 321. La Cantina (From: El Dorado) 322. El Dorado (From: El Dorado) 323. Campbell, Glen - True Grit (From: True Grit) 324. Rooster (From: True Grit) 325. Mattie & Little Blackie (From: True Grit) 326. A Dastardly Deed (From: True Grit) 327. Papa's Things (From: True Grit) 328. True Grit (From: True Grit) 329. Chen Lee & The General (From: True Grit) 330. Big Trail (From: True Grit) 331. Cogburn Country (From: True Grit) 332. Campbell, Glen - True Grit (From: True Grit) 401. Overture (Moving Out) (From: The Cowboys) 402. Main Title (Morning On The Ranch) (From: The Cowbo 403. Schoolboys Or Cowboys? (The Campsite) (From: The C 404. Learning The Ropes (On The Trail Again) (From: The 405. Wild Horses (Wayward Ladies) (From: The Cowboys) 406. Deserted (From: The Cowboys) 407. Crazy Alice (Training Spills) (From: The Cowboys) 408. Alternate Main Title (From: The Cowboys) 409. The Ranch (Death Of A Cowboy) (From: The Cowboys) 410. Bedtime Story (Nightfall) (From: The Cowboys) 411. High Spirits (From: The Cowboys) 412. Rustlers (The Takeover) (From: The Cowboys) 413. The Death Riders (From: The Cowboys) 414. Stealing Back The Heard (Final Conflict) (From: Th 415. Nightfall (From: The Cowboys) 416. A Coward's Deed (From: The Cowboys) 417. A Sad Day (A Man To Respect) (From: The Cowboys) 418. The Trap (From: The Cowboys) 419. Into The Trap (Trouble) (From: The Cowboys) 420. The Drive (Learning The Ropes) (From: The Cowboys) 421. End Of The Drive (From: The Cowboys) 422. Summer's Over (From: The Cowboys) 423. Finale / End Title (From: The Cowboys) 424. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Cowboys) 425. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Cowboys) 426. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Cowboys) 427. Finale / End Title - Alternate 1 (From: The Cowboy 428. Finale / End Title - Alternate 2 (From: The Cowboy 501. Dixie (From: The Horse Soldiers) 502. Male Chorus - I Left My Love (From: The Horse Sold 503. Lorena (From: The Horse Soldiers) 504. Male Chorus - Bonnie Blue Flag (From: The Horse So 505. I Left My Love (From: The Horse Soldiers) 506. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (From: The Horse S 507. Bonnie Blue Flag (From: The Horse Soldiers) 508. Male Chorus - The Girl I Left Behind Me (From: The 509. Deep River / Lorena (From: The Horse Soldiers) 510. Kingdom Coming (From: The Horse Soldiers) 511. Male Quartet - Tenting Tonight (From: The Horse So 512. By The Campfire (From: The Horse Soldiers) 513. Male Chorus - When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Fro 514. Ames, Ed - Main Title / Ballad Of The War Wagon (F 515. Ames, Ed - Ballad Of The War Wagon (Studio Version 516. Main Title (From: The Undefeated) 517. The Battle Cry Of Freedom / Dixie (From: The Undef 518. Carey Jr, Harry - Yankee Doodle / End Title (From: 519. Haggard, Merle - Ballad Of John Chisum (From: Chis 520. Polka (From: Chisum) 521. Haggard, Merle - Turn Me Around (From: Chisum) 522. Main Title / End Title (From: Rio Lobo) 523. Main Title (From: Big Jake) 524. End Title (From: Big Jake) 525. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Train Robbers) 526. Main Title (From: Cahill, United States Marshal) 527. Wayne, John - Streets Of Laredo (From: Cahill, Uni 528. Orchestral Sequence (From: Cahill, United States M 529. Rich, Charlie - A Man Gets To Thinking (From: Cahi 530. Main Title / End Title (From: Rooster Cogburn) 531. Main Title (From: The Shootist) 532. Bacall, Lauren & John Wayne - Tit-willow (From 'Th 533. End Title (From: The Shootist) 601. Main Title / Return From Patrol (From: Rio Grande) 602. Sons Of The Pioneers - Yellow Stripes (From: Rio G 603. Soldiers Fight (From: Rio Grande) 604. Sons Of The Pioneers - I'll Take You Home Again Ka 605. Dispossessed (From: Rio Grande) 606. Sons Of The Pioneers - Cattle Call (From: Rio Gran 607. Indian Chant (From: Rio Grande) 608. Johnson, Ben & Harry Carey, Jr & Claude Jarman, - 609. Reunion (From: Rio Grande) 610. Indian Raid / Escape (From: Rio Grande) 611. Sons Of The Pioneers - The Erie Canal (From: Rio G 612. Laundresses' Row (From: Rio Grande) 613. Sons Of The Pioneers - My Gal Is Purple (From: Rio 614. Sons Of The Pioneers - Down By The Glenside (From: 615. Sons Of The Pioneers - Footsore Cavalry (From: Rio 616. Meeting At The Rio Grande (From: Rio Grande) 617. Confederate Dollars & Yankee Gold (From: Rio Gra 618. The Girl I Left Behind Me / Departure For Fort Bli 619. Tyree Meets The Wagon Train / Indian Attack (From: 620. Call Your Volunteers (From: Rio Grande) 621. Indian Dance (From: Rio Grande) 622. Nighttime Approach / Rescuing The Children (From: 623. Coming Home (From: Rio Grande) 624. Dixie / End Title (From: Rio Grande) 625. Main Title (From: The Fighting Kentuckian) 626. Eight Hundred Miles (From: The Fighting Kentuckian 627. Windsor, Mary - Oh, Hangman, Let Me Down (From: Th 628. Wayne, John & Oliver Hardy - Six Hundred Miles (Fr 629. Main Title / End Title (From: Hondo) 630. Sons Of The Pioneers - The Searchers (From: The Se 631. Curtis, Ken - Skip To My Lou / Yellow Rose Of Texa 632. Sons Of The Pioneers - We Will Gather At The River 633. Sons Of The Pioneers - The Searchers (Studio Versi 634. Main Title (From: Rio Bravo) 635. Martin, Dean & Rick Nelson - My Rifle, Pony & Me ( 636. Nelson, Ricky & Walter Brennan - Cindy (From: Rio 637. Riddle, Nelson - De Guello (From: Rio Bravo) 638. Martin, Dean - Rio Bravo (Studio Version) (From: R 639. Martin, Dean - My Rifle, My Pony & Me (Studio Vers 701. Main Title / End Title (From: The Big Trail) 702. Square Dance (From: The Big Trail) 703. Main Title / End Title (From: Haunted Gold) 704. Sweet Genevieve (From: Haunted Gold) 705. Main Title (From: Texas Cyclone) 706. End Title (From: Texas Cyclone) 707. Main Title: My Pony Boy / She'll Be Comin' 'Round 708. Arizona Wranglers - Till We Meet Again (From: Ride 709. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain (From: Ride Hi 710. Main Title (From: The Big Stampede) 711. Wayne, John - Oh Susanna (From: The Big Stampede) 712. End Title (From: The Big Stampede) 713. Main Title: March (From: Telegraph Trail) 714. Orchestral Sequence (From: Telegraph Trail) 715. Wayne, John - Country Dance (From: Telegraph Trail 716. Wayne, John - Oh Susanna (From: Telegraph Trail) 717. Baldra, Chuck & Jack Kirk - Mandy Lee (From: Tele 718. Main Title (From: Somewhere In Sonora) 719. March (From: Somewhere In Sonora) 720. Vocal Quartet - Main Title (Spanish) (From: The Ma 721. Alberti, Luis - (El Zapatero) (From: The Man From 722. Reed, Donald - (Confida A Me) (From: The Man From 723. Main Title (Also: Sagebrush Trail, The Dawn Rider) 724. Bradbury, Bill - A Cowboy's Song Of Fate (From: Ri 725. Bradbury, Bill - Song Of The Wild (From: Riders Of 726. Main Title (Also: The Star Packer, Texas Terror, P 727. Main Title (Also Blue Steel) (From: West Of The Di 728. March (From: The Man From Utah) 729. Main Title (Also: Randy Rides Alone, The Lawless F 730. Sobre Las Olas (Honky-tonk Piano Solo) (From: Rand 731. Main Title (From: 'Neath Arizona Skies) 732. Main Title (Also: The Desert Trail, Paradise Canyo 733. The Texas Two - Murdock, Perry & Gordon Cliffor - 734. The Texas Two - Murdock, Perry & Gordon Cliffor - 735. Main Title (From: Westward Ho) 736. Arizona Wranglers - Covered Wagons Rolling West (F 737. Arizona Wranglers - The Rocky Road To Town (From: 738. Kirk, Jack - The Girl I See In My Dreams (From: We 739. Kirk, Jack - Drinkin' (From: Lawless Range) 740. Kirk, Jack - On The Banks Of The Sunny San Juan (F 741. Arizona Wranglers - The Old Dusty Road Back Home ( 742. Main Title (From: The Lawless Nineties) 743. Oh Susanna / Heaven! Heaven! (From: The Lawless Ni 744. Main Title (From: King Of The Pecos) 745. Orchestral Sequence (From: King Of The Pecos) 746. Main Title (Also: Winds Of The Wasteland) (From: T 747. Fred 'Snowflake' Toones: Camptown Races (From: The 748. Chorus - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (From: The Lonel 749. Mcdaniel, Etta - Old Folks At Home (From: The Lone 750. Main Title / End Title (Also: Overland Stage Rider 751. Orchestral Sequence (Also: Red River Range, Three 801. Main Title (From: Stagecoach) 802. Orchestral Sequence (From: Stagecoach) 803. Rios, Elvira - (Al Pensar En Ti) (From: Stagecoach 804. End Title / Jeanie With The Light-brown Hair (From 805. End Title (From: Wyoming Outlaw) 806. Main Title (From: The New Frontier) 807. The Land Of The New Frontier (From: The New Fronti 808. (Way Out On The Range) (From: The New Frontier) 809. Main Title / End Title (From: Allegheny Uprising) 810. Wills, Chill - Jeannie Mcdougal (From: Allegheny U 811. Fife & Drum March (From: Allegheny Uprising) 812. Chorus - Yankee Doodle (From: Allegheny Uprising) 813. Main Title / End Title (From: Dark Command) 814. Main Title (From: The Shepherd Of The Hills) 815. Field, Betty - Unconstant Lover (From: The Shepher 816. Brahms Lullaby (From: The Shepherd Of The Hills) 817. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Shepherd Of The Hil 818. Fadden, Tom - Happy, Happy Hunting Ground (From: T 819. Main Title / End Title (From: The Spoilers) 820. Barnes, Binnie - California Joe (From: In Old Cali 821. Buttolph, David - Jerusalem My Happy Home (From: I 822. March (From: In Old California) 823. Buttolph, David - There's Gold In The Valley (From 824. Main Title (From: Lady Takes A Chance) 825. Singin' It, Swingin' It (From: Lady Takes A Chance 826. Main Title / End Title (From: In Old Oklahoma) 827. Wayne, John - Red Wing (From: In Old Oklahoma) 828. Evans, Dale - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (From: 829. Down By The Old Mill Stream (From: In Old Oklahoma 830. Hayes, George 'Gabby' - Pierpoint Morgan (From: In 831. Main Title / End Title (From: Tall In The Saddle) 832. Main Title / End Title (From: Flame Of Barbary Coa 833. Too Much Mustard (From: Flame Of Barbary Coast) 834. Grey, Virginia - Baby Blue Eyes (From: Flame Of Ba 835. Dvorak, Ann - Love, Here Is My Heart (From: Flame 836. Wayne, John - Love, Here Is My Heart (From: Flame 837. Dvorak, Ann - Carrie, Marry Harry (From: Flame Of 838. Dvorak, Ann - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Fr 839. Dvorak, Ann - That Man Is Always On My Mind (From: 840. Grey, Virginia - Have A Heart (From: Flame Of Barb 841. Main Title (From: Dakota) 842. Munson, Ona - Coax Me! (From: Dakota) 843. Orchestral Sequence (From: Angel & The Badman) 844. Barton, Joan - There's Something In Your Eyes (Fro 901. Main Title (From: Fort Apache) 902. Chorus - Mccafferty's March (From: Fort Apache) 903. Foran, Dick - Sweet Genevieve (From: Fort Apache) 904. Orchestral Sequence (From: Fort Apache) 905. Irish Jig (From: Fort Apache) 906. Oh, Dem Golden Slippers (From: Fort Apache) 907. Col. Thursday's Charge (From: Fort Apache) 908. Settle Down To Missouri (From: Red River) 909. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (From: She Wore A Yellow 910. Orchestral Sequence (From: She Wore A Yellow Ribbo 911. Main Title (From: Three Godfathers) 912. Carey Jr, Harry & John Wayne - Streets Of Laredo ( 913. Orchestral Sequence (From: Three Godfathers) 914. Carey Jr, Harry - Shall We Gather At The River (Fr 915. Opening 'Screen Directors' Guild Assignment' (Host 916. Introduction By George Marshall & John Ford (Fro 917. Stagecoach (Adapted From The Sceenplay By Milton G 918. Short Discussion Of The Production (From: January 919. Barton, Frank - Closing Announcement By Frank Bart


Voice + Vision - 2840103539

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Voice + Vision

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. The World Turned Upside Down 1. The World Turned Upside Down 2. The Diggers' Song 2. The Diggers' Song 3. The Hard Times Of Old England 3. The Hard Times Of Old England 4. To The Begging I Will Go 4. To The Begging I Will Go 5. The Recruited Collier 5. The Recruited Collier 6. The Rigs Of The Time 6. The Rigs Of The Time 7. The Month Of May 7. The Month Of May 8. Jerusalem 8. Jerusalem 9. Captain Swing 9. Captain Swing 10. General Ludd's Triumph 10. General Ludd's Triumph 11. Four Loomed Weaver 11. Four Loomed Weaver 12. Poverty Knock 12. Poverty Knock 13. Song Of The Lower Classes 13. Song Of The Lower Classes 14. The Internationale 14. The Internationale 15. Black Leg Miner 15. Black Leg Miner 101. Free & Easy 101. Free & Easy 102. Bringing The News From Nowhere 102. Bringing The News From Nowhere 103. Alice White 103. Alice White 104. Joe Hill 104. Joe Hill 105. Talking Union Blues 105. Talking Union Blues 106. The Man Thats Waters The Worker's Beer 106. The Man Thats Waters The Worker's Beer 107. Dominion Of The Sword 107. Dominion Of The Sword 108. Palaces Of Gold 108. Palaces Of Gold 109. Saltley Gates 109. Saltley Gates 110. Coal Not Dole 110. Coal Not Dole 111. Harry Stone - Hearts Of Coal 111. Harry Stone - Hearts Of Coal 112. Rolling Down The River 112. Rolling Down The River 113. If You Want A Better Life 113. If You Want A Better Life 114. War 114. War


Grime artists - 2846346283

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Grime artists Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 51. Chapters: Dizzee Rascal, N-Dubz, Lady Sovereign, Sway DaSafo, Kano, Hadouken!, The Streets, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Lowkey, Wiley, Tinchy Stryder, Foreign Beggars, Roll Deep, Example, Chipmunk, Lethal Bizzle, Giggs, Devlin, Wretch 32, Bashy, Ghetts, Micachu, Ashley Walters, Shystie, Skepta, JME, DaVinChe, Nemesis & Arrogance, Boy Better Know, Guvna B, Kasha, Akala, More Fire Crew, Toddla T, GoldieLocks, Mz Bratt, Envy, Durrty Goodz, Plastician, Crazy Titch, MRK1, Nadia Oh, Newham Generals, Jstarh, Producers with Computers, K.I.G, NLS Crew, K Koke, Leo the Lion, Jammer, Nine High, Virus Syndicate. Excerpt: Dylan Kwabena Mills (born 1 October 1985), better known by his stage name Dizzee Rascal, is an English rapper, songwriter and record producer. His music is a blend of garage, hip hop, grime, ragga, pop and electronic music, with eclectic samples and more exotic styles. Best known for his number-one hits "Dance wiv Me", "Bonkers", "Holiday", "Dirtee Disco" & "Shout", his debut album, Boy in da Corner, won him the 2003 Mercury Prize. Follow-up albums Showtime, Maths + English and Tongue n' Cheek have all been critically acclaimed and certified gold, the last going platinum for sales exceeding 300,000 units. Mills' father died when he was young, and he was raised in Bow, in the East End of London, for most of his life in a single-parent family by his Ghanaian mother Priscilla, about whom he says: "I had issues as a kid. I was violent and disruptive. The way my mum helped was by finding me a different school every time I got kicked out, always fighting to keep me in the school system". He attended a series of schools in East London, expelled from four secondary schools in four years it was a teacher who first called him "Rascal". Cagey about exactly what his youthful "madnesses" entailed, in early interviews he mentioned fighting with teachers, stealing cars and robbing pizza delivery men. In the fifth school, Langdon Park in Poplar, he was excluded from most classes except music. He also used to attend YATI (Young Actors Theatre Islington) He began making music on the school's computer, encouraged by a music teacher, Mr Smith, and during the summer holidays attended a music workshop organised by Tower Hamlets Summer University of which he is now a patron. His mother bought him his first turntables. He was childhood friends with Nigerian footballer Danny Shittu when growing up, whom Mills described as 'like a big brother'. Mills supports West Ham United. Dizzee Rascal once told author Ben Thompson in an interview with the Sunday's Observer magazine that everything I


1992 video games - 2844857770

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1992 video games Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 425. Chapters: Wolfenstein 3D, Super Mario Kart, MIDI Maze, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, The Lost Vikings, Yoshi's Cookie, Zool, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Final Fantasy V, Ecco the Dolphin, Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss, Mortal Kombat, Lunar: The Silver Star, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Ultima VII, Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant, Bakushou!! Jinsei Gekijou, Romancing SaGa, Shin Megami Tensei, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf, Medievia, Art of Fighting, E.V.O.: Search for Eden, World Heroes, Legend, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Warriors of Fate, Pinball Fantasies, Mega Man 5, Alisia Dragoon, Troddlers, Formula One Grand Prix, Exile, Dune II, Flashback, Night Trap, King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!, F-1 Spirit, Kirby's Dream Land, Cadash, The Legend of Kyrandia, Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Ancient Anguish, LCD games from The Legend of Zelda series, Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole, Star Control II, Streets of Rage 2, Shining Force, Gary Grigsby's Pacific War, Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge, Sensible Soccer, Phantasy Star Gaiden, Ranma ż: Hard Battle, Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero, DinoCity, Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, Soul Blazer, Super F1 Hero, The Dagger of Amon Ra, Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Axelay, Arcana, Curse of Enchantia, Aa Yakyu Jinsei Icchokusen, Time Killers, A-Train, Mario Paint, Harlequin, Alone in the Dark, Contra Force, MorgenGrauen, OutRunners, Bart's House of Weirdness, R.C. Pro-Am II, Super Aleste, The Journeyman Project, Gateway, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Xak I & II, Bart's Nightmare, Genocide, Pocky & Rocky, Virtua Racing, Trip World, Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, Bio-Hazard Battle, Paladin's Quest, Strike Gunner S.T.G., Mission Thunderbolt, Fatal Fury 2, Pushover, Mega Man III, Varth: Operation Thunderstorm, Batman Returns, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Super Scope 6, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Juggernauts, The Shadow of Yserbius, Little Samson, Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing, Undercover Cops, Top Gear, Rebel Space, Kid Chameleon, Disney's Magical Quest, Quattro compilations, Dalek Attack, Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel, Musya, Aerobiz, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist, Blandia, Just Breed, Todd's Adventures in Slime World, King of the Monsters, Road Runner's Death Valley Rally, Cybernator, Darklands, Order of the Griffon, Hoyle's Official Book of Games, Caltron 6 in 1, Mecarobot Golf, Cool World, Dark Seed, Sewer Shark, History Line: 1914-1918, X-Men, B-17 Flying Fortress, Task Force 1942, The Humans, Captain Novolin, Air Zonk, Lethal Enforcers, Nightmare LPMud, Darkwing Duck, AV-8B Harrier Assault, Ragnarok, Splatterhouse 2, Treasure Mathstorm!, Chakan: The Forever Man, Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge, Thunder Force IV, Felix the Cat, M.C. Kids, Fire Emblem Gaiden, Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, XF5700 Mantis, Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean, Pinball Dreams, Hook, Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!, Boppin', JediMUD, Make My Video, Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold, List of Tom and Jerry video games, Championship Manager, Waxworks, Steel Empire, Gley Lancer, Shuttle, Cyber Spin, European Club Soccer, Risky Woods, Nuclear War MUD, Castles I...


No. 13 Herbert Road - 2845355906

68,99 zł

No. 13 Herbert Road

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography & True Stories>Biography: general>Autobiography: general

No.13 Herbert Road Is An Engaging Autobiographical Account Of A Young Boy Growing Up In The Back Streets Of Small Heath In Birmingham During The 1940s. Through Fond Recollections And Amusing Anecdotes, The Reader Is Transported Back To The Often Hard Times Experienced By Many Of The Working Classes In Post-war Britain.


Seed of the Volga - 2837311200

77,62 zł

Seed of the Volga Green Spring Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The second book of a trilogy, SEED OF THE VOLGA encompasses the lives of the author's great-grandparents. Beginning in Germany, 1861 the Steiner family is traced from an unwed and pregnant princess in the Black Forest, to the banks of Russia's Volga River. The reader is gripped by the dire dilemma of the Princess Theraisa Von Steiner as she mourns the death of her intended husband and is frantic to hide her pregnancy. Based on the true story of the author's family, SEED OF THE VOLGA captures the chilling tale of her ancestor's immigration out of war-torn Germany. War had taken everything from them until Russian Empress Catherine the Great offers them a new beginning. By 1890, there were over 1,500,000 Germans settled along the Volga River and its flood plain. Life was good until the ugly and threatening head of Russian politics threatened their very lives. David and Sofie Steiner make the agonizing decision to immigrate before the borders close, this time to America. They left their family and the only home they had ever known in exchange for freedom and life. They soon discover the streets are not paved with gold, but with horse manure and hard work, but they are alive and they are free.


Yiddish Policemen's Union - 2826802739

51,01 zł

Yiddish Policemen's Union Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The brilliantly original new novel from Michael Chabon, author of THE ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY and WONDER BOYS. What if, as Franklin Roosevelt once proposed, Alaska - and not Israel - had become the homeland for the Jews after the Second World War? In Michael Chabon's Yiddish-speaking 'Alyeska', Orthodox gangs in side-curls and knee breeches roam the streets of Sitka, where Detective Meyer Landsman discovers the corpse of a heroin-addled chess prodigy in the flophouse Meyer calls home. Marionette strings stretch back to the hands of charismatic Rebbe Gold, leader of a sect that seems to have drawn its mission statement from the Cosa Nostra. Meyer is determined to unsnarl the meaning behind the murder. Even if that means surrendering his badge and his dignity to the chief of Sitka's homicide unit - his fearsome ex-wife Bina. A novel of colossal ambition and heart, THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN'S UNION interweaves a homage to the stylish menace of 1940s film noir with a bittersweet fable of identity, home and faith.


First Well - 2837309865

49,74 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As a child in pre-First-World-War Palestine, Jabra recalls daily life in Bethlehem and Jerusalem with pin-sharp observation and a vivid use of language. His writing is funny, moving and tender. His Christian family, his school friends and the eccentric characters of the surrounding streets all come to life, and Jabra's love of the Arabic language comes through, even in translation: 'Words glowed in my mind,' he writes. 'They glittered like gold and sparkled like jewels. I imagined myself walking on coloured silk carpets spread over the waves of a wondrous sea of dreams.'


Meets Most Soulmates At.. - 2840099393

124,99 zł

Meets Most Soulmates At..


1. Einleitung Zu Methode / Kopfvibration (Milla Cavin 2. I Prayed To An Egg (Blood Stereo) 3. D'maetzli (Urs Eble,roland Isenegger,peter Pardey) 4. Nocturnal Drummers (2562) 5. Hvid Dvaerg (Selvhenter) 6. Sixteen Hands Waiting For Rain (Steve Roden) 7. Love Is Not A Joke (Ahmad Al Kosem) 8. Pulsar City Generator Bleeps/digi Sound Effect (Ad 9. Poschslides (Mats Gustafsson) 10. Luft (Tumido) 11. Trumpet Choir 12. My People's Head (Anno Stamm) 13. Maarit (Claudio Kapp) 14. Eclipse (Pril Smiley) 15. Benga Benga 2 (Unknown) 16. Waldkauz (Hulotte Chat-huant) 17. Gelbbauchunke (Crapaud Sonneur) / Geburtstagshelfe 18. Detachment Dub (Lowcut) 19. 0618 ((ad)vance(d)) 20. Gullsong (Played Backwards) (Lucky Pierre) 21. Tropfensteinhoelle (Belp) 22. Muezzin (Klara Lewis) 23. Modern Persian Speech Sounds (Part 2) (Omid Waliza 24. 5'05'' 1 Act Of Cleaning A Piano (Franziska Koch) 25. Imitationno.2 (Ame Zek) 26. Fizz (Powell) 27. New Taos War Dance Song (Adam Trujillo) 28. Herzog (Albinos) 29. Wirbelsturm / Explosion (Aus Der Nno.he, Entfernt, 30. Zaratz (Ket3m) 31. File (Under) Rwa (&) Embedded (Mutamassik) 32. Deadlock (Ulrich Troyer) 33. Joy (Maja Ratkje) 34. Ihaha (Choer De Femmes Yaulapti) 35. Endor (Scheino. Woche Retuned) (Fugo) 36. Taft Memorial Carillon Rings The Hour From Capitol 37. Kirmesgerausche (Fanfarenzug) 101. Nymph (Istari Lasterfahrer) 102. Rum (Assel) 103. Why Sheep? Radiation No.1 (Kare San Sui Surroundin 104. Tambacounda's White Magic (Clap! Clap!) 105. Vor Den Wahlen (Desmond Denker) 106. Dampf-lok Im Bahnhof Stadtverkehr Starkes Bremsen 107. Kabul (Muslimgauze) 108. In Der Paulskirche Zu Frankfurt Am Main (John F. K 109. Wicked Leaders (King Ayisoba) 110. The Siamese Level (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel 111. Our Party Is Gaining More Support From The Vast Wo 112. Recorded Message Of Mrs. Golda Meir Prime Minister 113. The Arc Of Trampeze (Emmplekz) 114. Dripsody (Hugh Le Caine) 115. Dread This Land (Dubmonger & Lxc) 116. Among The Skulls (Pierre Bastien) 117. Shower Curtain (Shit & Shine) 118. She's Scrictly Roots (Dj Marcelle / Another Nice M 119. Press Button For Ecology (Fodderstompf) 120. Dans L'attente Impatiente De La Soupe De Poisson ( 121. Found It In The Streets (Murmuration) 122. Die Musik Leiser? (Dj Marcelle / Another Nice Mess 123. Something In Our Noise (Murmuration)


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