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Strengths Of A Man - 2849529305

74,99 zł

Strengths Of A Man

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Religion: general

God's Grace Has Allowed Me, Kendale L. Nation To Write Strengths Of A Man, A Book For Today's Male Which Provides Guidance And Direction In The Areas Of Our Lives That Are Important For Survival In Today's World. Everything From Putting GOD First, Dressin


Half a Man - 2839142913

117,24 zł

Half a Man X Libris

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Half a man" is a simple story that highlights the true strengths of great mateship. It also endeavours to recall the struggle that returning soldiers faced after the "Great war" and describes the challenges, the way of life and the ways of the Australian bush in the 1920's and glories in the absolute beauty of the Murrindindi valley through all of the seasons. It is also a love story and tells of Jessie's great love and compassion for her Peter, her wounded husband and of the healing power of Tim's love for Penny"


Man Who Disappeared - 2846876354

49,97 zł

Man Who Disappeared SCEPTRE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What would you do if, out of the blue, your husband disappeared and you found out he was a suspected criminal? When reliable, respectable Felix Kendall vanishes, his wife Kate is left reeling. As she and their children cope with the shocking impact on their comfortable lives, Kate realises that, if Felix is guilty, she never truly knew the man she loved. But as she faces the possibility that he might not return, she also discovers strengths she never knew she had.


Zombies: a Hunter's Guide - 2843901813

75,19 zł

Zombies: a Hunter's Guide Osprey Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Osprey's hugely popular, Zombies: A Hunter's Guide returns in this deluxe, limited-edition hard cover. Bound in black leather with silver embossing and silver, gilt edging, this beautiful book is sure to be an instant collector's item. Zombies: A Hunter's Guide contains all of the information necessary to recognize and combat this growing threat. Beginning with an explanation of the historical origins of zombies, it follows their history through to the threat they pose to the world today. All varieties of zombie are catalogued and examined, giving their strengths and weaknesses, with a special emphasis on recognition and elimination. Finally, the book covers the tactics and equipment used in zombie fighting, from the man on the street with his sharpened hockey stick to the latest fully automatic grenade launchers and anti-undead armor employed by top-secret government "Containment Teams." Accompanied by numerous full-color reconstructions to help with identification, this book is a must for anyone on the frontlines of the Zombie Wars.


Roaring Nineties - 2212835695

40,80 zł

Roaring Nineties Penguin


His previous book revealed the shocking truth about globalization. Now, Joseph Stiglitz blows the whistle on the devastation wrought by the free market mantra in the nineties


Laura Jackson - Bono - 2826652424

60,64 zł

Laura Jackson - Bono PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bono is one of rock music's most exceptional figures. For more than two decades he has been the front man for U2, arguably the world's leading band. His powerful stage presence and distinctive voice have captivated the imaginations of thousands of loyal fans. In Bono: The Biography bestselling writer Laura Jackson examines closely the many aspects of this eternally restless singer's life. Drawing on many sources, including those who have know and worked with Bono over the years, this book brings to light the many qualities of this remarkable man. It gives an insight into his life and music, as well as his strong social conscience, his dedication to a variety of humanitarian causes and his passionate commitment to world issues. This fascinating biography provides a detailed portrait of a man who is much more than a rock star. It explores Bono's many contradictions to expose for the first time the vulnerability and strengths, the brilliance and the darkness of the man himself.


Polski krok po kroku. (A2) Podręcznik do nauki języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców + CD MP3 - 2829800923

71,10 zł

Polski krok po kroku. (A2) Podręcznik do nauki języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców + CD MP3 Glossa

Polski dla obcokrajowców / A2 - Waystage

Podręcznik Polski krok po kroku (A2) obejmuje 23 rozdziały i jest przeznaczony na około 120 jednostek lekcyjnych. Do podręcznika dołączona jest płyta z nagraniami mp3 obejmująca blisko 3 godziny nagrań dialogów, tekstów i ćwiczeń. Druga część serii

Sklep: Księ

Underground Crusade - 2845290014

48,51 zł

Underground Crusade Coscom Entertainment

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

After exploring the city's underground in order to get a better feel for the criminal fraternity, Gabriel-under the guise of "Mike"-meets a young woman-Katie-who is more than what she seems. What first starts out as a night of mere surveillance and intelligence-gathering soon forces Gabriel to re-examine his approach to crime fighting, discover his strengths and shortcomings, all while trying to keep up with Katie, who is bent on seeing through her own private crusade. With danger lurking at every turn and Gabriel being forced to keep his identity-and abilities-as Axiom-man a secret, he soon discovers he isn't the only one hiding something. There are other players at work in the city, those who would soon misuse a secret weapon for their own purposes. As the clock ticks down and the violence escalates, Gabriel must try and recover the weapon while also keeping Katie safe. If he can keep up with her, that is. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A.P. Fuchs is the author of many novels and short stories. His most recent books are Axiom-man: Outlaw; Axiom-man: Episode No. 2: Underground Crusade; Getting Down and Digital: How to Self-publish Your Book; Look, Up on the Screen! The Big Book of Superhero Movie Reviews; Canadian Scribbler: Collected Letters of an Underground Writer; and Redemption of the Dead, the third book in his time travel zombie trilogy. Fuchs lives and writes in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and barely ever leaves the house. Visit him on the Web at and follow him on Twitter at


Falling Sky - 2848952839

87,16 zł

Falling Sky Riptide Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Chip in His Shoulder "Contract killer" is a fitting job for a vampire. Cast down from the wealth and status of the Sky for taking a human lover, Liam lurks in the poor and pollution-choked Gutter, killing to survive. Between his natural strengths and his Cybernetix mods, no mark has ever escaped him. Daniel is the heir to Cybernetix-and its greatest threat. Horrified by people less man than machine and the exploitation of Gutter factory workers, he'd rather destroy Cybernetix than inherit it. When Liam is hired to slaughter a man in his glass Sky tower, he walks right into a Daniel-shaped trap. Daniel's father has betrayed them both, and only by working together can Daniel and Liam survive the coming day. Can they find each other again, or will the Cybernetix assassins find them first? Something New Under the Sun Daniel and Liam plan to rip open the hidden corruption that runs the Sky-for vengeance, for justice, and for hope. But when everything goes wrong, Daniel must betray his core beliefs to save the man he loves and protect his dangerous secret. Only through courage in the face of death-or worse-might he and Liam change the world they live in and create something new under the sun.


Time for Frankie Coolin - 2826821002

69,21 zł

Time for Frankie Coolin University of Chicago Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Known as much for his journalistic reporting as for the fiction he wrote under a variety of pen names, Bill Granger combined his divergent talents in his powerful novel Time for Frankie Coolin. With distinctive voices, compelling characters, on-the-ground observation, and suspense, it offers a serious, illuminating take on the changing tides of race, class, and politics in late twentieth-century Chicago. Time for Frankie Coolin tells the story of a plasterer turned landlord in Chicago who, in the late 1970s, buys abandoned buildings and makes them just habitable enough that he can charge minimal rent to his mostly black tenants. Frankie - both a tough guy in the trades and a family man-has done well by his wife and kids, moving them to a house in the suburbs. But a casual favor for his wife's cousin - allowing the man to store some crates in an empty building-and a random act of arson set in motion a cascade of crises, including a menacing pair of G-men and the looming threat of prison if Frankie doesn't talk. But since talking has never been one of Frankie's strengths, he copes as he always has: by trying to tough it out on his own. Calling to mind such gritty poets of the urban scene as George V. Higgins and Nelson Algren, Time for Frankie Coolin is both a psychological thriller and a '70s Chicago period piece that shines a surprisingly sympathetic light on the often ignored stories of the people who lived, worked, and died at the city's margins.


Negotiator - 2852642918

37,35 zł

Negotiator Bantam Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Frederick Forsyth, master of the international thriller, retums with an electrifying story of a man of immense power and a conspiracy to crush the President of the United States. Only one man--Forsyth's most unforgettable hero yet--can prevent the plan from succeeding. His name is Quinn. He is the Negotiator.President Cormack is bent on a signing a sweeping U.S.-Soviet disarmament treaty, and the master conspirator is determined to stop him. The kidnapping of a young man on a country road in Oxfordshire is but the first brutal step in the explosive plot engineer the president's destruction. Enter Quinn. Quinn plays the kidnappers like a master musician. . . until, in a shocking tumabout, he discovers that ransom was not their objection after all--and that he has been lured into a cunningly woven web. Now he must draw upon his deepest strengths--to save not only the victim but the entire free world.


Guy Martin: My Autobiography - 2826620661

44,47 zł

Guy Martin: My Autobiography Virgin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'It was the start of the third lap of the 2010 Senior TT, the last race of the fortnight. The last chance to get a TT win for another year, and I was pushing hard. Ballagarey. The kind of corner that makes me continue road racing. A proper man's corner. You go through the right-hander at something like 170mph, leant right over, eyes fixed as far down the road as I can see. But this time something happened. This time the front end tucked...' Guy Martin, international road-racing legend, maverick star of the Isle of Man TT, truck mechanic and TV presenter, lives on the edge, addicted to speed, thoroughly exhilarated by danger. In this book we'll get inside his head as he stares death in the face, and risks his life in search of the next high. We'll discover what it feels like to survive a 170mph fireball at the TT in 2010, and come back to do it all again. He'll sweep us up in a gritty sort of glory as he slogs it out for a place on the podium, but we'll also see him struggle with the flipside of fame. We'll meet his friends and foes, his family, his teammates and bosses and we'll discover what motivates him, and where his strengths and weaknesses lie. For the first time, here is the full story in Guy's own words. From the boy who learned to prep bikes with his dad, to the spirited team mechanic, paying his way by collecting beer glasses in pubs, to the young racer at the start of his first race and the buzz he's been chasing ever since. This thrilling autobiography is an intense and dramatic ride.


Becoming Steve Jobs - 2826934172

74,87 zł

Becoming Steve Jobs Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

No.1 New York Times Bestseller§§There have been many books-on a large and small scale-about Steve Jobs, one of the most famous CEOs in history. But this book is different from all the others.§§Becoming Steve Jobs takes on and breaks down the existing myth and stereotypes about Steve Jobs. The conventional, one-dimensional view of Jobs is that he was half-genius, half-jerk from youth, an irascible and selfish leader who slighted friends and family alike. Becoming Steve Jobs answers the central question about the life and career of the Apple cofounder and CEO: How did a young man so reckless and arrogant that he was exiled from the company he founded become the most effective visionary business leader of our time, ultimately transforming the daily life of billions of people?§§Drawing on incredible and sometimes exclusive access, Schlender and Tetzeli tell a different story of a real human being who wrestled with his failings and learned to maximize his strengths over time. Their rich, compelling narrative is filled with stories never told before from the people who knew Jobs best, and who decided to open up to the authors, including his family, former inner circle executives, and top people at Apple, Pixar and Disney, most notably Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Eddy Cue, Ed Catmull, John Lasseter, Robert Iger and many others. In addition, Brent knew Jobs personally for 25 years and draws upon his many interviews with him, on and off the record, in writing the book. He and Rick humanize the man and explain, rather than simply describe, his behavior. Along the way, the book provides rich context about the technology revolution we all have lived through, and the ways in which Jobs changed our world.§§Schlender and Tetzeli make clear that Jobs's astounding success at Apple was far more complicated than simply picking the right products: he became more patient, he learned to trust his inner circle, and discovered the importance of growing the company incrementally rather than only shooting for dazzling game-changing products.§§A rich and revealing account that will change the way we view Jobs, Becoming Steve Jobs shows us how one of the most colorful and compelling figures of our times was able to combine his unchanging, relentless passion with a more mature management style to create one of the most valuable and beloved companies on the planet.§§From the Hardcover edition.


Adolf Keller - 2850276215

166,88 zł

Adolf Keller Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: The Swiss theologian Adolf Keller was the leading ecumenist on the European continent between the two world wars. In this book the historian Marianne Jehle-Wildberger delineates his life and its achievements. Based on research in forty archives in Europe and the United States, a picture emerges that shows a wonderful man who was a personal friend oft Karl Barth, C. G. Jung, Thomas Mann, and Albert Schweitzer--and thus who was influenced by the spiritual tendencies of the twentieth century. Keller cooperated closely with the National Council of Churches. His Central Bureau of Relief in Geneva (Inter-Church Aid) was supported by American churches. His lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary on "Religion and Revolution" (1933)--in which he was one of the first commentators to denounce National Socialism in Germany--set a new standard of political discussion and are unsurpassed. Marianne Jehle-Wildbergers' book is an important contribution to twentieth-century church history and to the history of the twentieth century in general. Endorsements: "This thoroughly documented, skillfully presented, and readable study provides us with the first biography of Swiss theologian Adolf Keller, one of the most creative and influential figures in the early ecumenical movement of the 1920s and 1930s. This book leads to a deeper appreciation and a fuller understanding of Keller's immense labors to promote refugee aid during World War II. It is a welcome contribution to ecumenical studies." --Emidio Campi, Former General Secretary of the World Student Christian Federation and Professor Emeritus of Church History at University of Zurich "At long last, the biography of this cofounder of the ecumenical movement has been written. Jehle-Wildberger presents a comprehensive account of Adolf Keller's life and work based on a painstaking study of sources. The author particularly carves out Keller's strengths as a communicator, which allowed him to become one of the 'good stewards of God's varied grace' (1 Peter 4:10). As a pioneer of ecumenism, Keller shall be remembered." --Gottfried W. Locher, President of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches and President of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe Author Biography: Marianne Jehle-Wildberger is a renowned Swiss historian. She has written many books and articles on the Reformation, Pietism, and modern church history. She is a specialist on the time of National Socialism and the church struggle in Germany and taught history at the College of Sargans.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - 2826636344

102,68 zł

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Blood Moon Productions, Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

God had a talent for creating exceptional women--Helen of Troy and Cleopatra come to mind. So does Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who lives again in this "warts-and-all" portrait. It's being released on the 20th anniversary of the tragic death, in 1994, of the icon who changed America's beliefs about what a woman of style, power, and influence could accomplish "behind the throne" of men whose careers changed the course of history. During her tumultuous life, she zealously guarded her privacy and her secrets, but in the wake of her death, more and more revelations have emerged about her frustrations, her rage, her passions, her towering strengths, and her delicate fragility, which she hid from the glare of the world behind oversized sunglasses. Within this posthumous biography, a three-dimensional woman emerges through the compilation of some 1,000 eyewitness testimonials from men and women who knew her over a period of decades. The public epitome of charm, grace, and elegance, the private, chain-smoking Jackie was known for her sharp wit and her acid tongue, dissing some of the great men and women she encountered. Examples include such figures as Nancy Reagan ("I heard she used to give the best head in Hollywood when she was a starlet at MGM"); Queen Elizabeth II ("pompous, stuffy, a heavy trip, and seriously pissed off at me for turning on Philip"); or Martin Luther King, Jr. ("a terrible man and a tricky, phony, skirt-chaser and race baiter"). This outspoken testimonial to the flimsier side of Camelot contains a cornucopia of gossip and intrigue, including details about Jackie's scandalous love affairs with her two brothers-in-law (Bobby and Teddy), and her penchant for movie star seductions (Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, William Holden). Also detailed are her famous feuds with Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Maria Callas; her almost unknown love affairs with Spain's greatest matador and with Peter Lawford; her night in Georgetown coping with LBJ's aborted seduction; her friend Rudolf Nureyev's pursuit of both her and Bobby; her interchanges with Lem Billings, JFK's homosexual "First Friend" whom Bobby defined as "Jack's other wife"); her blood feud with Christina Onassis; her sibling rivalry with Lee Radziwill; her illicit affair with a senator nicknamed "Gorgeous George; her love-hate relationship with Frank Sinatra; and her Italian fling with Fiat's kingpin, Gianni Agnelli, who taught her all about La Dolce Vita during the summer of 1962. Conceived in direct and sometimes defiant contrast to the avalanche of more breathlessly respectful testimonials to the life and legacy of "America's Queen," this book is the latest installment in Blood Moon's endlessly irreverent BABYLON series.


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