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Elementary/Middle School Counselor's Survival Guide - 2826923068

156,09 zł

Elementary/Middle School Counselor's Survival Guide JOSSEY BASS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An expanded edition filled with ideas, strategies, and tools for school counselors This Survival Guide helps counselors plan and implement an effective counseling program tailored to the needs of all students. Step by step, the book walks readers through every aspect of the school counselor job, including: designing a comprehensive counseling program, communicating with students and fellow staff, facilitating groups, promoting positive school discipline, integrating a guidance curriculum, intervening in times of crisis, and taking personal and professional care of oneself. Discusses how to reach out to diverse student and parent populations Shows how to integrate the American School Counselor Association's National Model for designing, delivering, and evaluating a school's counseling program Reveals how new technology can improve services to students and parents Other titles by Wiggin: I.O.U.S.A., Demise of the Dollar, and Financial Reckoning Day This comprehensive resource also includes a wealth of reproducible worksheets, letters, checklists, and forms designed to save time and effort for busy school counselors.


A Multicultural Approach in the Teaching of Middle School Geometry - 2834696563

528,22 zł

A Multicultural Approach in the Teaching of Middle School Geometry LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Multicultural approach to teaching is essential in today's classrooms. It is an effective way to connect with students and have them experience learning while having fun. In this book, the author created 18 geometry lessons that were designed to replace portions of a middle grades geometry in standard textbooks. This book supported claims that students appreciate the contributions of cultures that are different from their own and linking the study of mathematics with other disciplines and cultures provides more meaning to the mathematics studied.It also showed that many students appreciated the mathematics topics because they saw a direct and human way of applying them. The students appeared to be highly motivated and involved with the lessons, and classroom discussions were lively with broad participation.


Hunger Games Study Guide - 2835643502

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Hunger Games Study Guide Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is to be used along side the bestselling book, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for anyone who needs to increase their reading speed and comprehension in an engaging and unique way. For Students: The study questions are in order and follow Suzanne Collins's narrative. Answer the questions as you read the book. The answers are in the back section. For Teachers: This is an exciting and engaging way to help students increase reading fluency and comprehension. The questions are in order and follow the book chapter by chapter. Answers follow in a separate section of the guide. Also, with the new Common Core standards and push to increased rigor, I have added a Writing Workshop section at the end of the book to help with writing assignments. For Homeschools: Your upper middle school and high school struggling reader will find The Hunger Games and this study guide good practice in increasing fluency and comprehension. He/she will become entranced with the story and beg to read the next two installments of the novel. When not teaching or working on district curriculum in Alaska, Peggy and her husband, Bill, armed with fishing poles, make their home in Pittsburg, Missouri.


Rural-urban Junior High School students' attitude to Information and Communications Technology in Cape Coast Metropolis - 2826834331

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Rural-urban Junior High School students' attitude to Information and Communications Technology in Cape Coast Metropolis GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scholarly Research paper from the year 2015 in the subject Library Science, Information- / Documentation Science, , language: English, abstract: This paper assessed attitude of students in selected rural and urban Junior High School in Cape Coast Metropolis towards the study of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Descriptive research design was adopted and questionnaire was administered to 203 students from selected Junior High Schools in rural and urban areas which are located in the Metropolis. Predictive Analytics Software (PASW) version 18 for Windows was used to analyse the data. Frequency and Independent t-test were the tools used to aid in data analysis with respect to demographic characteristics and test the two hypotheses formulated to guide the study respectively. The result from the study has revealed that there is a significant difference in attitudes of Junior High School students in rural and urban areas and in terms of gender; the study points to the fact that there is no significant difference in the attitude of male and female students towards the study of ICT in the Cape Coast Metropolis.


Black Student's Guide to High School Success - 2826942312

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Black Student's Guide to High School Success Greenwood Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The only book designed and written specifically for African American junior high and high school students, this step-by-step guide provides much needed strategies, tactics, and tools to help them create successful educational careers in school. From the editor and publisher of the highly acclaimed Black Student's Guide to College Success (1993, revised ed. 1995), this guide contains contributed essays by fifteen educators (many from historically black colleges), supplemented by success stories of contemporary black high school students. It will help students to make informed choices, to deal with the challenges and obstacles to high school success both in and out of the classroom, and to complete their high school education. Each essay deals with a specific topic of concern to black high school students and is designed to motivate them to make intelligent choices about their education and their future and to develop pride and self-esteem. Following a Foreword by L. Douglas Wilder, former Governor of Virginia, and a Preface by Richard Arrington Jr., Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, the guide features fifteen informative essays, geared to the needs of the black student entering high school, written in a conversational manner to which students can relate. Each essay is written by a successful professional or educator in that field and is followed by a short essay by a black high school student on his or her personal experience in overcoming obstacles to succeed in high school. Essays address these topics: selecting a high school; planning for the future; the politics of high schools; opportunities for success in the classroom; study habits and hints; athletics; extracurricular activities; leadership in and out of the classroom; making the smart choice-saying no to drugs, alcohol, crime, and pregnancy; choosing your friends; black pride and self-esteem; getting involved in the black community and churches; networking in an integrated society; the benefits of part-time work; and the career hunt-further education or the work force. This informative and motivational guide, designed specifically for African American students, will help them, their parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to address issues facing black students in order for the students to successfully complete their high school education.


Det Review! Complete Diagnostic Entrance Test Study Guide and Practice Test Questions - 2827054433

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Det Review! Complete Diagnostic Entrance Test Study Guide and Practice Test Questions Complete Test Preparation Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Complete DET study guide, prepared by a dedicated team of exam experts, with everything you need to pass the Diagnostic Entrance Test! Includes FREE eBook Version! Pass the DET will help you: Learn faster Practice with 2 complete practice question sets (over 500 questions) Identify your strengths and weaknesses quickly Concentrate your study time Increase your score with multiple choice strategies from exam experts Increase your vocabulary fast with powerful learning strategies Make a DET study plan and study schedule Includes all DET modules (some are optional depending on your school) Reading Comprehension, Math, Basic Science, and English Grammar. Extensive (hundreds of pages) review and tutorials on all topics The Diagnostic Entrance Test is produced and administered by the Arnett Development Corporation, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse this product. Practice Really Does Make Perfect! The more questions you see, the more likely you are to pass the test. And between our study guide and practice tests, you'll have over 400 practice questions that cover every category. You can fine-tune your knowledge in areas where you feel comfortable and be more efficient in improving your problem areas. Our practice test questions have been developed by our dedicated team of experts. All the material in the study guide, including every practice question, is designed to engage the critical thinking skills that are needed to pass the DET Test. Study When and Where You Want! Includes a FREE ebook version suitable for any smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, that you can immediately download after purchasing. You can practice your questions after working out at the gym, while you're waiting on a friend for lunch, or over your morning cup of coffee. Whenever you have those spare moments, you can consistently build your confidence. Maybe you have read this kind of thing before, and maybe feel you don't need it, and you are not sure if you are going to buy this book. Remember though, only a few percentage points divide the PASS from the FAIL students. Even if our test tips increase your score by a few percentage points, isn't that worth it? Remember it only a few percentage points divide the PASS from the FAIL students.


The Art Of The Middle Ages - 2842395254

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The Art Of The Middle Ages

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>History of art / art & design styles>Byzantine & Medieval art c 500 CE to c 1400Książki Obcojęzyc...

A Comprehensive And Authoritative Study Of Medieval Visual Arts In Europe, Forming The Ideal Guide For Students To All Facets Of Art And Architecture In The Middle Ages. Topics Covered Include Tapestries, Armour, Stained Glass, Enamel And Ivory Work, And


Attitudes of Students toward Physical Activities - 2836518463

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Attitudes of Students toward Physical Activities LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This study examined high-school students attitudes toward physical education/activity (ATPEA) and their sports/activities preferences. Participants were 1,317 high-school students (603 boys and 714 girls) from five urban public school districts. Physical Education Activity Attitude Scale (PEAAS, Valdez, 1997) adapted version (Zeng, 2009) was employed for the survey. Data analysis revealed that the five highest scores were Items 2, 16, 11, 18, and 5 on the PEAAS. The overall score indicated that the participants possess a quite positive ATPEA; differences exist among the following factors: participants gender, ethnic group, and socio-economic status (SES). Girls scored higher than boys in Items 2, 13, and 15. Caucasian students scored higher than other four ethnic groups in Items 8 and 10. Students with middle SES scored higher than students with low and high SES in Item 2. In conclusion, the current ATPEA status of the students was positive. There were some crucial factors that structure the students ATPEA. These factors were related to students perception, benefit, care, and value about their PE programs and sports/activities. Much detail is discussed.


Core Clinical Cases For Medical Students - 2845346813

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Core Clinical Cases For Medical Students

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Medicine>Medical study,revision guides,reference >Medical study & revision guidesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>A...

Are You Looking For A Clear And Comprehensive Core Clinical Cases Revision Guide For Your Finals? Keen To Identify A Study Aid That Will Assist You At Any Stage Of Your Medical School Course, And Beyond? Require A Guide To Common Problem Based Learning Scenarios? This Revision Guide Covers The Clinical Cases Commonly Asked In Medical Finals.


Painless Study Techniques - 2826872959

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Painless Study Techniques Barron's Educational Series Inc.,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"For middle school and high school students"--P. (4) of cover.


Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments - 2826742641

127,87 zł

Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments Maker Media

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For students, DIY hobbyists, and science buffs, who can no longer get real chemistry sets, this one-of-a-kind guide explains how to set up and use a home chemistry lab, with step-by-step instructions for conducting experiments in basic chemistry - not just to make pretty colors and stinky smells, but to learn how to do real lab work: purify alcohol by distillation; produce hydrogen and oxygen gas by electrolysis; smelt metallic copper from copper ore you make yourself; analyze the makeup of seawater, bone, and other common substances; synthesize oil of wintergreen from aspirin and rayon fiber from paper; perform forensics tests for fingerprints, blood, drugs, and poisons; and much more.From the 1930s through the 1970s, chemistry sets were among the most popular Christmas gifts, selling in the millions. But two decades ago, real chemistry sets began to disappear as manufacturers and retailers became concerned about liability. "The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments" steps up to the plate with lessons on how to equip your home chemistry lab, master laboratory skills, and work safely in your lab.The bulk of this book consists of 17 hands-on chapters that include multiple laboratory sessions on the following topics: Separating Mixtures; Solubility and Solutions; Colligative Properties of Solutions; Introduction to Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry; Reduction-Oxidation (Redox) Reactions; Acid-Base Chemistry; Chemical Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle; Gas Chemistry; Thermochemistry and Calorimetry; Electrochemistry; Photochemistry; Colloids and Suspensions; Qualitative Analysis; Quantitative Analysis; Synthesis of Useful Compounds; and Forensic Chemistry. With plenty of full-color illustrations and photos, Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments offers introductory level sessions suitable for a middle school or first-year high school chemistry laboratory course, and more advanced sessions suitable for students who intend to take the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry exam. A student who completes all of the laboratories in this book will have done the equivalent of two full years of high school chemistry lab work or a first-year college general chemistry laboratory course. This hands-on introduction to real chemistry - using real equipment, real chemicals, and real quantitative experiments - is ideal for the many thousands of young people and adults who want to experience the magic of chemistry.


An Interdisciplinary Study of Problematizing A Curricular Muteness - 2834695313

488,68 zł

An Interdisciplinary Study of Problematizing A Curricular Muteness LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Despite various conflicting assertions in mass media, religious literature and daily conversations, Turkish art education, on curricular, instructional and research levels, remains mute on the issue of "the lawfulness of figurative representation" in Islam. By reviewing the history of aniconism, the avoidance of naturalistic figurative representation in the Turkish context, and presenting an overview of the transition from the visual traditions of the Ottoman Era to the Eurocentric practices of the Republic Era, I problematize the choices that shaped the current negligent attitude of Turkish art schooling toward the historically rooted aniconic tendencies. I include an interdisciplinary overview of the origins of aniconism in the general cultural context of Islam which intents to serve as an expansive knowledge base upon which art educators can build scenarios for relevant instruction. Through in-depth conversational interviews with ten middle school students from differing backgrounds, I provide readers with a qualitative account of student understandings on figurative art in relation to various understandings of Islam in Turkey.


Around the Reading Workshop in 180 Days: A Month-By-Month Guide to Effective Instruction - 2839141808

175,86 zł

Around the Reading Workshop in 180 Days: A Month-By-Month Guide to Effective Instruction HEINEMANN EDUC BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Frank Serafini has written extensively on the reading workshop, and in talks around the country he's answered the tough questions about teaching through this powerful medium. Now in Around the Reading Workshop in 180 Days, his most practical book to date, Serafini answers your most frequently asked questions and shows you the daily ins and outs of the workshop. Picking up where his best-selling titles The Reading Workshop and Lessons in Comprehension left off, Serafini gives you month-by-month strategies for running a reading workshop across an entire school year. He provides everything you need to change the way intermediate and middle-level students think and talk about reading, including: - instructional strategies- how-tos for organizing- ideas for lessons- ways to connect reading and writing instruction- assessment and evaluation techniques- tips for helping students choose books- lists of recommended children's literature for your students and recommended professional resources for you.In addition, classroom teacher Suzette Serafini-Youngs illustrates Serafini's ideas with "Windows on the Workshop," classroom vignettes that bridge theory to practice and demonstrate with precision the teacher's role in workshop-based instruction. Whether you're a thirty-year veteran or a novice teacher, go Around the Reading Workshop in 180 Days with Frank Serafini and take your students on a memorable journey into literacy.


Art Teacher's Survival Guide for Secondary Schools - 2826826216

147,64 zł

Art Teacher's Survival Guide for Secondary Schools Jossey Bass Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An invaluable compendium of 75 creative art projects for art educators and classroom teachers This authoritative, practical, and comprehensive guide offers everything teachers need to know to conduct an effective arts instruction and appreciation program. It meets secondary art teacher's unique needs for creating art lessons that cover everything from the fundamentals to digital media careers for aspiring artists. The book includes ten chapters that provide detailed instructions for both teachers and students, along with creative lesson plans and practical tools such as reproducible handouts, illustrations, and photographs. Includes 75 fun and creative art projects Fully updated to reflect the latest changes in secondary art instruction, including digital media and digital photography Heavily illustrated with photographs and drawings For art teachers, secondary classroom teachers, and homeschoolers, this is the ideal hands-on guide to art instruction for middle school and high school students.


Insiders Guide to Medical Schools 2002/2003 - 2212825809

74,30 zł

Insiders Guide to Medical Schools 2002/2003 BMJ Publishing Group

Zdrowie, medycyna

This title is aimed at anyone thinking about studying medicine. Every medical school in Britain is profiled - from course details and student life to information on the town and how much you can expect to pay for a pint. The fifth edition includes information about new medical schools and courses being developed at Brighton and Norwich. Above all it provides clear and unbiased information on the strengths and weaknesses of each school giving you the chance to make best use of your UCAS choices. Written by students for students, the user-friendly format should make it easy to compare and contrast the schools, and helps you make informed decisions about whether and where to study medicine.


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