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Slices of Solitude is a fiction compilation of short stories. Dr. Sandhu was first compelled to write about a true event in her life which became "Dreamz." A myriad play on your senses, "Slices.." is a readers delight that takes you deep into the beating heart of the deliciously spicy India where a young woman suddenly finds herself surrounded by unfamiliar faces & motives. A young bride finds herself shrouded in the pain of lost love while desperately trying to assemble the pieces of her life. Young parents Nisha & Raj bask in the joys of young parenthood only to discover a deep pain when sudden tragedy touches their lives and changes their destiny forever while a slice of chocolate rum cake teasingly invites Senna to surrender to the sinful warmth of an aphrodisiac substance. Enjoy these captivating Slices...


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