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Fatal Risk - 2854189125

111,82 zł

Fatal Risk Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Long-listed for the FT & Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2011 The true story of how risk destroys, as told through the ongoing saga of AIG From the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, the subject of the financial crisis has been well covered. However, the story central to the crisis-that of AIG-has until now remained largely untold. Fatal Risk: A Cautionary Tale of AIG's Corporate Suicide tells the inside story of what really went on inside AIG that caused it to choke on risk and nearly brining down the entire economic system. The book Reveals inside information available nowhere else, including the personal notes and records of key players such as the former Chairman of AIG, Hank Greenberg Takes readers behind the scenes at the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Details how an understanding of risk built AIG, but a disdain for government regulators led to a run-in with New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer Fatal Risk is the comprehensive and compelling true story of the company at the center of the financial storm and how it nearly caused the entire economic system to collapse.


Mondo Agnelli - 2846347843

141,17 zł

Mondo Agnelli Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The fascinating story of a century-old automobile dynasty Fiat is one of the world's largest automakers, but when it made headlines by grabbing control of a bankrupt Chrysler in 2009 it was unknown in the U.S. Fiat's against-all-odds swoop on Chrysler---masterminded by Sergio Marchionne, the Houdini-like manager who saved Fiat from its own near-collapse in 2005 - has made the automaker one of the most unlikely winners of the financial crisis. Mondo Agnelli is a new book that looks at the chain of unpredictable events triggered by the death of Gianni Agnelli in 2003. Gianni, the charismatic, silver-haired power broker and style icon, was the patriarch who had lead the company founded by his grandfather in 1899. But Gianni's own son had committed suicide. Without a mature heir, the dynasty and Fiat were rudderless. Backed by Gianni's closest advisors, his serious, shy, and determined grandson John plucked Marchionne from obscurity. Together, they saved the family company and, inadvertently, positioned Fiat as a global trailblazer when the global storm hit. A classic story of ingenuity and hard work, the book portrays a business dynasty that triumphed over adversity and family tragedy because of its own smarts, sweat, and ability to bend the rules A an engaging tale for those interested in the stories behind the economic crash, the book contains never-before reported material about how Fiat succeeded in making Chrysler profitable where both Daimler AG and Cerberus, its previous owners, had failed. A story for a wide audience, from car buffs, business readers, lovers of Italy, and anyone fascinated by the lifestyle of Europe's most glamorous industrial dynasty, this book tells the tale of how Fiat achieved the seemingly impossible -- turning around an American automotive icon everyone else had given up for dead.


Dreams, Demons and Desire - 2854376384

54,93 zł

Dreams, Demons and Desire Peter Owen Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Perriam has written a collection of short stories that delves into lives acting out the obsessions of the subconscious. There is a feeling of Britain in the odd decades here - the 50's, the 70's - with odd dull decor and life constrained within four walls, or within suppressed personalities. Each story has its own allegory, its own subconscious metaphor threaded through the writing, which bobs up into the narrative - memorably on the story of repression, 'Angelfish'. Watery subterranean images create a beautiful idea of the London Underground as an underwater world, its colourful vision is contrasted with the tight-lipped feel of the story. The stories often catch people at their time of crisis, where a lifetime of delusion catches up, or compels a conclusion. There is such a quality of the strangeness of ordinary life, that sometimes the moment passes away, or is resolved in some inane inconsequential action, or indeed in a strange reckless suicide. Barrenness, clinging on to long dead relationships, small scale lives, imaginary manifestations - these are the themes played out by characters long past disillusionment. And yet the stories are not depressing or negative. There is a lack of judgement of the characters - after all, we are all acting through our own fictions of what our lives are. The narrative is pared down and the stories are constructed to unfold as short stories should. The writing gives just enough away at the beginning to engage the reader, with plenty of quirks to flavour the reading. (Kirkus UK)


Marina Bay Sins - 2854196535

40,01 zł

Marina Bay Sins Marshall Cavendish

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Throughout his career, Singapore's bestselling author Neil Humphreys has successfully mixed biting wit with pitch-black satire to highlight the hypocrisy that lies beneath Asia's sanitised, swinging city. In both fiction and non-fiction, he has shone a light into Singapore's darkest corners to create riveting stories that both captivate the reader and provoke the conscience. Now, in his new novel Marina Bay Sins, he has taken a parang to some of Asia's most sacred cows. Detective Inspector Stanley Low is having a really bad day. His bipolar condition is already ruining another session with his psychiatrist when a sadistic sex murder-suicide at Singapore's most prestigious hotel plunges him back into a sordid underworld he was desperate to leave behind. As the case spirals out of control, Inspector Low encounters self-help celebrity couple Yue Liang and Jimmy Chew. She's a desperate singer willing to do whatever it takes to break the US market. He's a motivational speaker embroiled in a financial crisis. Neither of them can get their story straight. Meanwhile, a South African CEO cannot control his addiction to Asian women, an elusive Indonesian businessman plays pimp for exiled military generals, a government minister is determined to protect foreign 'talent' and an imprisoned loan shark pushes Low to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Fuelled by his uncontrollable mania, Inspector Low goes undercover once more and returns to a world that the Asian metropolis refuses to acknowledge: a world of gambling addiction, crime syndicates, international money launderers, immoral celebrities and corrupt politicians, all living in Asia's cleanest city.


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