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Save Them All Dog Ear Publishing

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Save Them All contains true and shocking stories of underprivileged and troubled kids living in the beautiful bay area of northern California. The book is written with empathy, irony, a touch of comedy and gives deep insight into the lives of everyday kids, political issues, struggles facing our public school teachers and the societal issues that bring on many of these problems. Many of the stories contain disturbing accounts of the issues facing the day to day lives of the "at risk" students and the struggles of a rookie teacher contending with the conflict between her desire to contribute and the reality of society's failures. Topics are suicide, street gangs, drug abuse, murder, racism, child abuse and neglect and the struggles that many everyday public school teachers are faced with. This book is not a condemnation of our public schools but is meant to be insight into the realities that politicians and society refuse to address. This book is a must read if you care about kids, schools, the politics of education and how to make a difference. Save Them All will shock and inspire, educate and entertain, laugh and cry and possibly influence the reader to implement change. All names have been changed for privacy and confidentiality. Wendy Green is a teacher and author and lives in the bay area with two of her four children, two dogs and a cat. She enjoys music, especially Jazz, R&B and Classical, hiking, horses, dance, martial arts and gardening. She loves teaching and writing books that educate and entertain. Wendy graduated from Cal State East Bay with three teaching credentials and a Master's of Science in education. Wendy has taught in the bay area of California for over 15 years. She worked for over ten years with troubled teens, kids in street gangs and kids who are abused and neglected. For the last three years she has been teaching physical education to elementary students and enjoys sharing fitness and health with her students.


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