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Optimization of Integrated Supply Chain Planning Under Multiple Uncertainty - 2841834972

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Optimization of Integrated Supply Chain Planning Under Multiple Uncertainty



Water Systems Planning Under Uncertainty in Amman, Jordan - 2834700789

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Water Systems Planning Under Uncertainty in Amman, Jordan Scholars Press

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The first part of this work suggests that, among the various techniques used for uncertainty analysis in optimization modeling, robust optimization (RO) might be the best qualified for evaluation and control of the various risks of poor system performance resulting from the uncertainties in the data input to water resources problems. In the second part of the work, an RO model is developed for the water system in the Greater Amman Area (GAA), Jordan, which minimizes the expected cost of operating and expanding the current water system by selecting water system infrastructure and policy options for the satisfaction of anticipated water requirements in the next 75 years, under a range of climate and demographic change scenarios. The model considers the entire anthropogenic water cycle and contains a number of innovations which enable the evaluation of water reuse relative to all other water supply options. The discussion of results explores how those recommendations would change when considering aversion to two specific types of risk: the risk of water shortage (risk of low feasibility robustness); and the risk of cost overruns (risk of low solution robustness).


Applied Business Analytics Casebook - 2840795742

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Applied Business Analytics Casebook Financial Times Prentice Hall

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The first collection of cases on "big data" analytics for supply chain, operations research, and operations management, this reference puts readers in the position of the analytics professional and decision-maker. Perfect for students, practitioners, and certification candidates in SCM, OM, and OR, these short, focused, to-the-point case studies illustrate the entire decision-making process. They provide realistic opportunities to perform analyses, interpret output, and recommend an optimal course of action. Contributed by leading "big data" experts, the cases in The Applied Business Analytics Casebook covers: * Forecasting and statistical analysis: time series forecasting models, regression models, data visualization, and hypothesis testing * Optimization and simulation: linear, integer, and nonlinear programming; Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis; and stochastic optimization * Decision analysis: decision making under uncertainty; expected value of perfect information; decision trees; game theory models; AHP; and multi-criteria decision making * Advanced business analytics: data warehousing/mining; text mining; neural networks; financial analytics; CRM analytics; and revenue management models


Handbook of Risk Management in Energy Production and Trading, 1 - 2826755990

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Handbook of Risk Management in Energy Production and Trading, 1 Springer, Berlin

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Electricity production, delivery and trading developed from simple supply chains with one producer with one delivery network to several customers in the beginning of the 20th century to a very complex system of interconnected producers, huge transportation networks managed by independent system operators and exchange markets on which spot products as well as futures are traded. By complexity, such modern systems are subject to many different risks, such as technical risk in production, transportation and delivery, operational risk for the system operators as well as markets risks for traders and political and other long term risks in strategical management. §This book attempts to give an overview over these types of risk and many of its chapters describe how modern risk management methods may be applied. All management decision have to be made in situations, where not all relevant data are precisely known. Therefore decision making under uncertainty is the methodological background and many papers of this book use multistage stochastic optimization as a basic tool for analysis.§The book is divided into four parts. Part I is devoted to energy markets. in particular electricity markets. In energy risk management it is important to keep in mind the whole production, storing and distribution process with all related economic and physical, restrictions. This makes a big different to purely financial markets. Part II therefore deals with optimal decisions in managing energy systems. Because the resulting optimization problems are typically difficult to deal with, algorithms are an important issue. Part III is devoted to pricing, covering several pricing principles and especially the pricing of electricity swing options in a unified framework, as well as the pricing of derivatives with volume control, treated in a classical financial setup. Finally Part IV widens the scope of risks to long term and political risks.


Operations Research Proceedings 2001 - 2834685739

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Operations Research Proceedings 2001 Springer, Berlin

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 200 I International Conference on Operations Research (OR 2(01) held at the Gerhard-Mercator-University Duisburg, September 3-5,2001. OR 200 1 was organized under the auspices of the German Society of Operations Research, Gesellschaft für Operations Research (GOR e. V.). The conference and the annual general meeting were attended by 360 participants from 20 countries. The presentation of 220 papers was organized in 15 sections. According to Duisburg as hosting city for this event OR 200 1 emphasized on contributions of OR in the areas of energy, transport and traftk. The program consisted of2 plenary lectures (Reinhard Selten and Jörg Hennerkes) and 15 invited semiplenary lectures. 97 papers were submitted for publication. Following the advice of the section chairs the program committee decided to accept 59 papers for this volume. The selected manuscripts will be published also in electronic form on the W orld Wide Web at 1. We want to thank all referees and authors for delivering their final manuscript in due time. We are also grateful to the other members of the local organizing committee and especially to Stefan Krebs, Corinna Schu and David Betge for the perfect conference management. Roland Düsing, Ralph Gollmer and Steffen Stock supported us in editing the abstracts and the final version of this proceeding volume. Last but not least thanks to all the assistants and student assistants for their operations on OR 2001 in Duisburg. This proceedings volume contains a selection of 97 papers presented at the International Conference on Operations Re- search (OR 2001), the Annual Conference of the German Opera- tions Research Society (GOR). The contributions cover the broad interdisciplinary spectrum of Operations Research and present recent advances in theory, development of methods, and applications in practice. Subjects covered are Transport and Traffic, Energy and Environment, Quantitative Methods in Marketing, Production and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Finance and Banking and Insurance, Scheduling and Project Planning, Operations Research in the Health Service, Continuous Optimization, Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Stochastic Optimization and Simulation, Econometrics and Statistics and Mathematical Economics, Decision Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic, Information and Decision Support Systems and Operations Research in the Inter- net, Didactics of OR and PublicUnderstanding.


Process Mapping and Stochastic Input Modeling - 2827030401

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Process Mapping and Stochastic Input Modeling GRIN Verlag

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Supply, Production, Logistics, grade: 1,3, Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH (School of Engineering and Science), course: International Logistics, language: English, abstract: Lufthansa Technik (LHT) is a provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft. While LHT has traditionally performed the MRO services in-house, the subcontracted operations business is gaining momentum.With about 90,000 outsourced MRO purchase orders (POs) per year, the process becomes increasingly complex. In the past, the company set the objective of achieving an average turnaround time (TAT) of five shop calendar days (SCD) for internal repair operations.One of the main goals of LHT is to achieve an average TAT of fifteen SCD for the subcontracted MRO operations, between the monitoring points Creation PO Requisition (i.e.: TS 29) and Receive Unit Transaction (i.e.: TS 69). The current TAT is significantly higher, with substantial process variability.The repair subcontracting value-chain consists of several processes, which fall under different areas of responsibility. Due to the stochastic nature of the series of processes and becausemany variables influence the overall performance of the system, a simulation study needs to be conducted. The present thesis aims to develop an analytical input model for a simulation study in technical procurement.Practical relevancy of the research problemThe building of the analytical input model and subsequent simulation model is a substantialmilestone towards the process optimization in the subcontracted MRO operations business.The modeling of processes as an M/M/1 queuing system is the first step needed in order toi) Simulate the processes and leverage optimization methods from the field of Production Logistics;ii) Identify whether the application of queuing theory elements for processdescription and analysis within technical procurement would aid in improving the processes.Theoretical relevancy of the research problemThe thesis aims at applying already existing elements from queuing theory and statistics to a relatively new field technical procurement, as to bring a contribution to the queuing science, an interface between queuing theory and practice.[...]


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