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Integration of Sustainability into Universities - Good Practices and Benchmarking for Integration - 2826984326

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Integration of Sustainability into Universities - Good Practices and Benchmarking for Integration GRIN Verlag

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Diploma Thesis from the year 2004 in the subject Sociology - Work, Profession, Education, Organisation, grade: 1,0, University of Graz (Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung), 55 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The number of charters and declarations, promoting sustainability in education is increasing with the number of universities integrating sustainability. For many universities, those declarations are self commitments and are used to improve public relations. Although they may have further implications, declarations can be a strong policy statement. Over 300 European universities have signed the Copernicus Charta and in the same moment, they sign a commitment for sustainable development. This shows that sustainability became an important issue. Universities can use the Charta to raise awareness among staff and convince them that they should act and demonstrate universities role and impact on society. Universities impact society by their four roles. Education: Universities train and influence future decision makers Research: University research influences daily life Administration/Management: Universities are large employers and consume all kinds of resources Role in Society/Outreach: Universities have a direct (regional development, actor in society) and indirect (education, research, administration) influence on societal development and especially the surrounding and environment. By fulfilling their role and obligations, universities can contribute to a sustainable development for the society and the university itself. Good examples of each of those responsibilities offer universities ideas about what they can do. Of course good practices must be adapted to their own structure. To gain insight to the processes and the activities of other sustainable universities, universities can participate in the COPERNICUS University Core Group. Within this group, universities can benchmark themselves with others and can get a better understanding about the structure and proceedings of sustainability by learning about good practices and processes of other universities in other countries. Integrating sustainability offers a new challenge for universities of which they can only succeed Succeed in social well-being, ecological quality and economic prosperity.


Beyond Density - 2842365774

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Beyond Density BERTRAMS

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A new paradigm in ecological design calls for transforming out-moded development patterns into more sustainable communities supporting healthier, pedestrian-oriented lifestyles. Proponents of smart growth and new urbanism argue compact, mixed use, and walkable neighborhoods will reduce energy use, foster social interaction, and promote active living associated with lowered risks of heart disease and obesity. However, emerging research findings in this area have been limited by conventional built environment measures (i.e. density, land use mix) that fail to adequately describe key urban form differences as independent variables--especially at finer grained scales of urban design. This book describes the development of a more robust series of simple, replicable metrics to measure key landscape qualities. Using a set of twelve case studies from New England towns, successful measures are derived and tested at two scales: the broader neighborhood and the more detailed realm of street, block, and building. This work has broad application to academics and professionals in architecture, urban planning, public health, geography, transportation, energy, and sustainable development.


Seeking Opportunities in Crisis - 2826845077

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Seeking Opportunities in Crisis Trilateral Commission,The,U.S.

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Recent developments, especially the devastating economic crisis, have highlighted the world's growing interdependence and drawn attention to the need to reform the structures of global governance. The scope of the challenges facing the international community has led to heated debate regarding the most effective and appropriate responses but also presents a singular opportunity to strengthen international cooperation. Drawing on the proceedings of the 2009 Trilateral Commission meeting in Tokyo, this volume outlines different perspectives on how countries from around the world should work together to ensure a sustainable economic recovery, jointly address global security threats, and improve governance at the regional and international levels. Contents of this book are as follows: Global Financial Crisis - The Road Forward Toyoo Gyohten (Institute for International Monetary Affairs, Tokyo), E. Gerald Corrigan (Goldman Sachs Bank), and Rudi Bogni (Old Mutual and Prospect Publishing); Future Directions for Global Economic Recovery Luis Tellez (Bolsa Mexicana), Edmund Alphandery (CNP Assurances), and Zhang Yunling (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences); and, The Threat of Protectionism to Global Recovery Narongchai Akrasanee (Export-Import Bank of Thailand), Susan Schwab (University of Maryland), Peter Sutherland (former director general of the WTO), and Chandrajit Banerjee (Confederation of Indian Industry). It also includes Prospects for Regional Development in East Asia Jusuf Wanandi (Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta), John Hewson (GlobalDC, Sydney), Yang Jiemian (Shanghai Institutes for International Studies), Rajiv Sikri (former secretary, Indian Ministry of External Affairs), Hitoshi Tanaka (Japan Center for International Exchange), and Kim Sung-Han (Korea University). It also includes: The Japanese Economy Yoshimasa Hayashi (Japanese House of Councillors), Sachio Semmoto (EMOBILE Ltd., Tokyo), and Naoki Tanaka (Center for International Public Policy Studies, Tokyo); Afghanistan-Pakistan - Implications for the Trilateral Partnership Gordon Smith (University of Victoria), Masashi Nishihara (Research Institute for Peace and Security, Tokyo), and Stefano Silvestri (Institute of International Affairs, Rome); The New U.S. Administration - Meeting Challenges, Managing Expectations R. Nicholas Burns (Harvard Kennedy School), Yoichi Funabashi (Asahi Shimbun), and Wolfgang Ischinger (Allianz SE, Munich); and, The Intellectual Underpinnings of the Trilateral Partnership in the 21st Century Henry Kissinger (Kissinger Associates).


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