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Public Administration and Policy in the Middle East, 1 - 2854215871

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Public Administration and Policy in the Middle East, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The various and different Middle Eastern countries are addressing new key reform and governance reform processes but also administration and policy issues of enduring importance; decentralization and local government, non-profit organizations, political culture, and reform of the policy process. This book provides assessment of national strategies for reform in public administration and policy, how these strategies have fared in implementation; and what challenges must be overcome to achieve real and sustainable progress. Seven country case studies will explore the overall policy-making process from a critical perspective and consider how it could be strengthened. Four cases will deal with the controversial issues of decentralization of power and decision-making. Two cases will address the role of civil society in the policymaking and reform process. Introductory and concluding chapters will place these discussions in context and draw the primary lessons for policy-makers. The main objectives of the book are to present different examples of specific public policy and administration, as well as governance issues in the Middle East so that policymakers (both in the region and the world who are interested in the Middle East), as well as practitioners, scholars and graduate students can utilize the book as a study guide to better understand various dynamics in governance in the Middle East. This approach will enable the volume to bridge global perspectives on governance development with regional perspectives and experience, bringing shared expertise, intellectual inquisitiveness, and experience in the professional practice of public policy and administration to bear on these common challenges.


Trusted Governance Due to Public Value Management - 2854474332

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Trusted Governance Due to Public Value Management Peter Lang AG

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Reinventing Government and modernizing public administration is an important issue in public policy. There is a variety of reform strategies for achieving sustainable development and efficiency of public authorities, but until now, the proposed reforms have not been very successful. It is not surprising that meanwhile, trust in New Public Management partially vanished. Instead of having faith in the


Sustainability Considerations for Procurement Tools and Capabilities - 2854582250

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Sustainability Considerations for Procurement Tools and Capabilities National Academies Press

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Federal laws, regulations, and executive orders have imposed requirements for federal agencies to move toward the sustainable acquisition of goods and services, including the incorporation of sustainable purchasing into federal agency decision making. Since the federal government is such a significant player in the market, its move to incorporate sustainable procurement practices could have a profound impact on the types of products being developed for the market as a whole. The General Services Administration (GSA) has played a key role in furthering sustainable procurement practices throughout the federal government. GSA is responsible for formulating and maintaining government-wide policies covering a variety of administrative actions, including those related to procurement and management. GSA has several ongoing activities related to sustainable procurement to assess the feasibility of working with the federal supplier community - vendors and contractors that serve federal agencies to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain while encouraging sustainable operations among suppliers. GSA has also been actively developing programs to assist federal agencies in making sustainable procurement decisions. As federal agencies cannot directly fund the development of sustainable procurement tools, they are particularly interested in understanding how to foster innovation and provide incentives for collaboration between developers and users of tools for sustainable purchasing throughout the supply chain. The training of procurement professionals is also a priority for these agencies. To assist efforts to build sustainability considerations into the procurement process, the National Research Council appointed a committee to organize a two-day workshop that explored ways to better incorporate sustainability considerations into procurement tools and capabilities across the public and private sectors. The workshop was designed to help participants assess the current landscape of green purchasing tools, identify emerging needs for enhanced or new tools and opportunities to develop them, identify potential barriers to progress, and explore potential solutions. The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to discuss challenges related to sustainable purchasing and to developing new procurement tools. Sustainability Considerations for Procurement Tools and Capabilities reviews the presenters' recommendations and tools currently used in sustainable procurement, such as databases for ecolabels and standards, codes, or regulations and other nontechnological tools such as policies, frameworks, rating systems, and product indexes.


Sage Handbook of Governance - 2854287892

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Sage Handbook of Governance Sage Publications

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The study of governance has risen to prominence as a way of describing and explaining changes in our world. The SAGE Handbook of Governance presents an authoritative and innovative overview of this fascinating field, with particular emphasis on the significant new and emerging theoretical issues and policy innovations. The Handbook is divided into three parts. Part one explores the major theories influencing current thinking and shaping future research in the field of governance. Part two deals specifically with changing practices and policy innovations, including the changing role of the state, transnational and global governance, markets and networks, public management, and budgeting and finance. Part three explores the dilemmas of managing governance, including attempts to rethink democracy and citizenship as well as specific policy issues such as capacity building, regulation, and sustainable development. This volume is an excellent resource for advanced students and researchers in political science, economics, geography, sociology, and public administration. Mark Bevir is a Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley.


Challenges, Performances and Tendencies in Organisation Management - 2854495316

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Challenges, Performances and Tendencies in Organisation Management World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

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The field of management is, without a doubt, one of the most important and fastest changing fields in today's society. There is not any organisational structure - families, enterprises, towns, industries, countries, for example - which performs well without good management. For this reason, many resources are allocated to improve the management in the largest companies and also to management research/education and training.In the transition to the knowledge-based economy of today, the "smart economy", management faces new challenges and opportunities. Challenges, Opportunities and Tendencies in Organisation Management is an invaluable volume that seeks to deal with the myriad of issues facing management today. It presents the scientific research of the most renowned management specialists from universities, companies, consultancy firms and research organisations from Romania and other parts of the world, who participated in the First International Management Conference organised by the Romanian Scientific Management Society (RSMS) in June 2014.The book covers a variety of management fields, namely international management and cultural diversity; sustainable development and business sustainability; university governance and management; knowledge-based organisation, intellectual capital, information and management; entrepreneurship, social enterprise and SMEs; and leadership and human resource management. It seeks to synthesise the latest and most innovative developments in management theory and praxis, in the context of the transition to the knowledge-based economy. It is useful for management professors, consultants, trainers and students, management professionals and those working in public administration. It will be of particular benefit to those who are interested in the evolution of management in the past few years in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.


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