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From The Heart Of Israel Jewish Tales And Types (Classic Reprint) - 2852878633

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From The Heart Of Israel Jewish Tales And Types (Classic Reprint)

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Tales From The Heart - 2853972591

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Tales From The Heart

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane



Tales From The Heart - 2845984907

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What Has He Done Now?: Tales from a North West Childhood in the 60s and Early 70s - 2851477116

43,86 zł

What Has He Done Now?: Tales from a North West Childhood in the 60s and Early 70s



Tales from the Heart: Volume 1: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Short Stories - 2853728014

62,60 zł

Tales from the Heart: Volume 1: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Short Stories



Tell-Tale Heart and Other Tales - 2854522273

64,46 zł

Tell-Tale Heart and Other Tales BRITISH LIBRARY

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A collection of gothic tales from the classic American author, accompanied by 15 illustrations by Harry Clarke, of the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement.


Shifty Lad and the Tales He Told - 2854399104

49,62 zł

Shifty Lad and the Tales He Told FLORIS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A wonderful collection of tales from Ireland, Wales and Scotland as told by the Shifty Lad who is using his storytelling gift to escape a terrible fate.


Tales from Concrete Jungles - 2854351625

74,35 zł

Tales from Concrete Jungles Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When you think about going birdwatching, you imagine visiting magnificent open countryside, rolling hills, lush woodland or waterlogged marshes. You don't think of towns and cities. In fact, the urban environment is surprisingly rich in birds: parks, gardens, scrubland, lakes and reservoirs all harbour many species of birds. Some town gardens even have bigger lists of birds than country gardens. David Lindo has brought urban birding back into the public consciousness, promoting its virtues at every opportunity and writing about it in the birding press. He urges people to look up when walking around in cities, or to stop and close your eyes in a busy street just to listen to the birds that may be singing. Since 2006, a long-running series of articles has appeared in Birdwatching magazine, showcasing David visiting a wide variety of cities in Britain and Europe and the birds he has encountered on these short city breaks. These articles are collected here for the first time; most of them are expanded with new material, but a few never before published are also featured. They cover visits to many cities throughout the world and these cities are surprisingly different, with striking variations even between cities in Britain. Each urban centre has its own personality and this is reflected in the people that David meets and the birds that he sees. This book is not a compendium of birding sites within many of the world's cities. It is a series of adventures featuring birds and inspiring stories. Along the way, David meets some amazing conservationists whose commitment to urban wildlife conservation, no matter how small their projects are, is unwavering. Their work and successes are celebrated within the pages of this book. Above all, it is hoped that this book will inspire you to look at cities with different eyes and realise that is is probably more important to spread the conservation message here than anywhere else in the world. But it will also inspire you open your eyes wherever you are, and to appreciate the diversity of wildlife to be found in our urban environments.


More Tales from the Dragon and Other Children's Poems - 2854431854

52,09 zł

More Tales from the Dragon and Other Children's Poems New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Join the dragon in his latest adventure and encounter wrestling pixies, dancing frogs, flame-haired superheroes and interstellar snails along the way! Kevin Bower returns with his second hilarious volume of poetry set in a fantastical world where anything and everything is possible. Kevin Bower was born in Kendal, Westmorland and now lives in Lancashire. He worked in the catering industry for a while and then moved into the world of fitness. He spent five years caring for autistic children, giving this work up only when he needed to become a full-time carer to his own three children, who have influenced much of his literary work.


Tales from the Perilous Realm - 2826697795

99,24 zł

Tales from the Perilous Realm Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The definitive collection of Tolkien's four acclaimed modern classic fairy tales. The five tales are written with the same skill, quality and charm that made The Hobbit a classic. Largely overlooked because of their short lengths, they are finally together in a volume which reaffirms Tolkien's place as a master storyteller for readers young and old. / Roverandom is a toy dog who, enchanted by a sand sorcerer, gets to explore the world and encounter strange and fabulous creatures. / Farmer Giles of Ham is fat and unheroic, but - having unwittingly managed to scare off a short-sighted giant - is called upon to do battle when a dragon comes to town; / The Adventures of Tom Bombadil tells in verse of Tom's many adventures with hobbits, princesses, dwarves and trolls; / Leaf by Niggle recounts the strange adventures of the painter Niggle who sets out to paint the perfect tree; / Smith of Wootton Major journeys to the Land of Faery thanks to the magical ingredients of the Great Cake of the Feast of Good Children. This new collection is fully illustrated throughout by Oscar-winning artist, Alan Lee, who provides a wealth of pencil drawings to bring the stories to life as he did so memorably for The Hobbit and The Children of Hurin. Alan also provides an Afterword, in which he opens the door into illustrating Tolkien's world. World-renowned Tolkien author and expert, Tom Shippey, takes the reader through the hidden links in the tales to Tolkien's Middle-earth in his Introduction, and recounts their history and themes. Lastly, included as an appendix is Tolkien's most famous essay, "On Fairy-stories", in which he brilliantly discusses fairy-stories and their relationship to fantasy. Taken together, this rich collection of new and unknown work from the author of The Children of Hurin will provide the reader with a fascinating journey into lands as wild and strange as Middle-earth.


Level 2: Tales from the Arabian Nights - 2853167253

40,22 zł

Level 2: Tales from the Arabian Nights PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Classic / British English (Available February 2008) Sheherezade is beautiful and clever. She also knows a thousand and one wonderful stories. Her husband wants to kill her, but he can't. Sheherezade tells him stories about a clever servant girl and a boy judge, about Ali Baba and Aladdin. What happens next? Her husband wants to know. He listens and she lives.


Tales of Terror from the Black Ship - 2826727119

34,45 zł

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship Bloomsbury

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Der zweite Band der Tales of Terror Reihe. Mit einer zuvor einer unveröffentlichten Geschichte.Two sick children wait alone for a doctor one storm-lashed night. But instead a sailor knocks on their door seeking shelter.§Telling gruesome and creepy seafaring tales, he helps them while away the dark hours. Before the night is through Ethan and Cathy will learn the secret of the Black Ship and many more terrible truths.§Steel yourself against the blood-curdling terror that lies ahead ... and the heart-stopping revelation that comes with the new dawn.


Warriors: Tales from the Clans - 2826856127

34,45 zł

Warriors: Tales from the Clans Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Three novellas featuring the cats of Erin Hunter's #1 bestselling Warriors series--together in print for the first time! In Warriors: Tales from the Clans, experience three stand-alone adventures, previously available as individual digital-only titles: Tigerclaw's Fury Cast out of ThunderClan as a traitor, Tigerclaw will not rest until he has his revenge on Bluestar, Fireheart, and the rest of his former Clanmates. First, though, he must become Tigerstar of ShadowClan. . . .Leafpool's Wish Leafpool always knew medicine cats weren't meant for love . . . until she fell for the WindClan warrior Crowfeather. But how will she keep her greatest secret?Dovewing's Silence In the aftermath of the battle with the Dark Forest, Dovewing's powers have faded--and she struggles to adjust to life as an ordinary warrior.


Tales from Shakespeare - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham - 2846570070

128,59 zł

Tales from Shakespeare - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham Pook Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Pook Press celebrates the great Golden Age of Illustration in children's literature. Many of the earliest children's books, particularly those dating back to the 1850s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pook Press are working to republish these classic works in affordable, high quality, colour editions, using the original text and artwork so these works can delight another generation of children. Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) was one of the premier illustrators of the early 20th Century. He illustrated many books, the first of which was published in 1893. Throughout his career he had developed a very individual style that is was to influence a whole generation of children, artists and other illustrators. His haunting humour and dreamlike romance adds to the enchantment and fantasy of children's literature.


Tales from the Turf - 2854304108

44,68 zł

Tales from the Turf ICON BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Britain and Ireland's Top 100 Racehorses of All Time author Robin Oakley takes us on a canter through the colourful world of horseracing. Join him as he shares evocative personal stories of being there at racing legends' key moments, such as Frankie Dettori riding seven winners in a day at Ascot. He debates whether jockeys are sportsmen or masochists - jump jockeys can expect a fall on average every 13 rides - and reminisces about unusual achievements, including trainer Sirrell Griffith's Cheltenham Gold Cup win after milking his 100 cows that morning. Tales From the Turf is an extraordinary account from the Spectator's long-running Turf columnist, and a man for whom horseracing is a lifetime's passion.


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