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Hope of Heaven - 2837512455

95,67 z³

Hope of Heaven Thomas Nelson Publishers

Ksi±¿ki / Literatura obcojêzyczna

Sometimes, when the worst becomes reality, God turns theoretical musing into heavenly experience. Al Hallene discovered his college-student son's body after Alex hanged himself. While Al waited for the authorities to arrive, he had ten minutes alone with his son. During that wrenching time, God gave Al eight visions of heaven, where the father and son would someday reunite. As Al recounts those heartening and healing moments, readers are reminded of the affirming hope that Christians share even while asking the real questions tragedy raises: Will we see our lost loved ones again? Does God care about our pain? What does this mean for us now? "The Hope of Heaven" is a very different kind of heaven book: rather than an argument for the existence of heaven or an account of an out-of-body experience, Alan Hallene gives readers a glimpse of life beyond the tragedies we endure.


Kung Fu Super Sounds - 2839649391

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1. Counterspy (From Dirty Ho) 2. Horror House (From The Four Assassins) 3. Suppression (From Two Champions Of Shaolin) 4. Drama Bridge (From Two Champions Of Shaolin) 5. Waiting For The Man (From Shaolin Mantis) 6. Drama Sting 1 (From Shaolin Mantis) 7. Perception In Rhythm (From Shaolin Handlock) 8. Grotte Sous - Marine (From Shaolin Handlock) 9. Rite De La Terre - Earth (From Avenging Eagle) 10. Violence (From Invincible Shaolin) 11. Old Dark Horse (From Heaven And Hell) 12. Moonbird (From Heaven And Hell) 13. Dr Witch-wot (From Heaven And Hell) 14. Spin Out (From Heaven And Hell) 15. Tension Trip (From Dirty Ho) 16. Troubled Mind (From Dirty Ho) 17. Crime Club (From Dirty Ho) 18. Fast Moving Stranger (From Dirty Ho) 19. Violent Pay Off (From Dirty Ho) 20. Violence Link 1 (From Dirty Ho) 21. Electro Beat 5 (From The Kung Fu Instructor) 22. Counter Kill (From The Kung Fu Instructor) 23. Two Minutes Precisely (From Ten Tigers Of Kwang Tung) 24. Industrial Complex (From The Master) 25. Electro Beat (From The Master) 26. Red Sequence (From Bat Without Wings) 27. Electro Link 18 (From Return To The 36th Chamber) 28. For And Against (From Return To The 36th Chamber) 29. Bitter Lemons (From Flag Of Iron) 30. The Mystified Man (From Flag Of Iron) 31. The Tournament (From Heroes Shed No Tears) 32. Duck And Blacker (From Martial Club) 33. Face To Face (From My Young Auntie) 34. Sentry (From Masked Avengers) 35. In The Shadows (From House Of Traps) 36. Jackboot (From House Of Traps) 37. Dogarnit (From Hex After Hex) 38. Zenith (From Hex After Hex) 39. Abimes Souterrains (From Human Skin Lanterns) 40. Moog Shot 25 (From Buddah's Palm) 41. Manoeuvres (From The Bastard Swordsman) 42. Nerve Stretch 2 (From The Bastard Swordsman) 43. Dodge City 1 (From Return To The 36th Chamber)


Iron Maiden - 2844162331

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Iron Maiden Books LLC, Reference Series

Ksi±¿ki / Literatura obcojêzyczna

Fuente: Wikipedia. Páginas: 65. Capítulos: Giras musicales de Iron Maiden, Miembros de Iron Maiden, Sencillos de Iron Maiden, Videos de Iron Maiden, Álbumes de Iron Maiden, Historia de Iron Maiden, The Final Frontier World Tour, Somewhere Back In Time World Tour, Lista de canciones de Iron Maiden, The Beast on the Road, Eddie's Head, Eddie Rips Up the World Tour, Killer World Tour, Paul Di'Anno, A Matter of Life and Death Tour, The Number of the Beast, Bruce Dickinson, Dance of Death, Eddie the Head, Live After Death, Nicko McBrain, Best of the Beast, Piece of Mind, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, The Trooper, The X Factor, From Fear to Eternity, No Prayer for the Dying, Killers, Fear of the Dark, Can I Play with Madness, Dave Murray, Run to the Hills, Powerslave, Brave New World, Somewhere in Time, Aces High, Adrian Smith, Steve Harris, A Real Live Dead One, Virtual XI, Live at Donington, Hallowed Be Thy Name, The First Ten Years, Death on the Road, Flight 666, Running Free, Holy Smoke, Out of the Silent Planet, Rock in Rio, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Be Quick or Be Dead, Maiden Japan, Different World, Women in Uniform, Live!! +one, Janick Gers, The Soundhouse Tapes, The Clairvoyant, Beast Over Hammersmith, Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter, Behind the Iron Curtain, Clive Burr, The Evil That Men Do, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Essential Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley, Rainmaker, Sanctuary, Flight of Icarus, Wasting Love, Visions of the Beast, No More Lies, Lord of the Flies, Infinite Dreams, El Dorado, Wildest Dreams, The Early Days, The Iron Maidens, The BBC Archives, Wasted Years, Best of the B'Sides, Twilight Zone, Eddie's Archive, Live at the Rainbow, Maiden England, Ed Hunter, Purgatory, Raising Hell, Dennis Stratton, Video Pieces, The First Ten Years: The Videos, 12 Wasted Years, Edward the Great, The Legacy, Maiden Heaven, Doug Sampson, Ed Force One, Rod Smallwood, Remember Tomorrow. Extracto: Iron Maiden es una banda británica de heavy metal fundada en 1975 por el bajista Steve Harris. Iron Maiden es reconocida como una de las bandas de heavy metal más exitosas de toda la historia. Han vendido más de 100 millones de álbumes en todo el mundo. El grupo ha editado numerosos álbumes de estudio, álbumes en directo, recopilatorios, EP, sencillos, vídeos musicales y cajas recopilatorias. Tras varias audiciones y varios cambios en su formación, ésta se asentó con el vocalista Paul Di'Anno, los guitarristas Dave Murray y Dennis Stratton y el batería Clive Burr. Publicaron su álbum debut homónimo en 1980, convirtiéndose rápidamente en uno de los grupos más representativos de la nueva ola del heavy metal británico. Más tarde ese mismo año, Stratton fue reemplazado por el guitarrista Adrian Smith, con el que publicaron el exitoso y consistente Killers (1981), el cantante Bruce Dickinson reemplazaba a Di'Anno, marcando el inicio de una serie de lanzamientos de impacto, entrando en lo más alto (el Top 10) de las listas de los más vendidos. En 1982 pondrían en circulación su "obra maestra", The Number of the Beast, que se convertiría en el primer álbum de la banda que lideró las listas de los más vendidos en el Reino Unido, recibió un disco de platino de la industria RIAA. El batería Nicko McBrain remplazaba a Burr, con el que editaron Piece of Mind (1983), seguido por Powerslave (1984). Iron Maiden abriría su sonido a nuevos registros con el uso de sintetizadores en Somewhere in Time (1986). Su siguiente álbum conceptual, Seventh Son of a Sev...


Memphis Belles - 2839417744

559,99 z³

Memphis Belles Bear Family Records


1. Barbara Pittman - Everlasting Love 2. Charlotte Smith - What Are You Gonna Do Now 3. Kirby Sisters - Blond In Red Velvet 4. Maggie Sue Wimberly - Rock'n'roll Simmon Tree 2 5. Barbara Pittman - Voice Of A Fool 6. Gloria Brady - Five Minutes More-demo 7. Patsy Holcomb - Someone To Love 8. Barbara Pittman - Handsome Man-undubbed 9. Barbara Pittman - Sentimental Fool 1 10. Mikki Milan - While I'm Trying 11. Mikki Milan - Sweetest Guy 12. Miller Sisters - Chains Of Love 1 13. Hannah Fay - Miracle Of You 1 14. Gloria Brady - Talk Baby Talk-demo 15. Gloria Brady - Chilly Bones-demo 16. Dotty Abbott - Diamond Mine-demo 17. Bobbie Jean Barton - I Just Discovered Boys-demo 18. Bobbie & The Boys - To Tell The Truth 19. Linda Gail Lewis - C.c.rider 20. Miller Sisters - Ten Cats Down 21. Barbara Pittman - I Need A Man 22. Barbara Pittman - Sentimental Fool 3 23. The Sunrays - Love Is A Stranger 24. Unknown Singer - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-d 25. Linda Gail Lewis - Sittin' And Thinkin' 26. Patsy Holcomb - I Wanna Rock 1 27. Patsy Holcomb - Oo That's Good 1 28. Barbara Pittman - I'm Getting Better All The Tim 29. Barbara Pittman - The Eleventh Commandment 30. Charlotte Smith - I Just Discovered Boys 101. Patsy Holcomb - I Wanna Rock 102. Miller Sisters - Ten Cats Down 103. Barbara Pittman - The Titles Will Tell 104. Mikki Milan - Baby 105. Barbara Pittman - Sentimental Fool 2 106. Wanda Ballman - Ain't Got A Worry 107. Barbara Pittman - I'm Getting Better All The Tim 108. Patsy Holcomb - You're Free To Go 109. Miller Sisters - Chains Of Love-alt 110. Linda Gail Lewis - Ain't Nothing Shakin' 111. Bobbie & The Boys - These Silly Blues 112. The Sunrays - Love Is A Stranger-alt 113. Maggie Sue Wimberly - Rock'n'roll Simmon Tree 1 114. Gloria Brady - I'm On My Way-demo 115. Hannah Fay - Miracle Of You 2 116. Bobbie Jean Barton - I Won't Worry 117. Bobbie Jean Barton - Take A Tip 118. Patsy Holcomb - You're Free To Go 119. Unknown Singer - Mexican Rock'n'roll-demo 120. Kirby Sisters - Blond In Red Velvet 121. Mikki Milan - Nothing To Compare 122. Miller Sisters - Got You On My Mind 123. Barbara Pittman - Just One Day 124. Barbara Pittman - I Forgot To Remember To Forget 125. Bobbie Jean Barton - What Are You Gonna Do Now 126. Bobbie Jean Barton - I Just Discovered Boys 201. Dusty & Dot Rhodes - The House Of Sin 202. Wanda Ballman - A Honky Tonk Girl 203. Wanda Ballman - Heartbreak Girl 204. Wanda Ballman - Honey, Tell Me Some More 205. Kirby Sisters - I've Got The Craziest Feeling 206. Kirby Sisters - You'll Always Belong To Me 207. Dusty & Dot Rhodes - Gonna Romp And Stomp-alt 208. Dusty & Dot Rhodes - I've Never Been So Blue 1 209. Dusty & Dot Rhodes - Uncertain Love 210. Maggie Sue Wimberly - They Who Condemn 211. Maggie Sue Wimberly - How Long 212. Maggie Sue Wimberly - Daydreams Come True 213. Miller Sisters - There's No Right Way 214. Miller Sisters - You Can Tell Me 215. Miller Sisters - Woody 216. Miller Sisters - Someday You Will Pay 217. Miller Sisters - You Didn't Think I Would 218. Miller Sisters - Chatter 219. Miller Sisters - Look What You've Done 220. Miller Sisters - I Know I Can't Forget You 221. Dusty & Dot Rhodes - I've Never Been So Blue 2 222. Sterling Sisters - No Letter Today-demo 223. Unknown Trio - How's The World Treating You-demo 224. Kirby Sisters - I've Got The Craziest Feeling 225. Dusty & Dot Rhodes - Gonna Romp And Stomp 226. Sterling Sisters - I Saw A Man-demo 227. Jean Hornbeck - Bound For That Kingdom-demo 228. Unknown Singers - House Of Gold 229. Unknown Singers - Do You Know Jesus 230. Unknown Singers - More Like Jesus 301. Hannah Fay - 24 Hours Every Day 1 302. Bonnie Turner - Old Brother Jack 303. Bonnie Turner - Love Is A Gamble 304. Bette Kirby - So Tired 305. Big Memphis Marainey - Call Me Anything 306. Maggie Sue Wimberly - Call Me Anything 307. Jean Chapel - I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight 308. Mikki Wilcox - I Know What It Means-demo 309. Mikki Wilcox - I Know What It Means 310. Mikki Wilcox - Willing And Waiting 311. Janie Mcfadden/dusty Brooks - Two Blue Devils 312. Jean Dee - Nothing Down 313. Barbara Pittman - Handsome Man 314. Alice Leslie - Handsome Man 315. Big Memphis Marainey - Baby No, No 316. Gloria Brady - Listen-demo 317. Jean Chapel - Welcome To The Club 318. Unknown Singer - You Send Me 319. Unknown Singer - Good To Me 320. Bonnie Turner - Way Down In The Congo 321. Bonnie Turner - Love Is A Gamble 2 322. Bette Kirby - So Tired 2 323. Sterling Sisters - St.louis Blues-demo 324. Hannah Fay - 24 Hours Every Day 2 325. Juanita Brown - Heaven Or Fire 326. Bobbie Jean Barton - I'd Rather Hurt 401. Miller Sisters - It Only Hurts For A Little Whil 402. Mikki Wilcox - Got Nothin But The Blues 403. Dottie Abbott - Have You Ever Been Lonely-demo 404. The Sunrays - The Lonely Hours 405. Mikki Milan - The Picture 406. Mary Johnson - River Of No Return 407. Barbara Pittman - No Matter Who's To Blame-alt 1 408. Mikki Wilcox - Sentimental Journey 409. Gwen Mcewan - Steady Freddy-demo 410. Gwen Mcewan - Steady Freddie-demo 411. Jeanne Dee - My Greates Hurt 412. Mikki Wilcox - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 413. Miller Sisters - Finders Keepers 414. Mary Johnson - My Heart Is A Chapel 415. The Teenangels - Tell Me, My Love 416. Mikki Wilcox - All Right, Ok, You Win 417. Mikki Milan - Somehow Without You 418. Mikki Wilcox - So Many Beautiful Men 419. Miller Sisters - Finders Keepers-alt 420. Gwen Mcewan - We'll Have A Ball-demo 421. Juanita Brown - That's When I'll Stop Loving You 422. Mikki Wilcox - Where Are You? 423. Barbara Pittman - No Matter Who's To Blame 424. Magel Priesman - I Feel So Blue 501. Barbara Pittman - Cold Cold Heart 502. Barbara Pittman - No Matter Who's To Blame-alt 2 503. Mary Johnson - Mood Indigo 504. Barbara Pittman - Two Young Fools In Love 505. Barbara Pittman - Two Young Fools In Love-demo 506. Jeanne Newman - Two Young Fools In Love 507. Jeanne Newman - Thanks A Lot 508. Bobbie Jean Barton - You Burned The Bridges-demo 509. Bobbie Jean Barton - You Burned The Bridges 510. Jeanne Newman - The Boy I Met Today 511. The Townsel Sisters - The Whole Night Through 512. Bobbie Jean Barton - Cheaters Never Win 513. Jeanne Newman - Cheaters Never Win 514. Barbara Pittman - Take My Sympathy 515. Anita Wood - I'll Wait Forever 516. Anita Wood - I Can't Show How I Feel 517. Barbara Pittman - I'm Getting Better All The Tim 518. Mary Johnson - Your Cheatin' Heart 519. Jeanne Newman - Danny's Dream 520. Jeanne Newman - Yellow Roses 521. Jeanne Newman - Paper Of Pins 522. Magel Priesman - Memories Of You-demo 523. Magel Priesman - Memories Of You 524. Sherry Crane - Willie Willie 525. Sherry Crane - Winnie The Parakeet


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