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Deep Ancestry - 2826729258

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Deep Ancestry National Geographic Society

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The fossil record locates human origins in Africa, but little is known about the great journey that took Homo sapiens to the far reaches of the Earth. How did we, each of us, end up where we are? Why do we appear in such a wide array of different colours and features? Such questions are even more amazing in light of genetic evidence that we are all related - descended from a common African ancestor who lived only 60,000 years ago. Thanks to new genetic testing methods, we now know that the greatest history book ever written is the one hidden in our DNA. In Deep Ancestry", geneticist and explorer Spencer Wells unravels the slight changes in our DNA over time to tell the ancient story of our shared human journey. He also details the current work of The Genographic Project - the landmark five-year study, already underway at ten research laboratories around the globe, that will assemble the world's largest collection of DNA samples to map how humankind populated the planet.He describes how, over the next five years, the Project will use sophisticated computer analysis of DNA contributed by hundreds of thousands of people - including indigenous populations and the general public - to reveal man's migratory history and to better understand the connections and differences that make up the human race. The narrative works backward, starting from today and gradually working its way to humankind's common ancestors.From the beginning, the book taps into a reader's interest in genealogy, family history, and ethnic identity. Most of us have a decent sense of our family history, but eventually we all hit a brick wall. DNA takes us beyond it, and this is the unifying theme that will lead us from the stories of the present into the realm of deep ancestry. "Deep Ancestry" represents the very latest research on where we came from and relates them to our own personal quest to discover the deep ancestry behind our family genealogies and touch the depths of our common origins.


Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism - 2826910389

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Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism Wiley & Sons

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Dedicated to dealing with a challenging disease, previously thought to be incurable, but with the advent of new drugs, now amenable to management and a much improved prognosis for patients.§- Latest publication in a fast-moving area of keen clinical interest§- Authored by leading international authorities§- Builds on success of a respected first edition§- Incorporates new data on latest imaging technologies and therapies§- Covers both the science and clinical aspects, including presentation, surgical intervention and drug therapy§- Includes coverage of both Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein ThrombosisSince the publication of the original edition of Pulmonary Embolism, far-reaching changes have taken place in this field. The introduction of plasma D-dimer testing and clinical decision rules have simplified diagnostic assessment of many patients with either leg (DVT) or chest (PE) symptoms; the introduction of CT pulmonary angiography has changed the way in which imaging is used in diagnostic management; and the development of multidetector CT systems has minimalized the use of nuclear perfusion/ventilation and pulmonary angiography. Treatment now takes place in the community or the outpatient department.§Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism has been revised and expanded to combine all current knowledge about both of these conditions in one comprehensive volume. Experts from North America and Europe have summarized the published evidence in their field, presenting clear descriptions of these conditions, how to perform the correct test in the appropriate setting and how to manage the patient for optimal results. After a description of the clinical presentation, there is an extensive section on diagnostic procedures. This is followed by chapters on diagnostic and therapeutic management, both in the general population and in particular subgroups, i.e. pregnant women, children and people with pulmonary hypertension. Mechanical and pharmacological prevention are discussed before a closing section on treatment, including interventional techniques.§The book includes:§- state-of-the-art descriptions of the modalities employed in imaging§- information on clinical management, outcomes and risk factors§- the latest approaches to diagnosis and treatment of venous thromboembolic disease in patients with chest or leg symptoms, including later sequelae§- summaries of current guidelines for good practice§Richly illustrated, Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism is designed for specialist physicians in pulmonology and cardiovascular medicine, haematologists and radiologists.


Web Design All-in-One For Dummies - 2826731459

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Web Design All-in-One For Dummies Wiley

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All you need to know on web design in a thorough new edition If you want just one complete reference on web design, this book is it. The newest edition of this essential guide features 650+ pages on the latest tools and new web design standards, such as HTML5, CSS 3, and other core technologies and page-building strategies. Five minibooks provide deep coverage: essential pre-design considerations, how to establish the look of your site, building a site, how to test your site, and taking your site public. Design professional and author Sue Jenkins understands what designers need and gives you the answers. Thorough revision brings you up to date on the latest changes in the world of web design Features five minibooks that cover all the bases: Getting Started, Designing for the Web, Building the Site, Standards and Testing, and Publishing and Site Maintenance Covers the latest tools, page-building strategies, and emerging technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS 3 Includes over 650 pages of detail on such topics as establishing audience focus, creating content, using mock-ups and storyboards to establish the look, how to design for text and images, testing your site, and more If you're looking for an in-depth reference on all aspects of designing and building a site and taking it live, Web Design All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition is the book.


Software Security Engineering - 2834154989

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Software Security Engineering Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc

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"This book's broad overview can help an organization choose a set of processes, policies, and techniques that are appropriate for its security maturity, risk tolerance, and development style. This book will help you understand how to incorporate practical security techniques into all phases of the development lifecycle." -Steve Riley, senior security strategist, Microsoft Corporation "There are books written on some of the topics addressed in this book, and there are other books on secure systems engineering. Few address the entire life cycle with a comprehensive overview and discussion of emerging trends and topics as well as this one." -Ronda Henning, senior scientist-software/security queen, Harris Corporation Software that is developed from the beginning with security in mind will resist, tolerate, and recover from attacks more effectively than would otherwise be possible. While there may be no silver bullet for security, there are practices that project managers will find beneficial. With this management guide, you can select from a number of sound practices likely to increase the security and dependability of your software, both during its development and subsequently in its operation. Software Security Engineering draws extensively on the systematic approach developed for the Build Security In (BSI) Web site. Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security Software Assurance Program, the BSI site offers a host of tools, guidelines, rules, principles, and other resources to help project managers address security issues in every phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC). The book's expert authors, themselves frequent contributors to the BSI site, represent two well-known resources in the security world: the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and Cigital, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in software security. This book will help you understand why * Software security is about more than just eliminating vulnerabilities and conducting penetration tests* Network security mechanisms and IT infrastructure security services do not sufficiently protect application software from security risks* Software security initiatives should follow a risk-management approach to identify priorities and to define what is "good enough"-understanding that software security risks will change throughout the SDLC* Project managers and software engineers need to learn to think like an attacker in order to address the range of functions that software should not do, and how software can better resist, tolerate, and recover when under attack Chapter 1: Why Is Security a Software Issue? 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 The Problem 2 1.3 Software Assurance and Software Security 6 1.4 Threats to Software Security 9 1.5 Sources of Software Insecurity 11 1.6 The Benefits of Detecting Software Security Defects Early 13 1.7 Managing Secure Software Development 18 1.8 Summary 23 Chapter 2: What Makes Software Secure? 25 2.1 Introduction 25 2.2 Defining Properties of Secure Software 26 2.3 How to Influence the Security Properties of Software 36 2.4 How to Assert and Specify Desired Security Properties 61 2.5 Summary 71 Chapter 3: Requirements Engineering for Secure Software 73 3.1 Introduction 73 3.2 Misuse and Abuse Cases 78 3.3 The SQUARE Process Model 84 3.4 SQUARE Sample Outputs 91 3.5 Requirements Elicitation 99 3.6 Requirements Prioritization 106 3.7 Summary 112 Chapter 4: Secure Software Architecture and Design 115 4.1 Introduction 115 4.2 Software Security Practices for Architecture and Design: Architectural Risk Analysis 119 4.3 Software Security Knowledge for Architecture and Design: Security Principles, Security Guidelines, and Attack Patterns 137 4.4 Summary 148 Chapter 5: Considerations for Secure Coding and Testing 151 5.1 Introduction 151 5.2 Code Analysis 152 5.3 Coding Practices 160 5.4 Software Security Testing 163 5.5 Security Testing Considerations Throughout the SDLC 173 5.6 Summary 180 Chapter 6: Security and Complexity: System Assembly Challenges 183 6.1 Introduction 183 6.2 Security Failures 186 6.3 Functional and Attacker Perspectives for Security Analysis: Two Examples 189 6.4 System Complexity Drivers and Security 203 6.5 Deep Technical Problem Complexity 215 6.6 Summary 217 Chapter 7: Governance, and Managing for More Secure Software 221 7.1 Introduction 221 7.2 Governance and Security 223 7.3 Adopting an Enterprise Software Security Framework 226 7.4 How Much Security Is Enough? 236 7.5 Security and Project Management 244 7.6 Maturity of Practice 259 7.7 Summary 266 Chapter 8: Getting Started 267 8.1 Where to Begin 269 8.2 In Closing 281


Quilting Modern - 2826625205

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Quilting Modern SEARCH PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"If you've ever thought, for even a moment, that you'd like to explore improvisational piecing techniques, then this is a must-have book for you. And, if you haven't thought about exploring improvisation, then this book is still for you. Why? Because it is so crammed full of eye-candy that you'll wonder why you haven't yet played with this process." - Malka Dubrawsky, author, Fresh Quilting "Jacquie and Katie are right up there as two of my favorite quilters and bloggers. This book is absolutely gorgeous, right down to how it feels in your hand (something I find weirdly important!)." - Ashley Newcomb, "What we really like about this book is this duo's deep respect for traditional quiltmaking and their oh-so-true advice to master the foundational techniques for making quilts in order to better manipulate them for your improvisational masterpieces." - Generation Q magazine "When it comes to modern quilting, I have a whole lotta opinions! I feel pretty strongly that it's a specifically definable aesthetic movement. I think that modern quilting is waaaay more about design than it is about using a specific a line of fabric or currently on trend color combos. And in my opinion, this book, is really and truly an example of modern quilting." - Alissa Haight Carlton, author, Modern Minimal and Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee "Jacquie and Katie are two women who I so greatly admire and am in awe of. Both of them in their own way have sparked a flame in me like only a few others have." - Monica Solorio-Snow, "Page after page of gorgeous quilty goodness." - Rashida Coleman-Hale, author, I Love Patchwork and Zakka Style "It's fabulous! Thoughtful and approachable instructions for a variety of improvisationally-pieced quilt projects." - Elizabeth Hartmann, author Modern Patchwork and The Practical Guide to Patchwork "I really cannot recommend this book enough... for me it has hit a new standard as far as quilting books go." - Amber Carrillo, One Shabby Chick "These ladies know how to TEACH what they know. The extensive step-by-step diagrams are impressive. No detail left behind. Sometimes all the elements of a book come together in such a way that the end result is nothing short of spectacular." - Kathy Mack, Pink Chalk Studio "A book that is truly a work of art, that clearly speaks to the modern quilting community!" - Angela Waters, author, Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters "Refreshing and invigorating." - Rita Hodge, Red "Amazing projects." - "There's just the right, hard-to-find mix here. Enough support, tips, technique and design to give you confidence and skills, plus improvisational tools to give you freedom in your quilting approach." - "One thing I've come across again and again when teaching others or just doing a casual sewing day, is that lots of people are (dare I say?) s.c.a.r.e.d or simply say they 'don't know how' to do improv. So if you've ever found yourself saying those words, this book would be a great addition to your sewing book library." - Penny Layman, Sew Take a Hike "So many beautiful ideas, packed into one gorgeous book." - Susan Beal, author, Modern Log Cabin Quilting "Jacquie and Katie talk the reader through innovative techniques that, to me, represent what the modern quilt movement is all about. If you've ever seen a quilt that has gorgeously crazy piecing that seems like it would be impossible to do, then this book can break it down for you and expose the mysteries behind it." - Blair Stocker, Wisecraft


12 Going on 29 - 2826717654

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12 Going on 29 Praeger Publishers Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Motivational speaker/mom Silvana Clark, in concert with her now-teenaged daughter Sondra, confirms in this book the confusion and possible unpleasantness tween girls and their moms around the world face in these sometimes-trying years. Through surveys and interviews with some 100 mother-daughter pairs, the Clarks show us what preteen girls are thinking and wanting, how mothers can successfully help their daughters navigate these years to avoid the potential minefields, and how they can successfully guide their daughters while keeping a respectful and loving relationship intact. The tween years-ages about 9 to 12-are a time when girls seem to grow astonishingly quickly toward establishing their independence and adult identity. It is a time of testing new feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and can be a time of testing moM's patience, persistence and energy. From cell phones to body piercings and hair dye, seductive clothes and strange boyfriends, girls want to test the waters and experience what the world has to offer. Motivational speaker/mom Silvana Clark, in concert with her now-teenaged daughter Sondra, confirms in this book the confusion and possible unpleasantness tween girls and their moms around the world face in these sometimes-trying years. Through surveys and interviews with some 100 mother-daughter pairs, the Clarks show us what preteen girls are thinking and wanting, how mothers can successfully help their daughters navigate these years to avoid the potential minefields, and how they can successfully guide their daughters while keeping a respectful and loving relationship intact. What's a mother to do during these tough years? The good part is that (although they likely wouldn't admit it) mothers remain the number one role model for girls at this age. Setting and keeping rules and boundaries with a tween can be challenging, though. Sondra, now a spokeschild for charities working with children in developing countries, shares insights into the way that pre-teen girls think today. And her mother shares her own successful approaches and those of dozens of other mothers with tween girls. Topics addressed include emotional and physical development of tween girls, dating, drinking, clothes, friends, music, money, and more. Step-by-step scripts for handling mother-daughter conflicts are provided, along with tips for communicating with tweens.


Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Signal Analysis, Optimization and Design - 2826792454

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Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Signal Analysis, Optimization and Design John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The only book explaining modern MWD technology, to include hardware design, signal processing and telemetry, offering unique approaches to high-data-rate well logging. Trade magazines and review articles describe MWD in casual terms, such as positive versus negative pulsers, continuous wave systems, drilling channel noise, and attenuation, often devoid of technical rigor. However, few truly scientific discussions are available on existing methods, let alone the advances necessary for high-data-rate telemetry. Without a strong foundation building on solid acoustic principles, rigorous mathematics, and of course, fast, inexpensive and efficient testing of mechanical designs, low data rates will impose unacceptable quality issues to real-time formation evaluation for years to come. This book promises to change all of this. The lead author and M.I.T. educated scientist, Wilson Chin, and Yinao Su, academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other team members have written the only book available that develops mud pulse telemetry from first principles, adapting sound acoustic principles to rigorous signal processing and efficient wind tunnel testing. In fact, the methods and telemetry principles developed in the book were recently adopted by one of the worlds largest industrial corporations in its mission to redefine the face of MWD. The entire engineering history for continuous wave telemetry is covered anecdotal stories and their fallacies, original hardware problems and their solutions, different noise mechanisms and their signal processing solutions, apparent paradoxes encountered in field tests and simple explanations to complicated questions, and so on, are discussed in complete tell all detail for students, research professors, and professional engineers alike. These include signal processing algorithms, signal enhancement methods, and highly efficient short and long wind tunnel test methods, whose results can be dynamically re-scaled to real muds flowing at any speed. A must-read for all petroleum engineering professionals! Inside this groundbreaking new volume, readers will find: an explanation of mud pulse technology clearly using scientific principles ideas showing limitations of present systems and how they can be overcome; innovative methods for signal enhancements needed for very deep wells constructive wave interference, sirens in series, special adaptations of frequency-shift-keying, and others; a blueprint for high-data-rate mud pulse telemetry adopted by several of the worlds top energy corporations, explained in simple-to-understand terms, from first principles and rigorous physics to advanced mathematical concepts for signal processing, noise removal and echo cancellation; and new wind short and long tunnel designs and test methodologies for mud sirens and turbines from Wilson Chin, the originator of wind tunnel modeling for down hole applications.


Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests - 2826655816

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Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Foreword by Kent Beck "The authors of this book have led a revolution in the craft of programming by controlling the environment in which software grows." --Ward Cunningham "At last, a book suffused with code that exposes the deep symbiosis between TDD and OOD. This one's a keeper." --Robert C. Martin "If you want to be an expert in the state of the art in TDD, you need to understand the ideas in this book."--Michael Feathers Test-Driven Development (TDD) is now an established technique for delivering better software faster. TDD is based on a simple idea: Write tests for your code before you write the code itself. However, this "simple" idea takes skill and judgment to do well. Now there's a practical guide to TDD that takes you beyond the basic concepts. Drawing on a decade of experience building real-world systems, two TDD pioneers show how to let tests guide your development and "grow" software that is coherent, reliable, and maintainable. Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce describe the processes they use, the design principles they strive to achieve, and some of the tools that help them get the job done. Through an extended worked example, you'll learn how TDD works at multiple levels, using tests to drive the features and the object-oriented structure of the code, and using Mock Objects to discover and then describe relationships between objects. Along the way, the book systematically addresses challenges that development teams encounter with TDD--from integrating TDD into your processes to testing your most difficult features. Coverage includes * Implementing TDD effectively: getting started, and maintaining your momentum throughout the project * Creating cleaner, more expressive, more sustainable code * Using tests to stay relentlessly focused on sustaining quality * Understanding how TDD, Mock Objects, and Object-Oriented Design come together in the context of a real software development project * Using Mock Objects to guide object-oriented designs * Succeeding where TDD is difficult: managing complex test data, and testing persistence and concurrency


7 Classic Albums -digi- - 2840333557

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7 Classic Albums -digi-


1. Alone Together 2. My Romance 3. Ain't Misbehavin' 4. But Beautiful 5. The End Of A Love Affair 6. The Things We Did Last Summer 7. Am I Blue 8. I'll Be Around 9. It's A Lonesome Old Town 10. Me And My Shadow 11. I Like The Likes Of You 12. A Fellow Needs A Girl 13. Closer Than A Kiss 14. Out Of Nowhere 15. I Kiss Your Hand, Madame 16. We Kiss In A Shadow 17. Cuddle Up A Little Closer 18. A Toujours 19. You And The Night And The Music 20. Prelude To A Kiss 21. How Deep Is The Ocean 22. Day By Day 23. As Time Goes By 24. Close As Pages In A Book 101. Angela Mia 102. Tell Me You're Mine 103. Arrivederci Roma 104. Just Say I Love Her 105. Non Dimenticar 106. O Sole Mio 107. You're Breaking My Heart 108. Serenade In The Night 109. Luna Rossa 110. I Have But One Heart 111. Anema E Core 112. Tell Me That You Love Me 113. Falling In Love With Love 114. It's All Right With Me 115. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street 116. Cry Me A River 117. Home 118. Swingin' Down The Lane 119. I Cried For You (Now It's Your Turn To Cry For M 120. Speak Low 121. It's A Wonderful World 122. Girl Of My Dreams 123. Deep Purple 124. Toot, Toot, Tootsie! Goodbye! 201. Charmaine 202. Cherokee 203. Laura 204. Diane 205. Nina Never Knew 206. The Lively Ones 207. Marie 208. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 209. Ruby 210. Dearly Beloved 211. I Want A Little Girl 212. Little Girl 213. Strange Enchantment 214. The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au) 215. Shangri-la 216. Humming Waters 217. Poinciana 218. Flamingo 301. Beyond The Reef 302. You're Lovable 303. Moon Of Manakoora 304. Bali Ha'i 305. Forevermore 306. Ebb Tide 307. Linger Awhile 308. Close Your Eyes 309. Stella By Starlight 310. Change Partners 311. After The Lights Go Down Low 312. Let's Face The Music And Dance 313. Soft Lights And Sweet Music 314. Deep Night 315. One Love 316. There I've Said It Again 317. When The Lights Are Low 318. In The Still Of The Night


Fish Heads - 2842742913

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Fish Heads Sunstone Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the peaceful waters of the Pacific Ocean near Bikini Atoll, a Marshallese fisherman's motorboat suddenly strikes a mysterious object. Moments later, the horrified fisherman retrieves what seem to be human body parts. Back on shore, Jodi Larsen, a young American physician working in the Marshall Islands, tries to find a logical explanation for the fisherman's grotesque find. After reporting what she suspects may be some unknown effect from American H-bomb testing, Jim Newell, a specialist in genetic disease research, arrives to assist in an investigation. Against a backdrop of their growing love for one another, Jim and Jodi are soon drawn into a dangerous web of cover-ups, murder, and intrigue that changes their lives forever. * * * * * Leonard Schonberg, author and physician, traveled all over the world and worked as a volunteer physician in Asia, Africa and South America, one of his most recent assignments being in Uzbekistan. His previous novels, "Deadly Indian Summer," "Morgen's War," and "Legacy" were also published by Sunstone Press. "The Midwest Book Review" called "Fish Heads" a page turner galore, and "Reviewer's Bookwatch" said it was a deftly written novel by a consummately gifted storyteller.


Brains and Lives of Cephalopods - 2826742477

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Brains and Lives of Cephalopods Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The cephalopods include nautiluses, cuttlefishes, sepiolids, squids and octopuses. They are found throughout the world's seas, from Arctic to Antarctic waters, from the inter-tidal zone to mid-ocean, and from surface waters to deep trenches. Many differences in size, form and life-style are found among these animals. They range from the giant squid, the world's largest marine invertebrate, to species of less than two centimetres in length. Apart from nautilus, which live for more than fifteen years, most are short-lived and grow to maturity very quickly. Their reproductive habits also differ widely: some produce many eggs that are spawned simultaneously, some produce relatively few eggs spawned at intervals, others brood their eggs and one species is ovoviviparous. Most cephalopods are agile and swift-moving and all possess elaborate sense organs, well-developed nervous systems and complex behaviour. The brain is large and highly organised with many lobes, some of which process sensory inputs, some organise motor activity and others are involved in modifying behaviour: the capacity to communicate and learn is especially well-developed in these animals. All of these features have been major factors in enabling cephalopods to pursue a variety of predatory life-styles with great success. The book describes the brains and sense organs of 57 of the 139 genera of the class Cephalopoda, many in great detail, as well as a variety of morphological features, all dealt with systematically. The text is well-illustrated with fully labelled line drawings and photomicrographs. Attention is drawn to the many gaps in our knowledge of these intriguing marine invertebrates with a view to stimulating future research.


Practical Negotiating - 2826932664

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Practical Negotiating JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Praise for Practical Negotiating: Tools, Tactics & Techniques "Practical Negotiating is an innovative, resourceful, and--as its name implies--practical guide to the art and science of negotiating. Unlike many books on negotiating, which are filled with theories and anecdotes, this one is rich with examples, tactics, and tips, which makes it the indispensable book when you are going into any negotiation." --Terry R. Bacon, President, Lore International Institute and author of What People Want: A Managera s Guide to Building Relationships That Work "There is something in this book for the most experienced negotiator and the novice. Gosselina s no--nonsense prescriptions and recommendations will hit home and give you new ideas for the most difficult of negotiating situations. Anyone in the business world will want this great bible of?effective negotiating right near their desk and phone!" --Dr. Beverly Kaye, CEO and founder, Career Systems International and coauthor of Lovea Em or Losea Em: Getting Good People to Stay "Gosselin has written a thoughtful, engaging, and practical guide on a topic of increasing importance to leaders and organizations. There is something here for anyone who wants to learn how to deal more effectively with the inevitable conflicts that occur in working with clients, customers, and colleagues." --Peter Cairo, PhD, Partner, Mercer Delta Consulting and coauthor of Why CEOs Fail: The 17 Behaviors That Can Derail Your Climb to the Top and How to Manage Them "Forget the image of negotiation being a battlefield.?Gosselin guides you in the development of a road map so both sides become winners and leave the table victorious. His writing is just like his training--clear, concise, and practical. You can apply the process immediately. A handbook for life, ita s practical, thoughtful, and insightful." --Steven Myers, Manager, Lighting Education and Sales Training, Philips Lighting Company "Skip the workshops and buy Practical Negotiating. After field--testing the content through decades of experience, Gosselin has packed this useful book with processes that work and great questions and worksheets that force the material to become real and personal. Practical Negotiating will change your thinking about negotiating, and more importantly, will change your behavior. Highly recommended." --Steve Hopkins, Publisher, Executive Times "Gosselin is a most articulate and engaging businessman, and this, coupled with a keen intellect and sharp observation of behavior (and a great sense of humor!) make this a must--read. His deep understanding of effective models of negotiation and their practical application make him one of the leaders in this field." --Keith G. Slater, former director of International Development, Ingersoll Rand "This book is aptly titled as it provides the practical a how toa for planning and executing effective negotiations. Ita s rich with examples, exercises, and reusable tools." --Dr. Rita Smith, Dean, Ingersoll Rand University


Walking The Floor Over Yo - 2839413337

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Walking The Floor Over Yo Bear Family Records


1. The Passing Of Jimmie Rodgers 2. The Last Thoughts Of Jimmie Rodgers 3. Married Man Blues 4. Mean Old Red Bug Blues 5. My Mother Is Lonely 6. The Right Train To Heaven 7. The T.b. Is Whipping Me 8. Since That Black Cat Crossed My Path 9. Blue Eyed Elaine 10. I'll Never Cry Over You 11. I'll Get Along Somehow 12. You Broke A Heart 13. I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore 14. I'm Glad I Met You After All 15. I Cared For You More Than I Knew 16. You'll Love Me Too Late 17. I've Really Learned A Lot 18. Swell San Angelo 19. I Know What It Means To Be Lonely 20. Please Remember Me 21. My Rainbow Trail 22. Last Night I Dreamed 23. I'm Missing You 24. My Baby & My Wife 25. I'll Get Along Somehow 26. Swell San Angelo 101. Walking The Floor Over You 102. When The World Has Turned You Down 103. Our Baby's Book 104. I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Back 105. Mean Mama Blues 106. I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye 107. I Ain't Goin' Honky Tonkin' Anymore 108. I Hate To See You Go 109. Time After Time 110. First Year Blues 111. Just Rollin' On 112. There's Nothing More To Say 113. Wasting My Life Away 114. You May Have Your Picture 115. That Same Old Story 116. Try Me One More Time 117. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 118. That's When It's Coming Home To You 119. I Don't Want You After All 120. I'm Wondering How 121. Tomorrow Never Comes 122. Soldier's Last Letter 123. Careless Darlin' 124. Yesterday's Tears 125. I'll Never Cry Over You 126. Last Night I Dreamed 201. Those Simple Things Are Worht A Million Now 202. Answer To Walking The Floor Over You' 203. You Won't Ever Forget Me 204. Keep My Mem'ry In Your Heart 205. I Lost My Ace Of Hearts 206. Though The Days Were Only Seven 207. With Tears In My Eyes (False Starts) 208. With Tears In My Eyes 209. Are You Waiting Just For Me 210. I'll Get Along Somehow 211. Blue Eyed Elaine 212. You'll Love Me Too Late 213. I'll Never Lose You Though You're Gone 214. I'm Too Blue To Worry Over You 215. There's Nothing More To Say 216. I Hate To See You Go 217. I'll Always Be Glad To Take You Back 218. Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry 219. I'm Wondering How 220. Last Night I Dreamed 221. This Time We're Really Through 222. You May Have Your Picture 223. I Ain't Goin' Honky Tonkin' Anymore 224. Walking The Floor Over You 225. Have You Changed Your Mind 226. Just Rollin' On 227. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 301. I'll Never Cry Over You 302. Our Baby's Book 303. When The World Has Turned You Down 304. I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye 305. I'm Glad I Met You After All 306. That's All She Wrote 307. I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore 308. I Don't Want You After All 309. Just Crying To Myself 310. Try Me One More Time 311. I've Lived A Lie 312. Wondering If You're Wondering Too 313. When Love Turns To Hate 314. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder 315. Daisy May 316. I Hung My Head & Cried 317. There's Nothin' On My Mind 318. Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry 319. Love Gone Cold 320. You Brought Sorrow To My Heart 321. Home In San Antone 322. Darling What More Can I Do? 323. Blue Bonnet Lane 324. I Believe I'm Entitled To You 325. You're Going To Be Sorry 326. My Confession 401. That's Why I'm Crying Over You 402. Gone & Left Me Blues 403. When The Tumble Weeds Come Tumbling Down... 404. I'll Be True While You're Gone 405. The End Of The World 406. It Just Don't Matter Now 407. You're On My Mind 408. I'm Wasting My Tears On You 409. Ten Years 410. Old Love Letters 411. Low & Lonely 412. Where The Deep Waters Flow 413. You May Have Your Picture 414. It's Coming Back To You 415. Over The River 416. You Don't Care 417. Let Me Smile My Last Smile At You 418. I'm Tired Of You 419. You Told Me A Lie 420. Frankie & Johnny 421. Jealous Heart 422. Crying Myself To Sleep 423. Fort Worth Jail 424. You're Breaking My Heart 425. My Hillbilly Baby 426. Farther & Farther Apart 501. I Loved You Once 502. I'll Step Aside 503. Worried Mind 504. A Year Ago Tonight 505. Time Changes Everything 506. What Good Will It Do 507. My Time Will Come Someday 508. Grey-eyed Darling 509. I Never Cross Your Mind 510. I Told You So 511. I'm Beginning To Forget You 512. I'm Gonna Be Long Gone When I Go Away 513. I Walk Alone 514. Heart Of Stone 515. You'll Want Me Back 516. Our Baby Boy 517. Hang Your Head In Shame 518. The Last Goodbye 519. Pins & Neeldes (In My Heart) 520. The Love I Have For You 521. I'll Never Tell You I Love You 522. I Knew The Moment I Lost You 523. I Wonder You Feel The Way I Do 601. I'll Have To Live & Learn (Alt) 602. National Lament 603. Tweedle O'twill 604. There's A Rainbow On The Rio Colorado 605. Action Speaks Louder Than Words 606. Left All Alone 607. Two More Years (And I'll Be Free) 608. Trailing Home To Mother 609. It's Been So Long Darling 610. Should I Come Back Home To You 611. There's A Little Bit Of Everything In Texas 612. Darling, What More Can I Do 613. It Just Don't Matter Now 614. I'm Beginning To Forget You 615. When Love Turns To Hate 616. You'll Want Me Back 617. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made Around... 618. You Were Only Teasing Me 619. I'm Free At Last 620. Heart Of Stone 621. Those Simple Things Are Worth A Million Now 622. Filipino Baby 623. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 624. Rainbow At Midnight 625. I Don't Blame You 626. I'll Have To Live & Learn 701. The Last Goodbye 702. Get In Or Get Out Of My Heart 703. How Can I Be Sure 704. Those Tears In Your Eyes (Were Not For Me) 705. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed 706. Don't Look Now 707. A Hundred & Sixty Acres 708. A Woman Has Wrecked Many A Good Man 709. White Christmas 710. It's A Lonely World 711. Mississippi Gal 712. The Trouble With Me Is Trouble 713. Heart Please Be Still 714. I Hope I'm Wrong 715. Those Tears In Your Eyes (False Start) 716. Those Tears In Your Eyes (Alt) 717. Don't Talk To Me About Dames 718. You Won't Ever Forget Me 719. My Confession 720. You Won't Ever Forget Me 721. It Just Don't Matter Now 722. You Nearly Lose Your Mind 723. Try Me One More Time 724. Just Crying To Myself 725. You're Going To Be Sorry 726. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made Around... 727. You Could Have Said Goodbye 728. Those Tears In Your Eyes


Quantum Theory of Magnetism - 2838459919

473,90 zł

Quantum Theory of Magnetism Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Magnetism is one of the oldest and most fundamental problems of Solid State Physics although not being fully understood up to now. On the other hand it is one of the hottest topics of current research. Practically all branches of modern technological developments are based on ferromagnetism, especially what concerns information technology. The book, written in a tutorial style, starts from the fundamental features of atomic magnetism, discusses the essentially single-particle problems of dia- and paramagnetism, in order to provide the basis for the exclusively interesting collective magnetism (ferro, ferri, antiferro). Several types of exchange interactions, which take care under certain preconditions for a collective ordering of localized or itinerant permanent magnetic moments, are worked out. Under which conditions these exchange interactions are able to provoke a collective moment ordering for finite temperatures is investigated within a series of theoretical models, each of them considered for a very special class of magnetic materials. The book is written in a tutorial style appropriate for those who want to learn magnetism and eventually to do research work in this field. Numerous exercises with full solutions for testing own attempts will help to a deep understanding of the main aspects of collective ferromagnetism.


Professional Visual Studio - 2826632720

263,05 zł

Professional Visual Studio Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In-depth coverage of the major Visual Studio 2015 revamp Professional Visual Studio 2015 is the leading pro's guide to new and upgraded features of Microsoft Visual Studio. With a unique IDE-centric approach and deep dive into the software's many nooks and crannies, this book will bring you up to speed quickly on everything Visual Studio 2015 has to offer. Whether you're new to Visual Studio or just upgrading, you'll appreciate in-depth, professional explanation of updates, features, and support. Visual Studio 2015 is packed with improvements that increase productivity, and this book walks you through each one in succession to help you smooth your workflow and get more accomplished. From customization and the interface to code snippets and debugging, the Visual Studio upgrade expands your options and this book is your fast-track guide to getting on board quickly. The Visual Studios 2015 release fixes a number of issues that deterred many professionals from adopting VS 2013. Old products have been retooled, and new features are aimed at productivity enhancement and fixes to UI. Fully aligned with VS 2015, this guide walks you through the changes and helps you incorporate helpful new features into the way you work. * Discover new options for themes, displays, and settings * Learn the new workflow and shortcuts to ASP.NET code * Master improved debugging and unit testing support capabilities * Exploit changes to Windows STORE apps, phone apps, Azure, and SharePoint


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