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Intermittent Fasting - fast fat loosing - 2843857948

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Intermittent Fasting - fast fat loosing Filip Chmurzyński

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Optimal fedding system for effective reduction of fat tissue.   Actually, the problem of obesity is one from the biggest threats of our civilisation. The costs connected with treatment of the consequences of overweight begin to be unbearable burden. The obesity causes strong burden of the organism, what may be core of many diseases and inflammation.   It should answer the questions whether : Have I awareness of my overweight ? My level of the fat tissue is accepted visually ? My overweight disturbs in everyday duties ? My frame of mind is negative and I I don't want to many activities, because I have an overweight ? I have health problems from reason of overweight ? I spend a lot of time on eating of the meals ? My sexual life isn't satisfying, because I have an overweight ? I feel no libido or potency ? I get tired quickly I sleep a long time, but I'm sleepy   The impact of the overweight on the human life is wider than these questions. Destructive issue of overweight is a common phenomenon and it has big implications for the whole society. The ability of organizing healthy lifestyle isn't difficult. Unfortunately, system of the education in west countries hasn't appropriate framework for teaching connected with nutrition as a factor in regulating of the disease processes. On the other hand, the excess of modificated food and lifestyle, in which we function, enhances the bad habits and our state of health. 2015 was year, in which I spend a lot of time on testing of various combinations of diet. My objective was elaboration of diet, which causes not only loss of the fat tissue, but significantly improves my physical and mental state. For 12 months, I was able to lose weight from 198 kg to 87 kg. The percentage of fat tissue decreased from 22 % to 10 %. Visceral fat rating from 8 points to 3 points. At the height 186 cm, I gained ideal body weight.   Developed recommendations are based on different techniques and diets. I tested myself elements of the low-carbohydrate diet, periodic mini-fasts, rotation macronutrients and meaning of some food products.   Developed system of the nutrition provides: permament, progressive reduction of the fat tissue , better frame of mind , improvement of body health parameters , better sleeping and regeneration , bigger libido and potency , increase of immunity to infections , faster adaptation to stress.   The benefits of change of the nutrition style are significantly bigger and are really preview of the other, better life. Considering the good of my close friends, which try reduction of fat for several years, I decided to elaborate optimal fedding system for reduction of the fat tissue. The recommendations, which guide contains, you can to introduce stepwise as whole or selectively, according to certain rules.   From this guide you learn : what products to use and what to avoid , how compose meals , when to eat, what increases of fat burning , how to enhance the effect of supplementation , several curiosities, which I discovered during tests.   Yours sincerely, Filip Chmurzyński

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Complete F-Plan Diet - 2853395829

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Complete F-Plan Diet Penguin Books Ltd

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In 1982, Audrey Eyton's international superseller "The F-Plan Diet" took the world by storm. 24 years later she returns with an equally sensational, ground-breaking diet for the 21st century that will revolutionise the eating habits of millions, 'The F2 Diet', where: F2 dissolves excess fat at a faster rate than any other diet based on the same calorie intake; F2 mobilises an 'army' of good bacteria to optimise health; F2 cleanses out the toxins, helps protect against cancers by speedily removing dangerous accumulations of carcinogenic waste; F2 lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and starts to unclog arteries; F2 stabilizes blood sugar levels to help prevent diabetes; F2 guarantees the abundance of nutrients that only good foods can provide, leaving you with healthy hair, teeth and skin; and, F2 enhances your mood and state of mind: headaches, mood swings and sluggishness are replaced by balanced emotions and mental acuity. You will accomplish all the above if you follow the practical but highly effective plan that Audrey Eyton offers. Painless, satisfying and easy-to-manage, 'The F2 Diet' enables you to exchange bad eating habits for good ones whilst ensuring that you never go hungry. The result is permanent weight loss and a massive improvement in the way you look and feel.


Skinny Jeans Diet - 2845521645

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Skinny Jeans Diet Harper Collins

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Every year, millions of people lose hundreds of millions of pounds on diets that focus on counting calories and grams of carbohydrates and fat. But 97 per cent of these dieters ultimately fail to keep the weight off-and it's because few of these people actually change their thinking about food. the "Skinny Jeans Diet" was created to not only help you lose weight, but to also change your mind. Registered dietician Lyssa Weiss - once an overweight young woman herself - has become a cult figure in tony Westchester County, New York, among suburban women with busy lives and families looking for someone to help them solve problems with their eating habits and to help them lose weight - whether it's those five or ten pounds that just won't go away or a much more substantial weight loss. Whatever their individual goal, women are passing her diet from hand to hand and spreading word like wildfire. A revolutionary approach to weight loss, "The Skinny Jeans Diet" teaches you that what you put in your mouth is secondary to what you put in your head. This incredibly effective program shows you how to live thin forever - with a detox diet, eating plan, sample menus, and twenty-five delicious and super-simple recipes. It's a brand-new script for living and thriving in the world of food, built around the most important variable needed for long-term success at weight control: you.


Skinny Rules Food and Exercise Journal - 2834144320

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Skinny Rules Food and Exercise Journal Speedy Publishing LLC

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Follow the Skinny Rules Plan to lose weight and stay and healthy! The rules are not based on a fad diet, but rather the end of dieting. The rules focus on building healthy lifestyle habits and turning your body into a Fat Burning Machine! The Skinny Rules Food and Exercise Journal is a comprehensive journal designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This journal was made to complement the bestselling book "The Skinny Rules," by Bob Harper. One of the cardinal rules in the book refers to the importance of eating 30 to 50 grams of fiber each day. This is why we included a special section for fiber when most other food journals only include a section for protein, fat and carbs. We added the fiber section to this journal because of the importance of this rule. Eating enough fiber ensures that you'll have a smaller waistline and feel fuller longer, so it's important to track your fiber intake along with other nutritional information. The other sections conform to other skinny rules such as eating a certain amount of protein per day, eating the right carbs before lunch, consuming healthy fats and more!! The interior of the journal features sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is also a section for the time because it's important to eat the right foods and certain times throughout the day, according to Bob Harper. Extra space is also provided to track water intake and write down your exercise goals. This book is jumbo sized, to provide more room for writing, planning and goal setting. In addition, we provided margin space for extra notes, stickers or words of encouragement that you might want to add to help you stay on track! (Bonus: Graphing paper is located at the end of the journal! Feel free to use this take extra notes, paste pictures, more goals and create a mini dream / goal board within the book!) 8 x 11 size


Life Skills - 2853282335

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Life Skills Wiley

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"Life Skills" is a practical resource that gives teachers 225 ready-to-use worksheets that cover a wide variety of key life skills. The book addresses topics such as drug and alcohol use, sex, relationships, stress, food-related issues, and self-esteem. "Life Skills" is an easy-to-use, time-saving book that is designed for grades 6-12 and helpful for both new and seasoned teachers. For quick access and easy use, the worksheets are organized into eight sections and are printed in a large 8 1/2" x 11" format that folds flat for photocopying.Here's an overview of what you'll find in each section: Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking - Trends in smoking, second-hand smoke, reasons why people smoke and ways to help people quit, facts about drug use, the classification of different drugs, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as drinking and driving; Sex and Sex-Related Issues - Male and female sex organs, why people have sex, facts and myths, birth control, options after getting pregnant, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexuality, infertility options, sexual harassment, and date rape; and, Love, Relationships, Marriage, and Family - The role of friends in our lives, negative aspects of cliques, dating and love, love and infatuation, qualities in an ideal mate, problems in marriage, why marriages end, family life cycles, and nontraditional families. It also includes sections: Life Skills: High and low self-esteem, long and short range goals, learning assertive behavior, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, what makes a good leader, effective communication and time management skills, and problems with violence; Stress - What makes you stressed?, reactions to stress, coping with stress, suicide, death, and dying; Food and Food Related Issues - Improving eating habits, the food pyramid, information about calories, water, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, additives, and eating disorders; Know Your Body and Body Image - Body image and type, the functions of differnet organs, body parts, body systems and terminology, viruses and bacteria, basic first aid, diagnosing and solving emergency problems, fitness habits, and four components of fitness; And, Self Esteem and Knowing Yourself - Favorite things, handwriting, personality type, birth order, highs and lows, and five senses.


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