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Female students participation & academic achievement in universities - 2834701843

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Female students participation & academic achievement in universities LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Today considerable numbers of female undergraduate students with aspirations of earning their degrees depart with that dream either because of academic failure emanated from ill-nurtured academic environment or lacking the skills of social adjustments needed for the Higher Education (HE). For Ethiopian female undergraduate students, access and completion rates have always lagged behind male students. Although HE enrollment rates for Ethiopian students have increased in the last couple of decades, female students access to public universities remains unbalanced. Beyond access, female students have not earned degrees at the same rates as their male counterparts. This Book is primarily intended as a reference for key stakeholders regarding the realities of female students participation and academic achievement in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and important strategies for better future. Using a modified version of Tinto s students retention model, this book attempted unfolding the realities in the HEIs in Ethiopia to sparkling lights on the existing contextual scene. It is our hope that this book will serve as a stepping stone for future research works in the area.


E-books in Academic Libraries - 2826866768

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E-books in Academic Libraries BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written from the perspective of a librarian, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the impact of e-books on academic libraries. The author discusses advantages to both researchers and librarians and provides current examples of innovative uses of e-books in academic contexts. This book reviews the current situation in e-book publishing, and describes problems in managing e-books in libraries caused by the variety of purchase models and varying formats available, and the lack of standardisation. It discusses solutions for providing access and maintaining bibliographic control, looks at various initiatives to publicise and promote e-books, and compares e-book usage surveys to track changes in user preferences and behaviour over the last decade. E-books have already had a huge impact on academic libraries, and major advances in technology will bring further changes. There is a need for collaboration between libraries and publishers. The book concludes with reflections on the future of e-books in academic libraries. * Describes how e-books have changed library services and how they have enabled academic libraries to align with the e-learning initiatives of their universities* Discusses problems with e-book collection development and management and lists examples of solutions* Examines trends in user behaviour and acceptance of e-books


Establishing Creative Writing Studies as an Academic Discipline - 2826906767

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Establishing Creative Writing Studies as an Academic Discipline MULTILINGUAL MATTERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book advances creative writing studies as a developing field of inquiry, scholarship, and research. It discusses the practice of creative writing studies, the establishment of a body of professional knowledge, and the goals and future direction of the discipline within the academy. This book also traces the development of creative writing studies; noting that as the new discipline matures - as it refers to evidence of its own research methodology and collective data, and locates its authority in its own scholarship - creative writing studies will bring even more meaning to the academy, its profession, and its student body.


Academic Press Library in Biomedical Applications of Mobile - 2826979735

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Academic Press Library in Biomedical Applications of Mobile ACADEMIC PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Wireless sensor and body area networks (WSN and WBAN respectively) have been seen as a future way to monitor humans' psycho-physiological signs remotely. There are a number of standards that could be used for building WBAN systems. However, wireless UWB networks based on IEEE 802.15.4a offer the advantages of a large frequency range and low power spectral density, making it suitable for both WSNs and WBANs used for medical applications. The technology has matured sufficiently that it can be used to develop products for the marketplace. This book presents how the IEEE802.15.4-2011 (former IEEE802.15.4a) can be used in wireless body area networks (WBAN) for healthcare and welfare related applications. It gives a short overview on the IEEE802.15.4 family and then gives details of IEEE802.15.4-2011 based solutions. It presents how the IEEE802.15.4-2011 (former IEEE802.15.4a) can be used in wireless body area networks (WBAN) for healthcare and welfare related applications. It gives a short overview on the IEEE802.15.4 family. It gives details of IEEE802.15.4-2011 based solutions.


Scholarly Information Discovery in the Networked Academic Le - 2826961266

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Scholarly Information Discovery in the Networked Academic Le Elsevier Science & Technology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the dynamic and interactive academic learning environment, students are required to have qualified information literacy competencies while critically reviewing print and electronic information. However, many undergraduates encounter difficulties in searching peer-reviewed information resources. Scholarly Information Discovery in the Networked Academic Learning Environment is a practical guide for students determined to improve their academic performance and career development in the digital age. Also written with academic instructors and librarians in mind who need to show their students how to access and search academic information resources and services, the book serves as a reference to promote information literacy instructions. This title consists of four parts, with chapters on the search for online and printed information via current academic information resources and services: part one examines understanding information and information literacy; part two looks at academic information delivery in the networked world; part three covers searching for information in the academic learning environment; and part four discusses searching and utilizing needed information in the future in order to be more successful beyond the academic world. * Provides a reference guide for motivated students who want to improve their academic performance and career development in the digital age* Lays out a roadmap for searching peer-reviewed scholarly information in dynamic and interactive cademic learning environments* Explains how to access and utilize academic information ethically, legally, and safely in public-accessed computing environments* Provides brainstorming and discussion, case studies, mini-tests, and real-world examples for instructors and students to promote skills in critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving


Academic Branch Libraries In Changing Times - 2840003793

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Academic Branch Libraries In Changing Times

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Reference, information & interdisciplinary sub.>Library & information sciences>Library & information servi...

This Book Gives A Brief Historical Overview Of The Role Of A Branch Academic Library. It Reviews The Current Situation From A Practitioner's Point Of View And Suggests Solutions For The Future.


Academic Corporation - 2827027514

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Academic Corporation Taylor & Francis Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book, the first ever overview of the subject, traces the history of the government of higher education from the middle ages through the 1950's and concludes with a look towards the future.


The Academic Medicine Handbook - 2827088224

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The Academic Medicine Handbook Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Attaining professional success and finding personal happiness in academic medicine is not an easy path, yet both are critical if the future is to be brighter because of better science, better clinical care, better training, better responsiveness to communities, and better stewards and leaders in the health professions. This book is intended as a resource to assist early- and middle-career physicians, clinicians, and scientists to understand the unique mission of academic medicine and to build creative, effective, and inspiring careers in academic health organizations.


Academic Performance - 2834701086

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Academic Performance LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Academic Performance many a times is seen as the effort of the pupil alone,whereas it should be a collective effort between the school, the parents and the pupil. All these three parties have important roles to play in the academic success of the pupil's schooling and future career choices. This book therefore, outlines the various ways in which parents can make a positive and important contribution to their children's academic performance. The research and analysis should be of help to parents, teachers and pupils to adapt the ways suggested to better the academic performance of the pupils.


Sensing Technology: Current Status and Future Trends III, 1 - 2826906732

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Sensing Technology: Current Status and Future Trends III, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book contains a collection of selected works stemming from the 2013 International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST), which was held in Wellington, New Zealand. The purpose of the book is to distill the highlights of the conference, and therefore track the latest developments in sensing technologies. The book contents are broad, since sensors can be applied in many different areas. Therefore the book gives a broad overview of the latest developments, in addition to discussing the process through which researchers go through in order to develop sensors, or related systems, which will become more widespread in the future. The book is written for academic and industry professionals working in the field of sensing, instrumentation and related fields, and is positioned to give a snapshot of the current state of the art in sensing technology, particularly from the applied perspective.§


Global Economics Past, Present & Future - 2825806153

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Global Economics Past, Present & Future DIFIN

Biznes, EkonomiaEkonomiaWydawnictwa naukowe i popularno-naukowe

The book provides an overview of the different concepts and scenarios of events resulting from the globalized world, technological revolutions, changes in management paradigms and ways of managing companies and organizations.Chapters of current book are connected with mentioned problems from the theoretical and practical point of view, and especially describe the following areas: Globalization and Challenges Civilizations Face in the Post-Global Approach; Global Powers: Theory, History and Prospects; the Relationship Between Financial Participation and Economic Results . the Mechanism; Integrated Model of Sustainable Enterprise . the Role of Organizational Trust; Sustainable Business Models in Contemporary Organization; Technological Banking Innovation; Institutional Analysis of Corporate Governance; European Integration in the Field of Industrial Relation. Discrepancy or Convergence; State Aid as an Instrument of Supporting Enterprises in the European Union; Role of the European Parliament in the EU Budget; the Dissimilarity of Fiscal Policy in the EU and Poland; the Importance of Employment Structure for the Competitiveness of the Polish Economy; Local Public Services´ Demand Side Factors´ Structure in Estonian Municipalities; the Economic Crisis in Estonia: Labour Costs and Productivity Aspect; Competencies of Innovative Polish Enterprises; Waste Management System - Lublin Case Study of Innovative Company; Waste Management as a Sustainable Business; and Learning Styles of Polish Managers in Multidimensional Context.You are invited to read all these articles witch are included in present publication. Authors, from many countries with different academic background, hope that it could be interesting for future research and discussion.


The Future of News Media in the Arab World - 2834694975

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The Future of News Media in the Arab World LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book aims to understand the relationship between GCC countries respondents consumption of different news media and their perception of news issues. The book examines respondents news consumption habits and their motives for the choices they make. It fills the current gap in media scholarship concerning Arab media and how it affects the Arab public. It is clear that the arrival of satellite TV news channels has helped to improve human rights, press freedom and democracy throughout the region. Arabic news TV services have emerged as the leading news resource and source of information for respondents in the three Arab Gulf States. Al Jazeera and BBC (Arabic) TV were rated as highly credible sources. The study suggests that Arab audiences seek information from media they deem to be reliable and credible to gratify their need for news information.


New Molecular Mechanisms of Estrogen Action and Their Impact on Future Perspectives in Estrogen Therapy - 2826759076

732,96 zł

New Molecular Mechanisms of Estrogen Action and Their Impact on Future Perspectives in Estrogen Therapy Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume is based on the international workshop on "New Molecular Mechanisms of Estrogen Action and Their Impact on Future Perspectives of Estrogen Therapy" held in Berlin, 5-7 March, 2003. Researchers from industry and leading academic laboratories describe recent findings on the mechanisms of estrogen action via different ER subtypes, the interaction of ERs with different cofactors, and the action of ERs through different pathways including non-genomic mechanisms. Furthermore, the book provides information on (a) the biological functions of the two ER subtypes, ERa and ERb, as concluded from different gene-knockout models, (b) the design and synthesis of new selective estrogens, and (c) possible clinical applications for new selective estrogens. All chapters are written by leading experts in the field, who survey and summarize the approaches and findings of different companies and institutions. The book gives the reader a balanced and up-to-date view of new developments in the field of estrogens.


Future of War - 2826899660

109,44 zł

Future of War BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Many analysts have heralded the U.S. military's Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) which offers an improvement in operational concepts and weapons that will transform the nature and character of warfare. It focuses on military technology, new sensor, surveillance, communications and computer technologies and developments in such fields as nanotechnology, robotics and genetic engineering that will greatly influence the new weapons of the 21st century. However, this book argues that talk about technological revolutions often ignores the role of military organisation in delivering combat capability. The author argues that the key to future combat effectiveness lies in an army's ability to invent, innovate and conduct operations effectively...Dr. Mandeles is a national security consultant with a long and distinguished career as a military academic and defence analyst. This is a practical and prescriptive textbook rather than a merely analytical study.


Future of School Integration - 2826855925

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Future of School Integration The Century Foundation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Almost fifty years ago the Coleman Report, widely regarded as the most important educational study of the twentieth century, found that the most powerful predictor of academic achievement is the socioeconomic status of a child's family. The second most important predictor is the socioeconomic status of the classmates in his or her school. Until very recently, the importance of this second finding has been consciously ignored by policymakers, and the national education debate has centered on trying to "fix" high-poverty schools by pouring greater resources into them, paying educators more to teach in them, or turning them into charter schools. At the local level, however, eighty school districts educating four million students now consciously seek to integrate schools by socioeconomic status. "The Future of School Integration" looks at how socioeconomic school integration has been pursued as a strategy to reduce the proportion of high-poverty schools and therefore to improve the performance of students overall. It examines whether students learn more in socioeconomically integrated schools - and pre-K programs - than in high-poverty institutions and explores the costs and benefits of integration programs. The book also investigates whether such integration is logistically and politically feasible, looking at the promises and pitfalls of both intradistrict and interdistrict integration programs. Finally, it examines the relevance of socioeconomic integration strategies being pursued by states and localities to the ongoing policy debates in Washington over efforts to turn around the nation's lowest-performing schools and to improve the quality of charter schools. Contributors include Stephanie Aberger (Expeditionary Learning), Marco Basile (Harvard University), Jennifer Jellison Holme (University of Texas-Austin), Ann Mantil (Harvard), Anne G. Perkins, Jeanne L. Reid (Teachers College), Meredith P. Richards (University of Texas-Austin), Heather Schwartz (RAND), Kori J. Stroub (University of Texas-Austin), and Sheneka M. Williams (University of Georgia).


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