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Hitchcock Reader - 2212842664

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Hitchcock Reader Blackwell Science


Alfred Hitchcock, the "Master of Suspense," has been internationally recognized as a technical and stylistic innovator in the history of cinema. A Hitchcock Reader grows out of the editors' desire as classroom teachers for a comprehensive and critical text in introductory or advanced courses devoted to the director's films. Yet the book should also satisfy scholars by providing an updated anthology representing the rich variety of critical responses that Hitchcock's films have evoked over the years.This new edition of A Hitchcock Reader aims to preserve what has been so satisfying and successful in the first edition. The new volume provides updated scholarship and new editorial introductions, including a general introduction to the volume, added visuals, and a new comprehensive bibliography.


Becoming a Teaching Assistant - 2843288498

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Becoming a Teaching Assistant Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'"Becoming a Teaching Assistant" recognizes the rapidly changing world of TAs. It highlights the importance of their role in teaching and learning whilst emphasising the need to nurture them as they embark upon more considered and structured professional development. It sets out to support all TAs, not just those who wish to use higher academic qualifications as a route into teaching' - "Journal In-Service Education". 'A book founded in considerable experience! tackling the higher education experience itself: how to keep organized! advice is always valuable for people returning to learning at whatever level' - Gerald Haigh, "Times Educational Supplement". 'I thought the book was a valuable tool for Teaching Assistants attending any training either at FE or HE. I am doing an on-line degree myself. I started to read the book after my first assignment went in but once I started to read the book I really wished that I had read it a lot sooner. The way it gently builds the learner up to thinking about professional development, then applying for courses is exactly what is needed. I also like the key areas the book homes in on when going through HE or FE, looking at time management not only form a work perspective but from the home environment too.' 'The guidance on building confidence, developing study skills are essential to any learner who is new to this sort of environment. The progression the book takes you through developing your own reading and writing this is something every learner needs support with. For any TA or learner looking at Professional Development as a Teaching Assistant this is a book that I would use and find very valuable' - Carole Tonner, Middlesbrough Teacher Learning Centre. 'This book is aimed at all TAs who are undertaking undergraduate-level programmes such as CPPLS, CAPPLS, CEP or a Foundation Degree. A TA on the CEP course states: it's probably the best book on the subject I've read ! it's full of useful tips' - East Riding of Yorkshire's TA Newsletter. This book is a course text for teaching assistants. It aims to help students make the transition into undergraduate level study. It is also a teaching and learning resource for students and tutors on undergraduate programmes. The authors introduce students to the requirements that their degree programmes will make and explore issues such as behaviour management and national curriculum strategies. This will help readers to engage with the material in a way that is appropriate to Higher Education study. The book draws on the experiences of teaching assistants and is grounded in the day-to-day practices of professionals working with young people in schools. Theoretical concepts are explored as being crucial to developing learning support and teaching skills. The authors' aim is to help students understand essential theory, and to provide a practical support throughout their studies. This book is for teaching assistants working toward High Level Teaching Assistant status in teaching and learning (HLTA), and/or Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It is a teaching resource for Higher Education tutors and school line managers of teaching assistants. It is also suitable for tutors and mentors as it gives guidance on content and presentation of professional development materials for teaching assistants. 'The text is made extremely accessible by the inclusion of plenty of case study material and there's a nice combination of practical advice and illustrative text.' 'A feature of the book is the tasks or activities that are suggested to the reader. It's likely that these are most likely to be used by training providers than individuals, but that would be a shame as there are many activities that would help to provide a structure for personal reflection and development' - TA Help Website. 'This book is aimed at all TAs who are undertaking undergraduate-level programmes such as CPPLS, CAPPLS, CEP or a Foundation Degree. A TA on the CEP course states: it's probably the best book on the subject I've read! it's full of useful tips' - East Riding of Yorkshire's TA Newsletter. 'A book founded in considerable experience! tackling the higher education experience itself: how to keep organized! advice is always valuable for people returning to learning at whatever level' - Gerald Haigh, "Times Educational Supplement". 'The book is littered with real-life examples, it will be hard to think of a scenario that has not been described and expanded upon. There are numerous activities to help you recognise and challenge your existing way of working' - Fiona Jukes, Spare Chair.


A Beautiful Bricolage - 2848953902

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A Beautiful Bricolage Wipf & Stock Pub

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Theopoetics is a plea for a more fully human way of speaking about God in the twenty-first century, a way that offers new life to dry and dying platitudes. Drawing deeply from linguistics, theology, philosophy, and even quantum mechanics, theopoetics attempts to reimagine the relationship between human language and speech about God through poetic phrasing and metaphor--thereby proposing a new God-talk. Interacting with selective works from within the discipline, Silas Krabbe offers a guide that not only maps the diversity of thought but also charts what is going on in the depths of the field. Using the metaphor of a river, Krabbe attempts to baptize the reader into theopoetics by leading an immersive exploration: sounding its waters, hearing resonances and echoes, feeling its flow, and becoming entangled in the braiding of its streams. Plunging ever more deeply into the differences that exist within the discourse of theopoetics, Krabbe is able to identify common aims, currents, and even hints of where this theopoetic river may lead. Not only a text about theopoetics, A Beautiful Bricolage is a work of theopoetics itself. It thereby draws the reader into a mode of inquiry that repudiates those who attempt to grasp it. ""Silas Krabbe has produced a wide-ranging and engaging entree into the multiple varieties of theopoetic work, which succeeds in sorting out their divergences and intersections and assesses their contributions to a conversation that lies at the heart of what is called radical theology."" --John D. Caputo, Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion Emeritus, Syracuse University; David R. Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Villanova University ""In A Beautiful Bricolage, Silas has not, thank the sweet heavens above, compiled an orderly array of meaning containers. He has instead engaged in poetic utterance replete with bumping, colliding, embracing, and lots of resonating. Given time and space to reverberate, these words can crumble walls and open worlds, not because Silas has captured and contained meaning, but because he daringly seeks to resonate with that which is already resonating.""  --Steve Frost, Executive Director, The Tasai Collective ""Krabbe's work is a subtle and patiently wending read, aptly contributing to theopoetics theory and interpretation within academic theology and continental philosophy of religion."" --L. Callid Keefe-Perry, The Association for Theopoetics Research and Exploration ""Krabbe offers a stunning rehearsal of the key moves and histories of theopoetics as such, even as he performs a gorgeously unpretentious poetics of his own. Aesthetic and political, deconstructive and creative, historical and prophetic, this beautiful bricolage conspires at multiple levels, across and beyond disciplines, with this ancient and cutting-edge discourse."" --Catherine Keller, Author; George T. Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew University ""A playful scouting report on theopoetics, an exciting camp of religious thinkers . . . who are shaking up the theological world."" --James H. Olthuis, Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto Silas Krabbe is the Community Theologian and Coordinator at Mosaic Church located in Vancouver's downtown eastside, one of Canada's poorest neighborhoods. A graduate of Columbia Bible College (BA in Biblical Studies and Community Development) and Regent College (MATS in Christianity and Culture), he seeks to entangle contemporary theologies issued from the ivory tower with back-alley musings about the world.


Bhaskarakantha's Moksopaya-tika: A commentary on The Earliest Available Recension of the Jogavasistha - 2846576077

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Bhaskarakantha's Moksopaya-tika: A commentary on The Earliest Available Recension of the Jogavasistha Shaker Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Moksopaya, or, as it was until recently known, the Yogavasistha, is perhaps the most voluminous philosophical didactic poem in world literature (VON GLASENAPP). With its approximately 32,000 verses it exceeds even the Ramayana, and this by 8,000 verses. Inside the frame story, which situates the philosophical exposition and discourse within one episode of the Ramayana, it utilises a blend of theoretical expositions and parabolic narratives to impress upon the reader its philosophy which aims at effecting a non-ascetic 'liberation-in-life' (jivanmukti). Through its unique narratives it has fascinated the Indian mind and was in abridged versions translated into Indian vernaculars as well as into Persian, was disseminated all over India, and has thus exercised a lasting impact until today. Nevertheless it has not yet received an appropriate treatment in recent literary histories, presumably because neither the historiography of Indian literature nor that of Indian philosophy has yet succeeded in categorising it in a satisfying manner. Strictly speaking it is as yet impossible to do full justice to the work, because its original philosophical content, presented as theoretical explanations of the stories, but also in the form of independent expositions, has suffered considerable changes at the hands of Advaita-Vedantic redactors who from a certain period lay their hands on it and started transmitting it, thus producing the version known at present as the Yogavasistha. Fortunately an older version that has escaped this peculiar redaction, the so-called Moksopaya, has survived in a manuscript recension that can be assigned to the region of Kashmir. In a series of publications we intend to make this text available through a critical edition of the mula text, but also, as a preliminary step, an edition of Bhaskarakantha's commentary, of which only fragments survive.


W. A. Mozart: Die Entführung aus dem Serail - 2840796539

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W. A. Mozart: Die Entführung aus dem Serail Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This addition to the Cambridge Opera Handbooks series is also the first full-length study of Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail. It aims to familiarize the reader with all aspect of the work: Mozart's writing of the opera and its literary antecedents, its plot, its musical structure, its reception and performance history. The reader will find much that is new in Thomas Bauman's study. He discusses the opera in relation to other Oriental operas, in the light of eighteenth-centruy apprehensions of the East, and as an attempt to reconcile the conventions of German opera in the early 1780s with Viennese taste and Mozart's own maturing operatic aesthetic. The text is well illustrated with pictures and music examples and a full discography lists the available recordings of the opera. This will be essential reading for all who have an interest in Mozart's operas, whether as student, scholar or opera-lover.


Utopia and Anti-Utopia - A comparison of Thomas More's Utopia and George Orwell's 1984 - 2826967614

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Utopia and Anti-Utopia - A comparison of Thomas More's Utopia and George Orwell's 1984 GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 1, University of Hannover (Englisches Seminar Universität Hannover), course: Utopias of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, 8 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: n the following paper I want to examine the relationship between Thomas More s Utopia and George Orwell s Nineteen Eighty-Four. As both these texts offer a wealth of material for interpretation, I want to concentrate mainly on emphasizing the similarities in the desc ription of the political and social systems. I will attempt to underline these very essential resemblances by examining how life in Utopia differs from life in Nineteen Eighty-Four for the individual social being.After reading Utopia for the first time It seemed to me an important question to examine the world of Utopia from a different angle, by comparing it to the opposite, politically charged Anti-Utopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.In comparing these texts I began to ask myself if Thomas More was actually well ahead of his time in constructing the world of Utopia. Taking Orwell s text into consideration, I felt that there was a striking similarity between the texts although they differed in their criticism and point of departure.What I want to explore in the following pages is to show how the political system of Utopia depends on an unyielding denial of human individuality, a denial that is an essential part of the ideology in Nineteen Eighty-Four. My main argument will be that Utopia is not the happy place it wants us to present, but a system of total control and oppression, very similar to Nineteen Eighty-Four. Although different in its overall impression, Utopia leaves a great deal of questions to the reader. The most striking one is, how the Utopia ns themselves evaluate the laws and rules of Utopia.Finally, I will attempt to emphasize the interrelationship and logical consequence of Anti-Utopia as a possible answer towards Utopian idealism.


Anselm's Proslogion - 2826846429

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Anselm's Proslogion SCM PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

St Anselm (1033-1109) was an Italian theologian and philosopher and the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1093-1097. He is best known for his work, Proslogion, in which he defends the Church and sets out his philosophy and argument for the existence of God, now known as the Ontological Argument. OA is now a commonly studied subject at schools and universities, yet this critical, original treatise outlining the OA is often misunderstood by readers. Here in the Briefly text, the author guides the reader through Anselm's argument concerning existence and whether it is an attribute of God in the same way omnipotence, omniscience and benevolence are believed to be. As such the argument is an a priori argument. It does not rest on proving God's existence from the empirical realm but on showing that God must exist logically (or that God's non-existence is illogical).The main idea behind Anselm's argument is that epistemology (what we know) IS ontology (what there is); or, that if it is possible to conceive of X, then X must surely exist.


Educational Leadership and Moral Literacy - 2842085692

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Educational Leadership and Moral Literacy Rowman & Littlefield Education

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What makes a moral person moral? Who decides what morality means? What makes leadership practice moral? In today's schools, what stands as moral leadership? These are questions that reflect the complexity integral to the calculus of human morality, especially in a world that is defined daily by its variant meanings of morality, its acts of immorality. The school as an educational setting is or should be a decidedly moral center of the society; it is the natural intersect between the family and the multi-dimensional nature of public life. Educational Leadership and Moral Literacy addresses these questions, situating the reader in a conversation that examines the meaning and nature of moral leadership through the lens of moral literacy and the dispositional aims of moral leadership in educational settings. The contributing authors extend an argument that the work of leader educators and practitioners alike must continuously be re-articulated around the dispositional aims aligned with a moral, democratic education. Educators must be concerned with developing the moral, intellectual, and aesthetic dimensions of the educational leader as a "moral person."


Human Rights and Social Justice - 2826675591

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Human Rights and Social Justice SAGE Publications Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'This book provides a valuable framework from which useful discussion and social action can be developed. It is especially relevant to the issues faced by professionals in the helping and health professions, and could serve to foster greater awareness of global concerns and aims shared by workers in these professions.' -JOURNAL OF PHENOMENOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY Human Rights and Social Justice: Social Action and Service for the Helping and Health Professions has a unique perspective that views human rights as the bedrock of social justice. It provides a clear blueprint how human rights and social justice concerns can serve as a conceptual framework for policy and practice interventions among the helping and health professions. Key Features - Provides both historical and philosophical perspectives on human rights principles, with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the centerpiece - Succinctly summarizes for the educated layperson core principles of other major human rights documents, such as international conventions on: Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR); Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (CESCR); the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW); the Eradication of Racial Discrimination (CERD); the Rights of the Child (CRC); Torture (CAT); the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Medical Ethics; and the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness - Viewing social justice as struggle, advocates a multi-pronged approach dealing with whole, at-risk, and clinical populations to promote physical and mental well-being and eradicate social and individual pathology - Examines social actions like human rights education, resolutions, and bills; the arts and the media; humanistic administration; grant writing; social entrepreneurship; clinical interventions; and quantitative and qualitative research that fcan promote human dignity, public health, human development, and the creation of a human rights culture, which is a "lived awareness" of human rights principles in mind, heart, and body - Supported by Instructor Resources on CD - which includes PowerPoint slides for each chapter accompanied by notes from the author, a comprehensive test bank, a sample syllabus, teaching tips, and more. Intended Audience This text is an excellent core or supplement text for social policy and practice courses encompassing social work, psychology, psychiatry, public health, medicine, nursing, ethics, law, theology, philosophy, the arts, peace studies, political science, and world citizenship. Scholars, activists, and practitioners will find it a valuable reference for years to come. "Human rights and social justice is an important contribution to social justice theory and practice. Dr. Wronka presents a solid and sound argument that human rights, as proclaimed in 1948 by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ought to serve as the foundation for socially just ways of life." -David G. Gil Professor, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University "Brilliantly demonstrates that human rights provides a powerful framework for the helping and health professions. Blending in-depth knowledge of human rights with theory and practice in the helping professions, Wronka presents a comprehensive model to guide actions from global to micro levels, and from professional to personal." -Lynne M. Healy Center for International Social Work Studies "At once accessible and learned, theoretical and practical. Wronka's groundbreaking text, reflecting comprehensive knowledge melded with a commitment to social action, is worthy of every professional's library. It should be required reading in schools." -Janice Wood Wetzel International Association of Schools of Social Work


Jewels of Stringology - 2845911336

283,83 zł

Jewels of Stringology World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The term "stringology" is a popular nickname for text algorithms, or algorithms on strings. This work deals with the most basic algorithms in the area. Most of them can be viewed as "algorithmic jewels" and deserve reader-friendly presentation. One of the main aims of the book is to present several of the most celebrated algorithms in a simple way by omitting obscuring details and separating algorithmic structure from combinatorial theoretical background. The text reflects the relationships between applications of text-algorithmic techniques and the classification of algorithms according to the measures of complexity considered. The text can be viewed as a parade of algorithms in which the main purpose is to discuss the foundations of the algorithms and their interconnections. One can partition algorithmic problems discussed into practical and theoretical problems. Certainly, string matching and data compression are in the former class, while most problems related to symmetries and repetitions in texts are in the latter. However, all the problems are interesting from an algorithmic point of view and enable the reader to appreciate the importance of combinatorics on words as a tool in the design of efficient text algorithms. In most textbooks on algorithms and data structures, the presentation of efficient algorithms on words is quite short as compared to issues in graph theory, sorting, searching, and some other areas. At the same time, there are many presentations of interesting algorithms on words accessible only in journals and in a form directed mainly at specialists.


Illumined Life (Classic Reprint) - 2850425852

52,92 zł

Illumined Life (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Illumined Life serves as a personal plea by the author, Helen van Anderson-Gordon, to readers in the hopes that they will see the Divine in all things. Anderson-Gordon's work stands out as an interesting display of the intermingling overlap between religion and spirituality. While Christianity and Christian beliefs stand at the core of Anderson-Gordon's work, themes with a more spiritual approach flow throughout the book, inducing the reader to believe Anderson-Gordon possesses more religious sentimentality than that of most traditional Christian authors. Anderson-Gordon's primary argument is that any life may be improved through religion and the practice of faith; a point she argues to great effect throughout the text. Anderson-Gordon's book is divided into ten chapters, each of which apply to a different aspect of the soul's spiritual journey. Anderson-Gordon hopes to guide the reader into a more spiritual existence where one does not ignore the soul and God, but instead embraces both and their blessings. The book offers her own personal insight and experiences along with step-by-step directions for the reader to follow in the hopes of the reader achieving similar religious experiences. Anderson-Gordon's main goal is to encourage readers into either strengthening their own faith or finding faith in a life that previously had none. The Illumined Life by Helen van Anderson-Gordon is a great addition to the book collection of any religious enthusiast. For readers who want to explore their own spirituality or to read about the spiritual journey of another, this book stands out as a great option. Offering insight and a powerful spiritual guide, this book makes for a very encouraging and authoritative resource for any reader struggling with their own beliefs. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality - 2836771838

230,91 zł

Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Designed to be a text for graduate and undergraduate studies, the purpose of this volume is to present a comprehensive introduction to the psychology of religion by observing the interface between psychology, religion, and spirituality. This book embraces the idea that natural and social science approaches to religion in psychology will be more effective if we are aware of religion perspectives on the issues under discussion. Religious perspectives can offer different views on topics of scientific theory and research, provide hypotheses for further explanation, and assist in the interpretation of scientific research findings. The reader will find that the following distinctive traits set this text apart from previous works in the area of the psychology of religion: Treatment of both theoretical issues and empirical research findings. Theoretical work and empirical research findings are both important in the psychology of religion. Unfortunately, the major psychology of religion texts do not present a balanced treatment of both approaches. The proposed book will integrate theoretical perspectives and empirical research on each topic. Practical application of concepts and research findings in the field. Most individuals who take undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology of religion hope to apply the studied material to their professional work. Regrettably, psychology of religion texts provide little practical treatment of applied issues and applied texts lack much background information provided by the psychology of religion field. This text provides examples of practical application throughout the book with several chapters at the end devoted to common practical situations relevant to the field. Attention to diversity issues. With some exceptions, textbooks in psychology of religion have given erratic treatment of world religions and cultural traditions beyond Western Christianity. This book aims where possible to integrate material from the main religions traditions that have been the focus of research by psychologists, especially Buddhism and Hinduism. Integration of exercises and questions with academic material. Most books in the area of the psychology of religion are not textbooks designed for use in the classroom. This book will be a modern text with boxed or appended case examples. Review questions, exercises and guides to further reading would be located at the end of each chapter.For use as a standalone text or in conjunction with a set of primary source readings, this imporant volume will be of great interest to professors and students of undergraduate and graduate classes on the psychology of religion or spirituality, as well as beginning seminary courses in spirituality and pastoral counseling.


Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory - 2826736281

178,64 zł

Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What makes an argument in a law case good or bad? Can legal decisions be justified by purely rational argument or are they ultimately determined by more subjective influences? These questions are central to the study of jurisprudence, and are thoroughly and critically examined in Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory, now with a new and up-to-date foreword. Its clarity of explanation and argument make this classic legal text readily accessible to lawyers, philosophers, and any general reader interested in legal processes, human reasoning, or practical logic.


Management & Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care - 2822223358

223,20 zł

Management & Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care Arnold Publishers / Hodder Arnold H&S

Medycyna > English Division

This text provides a comprehensive practical guide to the understanding and management of thromboembolytic disease. Management of thrombosis, formerly the domain of the cardiologist or haemotologist, has become an increasingly significant issue in primary care and general practice, particularly as the range of therapies available has increased. With a uniform structure taking the reader through a background pathophysiology chapter, management strategies and drug administration, this text aims to provide a valuable guide to the general physician who lacks formal training in this area plus the trainee or pracitising cardiologist, haematologist and cardiovascular surgeon. Each chapter includes an introduction, background or pathophysiology when appropriate, and comprehensive coverage of management options. It also incorporates most therapies with exact dosing and administration schedules. A detailed and very up-to-date account of venous and arterial thrombosis. The main strength of the book is the clinical focus on a number of clinical situations.Cardiology NewsA very detailed index, including the abbreviations for the clinical trials, allows the reader to pick out immediately what is needed.Acta Cariologica ( An international journal of carWith a structured approach, Management and Prevention of Thrombosis in Primary Care is applicable to everyday practice and will be a valuable addition to the literature of all care physicians.Karger Journals


Plato's Meno - 2826723324

299,63 zł

Plato's Meno Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This 1961 edition of Plato's Meno was originally edited by R. S. Bluck, Senior Lecturer in Greek at the University of Manchester. Its value lies in the incredibly extensive preliminary chapters provided by Bluck, designed to truly enhance the reader's engagement with this ancient text. In almost 150 pages of introductory chapters, Bluck reviews the argument of the Meno, its relation to wider philosophical and dialogues (written both before and after Plato), and summarises Plato's use of the hypothetical method in the Meno, the Phaedo and the Republic. He also provides a detailed synopsis of Plato's Meno before presenting the full Greek text, accompanied by a wide-ranging and incredibly accessible commentary. Finally, Bluck presents the reader with indices in both English and Greek, ensuring that this volume remains an endlessly rewarding reference and research work.


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