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Australian Intellectual Property - 2826887119

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Australian Intellectual Property OUP Australia and New Zealand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Intellectual property laws now impact on our daily lives in much more obvious ways than in the past and affect the way we access or engage with technology, medicine, nature, education and entertainment. This text uses broader social and economic contexts to locate the black letter law in the everyday, making it an accessible introduction that will equip students with a foundation of legal knowledge for either entry level legal practice or to progress into more specialised postgraduate study of intellectual property law. In relation to the key areas -copyright, design, patent, trade mark, confidential information and deceptive and misleading conduct - the book covers: a policy overview of the legal category, its history and emerging trends; an explanation of the structure of the legislation and associated rights; leading case extracts to elucidate key legal principles and tensions; discussion of the law in practice and the administration of the rights. Australian Intellectual Property is also available as an e-book.


Getting Started in Property Investment For Dummies - 2842746716

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Getting Started in Property Investment For Dummies John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Earn extra money investing in property? Easy. Whether you want to prepare for retirement or just make a little extra money on the side, Getting Started in Property Investing For Dummies, Australian Edition, is the perfect way to take advantage of one of the most reliable and profitable investment vehicles in history. From weighing up your investing and financing options to managing the ongoing costs of real estate and building a long-term portfolio, this handy guide gives you the practical help and smart advice you need to get started. Ideal for entry-level investors who want to add brick-and-mortar assets to their investment portfolios, this book covers where to find capital, how to finance purchases and get the best mortgage terms, how to measure the value of properties, basic landlording guidance, and more. * Offers practical property investing guidance for first-timers * Completely up-to-date with the latest information on the current state of Australian real estate * Bruce Brammall writes on property investing, personal finance and tax matters for the Herald Sun, the Eureka Report and News Limited's Your Money, and is the principal advisor and mortgage broker with Castellan Financial Consulting and Castellan Lending If you want to get started in real estate investing--as a full-time endeavor or just an addition to your current investment portfolio--Getting Started in Property Investing For Dummies, Australian Edition has you covered.


Blackstone and His Commentaries - 2826943465

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Blackstone and His Commentaries Hart Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

One of the most celebrated works in the Anglo-American legal tradition, William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-9) has recently begun to attract renewed interest from legal and other scholars. The Commentaries no longer dominate legal education as they once did, especially in North America during the century after their first publication. But they continue to be regularly cited in the judgments of superior courts of review on both sides of the Atlantic, and elsewhere throughout the common-law world. They also provide constitutional, cultural, intellectual and legal historians with a remarkably comprehensive account of the role of law, lawyers and the courts in the imperial superpower that was England on the cusp of the industrial revolution. The life and character of Blackstone himself, the nature and sources of his jurisprudence as expounded in the Commentaries, and the impact of his great book, both within and beyond his native shores, are the main themes of this collection. Individual essays treat Blackstone's early architectural treatises and their relationship to the Commentaries; his idiosyncratic book collecting; his views of the role of judges, interpretation of statutes, the law of marriage, the status of wives, natural law, property law and the legalities of colonisation, and the varied reception of the Commentaries in America and continental Europe. Blackstone's bibliography and iconography also receive attention. Combining the work of both eminent and emerging scholars, this interdisciplinary venture sheds welcome new light on a legal classic and its continued influence. I Life 1 Blackstone and Biography - Wilfrid Prest 2 A 'Model of the Old House': Architecture in Blackstone's Life and Commentaries - Carol Matthews 3 'A Mighty Consumption of Ale': Blackstone, Buckler, and All Souls College, Oxford - Norma Aubertin-Potter 4 William Blackstone and William Prynne: an Unlikely Association? - Ian Doolittle II Thought 5 Blackstone on Judging - John H Langbein 6 Blackstone's Rules for the Construction of Statutes - John V Orth 7 Blackstone and Bentham on the Law of Marriage - Mary Sokol 8 Coverture and Unity of Person in Blackstone's Commentaries -Tim Stretton 9 Blackstone's Commentaries on Colonialism: Australian Judicial Interpretations - Thalia Anthony 10 Restoring the 'Real' to Real Property Law: A Return to Blackstone? - Nicole Graham III Influence 11 American Blackstones - Michael Hoeflich 12 Did Blackstone get the Gallic Shrug? - John Emerson 13 Blackstone in Germany - Horst Dippel IV Sources 14 Bibliography - Morris Cohen 15 Iconography - J H Baker and Wilfrid Prest Contributors -Thalia Anthony lectures in law at the University of Sydney. -Norma Aubertin-Potter is Librarian-in-Charge of the Codrington Library, All Souls College, Oxford. -J H Baker, Downing Professor of the Laws of England at the University of Cambridge, is Literary Director of the Selden Society. -Morris Cohen, Professor Emeritus and Professorial Lecturer in Law, is the former Librarian of Yale Law School. -Horst Dippel is Professor of British and American Studies at the University of Kassel. -Ian Doolittle, formerly a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford, is a partner in the law firm Trowers and Hamlins LLP in London. -John Emerson holds a Visiting Research Fellowship in the Law School, University of Adelaide. -Nicole Graham is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney. -Michael Hoeflich is John H and John M Kane Distinguished Professor in the Law School, University of Kansas. -John Langbein is Sterling Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School. -Carol Matthews teaches in the School of History and Politics at the University of Adelaide. -John V Orth holds the William Rand Kenan Jr Chair of Law at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. -Wilfrid Prest is Professor Emeritus and Visiting Research Fellow in the Law School and School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide. -Mary Sokol holds an Honorary Research Fellowship in the Bentham Project at University College London. -Tim Stretton teaches history at St Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Ladies First, Please! a Kid's Most Important and Fun Guide to Good Manners - 2826900313

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Ladies First, Please! a Kid's Most Important and Fun Guide to Good Manners Bellissima Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Having good manners is a very good thing, and having excellent manners is even better. Use these funny little poems to help you remember to always use your very best manners. The main thing to remember about good manners is that you should never do anything to hurt yourself or others or to hurt the property of another; and if you do that, then the rest is simply window dressing. All that aside, it is time to bring civility back into our lives, and this begins with the children. Penelope Dyan gently reminds us with her fun drawings and poetry that there are some things we should not forget, even if they seem like pomp and circumstance. And if you can remember the little things, then the big things simply fall into place. Besides, good manners are fun, and your good manners make others feel good. Knowing how to set a table is not a necessity, but knowing which fork to use is a sign of good breeding; and there is a simple trick anyone can use to do that! So why not have excellent manners? And then everyone will just feel absolutely excellent! Penelope Dyan is the award winning writer, author of 'Surfer Girl,' best teen book at both the 2008 New York Book Festival and the 2008 Hollywood Book festival, recognized by Girls Voices In Literature Database, Miami University Florida, and number five in the top ten Australian Pukeke Top ten list for early teens. Penelope Dyan's "A Book For Girls About Being A Girl," is also rated number 3 in the top 10 Pukeke poetry books list for ages 5-9, proving again that you can't go wrong with a Bellissima book!


Your Investment Guide to Thailand - 2826860325

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Your Investment Guide to Thailand Silkworm Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Your Investment Guide to Thailand" is essential reading for foreign investors as well as anyone considering relocating or retiring in Thailand. It focuses not only on wealth creation, but also the protection of existing assets. It introduces the major investment choices in Thailand - real estate, gold, stocks, bonds, managed funds, and investment in a business - and gives details of past performance and investment procedures. Your Investment Guide to Thailand also provides advice for people moving to Thailand, including legal issues like visas and work permits, and an overview of key economic, political, and social trends, illustrated with easy-to-read tables, graphs, and checklists supported by real-life examples. A wide range of questions are discussed: Can foreigners buy Thai stocks? How? Can foreigners buy property in Thailand? What rules apply? How much money can I bring into Thailand? What is the best way to do it? How do I choose a good broker/bank manager/fund manager? How can I choose investments? The book adopts a critical and unapologetic approach to Thai investment opportunities, exposing potential risks and benefits to ensure the selection of the most appropriate investments. Bruce Bickerstaff has more than twenty years' experience in professional and management roles in both the Australian government and private sectors. Over the past decade he has been an active investor and part-time resident of the Kingdom. Korn Chatikavanij is the Finance Minister of Thailand.


Politics of Libraries and Librarianship - 2212837823

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Politics of Libraries and Librarianship Chandos Publishing Ltd


This book covers aspects of the political environment which surrounds and engages libraries and their librarians. It includes anecdotes on the role of the political sphere in the business of library associations. Key Features Provides recent stories and real examples of: The various political contexts under which libraries operate Why it is important to be politically aware How political climates influence decision making for libraries How a librarian might influence the organizational politics of their library environment Why professional associations have become more politically aware and the effect this has had on them The Editor Kerry Smith's research interests are mainly in science and technology information policy, specialising in the geosciences. She has been editor-in-chief of the electronic journal LIBRES (Library and Information Science Research) since 1996 and was chair of the IFLA Library Theory and Research Section from 2001-2005. She has had a long involvement with the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) as a National Councillor and as the National President in 1997. She was awarded a Fellowship of ALIA in 2002 and her continued involvement includes the position of Chair of the ALIA Research Committee. Readership Those in the library world who need to know what sort of political situations might arise, and the challenges that these present; and as a reference for library school programs. Contents Preface Part I - An international political framework for libraries - intellectual property - benefit or burden for Africa?; the CI study on copyright and access to knowledge Part II - Politics and public funding for libraries: some international examples - political realities and the English public library service; public library development in New South Wales; libraries in the South Pacific; staying alive in a political world: the case of libraries and information centres in Nigeria; libraries and politics - Danish reflections and examples; the political framework for public libraries in the Netherlands Part III: Library education - a unified approach to the teaching of library studies; library accreditation


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