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Frank Sidebotton's. . - 2843677789

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Frank Sidebotton's. . Cherry Red


1. Christmas Is Really Fantastic 2. Oh Come All Ye Faithful 3. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday 4. Mull Of Timperley 5. X-mas Medley 6. Football Is Really Fantastic 7. I Should Be So Lucky 8. Love Poem For Kylie 9. Radio Ga Ga 10. Save Me 11. We Will Rock You 12. Frank Gordon 13. The Bit I Missed Off The Queen Song On My Z39 Ep 14. Queen Hip Hop Disco Mix 15. Everybody Sings Queen 16. I Am The Champion 17. Timperley Sunset 18. Born In Timperley 19. Wild Thing In Timperley 20. Timperley 969 1909 21. Next Train To Timperley 22. Oh Timperley 23. Guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day 24. Bros Medley 25. Twist 'N' Shout 26. Planet Earth (Feat. Kevin Bignell) 27. Tummy (L.f's Rock Opera) 101. Timperley Blues 102. What For - From Me Mum 103. Firm Favourite Ads #1 104. Surfin' Timperley 105. Can't Help Falling In Love 106. On The Train 107. Blackpool Fool 108. Tickets Please 109. To The Beach 110. Hit The North 111. Hit The Arcades 112. Hit Dick Turpin 113. Frank Checks Into Auntie Edie's 114. Mrs. Taylor 115. Room With A View? 116. Phone Conversation 117. Off To The Funfair 118. Mirrorman/gimme That Harp Boy 119. Gimme Dat Harp, Little Frank 120. Frank Hires A Boat 121. Frank's Luxury Bachelor Penthouse Pad 122. Debbie Greenwood 123. Mrs. Merton 124. Late Night Problems 125. Me Great Big Floor Scrapbook 126. Golden Mile 127. Breakfast At Edie's 128. Car And Punchline Trouble 129. Go Away 130. M.a.t.b.w.m.t.d.b. (Acts 1 & 2) 131. Back At Edie's 132. Gipsy Rose Sidebottom 133. Very Very Big Special Case 134. 1812 Overture 201. The Robbins Aren't Bobbins 202. Little Frank Arrives 203. Zoo Scrapbook 204. Best Of Answering Machine (Part One) 205. Radio Timperley Intro 206. The Tomb Of Maurice Karmen 207. Radio Timperley Outro 208. New Material 209. Mr. Custard 210. What's Happens Now 211. Mr. Custard, You're A Fool (Continued) 212. What's Happens Now (Continued) 213. Frank's World Intro 214. The Squid Is Correct 215. Frank's World Outro 216. Little Frank Leaves 217. It Was Nearly 20 Years Ago Today 218. Hey You Street Artist 219. Mrs. Merton's Baby 220. Radio Timperley Stab 221. Pirates 222. Radio Timperley Outro 223. Fantastic Sea Shanty 224. Star Interview 225. Patrick Moore 226. Little Frank Interrupts 227. Fantastic Flashback Starts 228. Cape Timperley To Lunar Dustbin 229. First Puppet On The Moon 230. Ultimatum To Return 231. Of Puppets And Space And Money 232. 2nd Ultimatum To Return 301. Airplay 302. Big Frank Blasts Off 303. Tvr 17 Station Output 304. Little Frank Shows Off 305. S.o.s 306. Big Frank Returns 307. Fantastic Flashback Ends 308. Little Frank Returns 309. Monopoly (The Game) 310. The Monopoly Song 311. Money Problems 312. Frank's World Intro 313. Roulette 314. Frank's World Outro 315. Football & Weather 316. Star Interview 317. Ian Mccaskill 318. Mr. E. Lake 319. Timperley Travelogue 320. I Said, 'Hey You, Riot Policeman' 321. Down At The Moss Lane Football Ground 322. 6 All Time Great Footballing Chants 323. Sue Of The Sioux 324. Roger And Sarah 325. I've Got Something To Shout About 326. Mrs. Merton 327. Star Interview 328. Nicholas Parsons 329. Puppets Arrive 330. Fantastic Barber's Shop Song 331. Not So Fantastic Argument 332. Into The Kitchen 333. Electricity 334. Anarchy In Timperley 335. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kyte 336. Indie Medley (Love Will Tear Us Apart/how I Wrote Elastic Man/take The Skinheads Bowling/bigmouth Strikes Again) 337. Panic 338. God Save The Queen 401. Sumthin' Else 402. Timperley Travelogue 403. Timperley Blues 404. The Monopoly Song 405. '80's Medley 406. Blackpool Fool 407. Anarchy In Timperley/born In Timperley 408. The Great Big Thing Behind My Head 409. Fight For Your Right (I'm Gonna Write An Invitation To My Party) 410. Last Christmas 411. Bob The Builder 412. Live At The Cavern Club, Liverpool 413. I'm So Tired 414. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 415. The Robins Aren't Bobbins/guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day 416. Queen Medley


Young women in Shakespeare's comedies - 2827013652

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Young women in Shakespeare's comedies GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 1,7, University of Osnabrück, 26 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Compared to other writers of his time, Shakespeare introduces an unusual amount of deep female characters in his comedies. His representation of women, in particular the ways in which his female roles are interpreted and put on stage, have become topics of scientific interest. Especially the young women often show vitality, great intelligence, and a strong sense of personal independence, which marks them as queen[s] of comedy (Palmer 72). Therefore, they are often referred to as Shakespeare s heroines.§In the following, I want to show their importance and point out that each heroine, although they all share character traits, has distinct and unique qualities. In doing so, I will occasionally refer to a secondary literature and involve positions of different critics. Though, my attention will be focussed on the plays treated in this research paper: A Midsummer Night s Dream, As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest, and Twelfth Night. On the basis of these romantic comedies, I will analyse how the young women are presented and subsequently compare them among one another.§In the first part I will look at each heroine individually and introduce their plays. Then I will develop possible similarities between them: Beautiful but unworldly Miranda seems to be totally controlled by her father Prospero, but she shows a strong will in planning a shared future with Ferdinand and she is aware of her superiority to the savage Caliban. Hermia s father similarly chooses her husband. With magic help, however, she and Helena manage to come together with the right partner. Moreover, Helena reveals that she believes in the transformative power of love (MND I.2, 233-4).§Viola in Twelfth Night is in a way almost the opposite of Rosalind in As You Like It, although both plays deal with a cross-dressed heroine. Whereas Rosalind can tease Orlando, always knowing that he is in love with her and being moreover able to reveal herself to him whenever she wants, Viola feels trapped in her disguise and has to work for the man she is in love with and even woo another woman on his behalf. Beatrice may not disguise herself in order to show her power like Rosalind, but she is nevertheless a strong female character: she marries only after asserting her dislike for the traditionally minor role of women in marriage and courtship in that time.[...]


Sings Live - 2839427623

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1. Devil's Elbow 2. We Both Go Down Together 3. Evoking A Campfire Singalong 4. Gymnast, High Above The Ground 5. Here I Dreamnt I Was An Architect/dreams 6. Dracula's Daughter 7. Wonder 8. Brief Introduction To Shirley Collins 9. Barbara Allen 10. Engine Driver 11. On The Bus Mall 12. Skull, A Ship & A Sheep 13. California One/youth & Beauty Brigade/ask 14. Bachelor & The Bride 15. Cautionary Song 16. Red Right Ankle 17. Bandit Queen


Sings Live! - 2839232437

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1. Devil's Elbow 2. We Both Go Down Together 'Evoking A Campfire Singalong' 3. The Gymnast, High Above The Ground 4. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect - Dreams 5. Dracula's Daughter 6. Wonder 'A Brief Introduction To Shirley Collins' 7. Barbara Allen 8. Engine Driver 9. On The Bus Mall 'A Skull, A Ship, And A Sheep' 10. California One / Youth And Beauty Brigade - Ask 11. The Bachelor And The Bride 12. A Cautionary Song 13. Red Right Ankle 14. Bandi Queen 15. Hidden Track 16. Hidden Track 17. Hidden Track


Seoltai Seidthe - Setting - 2839491821

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Seoltai Seidthe - Setting GAEL-LINN

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Bean Phaidin 2. Is I Do Mhamo I 3. The Dash To Portobello 4. Caoineadh Na D'tri Mhuire 5. Bonny Kate, Mrs Mcleod's, The Fermoy Lasses 6. Neaisin Bhan 7. Carolan's Concerto 8. Bean An Leanna 9. The Steampacket 10. Mainstir Na Buille 11. The New-mown Meadows 12. An Buinnean Bui 13. The Blooming Meadows, The Queen Of The Fair, The Lucky Penny 14. Geaftai Bhaile Bhui 15. Jackson's Rum Punch 16. Uirchill An Chreagain 17. The Earl's Chair 18. Ar Maidin De Mairt 19. The Wily Old Bachelor 20. Brid Bheasach 21. Ar A Ghabhail Chun An Chuain Damh 22. Rhattigan's Mrs Mcleaod's 101. An Gamhain Geal Ban 102. The Piper's Despair 103. An Seanduine 104. Na Connery's 105. An Draighnean Donn 106. Garret Barry's, Brain O'lynn 107. Ta Na Paipeir Dha Saighneail 108. The Old Bush, The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn 109. Brid Tomais Mhurchadha 110. Down The Broom, The Boys Of Ballisodare 111. Amhran Na Tra Baine 112. Old Man Dillon, The Battering Ram 113. Amhran Na Paise 114. Lord Mcdonald's, The Fair Of Ballinasole 115. Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh 116. Is Measea Liom Brodach 117. The Plains Of Boyle, The Leitrim Fancy 118. Caislean Ui Neill 119. The Golden Keyboard, Farrell O'gara 120. Piopa Ainde Mhoir 121. The Dawn, The Moving Cloud


Andrew Jay Feustel - 2841436613

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Andrew Jay Feustel Betascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Andrew Jay Drew Feustel ( 25. August 1965 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA) ist ein US-amerikanischer Astronaut. Feustel machte seinen Schulabschluss auf der Lake Orion High School. Daraufhin studierte er Geologie an der Purdue University und schloss 1989 mit einem Bachelor ab. Dort erwarb er 1991 auch einen Master in Geophysik. Im Jahr 1995 promovierte Feustel an der kanadischen Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in Geowissenschaften, insbesondere Seismologie.


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