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Thirty Years that Shook Physics - 2826674391

40,32 zł

Thirty Years that Shook Physics DOVER PUBLICATIONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Modern Science Made Easy By one of the leading physicists of the twentieth century, George Gamow's One, Two, Three


Sword Techniques of Musashi and the Other Samurai Masters - 2826785929

136,16 zł

Sword Techniques of Musashi and the Other Samurai Masters Kodansha America, Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this landmark book, author Fumon Tanaka uses the life and accomplishments of sword master Miyamoto Musashi to explore the history of swords and sword fighting and show the key role they played in the development of the traditional Japanese martial arts systems. The book opens with an introduction to Musashi as a real-life figure, not just the legend we've come to know. Musashi was born in 1584, a time of transition in Japan that saw centuries of violence and war give way to an era of peace. In his early years, Musashi studied kenjutsu (the technique of the sword) and trained as a warrior. By the age of thirty, he had fought and won sixty-six duels, proving himself a truly gifted swordsman. When he was in his thirties, however, warriors were no longer called upon to do battle, and many, like Musashi, turned to the inner secrets and theories of kenjutsu in order to find a deeper meaning to life. He became a first-class painter and wrote Zen poetry. In 1643, when he was sixty years old, Musashi wrote his classic work, The Book of Five Rings. Musashi was a master of the two-sword fighting technique, although he didn't invent it, as is often thought. By 1629, he had gone back to his ronin (masterless warrior) way of life and opened a kenjutsu dojo, where he taught two-sword fighting, which the author covers later in the book. The second chapter talks about other important sword fighters, while the last two chapters go into great detail about the various traditional martial arts systems including the history and characteristics of each, as well as the techniques themselves. The long history of Japan is also the history of the martial arts, which evolved from swordsmanship. And since the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects are inseparable, an exploration of traditional martial arts is also a look at the very essence of Japanese culture.


Date Palm Biotechnology - 2826905795

1323,20 zł

Date Palm Biotechnology Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This important reference book is the first comprehensive resource worldwide that reflects research achievements in date palm biotechnology, documenting research events during the last four decades, current status, and future outlook. It brings together the principles and practices of contemporary date palm biotechnology. The book is essential for researchers, policy makers, and commercial entrepreneurs concerned with date palm. It is invaluable for date palm biotechnology students and specialists. This monument is written by an international team of experienced researchers from both academia and industry. Each chapter contains background knowledge related to the topic, followed by a comprehensive literature review of research methodology and results including the authors own experience and supported with illustrative tables and photographs. In addition to an introductory chapter, the book consists of thirty two review chapters highlighting progress and current research status covering various aspects of date palm biotechnology in five sections: A) Discusses the research development, methodology, and commercial application of micropropagation in seven chapters, B) Deals with the research development and applications of somaclonal variation and mutation in date palm, covered in seven chapters, C) Describes the status of date palm germplasm and current techniques employed in conservation and molecular characterization are described in seven chapters, D) Addresses research progress made in date palm genetics and breeding in eight chapters, E) Describes up-to-date progress made in metabolites and industrial biotechnology in three chapters.


Journals of the Century - 2822223298

219,48 zł

Journals of the Century Haworth Press

Medycyna > English Division

Get the experts perspective on the top journals of the 20th century! The Journals of the Century project gathered some of America 's top subject expert librarians to determine the most influential journals in their respective fields. Thirty-two contributing authors led by Editor Tony Stankus reviewed journals from over 20 countries that have successfully shaped the evolution of their individual specialties worldwide. Their choices reflect the history of each discipline or profession, taking into account rivalries between universities, professional societies, for-profit and not-for-profit publishers, and even nation-states and international ideologies, in each journal 's quest for reputational dominance. Each journal was judged using criteria such as longevity of publication, foresight in carving out its niche, ability to attract & sustain professional or academic affiliations, opinion leadership or agenda-setting power, and ongoing criticality to the study or practice of their field. Journals of the Century presents wholly independent reviewers; none are in the employ of any publisher, but each is fully credentialed and well published, and many are award-winners. The authors guide college and professional school librarians on limited budgets via an exposition of their analytical and critical winnowing process in determining the classic resources for their faculty, students, and working professional clientele. The chapters are logically grouped together in six clusters that reflect the commonly shared interests of library liaisons and the range of like-minded academic departments they typically serve. These clusters include: The Helping Professionals (chapters on social work, education, psychology, sociology, and library and information sciences) Music, Museums, and Methodists (chapters on visual arts, anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, and the American religious experience) Business and Law (chapters on business and economics, plus legal literature) War and Peace (chapters on modern history, political science and international relations, and military affairs) Physical Sciences and Engineering (chapters on mathematics and the physical sciences as well as engineering and computer science) Life, Health, and Agriculture (chapters on medicine and surgery, pharmacy, physical therapy and nutrition, agriculture, and veterinary medicine) Journals of the Century answers questions such as: Which university press leads in high-ranking titles in the helping professions? In what crime-fighting journal, ironically mentioned within the Music, Museums, and Methodists cluster, do anthropologists routinely publish? What two journals cover the biggest yearly expense of most working Americans and rankly highly within both chapters of the Business and Law cluster? What family of British publications has remained indispensable reading for political and military readers for over a century in the War and Peace Cluster? What society in the Physical Sciences and Engineering cluster publishes more journals than any other publisher in this book, covering topics from light bulbs and computers to MRIs and windmills? What one-word-titled journal has joined the venerable pair of Nature and Science as the most important reporters of world-class breakthroughs in basic biomedical science? and many, many more! Journals of the Century includes extensive commentaries on each cluster by the editor, with graphical representations by world regions and publishing sectors contributing to each chapter. ISSN numbers for print editions, and URL addresses for online editions are provided in a comprehensive title index. This unique book is an essential resource for serials librarians in academia, new reference librarians familiarizing themselves with classic titles, and collection evaluators and college accreditation examiners.


Strait Street - 2826624881

174,24 zł

Strait Street Midsea Books Ltd,Malta

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book is largely about those material traces, presenting an archaeological perspective on the artefacts and places that characterise one particular and extraordinary street in Malta's capital city, Valletta - Strait Street. Archaeological traces typically encourage conventional descriptions of how lives are led, and how people adapt and survive. Some descriptions, however, are distinctly subaltern in their outlook and ambition. It is these 'counter-narratives' that interest us more, and this book provides an extreme example of one such counter-narrative. We are often asked how this project came about. In 2003 one of us (JS) visited Malta at the invitation of Heritage Malta, representing his then employer English Heritage at a conference on Malta's Second World War heritage. At dinner (Malata's Restaurant, off Strait Street by co-incidence), a conversation on what constitutes military heritage prompted the response that, for him, it was more than just the gun emplacements and pillboxes. JS explained how military heritage should constitute a much broader field, one that encapsulates all that supports and is given support by militarism. The offer of a visit to Strait Street was made and, following dinner, a walk was taken down a dark, empty section of the lower end of the street, viewing the bar signs, and hearing tales with exotic and, at times, adult content! About thirty years earlier, one of us (EM, aged 5-6) was dancing for American sailors in the Golden Eagle Bar in Rabat, while her parents and some friends (all British Naval families) looked on. She collected two shillings for her efforts. There is a persistent view that this is a story best left untold; that Strait Street was a violent place where people were murdered and women and children exploited. Much of this is certainly true, and parts of the story undoubtedly will have the capacity to grate and offend. But whoever said historical analyses must always be clean and safe? People have died in Strait Street, but people had fun there too. Our intention is to create a balanced account, through the places that remain and the people who remember them, whatever their associations with Strait Street might have been. This book was never intended to be the story of Strait Street. It is a story, or more correctly a number of stories woven together in a format and style that hopefully provides both a 'field-guide' to what remains and a contextual overview of the events and personalities we describe. Readers may find gaps in our coverage or spot inaccuracies. Certainly in the Orientation (Chapter 4) this is likely as, despite our researches, some bars remain unknown and unnamed. It is important that we fill these gaps and that we correct any inaccuracies that we have inadvertently introduced. So if you can help, with stories, photographs, information, or mementoes, do please contact us. If a second edition of this book should be warranted, we can obviously then ensure that any such inaccuracies are corrected.


Ordered Groups and Infinite Permutation Groups - 2826981230

943,68 zł

Ordered Groups and Infinite Permutation Groups Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The separate areas of Ordered Groups and Infinite Permutation Groups began to converge in significant ways about thirty years ago. Since then, the connection has steadily grown so that now permutation groups are essential to many who work in ordered groups. Ordered groups are of some interest to most of those who work in infinite permutation groups, and there are a number of mathematicians whose main work is exactly in ordered permutation groups, the combination of the two. This book represents the happy confluence of the two subjects, running the spectrum from purely infinite permutation groups through ordered permutation groups to purely ordered groups. Experts in various aspects of these subjects have each contributed a chapter. The articles are surveys of recent and past work in the area and they include extensive bibliographies. Topics include lattice-ordered groups, ordered permutation groups, Jordan groups, reconstruction problems, groups with few orbits, the separation theorem, and automorphisms of symmetric groups. This book is an essential reference for anyone working in ordered groups or infinite permutation groups.


Geodynamics - 2826916563

265,44 zł

Geodynamics Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Essential reading for any Earth scientist, this classic textbook has been providing advanced undergraduate and graduate students with the fundamentals needed to develop a quantitative understanding of the physical processes of the solid earth for over thirty years. This third edition has two completely new chapters covering numerical modelling and geophysical MATLAB applications, and the text is now supported by a suite of online MATLAB codes that will enable students to grasp the practical aspects of computational modelling. The book has been brought fully up to date with the inclusion of new material on planetary geophysics and other cutting edge topics. Exercises within the text allow students to put the theory into practice as they progress through each chapter and carefully selected further reading sections guide and encourage them to delve deeper into topics of interest. Answers to problems available within the book and also online, for self-testing, complete the textbook package.


Religions of Korea in Practice - 2826921451

208,48 zł

Religions of Korea in Practice UNIVERSITY PRESSES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Korea has one of the most diverse religious cultures in the world today, with a range and breadth of religious practice virtually unrivalled by any other country. This volume in the "Princeton Readings in Religions" series is the first anthology in any language, including Korean, to bring together a comprehensive set of original sources covering the whole gamut of religious practice in both premodern and contemporary Korea. The book's thirty-two chapters help redress the dearth of source materials on Korean religions in Western languages. Coverage includes shamanic rituals for the dead and songs to quiet fussy newborns; Buddhist meditative practices and exorcisms; Confucian geomancy and ancestor rites; contemporary Catholic liturgy; Protestant devotional practices; internal alchemy training in new Korean religions; and, North Korean Juche ('self-reliance') ideology, an amalgam of Marxism and Neo-Confucian filial piety focused on worship of the 'father', Kim II Sung."Religions of Korea in Practice" provides substantial coverage of contemporary Korean religious practice, especially the various Christian denominations and new indigenous religions. Each chapter includes an extensive translation of original sources on Korean religious practice, accompanied by an introduction that frames the significance of the selections and offers suggestions for further reading. This book will help any reader gain a better appreciation of the rich complexity of Korea's religious culture.


Messerschmitt Bf 110 - 2826938498

120,16 zł

Messerschmitt Bf 110 Kagero Oficyna Wydawnicza

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Free extras for modelers, including decals and masking foil Thirty-two sheets of technical drawings and nine color charts The first part of a monograph on the German WW2 aircraft, Messerschmitt Bf 110 describes the development history of its all versions with coverage of changes made in their variants, sub-variants and field modifications. Originally designed as a long range heavy fighter (Zerstorer), Bf 110 was used as a reconnaissance and ground attack aircraft as well as a night fighter with advanced radio, navigation and radar systems. The book features a detailed description of the aircraft s structure and technical data and a chapter about camouflage and markings. Complete with 116 pages, 124 photographs, 32 sheets of technical drawings in 1:48 and 1:72 scale with specification of external changes in production-run versions of the aircraft and 9 colour charts with 16 examples of camouflage schemes. Free 1:48 and 1:72 decals for 2 schemes: Bf 110 E-2, 3U]KS of 8./ZG 26, North Africa, 1942. Bf 110 G-4/R3, G9+DC, flown by Oblt. Leo Baro of Stab II./NJG 1, Germany, May 1945. About the Series Monographs is a series focusing on an individual type of aircraft. Each monograph contains descriptions of the aircraft s origins, its variants and combat history. Each volume includes several hundred archive photographs, technical scale drawings and color profile artworks, with free extras for modelers, including decals and masking foil.


Lacrosse - 2835638799

306,56 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For thirty years Bob Scott's Lacrosse has been the ultimate guide to the "fastest game on two feet," explaining the men's game at its highest level and promoting the Johns Hopkins philosophy, which has become synonymous with lacrosse excellence. In this long-awaited updated edition, Coach Dave Pietramala, whose Blue Jays won the 2007 and 2005 NCAA men's lacrosse championships, and Neil Grauer, a Hopkins graduate and veteran writer on lacrosse, among other subjects, have reworked every chapter, modernizing sections on rules, equipment, preparation, and tactics. They revisit topics such as drills and skills for specific positions, game strategy, clearing tactics, and the history of the game itself-including a section on the Johns Hopkins contributions to lacrosse. New diagrams and images help to clarify concepts and instructions in the text. Action and instructional photos by Hopkins photographer James Van Rensselaer capture some of the drama from the 2005 championship year and accompany the teaching chapters. Like the Bob Scott book on which it builds, this edition will soon become familiar to every serious student of the sport.


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