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The Book of Judges: A Study in Prophetic History - 2851606431

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The Book of Judges: A Study in Prophetic History



In Case of Katrina - 2849851383

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In Case of Katrina Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Since six months after landfall, Ellen Blue has taught ""The Church's Response to Katrina."" It sidesteps disaster response, where clearly the church should be involved. What was unclear was how leaders in a connectional denomination like United Methodism should decide which churches to merge or decommission after floods destroyed seventy churches and displaced ninety pastors, and no one knew how many members would return.   Katrina gave the church a chance to re-make itself without deteriorating structures in no-longer-thriving neighborhoods. Yet as members returned to chaos, they sought solace. Should the church meet needs for Sanctuary and reassurance or use newfound flexibility to seek justice?   In Case of Katrina examines leadership strategies and the theological convictions that underlay them during the struggle to decide. The larger United Methodist Church controls real estate, and the hierarchy had the power to choose. Instead they let verdicts spring primarily from congregants and pastors on the ground through a long, controversial process. Recovery has been entwined with issues of race and class. Cooperation among African American and Anglo congregations has birthed vibrant multi-racial worship and ministries. Yet other prophetic ministry was left undone, and it should set the agenda for the next decade. ""Here is a fascinating study in theology, sociology, and ecclesiology in the midst of one of the greatest disasters in the history of the United States. In Case of Katrina is a vivid telling of the life of the institutional church and the people who make it come to life and cling to life in the depth of crisis. This recounting of decisions, directions, and devotion to the task of rebuilding is like reading my own life story as I lived it from 2005 to 2012 and beyond. From August 29, 2005 to the present, Dr. Blue faithfully takes the reader into the anguish, anxiety, anger, and awakening of the United Methodist Church in New Orleans as they forged their way to new life following what could have been a permanent death knell for a multitude of communities of faith. If you want to experience the rebuilding of the Church in New Orleans from a United Methodist perspective, this is the book to read. It is authentic and accurate to the point of being frighteningly real and alive."" --William W. Hutchinson, Retired Resident Bishop of the Louisiana Area, 2000-2012 ""Important lessons are often missed when people rush in to help without taking a closer look at what is going on in situations of pressure. In this book, Ellen Blue is taking a close look at the United Methodist Church in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the lessons are substantial. Powerful alternatives for the future of the church are emerging where most people would least expect. This book is part of a growing cloud of witnesses that testify to the fact that the study of religion and theology is best done under pressure."" --Joerg Rieger, Cal Turner Chancellor's Chair of Wesleyan Studies and Distinguished Professor of Theology, Vanderbilt University Divinity School Ellen Blue (PhD) is the Mouzon Biggs, Jr. Professor of the History of Christianity and United Methodist Studies at Phillips Theological Seminary. Author of St. Mark's and the Social Gospel: Methodist Women and Civil Rights in New Orleans and coauthor with Charles M. Wood of Attentive to God: Thinking Theologically in Ministry, she is ordained in the Louisiana conference of the UMC.


Life as Politics - 2845526820

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Life as Politics Eurospan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Prior to 2011, popular imagination perceived the Muslim Middle East as unchanging and unchangeable, frozen in its own traditions and history. In Life as Politics, Asef Bayat argues that such presumptions fail to recognise the routine, yet important, ways in which ordinary people make meaningful change through everyday actions. First published just months before the Arab Spring swept across the region, this timely and prophetic book sheds light on the ongoing acts of protest, practice, and direct daily action.The second edition includes three new chapters on the Arab Spring and Iran's Green Movement and is fully updated to reflect recent events. At heart, the book remains a study of agency in times of constraint. In addition to ongoing protests, millions of people across the Middle East are effecting transformation through the discovery and creation of new social spaces within which to make their claims heard. This eye-opening book makes an important contribution to global debates over the meaning of social movements and the dynamics of social change.


Main Currents of Marxism - 2826752200

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Main Currents of Marxism W W NORTON & CO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, one of the giants of twentieth-century intellectual history, comes this highly influential study of Marxism. Written in exile, this "prophetic work" presents, according to the Library of Congress, "the most lucid and comprehensive history of the origins, structure, and posthumous development of the system of thought that had the greatest impact on the twentieth century". Kolakowski traces the intellectual foundations of Marxist thought from Plotonius through Lenin, Lukacs, Sartre and Mao. He reveals Marxism to be "the greatest fantasy of our idea that began in Promethean humanism and culminated in the monstrous tyranny of Stalinism". In a brilliant coda, he examines the collapse of international Communism in light of the last tumultuous decades. "Main Currents of Marxism" remains the indispensable book in its field.


Might is Right - 2853795588

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Might is Right Ostara Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The FULL unedited version. This book, once described as "surely one of the most incendiary works ever to be published anywhere" is a no-holds-barred philosophical venture into the meaning of the Jewish origins of Christianity, of nature over nurture, might over morals, of power over weakness, the right of the strongest to rule, the survival of the fittest and the belief that the world is governed by force, not by religious or moral creeds. It makes Niccolň Machiavelli's The Prince pale by comparison. It is a book which, even a century after its first publication, still stirs huge debate. The reader is likely to be staggered, shake his or her head in agreement, be dumfounded or laugh out loud-even in anguish-from page to page. It is a call to man's primeval instinct of survival, of struggle and of the power of life over death. "Blessed are the Strong for they shall possess the earth - Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke. Blessed are the Powerful for they shall be reverenced among men - Cursed are the Feeble for they shall be blotted out . . . "Ethnology, Biology, History, all proclaim Equality to be a myth. Even the great epics of antiquity are all glorifications of inequality: inequality of mind-inequality of birth, of courage or condition. Can equality of body, equality of mind, equality of origin, equality before the law, or any other kind of 'equality' be demonstrated by any one fact?. . . "You cannot paint the Negro white, with laws and constitutions: though you write it in the fire and smoke of wars and revolutions . . . "Nineteen centuries of evangelization (with a Hebrew bible as basis) has resulted in - what? The political, social, financial, and philosophical domination of - the Hebrew. We study his falsified chronicles, his melancholy literature, and his prophetic outpourings; as if alone, in such a nauseous heap of rubbish and stench the SUMMUM BONUM was to be found." Fully annotated, with a new introduction.


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