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James McKeown - Ruth - 2854353826

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James McKeown - Ruth William B Eerdmans Publishing Co

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this commentary James McKeown approaches the book of Ruth as part of the canon of Scripture, studying not only the content of the book but also its relationship to other biblical books. McKeown shows in particular how Ruth overflows with allusions to Genesis. The themes of "blessing," "seed," and "land" are common to both books, and studying Genesis and Ruth together provides profound insights. In addition to his exegetical commentary on the text of Ruth, McKeown provides useful background material on how the book has previously been interpreted, and he focuses on Ruth's theology and its application. His discussion also touches on such related topics as universalism, feminist studies, and the missiological significance of the book of Ruth. McKeown's insightful commentary will enable students, pastors, and laypeople to better understand the ancient book of Ruth so that they can better apply its message and wisdom today.


Kniha Zohar - 2826670720

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Kniha Zohar Stanford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Sefer ha-Zohar" (The Book of Radiance) has amazed and overwhelmed readers ever since it emerged in medieval Spain toward the end of the thirteenth century. Written in a unique, lyrical Aramaic, this masterpiece of Kabbalah exceeds the dimensions of a normal book; it is virtually a body of literature, comprising over twenty discrete sections. The bulk of the "Zohar" consists of a fascinating mystical commentary on the Torah, from Genesis through Deuteronomy. This sixth volume of "The Zohar: Pritzker Edition" completes the "Zohar's" commentary on the book of Exodus. Some of the volume focuses on the Dwelling (or "mishkan") built by Moses and the Israelites in the Sinai Desert. The "mishkan" symbolizes "Shekhinah," the feminine presence of God who "dwells" on earth. The construction of the "mishkan" is intended to ensure Her intimacy with the people--and especially with Moses, who is actually called Her husband. The dramatic episode of the Golden Calf receives special treatment. The worship of the calf is seen as a rejection of "Shekhinah." Normally, She would have restrained the wrath of God's masculine aspect and prevented Him from striking Israel; but having been rejected, She instead departed, leaving the people vulnerable. Whereupon the blessed Holy One hinted to Moses that it was up to him to defend Israel from divine destruction. By invoking the three patriarchs, Moses pinned God's arms, as it were, and immobilized Him, saving his people. With the appearance of this volume, "The Zohar: Pritzker Edition" has reached its halfway point. The projected Volumes VII-IX will complete the "Zohar's" main commentary on the Torah. Volumes X-XII will include the "Zohar's" commentary on various other books of the Bible (such as Ruth and Song of Songs) as well as several independent compositions.


Education Policy - 2854209823

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Education Policy Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"A splendid read. Via interviews with several Secretaries of State for Education and a supporting analytical commentary, Education Policy provides a fascinating insight and historical appraisal of English policy rationale." Dr David Kitchener, Reader in Education, University of Bolton "This book should be compulsory reading, not only for people interested in the history of education policy but also for policy makers, to remind them of what has gone before." Dr Andrew Townsend, University of Nottingham Do you find it difficult to keep up with the changes in education policy? This essential book takes a historical perspective to illuminate current educational issues. The authors draw on documentary evidence to describe, record and analyse education policy in England and Wales since the Second World War. Inside, you will find in-depth interviews with former Education Ministers and other key decision-makers, including: - Ed Balls - David Blunkett - Michael Gove - Alan Johnson - Ruth Kelly The interviews cover the historical context of their period of office and the lasting legacy of their policies. This is a must-read for Masters-level students on Education courses and PGCE programmes, and will be valuable to undergraduates studying modern history and social policy. From Butler to Balls and beyond, this book provides a unique insight into the impact and legacy of education policy. Ian Abbott is Director of the Warwick Institute of Education. Mike Rathbone was Director of Continuing Professional Development in the Institute of Education. Phil Whitehead is the course leader for the secondary PGCE (Teach First). All are at the University of Warwick.


History of the Danes - 2853793887

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History of the Danes D.S. Brewer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the early years of the thirteenth century the Danish writer Saxo Grammaticus provided his people with a "History of the Danes", an account of their glorious past from the legendary kings and heroes of Denmark to the historical present. It is one of the major sources for the heroic and mythological traditions of northern Europe, though the complex Latin style and the wide range of material brought together from different sources have limited its use. Here Hilda Ellis Davidson, a specialist in Scandinavian mythology, together with the translator Peter Fisher, provides a full English edition; each of the first nine books is preceded by an introductory summary, and a detailed commentary follows on the folklore and life and customs of twelfth-century Denmark - including the sources of Hamlet, of which Saxo gives the earliest known account. Hilda Ellis Davidson's other books include "The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England". Peter Fisher is also the translator of "Olaus Magnus: A Description of the Northern Peoples". 'In the early years of the 13th century the Danish writer Saxo Grammaticus provided his people with a dignified and ambitious Latin account of their glorious past from the mythical past to the historical present. (He) collected the legends of Scandinavian gods and heroes, and arranged their exploits in a series of 'biographies' which ostensibly formed an unbroken sequence. He took his tales from a variety of sources, and readers will find his collection of myths, folklore and fabulous history fascinating - An accurate and readable translation of the nine mythological books based on the best scholarly edition' - Ruth Morse, "British Book News".


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