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Girl Who Fell from the Sky - 2826764809

44,58 zł

Girl Who Fell from the Sky ABACUS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Marian Sutro is an outsider: the daughter of a diplomat, brought up on the shores of Lake Geneva and in England, half French, half British, naive yet too clever for her own good. But when she is recruited from her desk job by SOE to go undercover in wartime France, it seems her hybrid status - and fluent French - will be of service to a greater, more dangerous cause. Trained in sabotage, dead-drops, how to perform under interrogation and how to kill, Marian parachutes into south-west France, her official mission to act as a Resistance courier.§§But her real destination is Paris, where she must seek out family friend Clement Pelletier, once the focus of her adolescent desires. A nuclear physicist engaged in the race for a new and terrifying weapon, he is of urgent significance to her superiors. As she struggles through the strange, lethal landscape of the Occupation towards this reunion, what completes her training is the understanding that war changes everything, and neither love nor fatherland may be trusted.§§The Girl Who Fell from the Sky is both a gripping adventure story and a moving meditation on patriotism, betrayal and the limits of love.


Girl Who Fell From The Sky - 2835035488

79,34 zł

Girl Who Fell From The Sky Little, Brown

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Barely out of school and doing her bit for the war effort, Marian Sutro has one quality that marks her out from all the others - she is a native French speaker. It is this that attracts the attention of the curious Mr Potter who calls her to an interview in an anonymous office in London. Potter is a recruiting officer for the Special Operations Executive, which trains agents to operate in occupied Europe. So it is that Marian finds herself undergoing commando training, attending a school for spies, and ultimately, parachuting from an RAF bomber into the South-West of France to join the WORDSMITH resistance network. However, there is more to Marian's mission than meets even the all-seeing eyes of the SOE. Before long a friend from the past returns and it soon seems that Marian could hold the key to the future of the whole war effort. A fascinating blend of fact and fiction, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky is an old-fashioned adventure about a woman who did the most extraordinary things when the ordinary was not enough.


Girl Who Fell from the Sky - 2836516595

131,16 zł

Girl Who Fell from the Sky WORKMAN PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Inspired by a true story of a mother's twisted love, this book reveals an unfathomable past and explores issues of identity at a time when many people are asking 'Must race confine us and define us?'


The Girl Who Fell From The Sky - 2839869901

43,99 zł

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

The Wonderful New Novel From The Man Booker Prize Shortlisted Author Of THE GLASS ROOM


The Woman Who Fell From The Sky - 2844434443

68,99 zł

The Woman Who Fell From The Sky

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Travel & holiday>Travel writing


The Child Who Fell From The Sky - 2848636236

48,99 zł

The Child Who Fell From The Sky

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography & True Stories>MemoirsKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography & True Stories>True storie...

The True Story Of A Child Born In London After World War II. Initially Cared For By His Grandmother And A Guardian Angel Who Watches Over Him, At Six He Finds Out A Devastating Secret That Changes His Life Forever.


The Child Who Fell from the Sky - 2851464886

56,75 zł

The Child Who Fell from the Sky



Woman Who Fell from the Sky - 2826715339

68,39 zł

Woman Who Fell from the Sky Broadway Books (A Division of Bantam Doubleday...

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon - 2839964231

43,99 zł

The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

A Magnificent Tale Of Crackpot Notions And Sky-high Courage - From David Almond, The Master Of Magical Realism, With Illustrations By The Award-winning Polly Dunbar.


The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon - 2840261391

34,99 zł

The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

A Magnificent Tale Of Crackpot Notions And Sky-high Courage - From David Almond, The Master Of Magical Realism, With Illustrations By The Award-winning Polly Dunbar.


Sky Is Crying / Fire. . - 2839825808

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Sky Is Crying / Fire. . ONE DAY MUSIC


1. The Sky Is Crying - Elmore James 2. The Madison Shuffle - Buster Brown 3. Please Don't Go - Johnny Acey 4. The Girl Next Door - Earl Lewis & The Channels 5. Wild As You Can Be - Mary Ann Fisher 6. School Time - Vinny & Kenny 7. Mary Lee - The Rainbows 8. Can't Stay Away, Pt 1 - Tarheel Slim & Little A 9. Glory Be - Lightnin' Hopkins 10. Snoopin' And Accusin' - Bobby Marchan 11. Mean Old Frisco - Arthur Big Boy Crudup 12. Look At My Baby - Paul Perryman 13. You Got Me Up Tight - The Gay Poppers 14. I Wanna Run To You - The Tellers 15. Kansas City March - Wild Jimmy Spruill 16. Jaywalking - The Upsetters 17. Heart Trouble - Billy Lewis 18. Why Baby - Mighty Joe Young 19. I Get The Blues When It Rains - Buster Brown 20. Lookout - Rockin' Bradley 21. Stranger Blues - Elmore James 22. Anything For You - Tarheel Slim & Little Anna L 23. All My Life - Riff Ruffin 24. Dig Myself A Hole - Arthur Big Boy Crudup 25. There's Something On Your Mind Pt 1 - Bobby Mar 101. There's Something On Your Mind Pt - Bobby March 102. Fannie Mae - Buster Brown 103. I Need Your Loving - Don Gardner & Dee Dee For 104. My Heart Is Sad - Earl Lewis & The Channels 105. Put On My Shoes - Mary Ann Fisher 106. Bobby's Rock - Elmore James 107. Why - Johnny Acey 108. Katie Mae - Arthur Big Boy Crudup 109. You're Going To Miss Me (When I'm Gone) - Chuck 110. Lock Me In Your Heart - Tarheel Slim & Little A 111. Hard Grind - Wild Jimmy Spruill 112. Who Is The Girl - Vinny & Kenny 113. Sincerely - Buster Brown 114. I've Got It - The Gay Poppers 115. This Is The Life - Bobby Marchan 116. Keep A Calling - Paul Perryman 117. Evening - The Rainbows 118. A Little Tear [Remastered] - Linda Martell & Th 119. Jack, That Cat Was Clean - Dr Horse 120. Rollin' And Tumblin' - Elmore James 121. Tears Fell From My Eyes - The Tellers 122. Rock Me Mama - Arthur Big Boy Crudup 123. It's Too Late - Tarheel Slim & Little Ann 124. Can't Stop Moving - Johnny Chef 125. Empty Arms - Mighty Joe Young


Wildflowers / Who Knows Whe - 2845967515

33,99 zł

Wildflowers / Who Knows Whe Rhino


1. Michael From Mountains 2. Since You Asked 3. Sisters Of Mercy 4. Priests 5. A Ballata Of Francesco Landini (Ca. 1335-1397) Lasso! Di Donna 6. Both Sides Now 7. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants (The Song Of Old Lovers) 8. Sky Fell 9. Albatross 10. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye 11. Hello, Hooray 12. Story Of Isaac 13. My Father 14. Someday Soon 15. Who Knows Where The Times Goes 16. Poor Immigrant 17. First Boy I Loved 18. Bird On The Wire 19. Pretty Polly


Clockwork Sky, Volume Two - 2847098119

45,06 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Rosca's sharp-edged style perfectly matches her sharp-tongued lead character's personality. Sally Peppers is the highly-curious, ambitious niece of steambot magnate Erasmus Croach, who has supplied Britain's factories with an apparently endless supply of near-perfect robot employees, displacing flesh-and-blood humans. Unemployed people have begun to demonstrate in the streets of London and more than one near-riot has been put down by Croach's latest and greatest invention, the steambot police-boy, Sky. Sky is troubled by dreams where he, like Pinocchio, has become a "real boy." Then he meets Sally, who has run away from home, and begins to learn of the poverty and hardships faced by these workers. Together, Sally and Sky venture into the tunnels beneath London in search of a missing child. Sally has always been a bit of a tinkerer and quickly figures out the terrifying truth about her uncle's magnificent steambot factory. But it might be too late-Erasmus Croach has new steambots ready to deploy-and they are bigger and stronger than the heroic Sky. Can Sally's wits and Sky's pure heart save the day?


CLOUDED SKY THE - 2826865286

45,54 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

pWhen seventeen-year-old Skylar escapes the time-bending Enforcers who secretly control Earth, her troubles have just begun. She and her friend Win take refuge on Wins home space station with his fellow rebels, but the fate of Skylars planet still spins out of her control./ppTo avoid detection, Skylar poses as the Earthling pet of Wins rival, an arrogant boy named Jule. Homesick and faced with a cool reception from the other rebels, she throws herself into the groups mission assembling a weapon to disable Earths restrictive time field. Gradually, Skylars skill for detail gains respecteven from Jule, who is more vulnerable than he lets


Castle In The Sky - 2839492224

82,49 zł

Castle In The Sky WASABI


1. The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Sora Kara Futtekita Shojo) 2. Morning In The Slag Ravine (Slag Keikoku No Asa) 3. A Rowdy Brawl [- Pursuit] (Yukai Na Kenka [- Tsuiseki]) 4. Memories Of Gondoa (Gondoa No Omoide) 5. Discouraged Pazu (Shitsui No Pazu) 6. Robot Soldier [Resurrection - Rescue] 7. Carrying You - Chorus Version (Gassho Kimi Wo Nosete) 8. Sheeta's Decision (Sheeta No Ketsui) 9. On The Tiger Moth (Tiger Moth Go Nite) 10. An Omen To Ruin (Hametsu Eno Yocho) 11. A Sea Of Clouds In The Moonlight (Gekko No Unkai) 12. Castle In The Sky (Tenku No Shiro Rapyuta) 13. Destruction Of Rapyuta (Rapyuta No Hokai) 14. Carrying You (Kimi Wo Nosete)


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