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The Builders: A Story and Study of Masonry - 2849544910

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The Builders: A Story and Study of Masonry



Miroslav Verner, Jaromir Krejci, Vivienne Gae Callender - Abusir - 2839143117

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Miroslav Verner, Jaromir Krejci, Vivienne Gae Callender - Abusir Czech Institute of Egyptology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This monograph presents a report on the results of the archaeological excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology undertaken from 1987 until 2004 and held in the area of the Abusir minor tombs clustered around the tombs of the 5th Dynasty kings. The first chapter is devoted to the excavation and description of the mastaba of Nebtyemneferes, a rather enigmatic identity probably a princess who was buried among the tombs of the members of the royal family in the southern part of the Abusir pyramid necropolis. The tomb includes common features of Abusir tombs of the period.The second chapter deals with research into the mastaba of Prince Nakhtsare, located to the south of Raneferef's mortuary temple; it is the northernmost tomb in a row of tombs located on the southern border of the royal necropolis. The important position of this very destroyed tomb is also indicated by its rich burial equipment, as well as by the masons' marks found on the masonry of the mastaba. The third chapter is devoted to the pyramid complex of an unknown queen in a tomb known as Lepsius no. 24. Because a large number of masons' marks was present on this pyramid's walls, and, in addition, because of the bad state of preservation of this monument, we have been able to study in an unique way the methods used by the ancient architects and builders in the construction of royal monuments in the middle of the Fifth Dynasty. A further chapter is dedicated to a most exceptional complex the monument known to us now as Lepsius no. 25. This monument represents a double tomb whose name was written as double pyramid. Unfortunately, it is in a very desolated state of preservation, so much so that many details of its intriguing architecture as well as the burial equipments, etc., have been lost to us forever. The sixth chapter is devoted to the anthropological material discovered during the archaeological excavations of these monuments. The majority of this material is represented by remains coming from the Late Period cemeteries, which once covered this area. In addition to this fairly large group, there is one very significant study featuring the fragments of a female mummy which might have belonged to the owner of the pyramid complex Lepsius no. 24. A study of the stone vessels found in the monuments discussed in this monograph represents an Appendix.


Carriage Trade - 2835640199

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In 1926, the Carriage Builders' National Association met for the last time, signaling the automobile's final triumph over the horse-drawn carriage. Only a decade earlier, carriages and wagons were still a common sight on every Main Street in America. In the previous century, carriage-building had been one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the country. In this sweeping study of a forgotten trade, Thomas A. Kinney extends our understanding of nineteenth-century American industrialization far beyond the steel mill and railroad. The legendary Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company in 1880 produced a hundred wagons a day-one every six minutes. Across the country, smaller factories fashioned vast quantities of buggies, farm wagons, and luxury carriages. Today, if we think of carriage and wagon at all, we assume it merely foreshadowed the automobile industry. Yet., the carriage industry epitomized a batch-work approach to production that flourished for decades. Contradicting the model of industrial development in which hand tools, small firms, and individual craftsmanship simply gave way to mechanized factories, the carriage industry successfully employed small-scale business and manufacturing practices throughout its history. The Carriage Trade traces the rise and fall of this heterogeneous industry, from the pre-industrial shop system to the coming of the automobile, using as case studies Studebaker, the New York-based luxury carriage-maker Brewsters, and dozens of smallerfirms from around the country. Kinney also explores the experiences of the carriage and wagon worker over the life of the industry. Deeply researched and strikingly original, this study contributes a vivid chapter to the story of America's industrial revolution.


Desert Between the Mountains: Mormons, Miners, Padres, Mountain Men, and the Opening of the Great Basin, 1772-1869 - 2840801115

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Desert Between the Mountains: Mormons, Miners, Padres, Mountain Men, and the Opening of the Great Basin, 1772-1869 Univ of Oklahoma Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

On July 24, 1847, a band of Mormon pioneers who had crossed the Great Plains and hauled their wagons over the Rocky Mountains descended into the Salt Lake valley. They settled alongside the Indians there in an immense, self-contained region covering more than 220,000 square miles aptly named the Great Basin because its lakes and rivers have no outlet to the sea. Within ten years of their arrival, the Mormons had established nineteen communities extending all the way to San Diego, California. But theirs was not a story of splendid isolation. The Mormon way of life was under a constant strain from interactions with miners, solders, explorers, mountain men, Indians, the Pony Express, railroad builders, federal officials, and an assortment of other "Gentiles." This is the definitive, dramatic, and multifaceted study of the Great Basin, unifying its history with its geography.


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