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Calendar of the Roman Republic - 2854514934

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Calendar of the Roman Republic Princeton University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The description for this book, Calendar of the Roman Republic, will be forthcoming.


Introduction to Roman Religion - 2854321537

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Introduction to Roman Religion EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS

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This is an introduction to religion in Rome during the late republic and early empire. Written by one of the world's leading scholars of the subject, it draws on the latest findings in archaeology and history to explain the meanings of rituals, rites, auspices and oracles, to describe the uses of temples and sacred ground, and to evoke the daily patterns of religious life and observance within the city Rome and its environs. The book is divided into five parts. In the first the author considers the contemporary meaning of religious terms and concepts and the role religion played in the Roman sense of identity and destiny. The second describes the religious calendar, diurnal patterns of worship and observance, and the structure of religious space in temples, sanctuaries and sacred places. The third looks at the form of religious services including the rites and purposes of sacrifices, and examines when auspices were sought and how they were read. Part IV describes the priests and priestesses -- who they were; how they were trained and for what functions -- and the gods and demi-gods of the Roman pantheon. Part V considers Roman theology and exegesis. Professor Scheid writes primarily for university students of ancient Rome and classical civilisation: information and ideas are laid out clearly and concisely; the text is illustrated with quotations from primary sources; a chronology links religious to historical events from 750 BC to AD 494; there is a full glossary and an annotated guide to further reading. The text contains numerous summaries and suggestions for discussion.


Vestal Virgins, Sibyls, and Matrons - 2854220868

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Vestal Virgins, Sibyls, and Matrons University of Texas Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Roman women were the procreators and nurturers of life, both in the domestic world of the family and in the larger sphere of the state. Although deterred from participating in most aspects of public life, women played an essential role in public religious ceremonies, taking part in rituals designed to ensure the fecundity and success of the agricultural cycle on which Roman society depended. Thus religion is a key area for understanding the contributions of women to Roman society and their importance beyond their homes and families. In this book, Sarolta A. Takacs offers a sweeping overview of Roman women's roles and functions in religion and, by extension, in Rome's history and culture from the republic through the empire. She begins with the religious calendar and the various festivals in which women played a significant role. She then examines major female deities and cults, including the Sibyl, Mater Magna, Isis, and the Vestal Virgins, to show how conservative Roman society adopted and integrated Greek culture into its mythic history, artistic expressions, and religion. Takacs' discussion of the Bona Dea Festival of 62 BCE and of the Bacchantes, female worshippers of the god Bacchus or Dionysus, reveals how women could also jeopardize Rome's existence by stepping out of their assigned roles. Takacs' examination of the provincial female flaminate and the Matres/Matronae demonstrates how women served to bind imperial Rome and its provinces into a cohesive society.


Caesar's De Analogia - 2854291295

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Caesar's De Analogia Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At the end of the Republic, religious, legal, and literary knowledge began to take the form of a 'Roman heritage', as broadly defined as it was indefinite. Caesar, like Cicero, thought that language, along with political institutions and laws, constituted the fundamental feature which defined the identity of a people. So, as with statutes, libraries, and the calendar, he intended to fix general laws in the sphere of language with his treatise De analogia in order to establish a solid foundation for Latina language whose evolution was driven by the need to preserve heritage and by confrontations with the linguistic habits of the allies of Rome. In this volume Garcea brings together for the first time the fragments of Caesar's De analogia with a complete translation and commentary. Contextualising the text and its quotation by Pliny in his Dubius sermo, Charisius, Priscian, and other Latin grammarians Garcea, presents the issues raised by means of comparison with the texts of Caesar's interlocutors-principally Cicero, Varro, Nigidius Figulus, and Philodemus of Gadara. The study of all these sources, most of which have never been translated into a modern language, fills a gap in the representation of the history of linguistic development in the classical period-ultimately portraying how in republican Rome, there was still no clear distinction between the different subdivisions of learning.


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