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Mathematics - 2826620718

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Mathematics Dover Publications

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The Russian Equation Representative of the tremendous impact which Russian mathematicians have had on the Dover list since the Sputnik era is this outstanding book edited by A. D. Aleksandrov and others. Critical Acclaim for Mathematics: Its Content, Methods and Meaning: "In effect, these volumes present a do-it-yourself course for the person who would like to know what the chief fields of modern mathematics are all about but who does not aspire to be a professional mathematician or a professional user of mathematics. The coverage is extremely wide, including such important areas as linear algebra, group theory, functional analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, the theory of functions of real and complex variables, and related subjects. . . . What makes these volumes so readable as compared with usual mathematics textbooks is the emphasis here upon basic concepts and results rather than upon the intricate and wearying proofs that make such demands in conventional textbooks and courses. There are proofs in these volumes, but usually they are presented only for the most important results, and even then to emphasize key areas and to illustrate the kind of methodology employed. . . . It is hard to imagine that any intelligent American with a curious mind and some good recollection of his high school and college mathematics would not find many entrancing discoveries in the intellectual gold mine that is this work."


Ramsey Theory, Second Edition - 2826774092

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Ramsey Theory, Second Edition John Wiley & Sons Inc

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Wiley-Interscience Series in Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Advisory Editors: Ronald L. Graham, Jan Karel Lenstra, and Robert E. Tarjan Discrete mathematics, the study of finite structures, is one of the fastest-growing areas in mathematics. The wide applicability of its evolving techniques points to the rapidity with which the field is moving from its beginnings to its maturity, and reflects the ever-increasing interaction between discrete mathematics and computer science. This Series provides broad coverage of discrete mathematics and optimization, ranging over such fields as combinatorics, graph theory, enumeration, and the analysis of algorithms. The Wiley-Interscience Series in Discrete Mathematics and Optimization will be a substantial part of the record of the extraordinary development of this field. A complete listing of the titles in the Series appears on the inside front cover of this book. "[Integer and Combinatorial Optimization] is a major contribution to the literature of discrete programming. This text should be required reading for anybody who intends to research this area or even just to keep abreast of developments." --Times Higher Education Supplement, London "An extensive but extremely well-written graduate text covering integer programming." --American Mathematical Monthly Recent titles in the Series include: Integer and Combinatorial Optimization George L. Nemhauser and Laurence A. Wolsey 1988 (0 471-82819-X) 763 pp. Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes Second Edition Vera Pless For mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists, here is an introduction to the theory of error-correcting codes, focusing on linear block codes. The book considers such codes as Hamming and Golay codes, correction of double errors, use of finite fields, cyclic codes, B.C.H. codes, weight distributions, and design of codes. In a second edition of the book, Pless offers thoroughly expanded coverage of nonbinary and cyclic codes. Some proofs have been simplified, and there are many more examples and problems. 1989 (0 471-61884-5) 224 pp.


Literature of Spanish Caribbean to 1900 CD - 2212832404

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Literature of Spanish Caribbean to 1900 CD Primary Source Media

Literatura faktu

Some ten years before Harriet Beecher Stowe's 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', Cuban writer Anselmo Suarez y Romero captured - for the first time in the Americas - the sights, sounds and sensations of slavery.Translated into English for the first time, 'Francisco' is one of more than 800 texts collected in 'Literary Eras: Literature of the Spanish Caribbean to 1900'. Never before has such a comprehensive gathering of works from the Caribbean - the cradle of modern American culture - been brought together in a fully searchable, electronic format.Antonio Benitez-Rojo, the internationally recognized fiction writer ('A View from the Mangrove') and critic ('The Repeating Island'), and the poet, critic and translator Alan West-DurĂĄn have selected works ranging in genre from poetry to theater to autobiography and in subject from history to medicine, economics and politics. More than 200 authors are represented, including such well-known figures as Bartolome de las Casas and JosĂŠ MartĂŤ, and among the very first women and black writers published in the Americas: Leonor de Ovando and Juan Manzano, among dozens of others. A biography of each author, written especially for the disc in English and in Spanish, is also included.In addition to reproducing the texts in Spanish, these CD-ROMs offer translations for the first time of two dozen classic short stories, including work by Cirilio Villaverde, two dozen poems by such writers as Lola RodrĂ­guez de TĂ­o and the full-length novel, 'Francisco'. The two-disc set allows users to choose between an English and Spanish interface.Expertly edited, bringing a wealth of new material to light, 'Literary Eras: Literature of the Spanish Caribbean to 1900', is an unprecedented tool with which to study an area of growing importance to historians, literary critics, and many others.This database brings together a wide variety of resources that can be searched as never before. Now research that required hours of combing through library stacks, or travel to distant libraries, can be done efficiently through three types of searches: - Standard Search - a general survey-like search of the complete database for words and phrases using Boolean connectors, truncated Booleans, variant spellings, wild card and adjacency. Results are ranked by relevancy. - Advanced Search - a more targeted route offering specific data fields: Text, Author, Title, Index Term, Edition, Dates, Chapter and Type. As fields are delineated, searches are narrowed. - Natural Language Search - search words and phrases are retrieved, as are their synonyms from a proprietary thesaurus. The ability to locate, identify, reference and document various themes, moods, characterizations and word usage within the key works of a period allows unprecedented creativity in scholarly research. 'Literary Eras: Literature of the Spanish Caribbean to 1900' supports comprehensive and flexible research with functions such as:- Browsing - a researcher can review the entire database by opening the Table of Contents which is organized alphabetically by Type of Work. Options available to expand categories for in-depth content information or reorganize the data by Author, Title or Date for a different perspective on contents. - Cross-Reference - allows access to a list of related index terms from an active content window, with full bibliographic citations. Any listed item can then be linked and viewed. - Bookmark - enables the researcher to mark or recall a window for quick retrieval. - Revisit - lists every item previously viewed during a research session. A researcher can revisit an item, delete an unnecessary citation, or use the print/save option to either print or save the Revisit List for reference or if a session is interrupted.


Sperner Family - 2862382873

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Sperner Family Betascript Publishing

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Through the use of abstraction and logical reasoning, mathematics evolved from counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects. Practical mathematics has been a human activity for as far back as written records exist. Rigorous arguments first appeared in Greek mathematics, most notably in Euclid's Elements. Mathematics continued to develop, for example in China in 300 BCE, in India in 100 CE, and in Arabia in 800 CE, until the Renaissance, when mathematical innovations interacting with new scientific discoveries led to a rapid increase in the rate of mathematical discovery that continues to the present day.[7] Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences. Applied mathematics, the branch of mathematics concerned with application of mathematical knowl


Galois Theory - 2854333420

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Galois Theory John Wiley & Sons Inc

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Praise for the First Edition "...will certainly fascinate anyone interested in abstract algebra: a remarkable book!" --Monatshefte fur Mathematik Galois theory is one of the most established topics in mathematics, with historical roots that led to the development of many central concepts in modern algebra, including groups and fields. Covering classic applications of the theory, such as solvability by radicals, geometric constructions, and finite fields, Galois Theory, Second Edition delves into novel topics like Abel's theory of Abelian equations, casus irreducibili, and the Galois theory of origami. In addition, this book features detailed treatments of several topics not covered in standard texts on Galois theory, including: The contributions of Lagrange, Galois, and Kronecker How to compute Galois groups Galois's results about irreducible polynomials of prime orprime-squared degree Abel's theorem about geometric constructions on the lemniscates Galois groups of quartic polynomials in all characteristics Throughout the book, intriguing Mathematical Notes and Historical Notes sections clarify the discussed ideas and the historical context; numerous exercises and examples use Maple and Mathematica to showcase the computations related to Galois theory; and extensive references have been added to provide readers with additional resources for further study. Galois Theory, Second Edition is an excellent book for courses on abstract algebra at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. The book also serves as an interesting reference for anyone with a general interest in Galois theory and its contributions to the field of mathematics.


Harmonic Analysis & Integral Geometry - 2212833443

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Harmonic Analysis & Integral Geometry CRC Press Inc.

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Up-to-date research developments in the fields of Radon transforms and integral geometryTreatment of the theory of Radon transforms on treesExplores the connections between Radon transforms, integral geometry, symmetric spaces, and partial differential equations Comprising a selection of expository and research papers, Harmonic Analysis and Integral Geometry grew from presentations offered at the July 1998 Summer University of Safi, Morocco-an annual, advanced research school and congress. This lively and very successful event drew the attendance of many top researchers, who offered both individual lectures and coordinated courses on specific research topics within this fast growing subject.Harmonic Analysis and Integral Geometry presents important recent advances in the fields of Radon transforms, integral geometry, and harmonic analysis on Lie groups and symmetric spaces. Several articles are devoted to the new theory of Radon transforms on trees.With its related presentations addressing recent developments in various aspects of these intriguing areas of study, Harmonic Analysis and Integral Geometry becomes an important addition not only to the Research Notes in Mathematics series, but to the general mathematics literature.


Magic Graphs - 2212826390

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Magic Graphs Birkhauser

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Magic squares, their origins lost in antiquity, are among the more popular mathematical recreations. Over the years a number of generalizations have been proposed, going back in the last century to Sedl cek (early 1960s) who asked whether "magic" ideas could be applied to graphs. Around the same time Kotzig and Rosa formulated the study of graph labelings, or valuations as they were first called. In the last decade, there has been a resurgence of interest in "magic labelings" and other graph valuations, e.g., graceful labelings, due to a number of interesting results that have applications and are related to the problems of decomposing graphs into trees. Trees remain an elusive subject. From the pure mathematics viewpoint, no progress has been made in answering the question: Does every tree have an edge-magic total labeling? However, the corresponding problem for vertex-magic total labelings has been solved, and the details are examined in this volume. The book also contains a number of recent constructions of magic graphs and verifications that families of graphs are magic. Key features: * short historical account of the subject * concise, self-contained text, systematic exposition from basic topics in graph theory to current research * applications of theorems from graph theory and interesting counting arguments * exercises, research problems covering a range of difficulties, extensive bibliography, index * solutions to many exercises This concise, self-contained exposition is unique in its focus on the theory of magic graphs/labeling and its applications to a number of new areas. It may serve as a graduate text for a special topics seminar in mathematics or computer science, or as a professional text for the researcher. Written for: Grad students: Target Fields, Mathematicians/Combinatorists, computer Science Grads Keywords: Applications of Mathematics Combinatorics Computer Science Graph Theory


Journals of the Century - 2822223298

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Journals of the Century Haworth Press

Medycyna > English Division

Get the experts perspective on the top journals of the 20th century! The Journals of the Century project gathered some of America 's top subject expert librarians to determine the most influential journals in their respective fields. Thirty-two contributing authors led by Editor Tony Stankus reviewed journals from over 20 countries that have successfully shaped the evolution of their individual specialties worldwide. Their choices reflect the history of each discipline or profession, taking into account rivalries between universities, professional societies, for-profit and not-for-profit publishers, and even nation-states and international ideologies, in each journal 's quest for reputational dominance. Each journal was judged using criteria such as longevity of publication, foresight in carving out its niche, ability to attract & sustain professional or academic affiliations, opinion leadership or agenda-setting power, and ongoing criticality to the study or practice of their field. Journals of the Century presents wholly independent reviewers; none are in the employ of any publisher, but each is fully credentialed and well published, and many are award-winners. The authors guide college and professional school librarians on limited budgets via an exposition of their analytical and critical winnowing process in determining the classic resources for their faculty, students, and working professional clientele. The chapters are logically grouped together in six clusters that reflect the commonly shared interests of library liaisons and the range of like-minded academic departments they typically serve. These clusters include: The Helping Professionals (chapters on social work, education, psychology, sociology, and library and information sciences) Music, Museums, and Methodists (chapters on visual arts, anthropology, archaeology, philosophy, and the American religious experience) Business and Law (chapters on business and economics, plus legal literature) War and Peace (chapters on modern history, political science and international relations, and military affairs) Physical Sciences and Engineering (chapters on mathematics and the physical sciences as well as engineering and computer science) Life, Health, and Agriculture (chapters on medicine and surgery, pharmacy, physical therapy and nutrition, agriculture, and veterinary medicine) Journals of the Century answers questions such as: Which university press leads in high-ranking titles in the helping professions? In what crime-fighting journal, ironically mentioned within the Music, Museums, and Methodists cluster, do anthropologists routinely publish? What two journals cover the biggest yearly expense of most working Americans and rankly highly within both chapters of the Business and Law cluster? What family of British publications has remained indispensable reading for political and military readers for over a century in the War and Peace Cluster? What society in the Physical Sciences and Engineering cluster publishes more journals than any other publisher in this book, covering topics from light bulbs and computers to MRIs and windmills? What one-word-titled journal has joined the venerable pair of Nature and Science as the most important reporters of world-class breakthroughs in basic biomedical science? and many, many more! Journals of the Century includes extensive commentaries on each cluster by the editor, with graphical representations by world regions and publishing sectors contributing to each chapter. ISSN numbers for print editions, and URL addresses for online editions are provided in a comprehensive title index. This unique book is an essential resource for serials librarians in academia, new reference librarians familiarizing themselves with classic titles, and collection evaluators and college accreditation examiners.


Selected problems in physics with examples and exercises - 2619308141

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Selected problems in physics with examples and exercises Politechnika Gdańska


What is physics? The answer to this question has been changing, because physics also changes with time. But physics has always dealt with the basic rules governing the world: the macro-world as well as the world of atoms, electrons and nucleons. Physicists are concerned with various kinds of matter and radiation and their interactions. Their main purpose is to find, understand and use the basic laws that govern the natural world. The foundation of physics is experiment. Experimental observation of the phenomena of nature allows physicists to find the rules and principles that relate these phenomena. This leads to formulation of models and theories, which form our perceptions of the investigated phenomena. Any physical model or theory must always be confronted with experiment. Essential contradictions between a particular model or theory and experimental data are a signal that the model or theory should be corrected or replaced by a new one. This confrontation is a source of development of physics and its continuous approaching a truth of nature. Contemporary physics is a highly developed basic science with many fields, which are the foundation of all engineering and technology. Especially strong relations exist between physics and chemistry. Ever since chemistry ceased to be a purely phenomenological science, chemists not only employ certain laws of physics, but even include some complex and subtle physical phenomena and physics' arcane methods of measurement in their own research. This results in a gradual obliteration of the border line between some branches of chemistry and physics. Spis treści: 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. The nature of physics  1.2. The language and units. of physics  1.3. How to study physics?  Questions and problems 2. FUNDAMENTAL LAWS AND LAWS OF CONSERVATION IN PHYSICS 2.1. The meaning of fundamental laws  2.2. On the laws of conservation in physics  2.2.1. Newton's laws of motion  2.2.2. Conservation of momentum  2.2.3. Conservation of angular momentum  2.3. Work and energy  2.3.1. Definition of work in physics  2.3.2. Energy  2.3.3. The law of conservation of energy  2..3.3.1. Conservation of mechanical energy Conservation of total energy  Questions and problems 3. KINETIC THEORY AND LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS 3.1. The microscopic interpretation of temperature  3.2. Measuring temperature  3.3. Internal energy and equipartition of energy  3.4. Laws of thermodynamics  3.4.1. The first law of thermodynamics  3.4.2. The second law of thermodynamics  Questions and problems 4. ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERACTIONS 4.1. Static electric force  4.1.1. Electric charges  4.1.2. Quantization and conservation of charge  4.1.3. Electrical interaction between two charged particles - Coulomb's law  4.1.4. Electrical interactions in a system of several charges  4.2. Electric field  4.2.1. Graphic representation of electric fields  4.3. Gauss's law  4.3.1. Flux of electric field  4.3.2. Gauss's law  4.4. Electric potential and voltage  4.4.1. Electric potential energy  4.4.2. Electric potential  4.5. Capacitance and electric energy storage  4.5.1. Capacitors and capacitance  4.5.2. Energy storage  4.6. Electric current and magnetic force  4.6.1. Electric current  4.6.2. Ohm's law  4.6.3. Magnetic force and magnetic field  4.6.4. Magnetic field of linear current. Ampere's law  4.6.5. Gauss's law for magnetic field  4.7. Electromagnetic induction  4.7.1. Faraday's law of induction  4.7.2. Self-induced emf (? s)  4.8. Maxwell's equations  Questions and problems 5. SELECTED PROBLEMS OF MODERN PHYSICS 5.1. The photoelectric effect  5.1.1. Photoelectrons  5.1.2. Fundamental features of the photoelectric effect  5.1.3. Einstein's theory of the photoelectric effect  5.2. Photons and electrons  5.2.1. X-ray photons  5.2.2. The Compton effect  5.3. The Bohr model of the atom of hydrogen  5.3. 1. Bohr's assumptions and postulates  5.3.2. Quantization of electron's total energy5.3.3. Electron jumps  5.3.4. Advantages and limitations of the Bohr model  5.4. Wave-particle duality  5.4.1. De Broglie's hypothesis  5.4.2. Experimental verification of de Broglie's hypothesis  Questions and problems 6. NUCLEAR PHYSICS 6.1. Nuclear size and structure  6.1.1. Constituents of the nucleus  6.1.2. Nuclear size  6.1.3. Nuclear forces  6.2. Radioactivity  6.2.1. Kinetics of radioactive decay  6.2.2. Beta decay  6.2.3. Alpha decay  6.2.4. Gamma decay  6.3. Nuclear reactions  6.3.1. General remarks  6.3.2. The fission reaction  6.3.3. Nuclear fusion  Questions and problems    EXERCISES   APPENDIX A. Mathematics    A.1. Vector algebra  A.2. Derivatives  A.3. Integrals    APPENDIX B.   ENGLISH-POLISH PHYSICS DICTIONARY.


Nonlinear Problems in Mathematical Physics and Related Topics II - 2862156149

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Nonlinear Problems in Mathematical Physics and Related Topics II Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The main topics reflect the fields of mathematics in which Professor O.A. Ladyzhenskaya obtained her most influential results.§One of the main topics considered in the volume is the Navier-Stokes equations. This subject is investigated in many different directions. In particular, the existence and uniqueness results are obtained for the Navier-Stokes equations in spaces of low regularity. A sufficient condition for the regularity of solutions to the evolution Navier-Stokes equations in the three-dimensional case is derived and the stabilization of a solution to the Navier-Stokes equations to the steady-state solution and the realization of stabilization by a feedback boundary control are discussed in detail. Connections between the regularity problem for the Navier-Stokes equations and a backward uniqueness problem for the heat operator are also clarified.§Generalizations and modified Navier-Stokes equations modeling various physical phenomena such as the mixture of fluids and isotropic turbulence are also considered. Numerical results for the Navier-Stokes equations, as well as for the porous medium equation and the heat equation, obtained by the diffusion velocity method are illustrated by computer graphs.§Some other models describing various processes in continuum mechanics are studied from the mathematical point of view. In particular, a structure theorem for divergence-free vector fields in the plane for a problem arising in a micromagnetics model is proved. The absolute continuity of the spectrum of the elasticity operator appearing in a problem for an isotropic periodic elastic medium with constant shear modulus (the Hill body) is established. Time-discretization problems for generalized Newtonian fluids are discussed, the unique solvability of the initial-value problem for the inelastic homogeneous Boltzmann equation for hard spheres, with a diffusive term representing a random background acceleration is proved and some qualitative properties of the solution are studied. An approach to mathematical statements based on the Maxwell model and illustrated by the Lavrent'ev problem on the wave formation caused by explosion welding is presented. The global existence and uniqueness of a solution to the initial boundary-value problem for the equations arising in the modelling of the tension-driven Marangoni convection and the existence of a minimal global attractor are established. The existence results, regularity properties, and pointwise estimates for solutions to the Cauchy problem for linear and nonlinear Kolmogorov-type operators arising in diffusion theory, probability, and finance, are proved. The existence of minimizers for the energy functional in the Skyrme model for the low-energy interaction of pions which describes elementary particles as spatially localized solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations is also proved. §Several papers are devoted to the study of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic operators. Versions of the mean value theorems and Harnack inequalities are studied for the heat equation, and connections with the so-called growth theorems for more general second-order elliptic and parabolic equations in the divergence or nondivergence form are investigated. Additionally, qualitative properties of viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear partial differential inequalities of elliptic and degenerate elliptic type are clarified. Some uniqueness results for identification of quasilinear elliptic and parabolic equations are presented and the existence of smooth solutions of a class of Hessian equations on a compact Riemannian manifold without imposing any curvature restrictions on the manifold is established. §


Genus Degree Formula - 2862149163

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Genus Degree Formula Betascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Algebraic geometry is a branch of mathematics which combines techniques of abstract algebra, especially commutative algebra, with the language and the problems of geometry. It occupies a central place in modern mathematics and has multiple conceptual connections with such diverse fields as complex analysis, topology and number theory. Initially a study of polynomial equations in many variables, the subject of algebraic geometry starts where equation solving leaves off, and it becomes at least as important to understand the totality of solutions of a system of equations, as to find some solution; this leads into some of the deepest waters in the whole of mathematics, both conceptually and in terms of technique.


Classical and Spatial Stochastic Processes - 2859240322

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Classical and Spatial Stochastic Processes Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The revised and expanded edition of this textbook presents the concepts and applications of random processes with the same illuminating simplicity as its first edition, but with the notable addition of substantial modern material on biological modeling. While still treating many important problems in fields such as engineering and mathematical physics, the book also focuses on the highly relevant topics of cancerous mutations, influenza evolution, drug resistance, and immune response. The models used elegantly apply various classical stochastic models presented earlier in the text, and exercises are included throughout to reinforce essential concepts.§§The second edition of Classical and Spatial Stochastic Processes is suitable as a textbook for courses in stochastic processes at the advanced-undergraduate and graduate levels, or as a self-study resource for researchers and practitioners in mathematics, engineering, physics, and mathematical biology.§§Reviews of the first edition:§§An appetizing textbook for a first course in stochastic processes. It guides the reader in a very clever manner from classical ideas to some of the most interesting modern results. All essential facts are presented with clear proofs, illustrated by beautiful examples. The book is well organized, has informative chapter summaries, and presents interesting exercises. The clear proofs are concentrated at the ends of the chapters making it easy to find the results. The style is a good balance of mathematical rigorosity and user-friendly explanation. Biometric Journal§§This small book is well-written and well-organized. ... Only simple results are treated ... but at the same time many ideas needed for more complicated cases are hidden and in fact very close. The second part is a really elementary introduction to the area of spatial processes. ... All sections are easily readable and it is rather tentative for the reviewer to learn them more deeply by organizing a course based on this book. The reader can be really surprised seeing how simple the lectures on these complicated topics can be. At the same time such important questions as phase transitions and their properties for some models and the estimates for certain critical values are discussed rigorously. ... This is indeed a first course on stochastic processes and also a masterful introduction to some modern chapters of the theory. Zentralblatt Math§


Complex Networks V - 2862455471

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Complex Networks V Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A network is a mathematical object consisting of a set of points that are connected to each other in some fashion by lines. It turns out this simple description corresponds to a bewildering array of systems in the real world, ranging from technological ones such as the Internet and World Wide Web, biological networks such as that of connections of the nervous systems, food webs or protein interactions, infrastructural systems such as networks of roads, airports or the power-grid, to patterns of social and professional relationships such as friendship, sex partners, network of Hollywood actors, co-authorship networks and many more. Recent years have witnessed a substantial amount of interest within the scientific community in the properties of these networks. The emergence of the internet in particular, coupled with the widespread availability of inexpensive computing resources has facilitated studies ranging from large scale empirical analysis of networks in the real world, to the development of theoretical models and tools to explore the various properties of these systems. The study of networks is broadly interdisciplinary and central developments have occurred in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer and information sciences, biology and the social sciences. This book brings together a collection of cutting-edge research in the field from a diverse array of researchers ranging from physicists to social scientists and presents them in a coherent fashion, highlighting the strong interconnections between the different areas. Topics included are social networks and social media, opinion and innovation diffusion, biological and health-related networks, language networks, as well as network theory, community detection, or growth models for Complex Networks.


Dynamics of Nutrient Cycling and Food Webs - 2862234791

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Dynamics of Nutrient Cycling and Food Webs Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In all fields of science today, data are collected and theories are developed and published faster than scientists can keep up with, let alone thoroughly digest. In ecology the fact that practitioners tend to be divided between such subdisciplines as aquatic and terrestrial ecology, as well as between popula tion, community, and ecosystem ecology, makes it even harder for them to keep up with all relevant research. Ecologists specializing in one sub discipline are not always aware of progress in another subdiscipline that relates to their own. Syntheses are frequently needed that pull together large bodies of information and organize them in ways that makes them more coherent, and thus more understandable. I have tried to perform this task of integration for the subject area that encompasses the interrelationships between the dynamics of ecological food webs and the cycling of nutrients. I believe this area cuts across many of the subdisciplines of ecology and is pivotal to our progress in understanding ecosystems and in dealing with human impacts on the environment. Many current ecological problems involve human disturbances of both food webs and the nutrients that cycle through them. Little progress can be made towards elucidating the complex feedback relations inherent in the study of nutrient cycles in ecological systems without the tools of mathematics and computer modelling. These tools are therefore liberally used throughout the book.


General Relativity - 2826749010

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General Relativity Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides a completely revised and expanded version of the previous classic edition General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics . In Part I the foundations of general relativity are thoroughly developed, while Part II is devoted to tests of general relativity and many of its applications. Binary pulsars our best laboratories for general relativity are studied in considerable detail. An introduction to gravitational lensing theory is included as well, so as to make the current literature on the subject accessible to readers. Considerable attention is devoted to the study of compact objects, especially to black holes. This includes a detailed derivation of the Kerr solution, Israel s proof of his uniqueness theorem, and a derivation of the basic laws of black hole physics. Part II ends with Witten s proof of the positive energy theorem, which is presented in detail, together with the required tools on spin structures and spinor analysis. In Part III, all of the differential geometric tools required are developed in detail. §A great deal of effort went into refining and improving the text for the new edition. New material has been added, including a chapter on cosmology. The book addresses undergraduate and graduate students in physics, astrophysics and mathematics. It utilizes a very well structured approach, which should help it continue to be a standard work for a modern treatment of gravitational physics. The clear presentation of differential geometry also makes it useful for work on string theory and other fields of physics, classical as well as §quantum.


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