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Red Abbey Chronicles: Maresi - 2854534413

39,08 zł

Red Abbey Chronicles: Maresi Pushkin Children's Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Paperback edition of this powerful novel for fans of Ursula le Guin and Philip Pullman. Set in a beautifully crafted fantasy world it is the story of Maresi. In a world where girls aren't allowed to learn or any individual freedom, an island inhabited solely by women sounds like a fantasy. But when Maresi arrives at the Red Abbey she knows it is real and when external forces threaten its destruction, the women must use all their powers and ancient knowledge to survive. Ages: 12+


Cloudland - 2854222427

44,36 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Paperback edition of this picture book about Albert, a small boy who falls off a mountain but is rescued by the Cloud Children. These children are feather light and live in the sky with the rainbows and clouds. Albert stays for a while but soon he is missing his home. The hardback of }Whadayamean{ is published by Cape this month, and several other titles are being reissued in Red Fox. Readership level: 3 - 7 years.


Struwwelpeter - 2826704531

48,81 zł

Struwwelpeter ANOVA Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The classic book of cautionary tales - now available in a luxury paperback edition A true classic, bursting with cautionary tales and gruesome punishment, Struwwelpeter has been a favourite of children all over the world since its publication in 1845. The anonymous English translation of these rhymes, published in Leipzig in 1848, became an instant success in Britain. Widely acknowledged as one of the most popular and influential children's books ever written, Struwwelpeter (pr 'Shtruvelpeter') has been translated into at least thirty languages, and is widely popular among generations of readers for whom it held a terrible fascination as a child. Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest following the successful tours of the 'junk' musical Shock-headed Peter, which graphically illustrated the tales of Conrad Suck-a-Thumb (who has his fingers cut off by the Red-legg'd Scissor-man), Harriet who suffers a dreadful fate after playing with matches, and Fidgety Philip who just won't keep still. This new, handsome paperback edition is a painstaking reproduction of the nineteenth-century edition, printed in five colours to approximate the look of the original, in which the text was printed letterpress, and the pictures lithographed and then coloured by hand. * The definitive facsimilie editoin containing the original colour illustrations * "This is the one every household should have." - The Guardian * Luxury Paperback edition


David Livingstone - 2844865116

93,67 zł

David Livingstone Fonthill Media Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Key Selling Points:* Previously unpublished letters give a unique insight into his life, particularly during periods of desperation, hunger and loneliness* A re-evaluation of Livingstone's African legacy and consequential impact up to the modern day* A paperback edition of the best-selling hardback ISBN: 978171553336In 1841, a twenty-eight-year-old Scottish missionary, David Livingstone, began the first of his exploratory treks into the African veldt. During the course of his lifetime, he covered over 29,000 miles uncovering what lay beyond rivers and mountain ranges where no other white man had ever been. Livingstone was the first European to make a trans-African passage from modern day Angola to Mozambique and he discovered and named numerable lakes, rivers and mountains. His explorations are still considered one of the toughest series of expeditions ever undertaken. He faced an endless series of life-threatening situations, often at the hands of avaricious African chiefs, cheated by slavers traders and attacked by wild animals. He was mauled by a lion, suffered thirst and starvation and was constantly affected by dysentery, bleeding from hemorrhoids, malaria and pneumonia. This biography covers his life but also examines his relationship with his wife and children who were the main casualties of his endless explorations in Africa. It also looks Livingstone's legacy through to the modern day. Livingstone was an immensely curious person and he made a habit of making meticulous observations of the flora and fauna of the African countryside that he passed through. His legacy includes numerable maps and geographical and botanical observations and samples. He was also a most powerful and effective proponent for the abolition of slavery and his message of yesterday is still valid today in a continent stricken with drought, desertification and debt for he argued that the African culture should be appreciated for its richness and diversity. But like all great men, he had great faults. Livingstone was unforgiving of those that he perceived had wronged him; he was intolerant of those who could not match his amazing physical powers; and finally and he had no compunction about distorting the truth, particularly about other people, in order to magnify his already significant achievements.


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