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Kniha Pets - 2826988765

40,48 zł

Kniha Pets TickTock Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Every kid loves a checklist. Knowing what's top and what's not is playground gold. And that's not to mention the comedy classics. Wait till you see the ugliest dogs! Specially for young animal lovers, a must-have book containing everything from the super-cute to the silly and slimy, and packed with lists and facts for readers to share with their friends. Usually cuddly, sometimes weird, but always masses of fun, Top 10 for Kids: Pets has it all.


Foul-Mouthed Pets - 2827087077

29,28 zł

Foul-Mouthed Pets SUMMERSDALE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Oh dear. It seems that our furry friends have picked up some very bad language - just what exactly do those vets say to our pets in the consulting room when we're not there? From gutter-mouthed guppies to Fidos that say 'f***!', "Foul-Mouthed Pets" combines comical and cute photos with inappropriate captions to tickle the belly of animal lovers everywhere.


Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals - 2840795041

50,40 zł

Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals CICO BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Like making loom bands? Then you'll LOVE these amazing animals! Discover how to make 25 cute creatures simply using rubber bands, a hook and a loom. With five fun chapters - Cute Pets, In the Garden, Down on the Farm, Into the Wild and Under the Sea - you'll want to start looping straight away! These awesome animals make cool charms to hang from a bag or just sit on your desk - but even better is that they can also be made into great accessories. Buzzy bees become adorable earrings, and a turtle makes an excellent pencil topper. Why not make a penguin brooch, owl necklace or alligator keyring? There are just so many possibilities! Every project has clear instructions and artworks, so it's easy to learn how to get started. Plus, the tools and techniques section explains all you need to know if you're new to working with looms and rubber bands, as well as telling you how you can make your own loom and giving you helpful hints and tips. So what are you waiting for? Get looping!


Plum Lovin' - 2836396173

29,14 zł

Plum Lovin' ST. MARTINS

Literatura obcojęzyczna

When I first heard about this book, I was confused. What could Plum Lovin' be all about? Surely there should be a number in the title, shouldn't there? When the book arrived, I found that it's a "Between-the-Numbers NOVEL" whatever that means. I was still guessing. As I read the book, everything felt out of kilter. The usual suspects are there, but they behave differently than usual. It's as though someone cast a spell over Stephanie Plum's universe in honor of Valentine's Day. The best explanation I can give is to cite the James Bond movies and the way that they began as action adventures and then retreated into self-satire. That's apparently what Plum Lovin' does. There's no progression in the relationships of Stephanie with Morelli and Ranger . . . and Stephanie is now roommates (and sometimes shares a bed) with Diesel ("I'm a jerk . . . but I'm lovable") and Bob. Instead, we see the normal bounty hunting business reduced to pet-detective-level humor. Here's the story's premise: The bounty hunting business is slow and Vinnie needs Stephanie to track down Annie Hart, who has disappeared, so he can afford to take his long-suffering wife on a cruise (pretty bizarre for Vinnie). Stephanie is having no luck finding Annie when Diesel (attractive, but sloppy) reappears in her life. He offers to turn over Annie if Stephanie will run Annie's business that helps people solve their relationship problems. Diesel and Annie turn out to be something out of Men in Black, but the references are so vague that the point isn't fully developed. So instead of tracking down criminals, Stephanie is working on playing cupid's role before Valentine's Day: Helping a shy butcher talk to the woman who serves him coffee every day; getting the wedding-phobic Albert Kloughn to the altar with her sister, Valerie; finding the perfect man for an overwrought divorced mom who has given up on men; introducing a shy veterinarian who has been dating a gold digger to a woman who loves kids and pets; coaching a 35-year-old virgin into how to sexually initiate a relationship; and patching up a marriage that's been disturbed by snoring. In keeping with the Valentine's Day theme, Grandma Mazur takes a leap into the world of physical upgrades with humorous results. Where did I end up on the book? It's cute overall, and funny in a few places . . . but the pacing is off . . . the story isn't as spare as it could be . . . and the humor is more restrained.


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