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The Darkness Of My Shattered Heart - 2849530696

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The Darkness Of My Shattered Heart

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At Seventeen, Elizabeth Jordan Lost Her First Boyfriend In An Accident. At Twenty-two, She Lost Her Fiancé In Another Accident. She Crawled Into A Bottle Of Vodka To Cope And Stayed There For Over A Year. When A Surgery Went Horribly Wrong, The


Nabucco - 2839526749

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Nabucco Chandos


1. Patterson, Susan - Nabucco (Nebukadnezar, Oper In 2. Ouvertuere 3. The Glory Of Israel Is Shattered & Broken (1. Ak 4. Take Heart, Oh My Children 5. When On The Shores Of Egypt 6. What A Tumult 7. As The Shadows Before The Sunlight 8. Fenena! Oh, My Beloved! 9. Jehovah Falls Before Us! 10. Once I Loved You 11. Have You Seen Him? 12. Long Live Nabucco! 13. Profaner! You Shall Not Enter! 14. Tremble, You Madmen 15. You Slaves, Bow Down Before Me! 16. Now My Wrath, Restrained No Longer 17. You Have Betrayed Me, O King Accursed (2. Akt: The 18. The Sweet Fire Of Love's Enchantment 19. Who Approaches? 20. On The Golden Throne Of Assyria 21. Come, Stand Beside Me 22. Through Thy Servant Thou Proclaimest Thy Commandme 23. Who Is There? Who Comes To Call Us 24. Woe To The Traitor, He Is Accursed 25. Stay Your Anger, Oh My Brothers! 26. But What Means This Disturbance? 27. The Moment Approaches Of Man's Retribution 28. Hear Your King! 29. Who Has Stolen My Crown & Sceptre? 101. Great & Mighty Queen Of All Assyria (3. Akt: The 102. Most Noble Lady, Mighty Ruler Of Assyria 103. Woman ... Who Are You? 104. Grey-haired & Feeble, Behold Me 105. Ah, That Sound! 106. Oh, Have Pity On A Father In His Madness 107. Speed Your Journey 108. Why Lament Thee? The Wailing Of Women 109. In The Darkness I See All The Future 110. Am I Awake Or Dreaming? (4. Akt: The Broken Idol) 111. Lord God Of Judah! 112. Open To Me, You Shall Not Stay Me! 113. The False, Perfidious Enemy 114. Go! The Martyr's Crown Of Honour Will Be Yours 115. Lo! The Sky Has Opened Above Me! 116. Long Live Nabucco! 117. Lord God Of Israel 118. My Death Is Near


Legacy - 2845321587

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1. The Story Of Love 2. Crimes Of Passion 3. On My Own 4. Grace 5. Waiting For A Miracle 6. La Movies 7. Ceremony Of Innocence 8. Liquid 9. Haunt Me Tonight 10. A Case Of Right Or Wrong 11. Silent Cries 12. When You're In Love 13. Remember Your Conscience (Japanese Bonus) 14. Shooting Stars (Unreleased New Song) 101. Yeah 102. Demon 103. Don't Give Up 104. Lies Feed On Lies 105. I Should Have Known Better 106. Over You 107. Fire Within 108. Not That Innocent 109. Make It Mine 110. Souls On Fire 111. 7 Am 112. Until I Change Your Heart 113. Somewhere, Someday (Japanese Bonus) 114. Juliet (Unreleased New Song) 201. C.o.w 202. Taken 203. Stronger Than Yesterday 204. Hit Her Where It Hurts 205. Easy's Get Harder 206. This I Promise You 207. Forgivness 208. Shattered 209. Premonition 210. Carry On 211. Love Is On Your Mind 212. Sinner 213. Never Gonna Let Her Go 214. The Darkness Inside (Japanese Bonus) 215. Feel My Heart Again (Unreleased New Song)


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