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Life Incomplete - 2843705253

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Life Incomplete

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Black Death 2. Cloaked In Darkness 3. Searching For Light 4. Silent Wings 5. Ghost 6. Other Side 7. High Road 8. World Of Decay 9. Life Incomplete 10. One Mistake 11. Demons 12. Far Away - Bonus Track



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Antykwariat literacki / Książki angielskojęzyczne

Volume 1: Jokes and their relations This book deals with the creativity and tradition of cultural phenomena in the rapidly transforming post-socialist societies. Parallel research articles by Estonian and Polish authors set out to analyse media texts and other contemporary (folkloric) narratives in order to pin down the influence of political and economic changes on culture. Research material for Volume 1: Jokes and their relations includes primarily humour, but also proverbs and online aggressiveness. The results throw light on the similarities and differences in the ways cultural narratives have changed in the past decades and identity issues in the former Eastern Bloc are reflected in everyday texts, either online, on television, or in face-to-face communication. The analysis of culturally significant texts also helps to redefine the borders and influences of the local and the global in creativity and tradition. Contents vol. 1 : A. Krikmann "Estonian three nation jokes (1964-2012)" D. Brzozowska "Three characters in Polish jokes" L. Laineste "Women in Estonian jokes" D. Brzozowska "Family in Polish jokes" L. Laineste "Stand-up in Estonia: From Soviet estrada to Comedy Estonia" W. Chlopicki "Stand-up tragedy in Poland?" M. Rebane "Some aspects of telling political jokes in Soviet Estonia" M. Poprawa "Polish political humour. An outline of the phenomenon" M. Lőhmus "Political correctness and political humourin Soviet Estonia and beyond" G. Strzadala "Censorship in the People's Republic of Poland" A. Baran "Visual humour on the Internet" T. Piekot Pictorial "representation of idioms in Internet humour" L. Laineste "Verbal expressions of aggressiveness on the Estonian Internet" A. Tereszkiewicz "Do Poles flame? Aggressiveness on Polish discussion groups and social networking sites" P. Voolaid "In graffiti veritas: A paremic glance at graffiti in Tartu" G. Szpila "Regulating the reality? Proverbs in Polish graffiti" Volume 2: Perspectives on national and regional identity The focus of the book is on the role of creativity and tradition in contemporary Eastern Europe, with Estonia and Poland as cases in point. The volume of articles addresses diverse narratives in the Eastern European cultural space as they occur in various types of media. Parallel research articles by scholars from a wide range of fields seek to provide a novel perspective on the ongoing discussions of identity in these rapidly changing societies. Research material for Volume 2: "Perspectives on national and regional identity" is drawn from a variety of sources, both contemporary, e.g. advertisement campaigns, urban legends, cookbooks, etc, and archival, especially folkloric. The analysis of culturally significant narratives helps to specify their role in the construction of collective identity. The results of the studies demonstrate that both national and regional identities are at least partly determined by concepts and stories shared by the people, but at the same time they are the products of external variables, such as public policies or globalisation. Contents vol. 2 : A. Lubecka National identities on display. The role of advertisements in the management of Polish national identity E. Kalmre "Rumours and contemporary legends as part of identity creation process" M. Wójcicka "Urban legends in Poland" M. Kőiva "Calendar feasts: Politics of adoption and reinstatement" A. Lubecka "Polish ritual year - a reflection of Polish cultural policy" R. Järv "A hen who doesn't lay golden eggs?! Fairy tale advertisements and their strategies" M. Wójcicka "Oral textual patterns in modern advertising" E. Annuk "Culinary discourse: Organic food in Estonia" W. Zarski "Culinary identity as the determinant of cultural distinctiveness in Silesia and the Vilnius Region" M. Sarv "Traditional Estonian lullabies. A tentative overview" K. Sikora, B. Zebrowska "Traditional Polish lullabies" U. Lehr "The transcendental side of life. Aquatic demons in Polish folklore" M. Kalda "Hidden treasure lore in Estonian folk tradition" M. Izykowska "Money as an object of desire in Silesian folklore"


In The Pleasure Groove - 2826705941

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In The Pleasure Groove Sphere Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With Duran Duran, John Taylor has created some of the greatest songs of our time. From the disco dazzle of debut single 'Planet Earth' right up to their latest number one album All You Need is Now, Duran Duran has always had the power to sweep the world onto its feet. It's been a ride - and for John in particular, the ride has been wild, thrilling...and dangerous. Now, for the first time, he tells his incredible story - a tale of dreams fulfilled, lessons learned and demons conquered. A shy only child, Nigel John Taylor wasn't an obvious candidate for pop stardom and frenzied girl panic. But when he ditched his first name and picked up a bass guitar, everything changed. John formed Duran Duran with his friend Nick Rhodes in the spring of 1978, and they were soon joined by Roger Taylor, then Andy Taylor and finally Simon Le Bon. Together they were an immediate, massive global success story, their pictures on millions of walls, every single a worldwide hit. In his frank, compelling autobiography, John recounts the highs - hanging out with icons like Bowie, Warhol and even James Bond; dating Vogue models and driving fast cars - all the while playing hard with the band he loved. But he faced tough battles ahead - troubles that brought him to the brink of self-destruction - before turning his life around. Told with humour, honesty and hard-won wisdom, and packed with exclusive pictures, In the Pleasure Groove is a fascinating, irresistible portrait of a man who danced into the fire...and came through the other side.


Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 [Kaldor Saga 3] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove) - 2862240230

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Destinies in Darkness, Part 2 [Kaldor Saga 3] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove) Siren Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires) Eric is building a new life at Keenan's side. An unlikely visitor from a different world changes the course of his destiny. While out on an expedition to eliminate the threat of the demons in New York, Keenan and Eric rescue Gabriel from his captors. Almost at once, Eric befriends Gabriel, finding kinship in the other man's pain. But Eric's closeness to the young Kaldorian stirs Keenan's jealousy. With Keenan's possessive instincts rearing their ugly head, Eric's relationship with his lover becomes increasingly strained. As tensions grow, Kaldorians Cade and Kalin arrive in search of Gabriel. They request Keenan's help to find Cade's missing brother. All the while, Keenan is still looking for the traitor who escaped his grasp. Eric and Keenan embark on an impossible quest to aid their new friends and fulfill their duty. What secrets will their journey reveal? ** A Siren Erotic Romance


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