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Essence of Life - 2835031340

48,61 zł

Essence of Life Page Publishing, Inc.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Essence of Life is meant to be a bit of a mystery. Life as you know it holds many mysteries yet to be discovered. God inspired me to put this title of my poetry book to draw attention to what it means-the essence of life. The essence of life is all around us, drawing us closer to God Almighty, who has created us in his image. Now, I am aware that everybody has their own religious and/or spiritual beliefs, but the purpose of the title is to challenge your own beliefs. It is meant to challenge you on a deeper level of your own conscious mind. As you read my poetry book, I strongly suggest you read it at a park, sitting on a bench, with the wind flowing through your hair, or by the beach when the waves come crashing to and fro. Opening your heart and soul to what these poems mean to you will enrich your life in such a profound way. These poems will touch you in such a personal and profound way that you will surprise yourself. What is the essence of life? What will you discover about yourself by reading one or all of the poems in my poetry? God knows you will find out things about yourself and others that you did not know before.


The Lover's Year-Book of Poetry: A Collection of Love Poems for Every Day in the Year. [Second Series] Married-Life and Child-Life, Volume 2 - 2841052329

175,07 zł

The Lover's Year-Book of Poetry: A Collection of Love Poems for Every Day in the Year. [Second Series] Married-Life and Child-Life, Volume 2



The Lover's Year-Book of Poetry: A Collection of Love Poems for Every Day in the Year; The Other Life, Volume 2 - 2841137031

168,81 zł

The Lover's Year-Book of Poetry: A Collection of Love Poems for Every Day in the Year; The Other Life, Volume 2



To Grasp the Essence of Life - 2834699886

706,04 zł

To Grasp the Essence of Life Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

50 years of DNA double helix; what was before, and afterwards§The present book, although written mainly for science students and research scientists, is also aimed at those readers who look at science, not for its own sake, but in search of a better understanding of our world in general. What were the fundamental questions asked by the early pioneers of molecular biology? What made them tick for decades, trying to elucidate the basic mechanisms of heredity and life itself? In each chapter, the development of a particular aspect of modern biology is described in a historical and logical context, not missing to take into account human aspects of the protagonists of the story. At the end of each chapter, there are some excursus with additional information, technical and otherwise, which can be read separately. The book is enriched with many illustrations, including facsimile reproductions from the original descriptions of key experiments.


Quarter Life Poetry - 2842739303

55,74 zł

Quarter Life Poetry Little, Brown Book Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The creator of the popular Tumblr and Instagram "Quarter Life Poetry" tackles the real-life truths of work, money, sex, and many other challenges 20-somethings face in a laugh-out-loud collection of poetry.§§ Samantha Jayne knows that life post-college isn't as glamorous as all undergrads think it's going to be... because she's currently living it. A graphic artist, Sam started creating doodles and funny poems about her life as a 25-year-old. And when she decided to put them on Instagram, the captions were full of other people tagging friends and saying, "This is literally us." At a time where it seems like everyone around you is getting married, making more money than you do, and paying off their student loans, Sam's poetry captures the voice of millennials everywhere who know that being in your 20s can sometimes be the exact opposite of "the best years of your life."§


The Penguin Book Of Modern African Poetry - 2840836236

74,99 zł

The Penguin Book Of Modern African Poetry

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Poetry>Anthologies (various poets)

A Comprehensive Anthology Of African Poetry With Wide-ranging Contents: War Songs And Political Protests Jostle With Poems About Human Love, African Nature And The Surprises That Life Offers.


Essence Of Ninjutsu - 2826621709

72,50 zł

Essence Of Ninjutsu MCGRAW-HILL Professional

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Looking back almost 1,000 years, the mists of Japan's chaotic past shroud the development of a way of life, an ancient struggle waged against fierce feudal lords who ruled the island nation with swords of steel and a code of death before dishonor. The people of the mountainous regions of what is now Iga prefecture wanted to live in peace, but their lords had other plans-so the people learned the martial arts of self-defense and used their meager farm tools as weapons against the samurai blades of their oppressors. Nine traditions of the ninja arts grew out of this seemingly endless struggle, and legends were told of the supernatural abilities of the ninja fighters. The ninja never gained the kind of power that topples tyrants, but they gained a reputation that made tyrants cautious. And they gained the kind of power that makes the spirit endure and the mind the master of its fate. Told in actual stories of past grandmasters and in dojo lectures on techniques-with photographs, drawings, and paintings-the last surviving grandmaster of the ancient art of ninjutsu, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, presents Essence of Ninjutsu: The Nine Traditions. In it, he explains why, after more than 900 years, the art of the shadow warriors continues to inspire and serve practitioners from around the world. Dr. Hatsumi's book contains historic ninja scrolls and describes techniques for self-defense, and it debunks tricks that are attributed to the ninja but actually derive more from the circus than the martial arts. Essence of Ninjutsu is a fascinating, authoritative look at the roots of ninjutsu and how it continues to enrich the lives of its practitioners today. Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi is a bone doctor, artist, and writer, as well as the 34th grandmaster of the nine schools of the ninja arts in Japan. He has toured the United States in recent years to help Americans better understand the ninja and their way of life. His articles have appeared in all of the major martial arts magazines.


Essence of Perfume - 2826665717

167,05 zł

Essence of Perfume Black Dog Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Roja Dove's passion for fragrance is contagious. As the world's leading perfume authority, Dove takes us on an extravagant journey through the world of scent, from Ancient Egypt, where myth has it that the fragrance Kypi induced mass surrender, through to the 1920s, when Jean Harlow's husband - maddened by his love and frustrated by his impotence - drenched himself in his wife's perfume before ending his life. We hear about the many episodes born from the bitter rivalry between Coco Chanel and "that Italian", Elsa Schiaparelli, and which of today's celebrity fragrances are the most offensive. The Essence of Perfume is the first book by the world's only Professeur de Parfums, and it is as captivating as it is informative. Beginning with a comprehensive discussion of the sense of smell and the materials of the master perfumer, The Essence of Perfume goes on to celebrate the great classics, the makers who brought them to life and the bottle makers who gave them shape. In an age where the methods and motivations of the original perfumers are all but forgotten, Roja Dove unfolds the gripping story of scent with all the passion and devotion of a true artist.


Robert Frost's Philosophy Is An Integral Part Of His Poetry A Study - 2835030510

236,23 zł

Robert Frost's Philosophy Is An Integral Part Of His Poetry A Study LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Robert Frost is a wise poet-philosopher,who advocates not a rejection of life, but an acceptance of it with all its limitation. He loves the world and life in it,even though he often finds faults with it,quarrels with it as a lover often does with the women he loves.His quarrel with the world is a,"lover's quarrel". In this book,an attempt will be to estimate Robert Frost as a poet,as well as philosopher by bringing out certain distinctive views on Nature,Truth,Goodness,Beauty and Love specially a philosophy of life,will be concentrated. The book has been to focus attention on these subtleties and bring out his artistic excellence as well as "the rich and ripe philosophy". Efforts will be made to the exiting level of knowledge about his poetry.Therefore,we would be justified in calling him a poet-philosopher.


Unfolding Gifts in the Spirit Of Poetry - 2835878462

45,62 zł

Unfolding Gifts in the Spirit Of Poetry Di Hall

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

These few poems unfold the stages life in all its struggles. The seven themes depict a search for inner meaning and purpose whilst living alongside others. The peak theme of Sold for a Song takes its victim through a spiritual emergence where all is not real and where the beauty of vulnerability and essence is denigrated and violated by human hand. The following theme expresses all that is yearned for and lost. Recovering through the illusion of love and all its promises moves us into a phase of absorbing the refreshment through a God given earth. Finally, the ending theme is a sad one. It leaves us with the thoughts of human nature, the culture of time and the repeated destruction of natural creation.


Patriarchs in Poetry - 2834685386

73,82 zł

Patriarchs in Poetry AuthorHouse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In his book, Patriarchs in Poetry, Genesis in Rhyming Verse, Pastor Taylor brings the traditional vernacular of the Bible to life in contemporary language. In this volume he shares his talent for translating prose into verse. His previous volume, Harmony of the Gospels in Rhyming Verse, An Epic Poem on the Life of Jesus Christ, is a translation of the first four books of the New Testament into one chronological poem. This subsequent volume is a translation of the first book of the Old Testament, a poetic record of creation and the lives of the patriarchs. The book is faithful to the record as it is found in the Biblical narrative. Patriarchs in Poetry is presented as a series of individual poems that lead the reader through the trials, successes and failures of men like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Pastor Taylor has translated the entire book of Genesis into poetic language. Although the genealogies are included, they are written in prose rather than poetry.


Here Comes the Poetry Man - 2826998179

44,96 zł

Here Comes the Poetry Man Salt Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Shortlisted for the 2012 CLPE Poetry Awards Here Comes the Poetry Man shows a passion for playing with words: how many rhymes are there for the last part of Eloise's name? How many names can you get into one poem? What are your favourite words? Can you write a poem about a beloved cat using a blues structure? It is about the big issues of life - birth, remembering your mother singing, sadness, fear, loss, love: love, that is of friends, family, foreign places, poetry - and a good take-away curry (more lovely words here). It addresses these issues with good humour (in both senses of the phrase) especially in its glimpses of family and school life, from babyhood's first hour, to Grandma and Grandad's golden wedding bash. It celebrates all kinds of human activity: moving house, being in a bad mood, falling in love (though not, please not, with Jenny), loneliness - and dancing the locomotion. It shows that kind of delight in nature that is, perhaps, special to a city boy who began to notice relatively late, once he'd moved to Suffolk, the times when spring came, and how clouds' shapes change, and the way a thaw transforms a landscape slowly but dramatically. It ends with a celebration of three great artists: the Victorian poet Christina Rossetti, the twentieth century poet Charles Causley, and the sculptor Alberto Giacometti. The poems in this book have all been road-tested many times in classrooms. The book will also appeal to individual children, and to adults too, especially if they have felt in the past that poetry ignores them.


Ettore Sottsass and the Poetry of Things - 2826703332

111,31 zł

Ettore Sottsass and the Poetry of Things PHAIDON PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book tells the story of Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007), not just revealing the anecdotes and inspirations behind many of his most famous pieces but also detailing his encounters with some of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, such as Picasso, Hemingway and Allen Ginsberg.§Perhaps best known as the founder of the Memphis Group in the 1980s - famous for its colourful and flamboyant furniture, ceramics and lighting pieces - Ettore Sottsass was one of the most important and prolific Italian designers of the 20th century and is celebrated internationally for his contribution to architecture, industrial and furniture design, ceramics, graphic design, and photography. He initially trained as an architect, before going on to become design consultant for Olivetti, where he designed the Valentine typewriter, one of his most iconic pieces. Throughout his long career, which spanned many disciplines, he traveled extensively, taking thousands of photographs of the things that inspired him.§This book - written by Deyan Sudjic - explores the entire life of this incredible designer, placing it in historical context, and covering everything from Sottsass's birth in 1917 to his death in 2007. It also includes approximately 100 carefully selected, and previously unpublished images from the Ettore Sottsass Archives in Milan, to illustrate the key moments, encounters and people in his long life.


Poetry Deal - 2827036713

58,39 zł

Poetry Deal City Lights Foundation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Poetry Deal shines with eros and kindness and the reality of inspiration. No American or Anarchist voice or soul-building heart has ever been more clear. The pages are fierce with love and generosity."--Michael McClure, author of Ghost Tantras "The Poetry Deal is fresh flame from a revolutionary fire that continues to burn. Every woman of every age should carry it in a purse with their pepper spray. Diane is the ultimate weapon."--Amber Tamblyn, author of Dark Sparkler "In her latest collection as San Francisco Poet Laureate, di Prima is again at the height of her powers, with 'the act of writing itself more compelling than ever.' For a half-century, as poet, printer, alchemist, and teacher she's created a communal reality where everyone is invited to actively participate in its making. 'It is the poem I serve luminous" she says in her Inaugural Address, reminding us to "write like you talk, talk like you sing, sing like you dance, or love.'"--Micah Ballard, author of Waifs and Strays The Poetry Deal is the first full-length collection of individual poems in decades from legendary feminist Beat poet Diane di Prima. Framed by two passionate, and critical, prose statements assessing her adopted home city, The Poetry Deal is a collection of poems that provide a personal and political look at forty years of Bay Area culture. Often elegiac in tone, the book captures the poet's sense of loss as she chronicles the deaths of friends from the AIDS epidemic as well as the passing of illustrious countercultural colleagues like Philip Whalen, Pigpen from the Grateful Dead, and Kirby Doyle. She also recalls and mourns out-of-town inspirations like Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Audre Lorde, and Ezra Pound. Yet even as she laments the state of her city today, she finds triumph and solace in her own relationships, the marriages of her friends, the endurance of City Lights, and other symbols of San Francisco's heritage. Born in Brooklyn in 1934, Diane di Prima emerged as a member of the Beat Generation in New York in the late '50s; in the early '60s, she founded the important mimeo magazine The Floating Bear with her lover LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka). In the late '60s, she moved to San Francisco, where she would publish her groundbreaking Revolutionary Letters (1971) with City Lights. Her other important books include Memoirs of a Beatnik, Pieces of a Dream, Recollections of My Life as a Woman, and Loba. She was named San Francisco Poet Laureate in 2009. More praise for Diane di Prima: "A prolific writer generally associated with the Beat Generation, di Prima deserves wider recognition."--Library Journal "She is not about to be regarded merely as a literary figurehead, but as an ongoing contributor to the arts--a presence whose voice continues to positively impact those who listen, as it has for the last half-century."--Verbicide Magazine


Devotional Poetry in France c.1570 - 2835278409

223,79 zł

Devotional Poetry in France c.1570 Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dr Cave studies the relationship between the traditions of personal devotion in sixteenth-century France and the poetry which flourished at the end of the century and the beginning of the seventeenth. It was a poetry of intense personal commitment, preoccupied with penitence and confession, the vanity of life, the imminence of death, the meaning of the Incarnation and the Passion; often verging on mysticism and mingling of the sensual, the intellectual and the spiritual in a manner often thought typical of the baroque. It was part of a European movement, and there is much here to interest the student of the early seventeenth-century sensibility. A comparable book on English literature is Louis Martz's The Poetry of Meditation, but the lines of Dr Cave's enquiry are new. The book has a fourfold interest: to readers concerned with French literature; to those with particular interest in the traditions of devotion; to those concerned with comparative studies in the baroque period, and to students of rhetorical analysis.


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