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Lecturing on the Norm of Love in Criminal Justice - 2843912720

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Lecturing on the Norm of Love in Criminal Justice Springer Verlag GmbH

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This volume is a new chapter in the future history of law. Its general perspective could not be more original and its critical ethical edge on the state of international law could not be timelier. It explores a decent philosophy in the genuine substance of law, criminal procedures, and international criminal justice. It divides law into three interrelated disciplines, i.e. legality, morality and love. The norm love encompasses a mandatory norm. Its goal is to produce a normative and positive, powerful result, therefore avoiding any impurity that may exist in the application of other norms because of political or juridical rules, a one-eyed-justice. The norm love enquires into justice with the principles of legal accountability, transparency and the high moral bare values of humanity. The notion of justice cannot be trusted in the absence of love norm. It indicates the conditions of its efficiency by proving its reasons of existence for fairness, objectivity, concern of all individuals and entities. The norm love should be the basic reason for teaching law in all faculties of law.A lawyer with the knowledge of law is not a lawyer if he cannot understand that the law does not look for a lawyer with the knowledge of its provisions for incomes, but one with the knowledge of its essence for the maturity of morality of justice and for the bare reason of love for justice. This book recognises that the norm love comprises one of the most essential cornerstones of criminal law, procedures and international criminal justice. The value of the norm is beyond legal and moral norms. It is derived from human reason for his advancement, and securing of natural rights. The book suggests that we have to use the norm of love to prevent serious conflicts before we attempt to face atrocities against humanity. Appropriate human rights law, criminal procedures and international criminal law would never have been possible if good deeds had not been given priority. Learning the legal capacity of love norm in the volume is imperative to every single individual who faces law, politics, justice, injustice and the essential value of human dignity. The work, 1. Suggests fresh perspectives in international criminal law and is exceedingly original2. Offers the norm of love as the common ground that is accessible by any culture in order to resist injustice3. Illustrates the force of love in advancing transformative ethical and political argument4. Criticizes other approaches to law, but always from its own original ethical and psychological perspective5. Presents a well-argued and compelling restoration for successive criminal procedures


International Social Work - 2826757134

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International Social Work Oxford University Press

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International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World is a comprehensive introduction that places social work history, practice, policy, and education within an international perspective. Two main themes-- global interdependence and professional action-- are emphasized in this complete examination of an increasingly global profession. The author provides a four-part definition of international social work; emphasizing competence for professional action in international aspects of domestic practice and policy; professional exchange; international development practice; and policy formulation and advocacy at the global level. The economic, cultural, environmental, and social welfare implications of global interdependence are addressed through a discussion of resource utilization, poverty, structural adjustment and the debt crisis, migration, HIV/AIDS, and the rights of women and children. A chapter on value and ethical dilemmas considers how context influences the ways in which social issues are approached, and case examples from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean are used throughout the book to illustrate concepts.The text concludes with an exploration of universal concepts for social work around the world, including social development, human rights, multiculturalism, social exclusion, sustainability, and security. From direct service to policy and administration, International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World provides a thorough overview of the international dimensions of social work practice. It is an essential text for all social work students and practitioners and provides a sound foundation for future academic and career exploration in international social work.


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