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European Migrant Crisis - 2836091004

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European Migrant Crisis

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The Internal-External Security Nexus.Achieving Internal Security byCreating a Secure External Environment and the Current Migrant Crisis in the Medite - 2836093606

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The Internal-External Security Nexus.Achieving Internal Security byCreating a Secure External Environment and the Current Migrant Crisis in the Medite GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Peace and Conflict Studies, Security, grade: 1,7, Leiden University (Public Administration), language: English, abstract: The idea of an internal-external security nexus is holding greater sway in both politics and academia.§The nexus describes the blurring of two formerly distinct security spheres: internal security (domestic affairs), the domain of police and law enforcement; and external security (foreign affairs), traditionally the domain of diplomats and the military.§§The internal-external security nexus is widely acknowledged in contemporary European Union (EU) documents, also in respect to the issue of migration.§§Central components of the EU's approach to the current influx of irregular migrants are to enhance the capacity of countries at the Union's periphery in order to prevent illegal migration movement early on, to fight migrant smuggling, and to rigorously return persons who do not qualify for international protection under the 1951 Geneva Convention.§§However, the EU is externally lacking partners while at the same time appearing to be internally in quarrel over how to respond.


Alliance of Women - 2212826372

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Alliance of Women University of Minnesota Press

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This work is an innovative exploration of urban Italian politics, immigration, and European identity. In the 1980s, Italy transformed from a country of emigration to one of immigration. Italians are now faced daily with the presence of migrants from all over Africa, parts of South and Central America, the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe. While much attention has been paid to the impact on Italians, few studies have focused on the agency of migrants themselves. In "An Alliance of Women", Heather Merrill investigates how migrants and Italians struggle over meanings and negotiate social and cultural identities. Taking as a starting point the Italian crisis over immigration in the early 1990s, Merrill examines grassroots interethnic spatial politics among female migrants and Turin feminists in Northern Italy. Using rich ethnographic material, she traces the emergence of Alma Mater - an antiracist organization formed to address problems encountered by migrant women. Through this analysis, Merrill reveals the dynamics of an alliance consisting of women from many countries of origin and religious and class backgrounds. Highlighting an interdisciplinary approach to migration and the instability of group identities in contemporary Italy, "An Alliance of Women" presents migrants grappling with spatialized boundaries amid growing nativist and anti-immigrant sentiment in Western Europe.


Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2016 - 2842846890

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Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2016

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2016 Was Not Only The Year Of Brexit, The Most Important And Contentious Political Event In Britain For Decades. It Was Also The Year Of Trump And A Tempestuous US Presidential Campaign, The European Migrant Crisis, NHS Junior Doctors' Strikes, And The Terror Threat From ISIS In Europe. This Is A Companion To A Momentous And Tumultuous Year.


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