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Migrant Integration in Times of Economic Crisis: Policy Responses from European and North American Global Cities - 2855466628

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Migrant Integration in Times of Economic Crisis: Policy Responses from European and North American Global Cities



The United Kingdom and the European Migrant Crisis 2015/16. Public Dialogue and Government Action - 2858469854

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The United Kingdom and the European Migrant Crisis 2015/16. Public Dialogue and Government Action



Europe's Border Crisis - 2854368088

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Europe's Border Crisis Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The European Union (EU) Commission champions a 'migrant-centred' approach to border security and 'irregular' migration management: it claims not only to observe human rights, but also to use surveillance to enhance the humanitarian protection of 'endangered' lives on land and at sea. Yet research presented by Non-Governmental Organizations and 'irregular' migrants' own testimonies reveal systemic border violence, dehumanization in spaces of detention, and exposure to death via abandonment in hostile environments. This book turns to conceptual resources found in biopolitical theory in order to move diagnoses of Europe's border crisis beyond that of a 'gap' between the policy 'rhetoric' of humanitarianism and the 'reality' of 'irregular' migrants' embodied experiences. It argues that both 'positive' and 'negative' dimensions of EU border security are symptomatic of tensions within biopolitical techniques of government and what Roberto Esposito refers to as the paradigm of immunization. While bordering practices are designed to play a defensive role they contain the potential for excessive and often lethal security mechanisms that end up threatening the very values and lives they purport to protect. Each chapter draws on a different biopolitical key to identify and interrogate diverse technologies of power at a range of border sites. Must border security always result in dehumanization and death? Are humanitarian discourses sufficient for critiquing contemporary forms of border violence? Is a more affirmative approach to border politics possible? Europe's Border Crisis addresses these pressing questions and advances new research agendas for critical border and migration studies beyond existing debates about 'control' versus 'escape'.


Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Europe - 2854337804

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Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Europe Berg Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Contemporary Europe is in the midst of a cultural and social crisis. Debates over how European societies should respond to their changing ethnic profile lie at the heart of this crisis, whilst the issues raised have been given sharper focus by nationalist political parties espousing an anti-immigration agenda. This book examines the relationship between gender and ethnicity in Europe, viewed from within an immigration framework. To date, much of the research on Europe has treated gender and ethnicity in isolation. The contributors to this collection rectify this. They make the links between these two areas thus giving ethnic minority women greater visibility within the European context. They consider the relationship between gender and ethnicity from a number of thematic perspectives including the feminization of migration, political mobilization by ethnic minority women, women and Islam and the formation of identity. The case studies examine Islamic cultures in Italy, Turkish identity in Germany, the political experience of South Asian women in the UK, migrant women in Spain, challenges to the social reputation of Muslim women in the Netherlands, evolving perceptions in Post-Communist Russia and political activism in France. The book also considers white women's identity and questions whether or not a service caste, drawn from contemporary migrant women, is emerging in today's Europe. Throughout, we learn about the new and different forms of 'Europeanness' that these women are forging.


Citizenship as a Human Right - 2854497656

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Citizenship as a Human Right Springer Palgrave Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book examines a stringent§problem of current migration societies-whether or not to extend citizenship to§resident migrants. Undocumented migration has been an active issue for many§decades in the USA, and became a central concern in Europe following the§Mediterranean migrant crisis.§§In this innovative study based on§the basic principles of transnational citizenship law and the naturalization§pattern around the world, Matias purports that it is possible to determine that§no citizen in waiting should be permanently excluded from citizenship. Such a§proposition not only imposes a positive duty overriding an important dimension§of sovereignty but it also gives rise to a discussion about undocumented§migration. With its transnational law focus, and cases from public§international law courts, European courts and national courts, Citizenship as a Human Right: The§Fundamental Right to a Specific Citizenship may be applied to virtually§anywhere in the world.§


Alliance of Women - 2212826372

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Alliance of Women University of Minnesota Press

Inne 1

This work is an innovative exploration of urban Italian politics, immigration, and European identity. In the 1980s, Italy transformed from a country of emigration to one of immigration. Italians are now faced daily with the presence of migrants from all over Africa, parts of South and Central America, the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe. While much attention has been paid to the impact on Italians, few studies have focused on the agency of migrants themselves. In "An Alliance of Women", Heather Merrill investigates how migrants and Italians struggle over meanings and negotiate social and cultural identities. Taking as a starting point the Italian crisis over immigration in the early 1990s, Merrill examines grassroots interethnic spatial politics among female migrants and Turin feminists in Northern Italy. Using rich ethnographic material, she traces the emergence of Alma Mater - an antiracist organization formed to address problems encountered by migrant women. Through this analysis, Merrill reveals the dynamics of an alliance consisting of women from many countries of origin and religious and class backgrounds. Highlighting an interdisciplinary approach to migration and the instability of group identities in contemporary Italy, "An Alliance of Women" presents migrants grappling with spatialized boundaries amid growing nativist and anti-immigrant sentiment in Western Europe.


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