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Depression and epilepsy: A bidirectional relationship and perspective on current thinking with future recommendations - 2847098024

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Depression and epilepsy: A bidirectional relationship and perspective on current thinking with future recommendations GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scholarly Research paper from the year 2012 in the subject Psychology - Clinic and Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, grade: 1st, Royal Holloway, University of London (Department of Psychology), course: psychology, language: English, abstract: Depression is common in epilepsy, but few studies investigate this relationship (Lambert et al, 1999). The purpose of this paper is first to examine the reasons behind the failure to diagnose and treat depressive disorders in epilepsy, and second to identify a clinical and research agenda that will advance understanding of the nature of this comorbid illness. This paper uses literature identified through a non-systematic search in PubMed and the authors own clinical experience with this patient group. Findings indicate epilepsy and depression exist as a co-morbid illness, with the prevalence of depression being almost twice as common in people with epilepsy compared to the general population. Alongside this, episodic seizures and a diagnosis of epilepsy are more common in individuals diagnosed with a depressive disorder than among those undiagnosed. In many of these patients depression affects their quality of life more severely than the seizures themselves, as indicated by increased suicide rates in this population group. Diagnosing depression in epilepsy may be difficult because the symptoms are somewhat atypical and appear episodically. Depressive symptoms may be temporarily related to seizures (ictal or peri-ictal) or more often, independent of seizures (interictal). This phenomenon may be explained by evidence of pathophysiological mechanisms common to both disorders. Antidepressants can, in some cases, reduce the seizure threshold, but SSRI s do this to a little or negligible extent. Therefore these drugs are recommended as a first line of treatment for depression in people with epilepsy. Overall depression is not found to be simply a reactive process to epilepsy. There appears to be a bidirectional relationship between epilepsy and depression, as both conditions increase the risk of developing the other. Recommendations for future practice are suggested. Implications for future research include the need to investigate treatment modalities with the same scientific rigor used in any neuropsychiatric disorder and its control.


Disability Studies - 2827083198

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Disability Studies Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This textbook brings together a range of expert voices to tackle the essential topics relevant to the study of disability. From the outset disability is tackled from a social perspective, demonstrating how future practice and discourse could break down barriers and lead to more equal relationships for disabled people in everyday life. An interdisciplinary introduction, the book includes over 50 chapters on topics relevant across health and social care. Reflective questions, case studies and suggestions for further reading throughout will help readers gain a critical appreciation of the subject and expand their knowledge.


Urbanism Typifying the Turn-of-the-Century American Way of Life in Franzen's "Strong Motion" - 2835278701

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Urbanism Typifying the Turn-of-the-Century American Way of Life in Franzen's "Strong Motion" GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 1,7, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (FTSK, Abteilung Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Anglophonie ), course: Graduate Seminar American Cities: The Urban Experience in Literary Texts and Translations, language: English, abstract: The present work is about urbanism and about how it is typifying the turn-of-the-century American way of life.The first chapter of this term paper contains a plot synopsis on the novel Strong Motion by Jonathan Franzen depicting the main characters. The second chapter is about Post-modernism. It describes what the term means in fact. A main feature of our post-modern times are cities or urban regions. In the second chapter you will find an interpretation of their meaning and importance in relation to Post-modernism. After this rather general insight in the present urban spirit of the age I will proceed by pointing out passages from the novel Strong Motion that document facts about urbanism and Post-modernism, about certain features of Boston, the Boston area and about the way people live in these places. The topics are going to be gentrification, the quaternary sector, the widening gap between rich and poor, fast occurring changes, heterogeneity and cars. The conclusion will give an outlook on what we may have to expect in the future from urban regions in a globalized world.


EU-Chinese Trade Relations - 2836515294

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EU-Chinese Trade Relations GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2007 in the subject South Asian Studies, South-Eastern Asian Studies, printed single-sided, grade: 90, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (School of International Business), course: Chinese Foreign Trade, 32 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The EU-Chinese trade relations are a very important aspect of today s world economy and are expected to even increase in future. These trade relations are equally important for both sides and will have a strong impact on the future of both parts.First of all, chapter 2 gives a summary of the most important aspects of trade-related statistics about China and the EU to give an overview of the two parties. In chapter 3, the history of the EU-Chinese relations and the most essential trade statistics will be presented. Before ending with an overall conclusion, chapter 4 will deal with some special trade issues of importance, like technological cooperation, the textile conflict and the everlasting issue of intellectual property rights.


Hispanic Marketing - 2212825950

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Hispanic Marketing Butterworth Heinemann


This book is about strategic thinking in Hispanic marketing. The size and economic importance of the Hispanic market in the US are attracting enormous attention. The buying power of the US Hispanic market is now larger than the GDP of the entire country of Mexico, and it is the second largest Hispanic market in the world. Businesses and institutions have launched major initiatives to reach this important segment. Yet, the number of qualified individuals who understand the market is small; and many of those already catering to the market still struggle to learn about its intricacies. This book is a cultural approach to Hispanic marketing. Each of the chapters describes and explains the cultural principles of Latino marketing. Recent case studies help marketers relate to the material pragmatically. The book integrates concepts and practical examples and provides critical guidance to discern between alternative courses of action. This book is not about repeating well-known statistics, but about the Hispanic market as a cultural target. It takes a profound look at the values, beliefs, and emotions of US Hispanics, which impact consumer behaviour. Each of the chapters has been the subject of public presentations and lectures to marketing professionals. It is their positive reactions as well as the authors


Margaret Storm Jameson - 2826674843

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Margaret Storm Jameson Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From her childhood in Whitby to her long old age in Cambridge, the life of Margaret Storm Jameson (1891-1986), novelist, autobiographer, and political activist, spanned almost the whole of the twentieth century. A self-styled Little Englander by nature, and European by nurture, equally at home, or out of place, in the North Yorkshire moors and seascape of her birth, metropolitan London, rural France, and the capitals of Central Europe, she wrote of country, cities and the exile from both with equal knowledge and sympathy. Out of the changing landscapes of her present, she fashioned her vision of the future. The title of her autobiography, Journey from the North, is a simultaneous evocation and erasure of nostalgia for lost commonality, and in her long life as writer and activist, President of wartime PEN (the association of Poets, Essayist, Novelists) committed to the values of freedom and social justice, she fought to reconcile the conflicting forms of emergent modernity. Her own journey is the generic experience of twentieth-century Britain, and the England she urges on her contemporaries is one that shares the life and mind of Europe. The present book traces the history of that shared experience. It recovers, through her writing, the aspirations and the disappointments of the generation of socialists that was Class 1914. The soldiers returning from the front in 1918, to unemployment and the General Strike of 1926, fight in 1940 alongside Frenchmen, and against Germans, who are victims of the same system: class conflict, nationalist rivalries, imperialist ambition, all for Jameson have the same defining economic horizon. At the end of the odyssey the stark alternatives take shape: Washington or Moscow, the madness of American capitalism, or the oppression of Stalinist Communism. Alongside the narrative of Jameson's life, and the experiences as daughter, wife, and mother that shaped her personality and her career, the book explores her concern with issues of culture and society, cultural memory, and cultural landscapes, her fascination with aesthetic form and the relation of writing to politics, her insight into the materiality of words, and her persistent probing of the nature of the writing subject. It draws on unpublished archive material and brings new research on neglected areas of cultural history into conjunction with literary-critical analyses of Jameson's novels and studies of her journalism and essays. There is an extensive Bibliography of her work.


Earth Perfect - 2826795962

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Earth Perfect Black Dog Publishing London UK

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia and the Garden is an eclectic, yet rigorous reflection on the relationship--historical, present and future--between humanity and the garden. Through the lens of Utopian Studies--the interdisciplinary field that encompasses fictions all the way through to actual political projects, and urban ideals; in a nutshell, addressing the human natural drive towards the ideal--Earth Perfect? brings together a selection of inspiring essays, each contributed by foremost writers from the fields of architecture, history of art, classics, cultural studies, farming, geography, horticulture, landscape architecture, law, literature, philosophy, urban planning and the natural sciences.Through these joined voices, the garden emerges as a site of contestation and a repository for symbolic, spiritual, social, political and ecological meaning. Questions such as: "what is the role of the garden in defining humanity's ideal relationship with nature?" and "how should we garden in the face of catastrophic ecological decline?" are addressed through wideranging case studies, including ancient Roman Gardens in Pompeii, Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, the Gardens of Versailles, organic farming in New England and Bohemia's secret gardens, as well as landscape in contemporary architecture.Issues relating to the utopian garden are explored thematically rather than chronologically, and organised in six chapters: "Being in nature," "inscribing the garden," "green/house," "The garden politic," "economies of the garden" and "how then shall we garden?." each essay is both individual in scope and part of the wider discourse of the book as a whole, and each is lusciously illustrated, bringing to life the subject with diverse visual material ranging from photography to historical documents, maps and artworks.


Shadow of the Sun - 2212824581

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Shadow of the Sun Penguin

Literatura faktu

'Only with the greatest of simplifications, for the sake of convenience, can we say Africa. In reality, except as a geographical term, Africa doesn't exist'. Ryszard Kapuscinski has been writing about the people of Africa throughout his career. In a study that avoids the official routes, palaces and big politics, he sets out to create an account of post-colonial Africa seen at once as a whole and as a location that wholly defies generalised explanations. It is both a sustained meditation on the mosaic of peoples and practises we call 'Africa', and an impassioned attempt to come to terms with humanity itself as it struggles to escape from foreign domination, from the intoxications of freedom, from war and from politics as theft. The Beginning: Collision, Ghana 1958 More than anything, one is struck by the light. Light everywhere. Brightness everywhere. Everywhere, the sun. Just yesterday, an autumnal London was drenched in rain. The airplane drenched in rain. A cold, wind, darkness. But here, from the morning


Edmund Burke, 1729-97 - 2844386274

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Edmund Burke, 1729-97 Greenwood Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Although he held only minor offices in Parliament, politician and political writer Edmund Burke strongly affected contemporary opinion, and his ideas had a profound impact on the future. He supported the American colonists in their quarrel with Britain, played a conspicuous part in the impeachment of Warren Hastings for alleged misgovernment in India, and advocated religious toleration, the abolition of the slave trade, and other reforms. A bibliography of his life and career, the book includes a biographical essay and chronology, and provides a complete list of Burke's writings, as well as books and articles about him up to the present. Important contemporary portraits and cartoons and comments of his contemporaries add to this volume. The book's opening essay describes the life of Edmund Burke, showing how his writings and actions related to the main issues of the time, where the chronology lists events important to this situation. Section one, Manuscript and Archival Resources, sites the location of relevant collections, indicates those of greatest importance, and lists both guides to collections and contemporary periodicals. Bibliographies, biographies, and studies of Burke's political thought appear in the second section, while the tertiary section covers Burke's own writings. Contemporaries of Burke are covered in section four. His political background is examined in the fifth section, and the following chapters cover places associated with Burke, his speeches, contemporary portraits and caricatures, periodicals, and his life and career. Author, artist, and subject indexes conclude the work.


Art Therapy, Research and Evidence-based Practice - 2826766121

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Art Therapy, Research and Evidence-based Practice Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'This is an important and topical book coming at a time when there is growing pressure to show evidence of good practice, in order to reassure the prospective client, and to demonstrate financial accountability. It gives valuable guidelines and examples for art therapists. The book is innovative and inspiring, and the author's enthusiasm shines through. I end with the last line of this topical, readable, relevant book - one that encapsulates its content: 'We need the facts, we need the figures, but we need the stories and the pictures, too" - "Therapy Today".'This book makes a major contribution to the field of art therapy by reviewing, in an accessible and informed manner, the issues around the development of research-informed practice. The author offers an overview of different traditions of inquiry that will be of value to practitioners as well as those actually involved in carrying out research' - John McLeod, Tayside Institute for Health Studies, University of Abertay Dundee.'This impressive book is lively, inspiring and innovative. Andrea Gilroy's energetic enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. She breathes life into the topics of research and EBP. This rich exploration combines a rigorous investigation of the existing literature with intelligent, original and practical suggestions. A thorough, informative approach that challenges existing thinking. This is a must for art therapists - at last a book that places art at the centre of our evidence in a convincingly argued, accessible and rewarding read' - Professor Joy Schaverien PhD.Art Therapy around the world is under increasing pressure to become more "evidence-based". As a result, practitioners now need to get to grips with what constitutes "evidence", how to apply research in appropriate ways and also how to contribute to the body of evidence through their own research and other related activities. Written specifically for art therapy practitioners and students, "Art Therapy, Research & Evidence Based Practice": traces the background to EBP; critically reviews the existing art therapy research; explains the research process; links research with the development of clinical guidelines; and, describes the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate efficacy.Drawing on her own experience as a researcher, practitioner and lecturer, Andrea Gilroy looks at the implications of EBP for art therapy and examines common concerns about the threat it may pose to the future provision of art therapy within public services. "Art Therapy, Research And Evidence-Based Practice" addresses issues which are critical to the future development and even the survival of art therapy. Combining insightful analysis with practical guidance and examples, this is an ideal resource for practitioners and for those in training. Andrea Gilroy is Reader in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Social Psychology - 2212824367

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Social Psychology McGraw-Hill

Inne 1

David Myers' Social Psychology continues to set the standard by which other Social Psychology texts are judged. Its renowned authorĹźs engaging writing style and unique, intimate voice make the text compelling without being simplistic. The organization logically moves the student through the study of how people think, influence, and relate, with an appropriate balance of basic research and applied material. This edition offers greater emphasis on contemporary research, and uses video clips and vignettes to emphasize the relevance of social psychology research."The Story Behind the Research" boxes (selected and updated from the previous editionĹźs "Behind the Theory boxes") continues to offer interviews with classic researchers and now also include contemporary, cutting-edge researchers.|A new feature, "The Personal Postscript," offers a question for reflection that engages the readers in connecting principles of social psychology to their lives.|Several "Focus On" boxes have been updated to emphasize news and current events related to topics in social psychology, as well as the real life role of social psychology.|Packaged free with the text, the Social Connection CD-ROM includes short video outtakes from interviews with researchers, which elaborate on studies detailed within the text or provide new insight into how famous researchers became interested in social psychology; this footage is not included in the modules created for classroom use. The CD also includes multiple choice questions for each chapter. |The Online Learning Center now includes PowerWeb--a unique resource that brings the latest scientific findings into the classroom with current articles from The New York Times. Curriculum-based materials, weekly updates with quizzes, refereed Web links, research tools, study aids, and interactive exercises give students the opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking skills. A PowerWeb access card is packaged free with each new copy of the text!|The text pioneered the effective organization that divides the material into three sections: "Social Thinking," "Social Influence," and "Social Relations." This structure allows students to develop an integrated understanding of the subject as they progress logically from one area of social psychology to the next. |Applications of social psychology are interwoven throughout every chapter, reflected in major chapter headings, and highlighted in the applied chapters clustered as three concluding modules: "Social Psychology in the Clinic," "Social Psychology in Court," and "Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future." |Relevant examples from the arts, business, sports, and current events appeal to students from a variety of majors and backgrounds. |The engaging and personal writing style reflects the authorĹźs enthusiasm for the subject. |Brief "Social Connection" video modules, free to adopters of the text, combine recreations of classic social psychology experiments, footage from original experiments, and interviews with high-profile social psychologists. Available for each chapter of the text, these modules range from 5 to 18 minutes in length, and are all contained on one videotape or CD-ROM for ease of use.


French Communist Party and the Crisis of International Communism - 2826730272

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French Communist Party and the Crisis of International Communism MIT Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Several key questions are the focus for this study of the French Communist Party and its role in the crisis engulfing the international Communist movement. What has been the historical relationship of the Parti communiste franais to Moscow? How did de-Stalinization, East European upheavals in 1956, and Sino-Soviet differences affect that relationship? Why has the PCF continued to remain an important ally of the Soviets?Mr. Fejt answers these questions with a detailed discussion of the integration of French communism into the political life of France. Taking a partly sociological approach, he establishes the bases for the appeal of communism in France; then he describes French domestic and foreign politics in relation to developments in the Soviet Union and to changes in the international Communist movement. His approach here is to give a roughly chronological account of PCF response to developments at home and abroad, in part through a discussion of official party congresses. He amplifies his discussion of French communism by comparing and contrasting it to the Communist Party in Italy, where advanced industrialization and a highly influential domestic party have made the two countries rough counterparts in the structure of world Communist activity. Mr. Fejto's many points of emphasis allow him to draw certain conclusions about the present and future character of the French Communist Party, conclusions that center around public support for the party on French soil and increasingly shrewd management of relations with Communist and non-Communist interests represented at home and abroad.One of the particular advantages of this study is that it is firmly embedded in French history and politics. An authoritative and highly perceptive treatment of the subject, The French Commmunist Party and the Crisis of International Communism will be an indispensable entry on any reading list in Communist affairs, especially in the influence of pivotal Communist parties loosely associated with the West. Franois Fejt is uniquely qualified to write about the Parti communiste franais. Of Hungarian origin, he has lived in France for nearly thirty years. His historical works on Central Europe include a biography of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II and the standard Histoire des dmocraties populaires. More recently he has published the only serious work in French on the Sino-Soviet dispute, Chine-U.R.S.S., Vol. I, La fin d'une hgmonie: Les origines du grand schisme communiste, 1950-1957 (Paris: Pion, 1964); Vol. II, Le Conflit: Le dveloppement du grand schisme communiste, 1958-1965 (Paris: Pion, 1966).Volume 9, Studies in International Communism, Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Botrytis - 2826643680

1397,17 zł

Botrytis Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Botrytis cinerea and other Botrytis species are important pathogens of nursery plants, vegetables, ornamental, field and orchard crops and stored and transported agricultural products. Over the last 125 years, Botrytis spp. have been investigated by an increasing number of specialists in diverse fields including chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics, morphology and histology, taxonomy, host-parasite interaction, ecology and epidemiology and they have been the subject of an immense number of published studies. Considerable effort is invested in protecting the agricultural produce against Botrytis before and after harvest. The market size for anti-Botrytis products is currently estimated at US$ 15-25 million in recent years. The intensity of anti-Botrytis measures taken by farmers continued unabated throughout the last 20 years but our understanding of the processes that govern Botrytis life cycles, pathogenicity and epidemiology have become comprehensive. During the compilation of this book the aim was to create a most comprehensive treatise on the rapidly developing science ofBotrytis and to serve as a stimulus to future research for the benefit of agriculture and horticulture and all those who serve these industries; i.e. researchers and students, farm advisers and agriculture specialists.The book is the result of intensive work of 43 authors, all of whom are leading scientists in the Botrytis sciences. Each chapter describes a particular aspect of fungal biology and its impact on disease processes and host response. New technologies have arisen that when applied to long-standing problems or to test new hypotheses have been most rewarding and many of these are covered in this book. The chapters are cross linked so that readers can follow associated material to better understand the practical implications of the advances made in fundamental science. The twenty inter-connected chapters of the book are grouped according to three major themes: the fungus and its pathogenicity factors; plant reactions to infection; and epidemiology and management of important Botrytis-incited diseases. This book adopts a multidisciplinary approach to integrate the state-of-the-art knowledge in all key areas of common interest in the fungi and their plant interactions. The book includes detailed reviews of Botrytis spp. and the diseases they cause in plant systems and provides a comprehensive description of these fungal necrotrophs, including their diversity of response to the environment, their speciation and relatedness, sources of variation for evolution and molecular genetics and genomics. Aspects of Botrytis-host interactions, pathogenicity factors, the plant's reactions to infection, morphology and cellular organization, signaling, key enzymes, reactive oxygen species and oxidative processes in disease on-set, secondary metabolites as plant defense substances and the role of phytohormones in such reactions are emphasized in the book. Several innovative approaches for disease management of this group of destructive pathogens and methods of detection, epidemiological studies and chemical and biological control are also discussed.


Interior Urbanism - 2842081087

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Interior Urbanism Bristol Classical Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Vast interior spaces have become ubiquitous in the contemporary city. The soaring atriums and concourses of mega-hotels, shopping malls and transport interchanges define an increasingly normal experience of being 'inside' in a city. Yet such spaces are also subject to intense criticism and claims that they can destroy the quality of a city's authentic life 'on the outside'."Interior Urbanism" explores the roots of this contemporary tension between inside and outside, identifying and analysing the concept of interior urbanism and tracing its history back to the works of John Portman and Associates in 1960s and 70s America. Portman - increasingly recognised as an influential yet understudied figure - was responsible for projects such as Peachtree Center in Atlanta and the Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel, developments that employed vast internal atriums to define a world of possibilities not just for hotels and commercial spaces, but for the future of the American downtown amid the upheavals of the 1960s and 70s. The book analyses Portman's architecture in order to reconsider major contexts of debate in architecture and urbanism in this period, including the massive expansion of a commercial imperative in architecture, shifts in the governance and development of cities amid social and economic instability, the rise of postmodernism and critical urban studies, and the defence of the street and public space amid the continual upheavals of urban development.In this way the book reconsiders the American city at a crucial time in its development, identifying lessons for how we consider the forces at work, and the spaces produced, in cities in the present.


Hypnosis and Counselling in the Treatment of Cancer and Other Chronic Illness - 2842369201

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Hypnosis and Counselling in the Treatment of Cancer and Other Chronic Illness Crown House Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This important work discusses the therapeutic properties of hypnosis in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. Including a brief history of hypnosis and an invaluable series of case studies, this work examines: the science of hypnosis; successful integration into the cancer treatment programme; and myths surrounding the subject of hypnosis in therapy.It raises questions about the direction medicine has taken and considers future developments. Presenting compelling arguments for offering hypnosis to cancer sufferers, this work provides crucial insight into the body,s healing abilities - an insight of immense importance to medical professionals and everyone interested in the treatment and approach to diseases.


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